Belligerent With Beardson: Dear huWhite People

Beardson has been pumping out some great videos lately.

As I was telling Harold Crews, we need to get to the point where we can start replacing the talking heads on television. This is doable right now. The Alt-Lite brands like Gavin McInnes, Paul Joseph Watson, Cernovich and Lauren Southern have their own shows. Ramzpaul has been producing content on YouTube for years now. Vox Day has been doing his Darkstream.

The Alt-Right will blow up when it is on television. Imagine a world where you can tune into an Alt-Right primetime lineup on your television. You would just connect to YouTube or some other service like GabTV and tune into channels that you subscribe to where some Alt-Right brand is covering the news of the day on his or her own show. In such a way, we could completely cut out the kosher talking heads on cable television and multiply the size of our audience.

Note: I want to encourage you to start producing your own content like Beardson is doing here. That’s exactly what we should be doing right now: Alt-Punditry.


  1. Who is this guy?

    It’s weird how Alt-Lite and Alt-Right figures just suddenly pop up out of nowhere.

  2. Trump was elected. He gets to spend all that money earmarked for $300 toilet seats and $6,000,000,000 aircraft carriers instead of Obama.

  3. The $300 toilet seat was actually secret equipment. They couldn’t say as much on the itemised list, so the wrote “coffee pot”, ” screw driver, ” “toilet seat,” etc.

  4. Also, with cutting edge technology, quality control personnel for the project were required to go out to the vendors and verify the correct mix of metals, chemistry, etc were actually used in the parts. On a prototype instead of mass production such a QC endeavor with lab tests and visits to various vendors around the country could be quite expensive.

  5. To think guys like Beardson are becoming more watched and taken more seriously than Lester Holt, Brian Williams or any of those other arrogant, clueless A-holes in the jewsmedia.

  6. Tiger 11 was a brillaint feat of German tank engineering. Shermans sucked in comparison. Its an honor to be bred in such an engine

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