David Brooks: The Great War for National Identity

I found myself smirking while reading this dreck:

“This historical story was America’s true myth. When we are children, and also when we are adults, we learn our deepest truths through myth.

Myths don’t make a point or propose an argument. They inhabit us deeply and explain to us who we are. They capture how our own lives are connected to the universal sacred realities. In myth, the physical stuff in front of us is also a manifestation of something eternal, and our lives are seen in the context of some illimitable horizon. …

And so along come men like Donald Trump and Stephen Bannon with a countermyth. Their myth is an alien myth, frankly a Russian myth. …

We are in the midst of a great war of national identity. We thought we were in an ideological battle against radical Islam, but we are really fighting the national myths spread by Trump, Bannon, Putin, Le Pen and Farage. …”

Here’s the truth: millions of Jews came to the United States during the Great Wave. Much of the early 20th century is the story of how these Jews rose from working class occupations into the American middle class before ascending into the highest levels of the American elite.

By the mid-20th century, America’s traditional Anglo-Protestant elite was being replaced by a more cosmopolitan New York-based Jewish elite. This new elite wasn’t and never has been exclusively Jewish (it included, for example, Catholics like the Kennedys), but was predominantly so, enough for Jewish intellectuals to have a major impact on American culture.

Around the mid-20th century, Jewish intellectuals began to change American culture and rewrite American national identity. They introduced new concepts like “racism” and new taboos like “anti-Semitism.” They concocted the myth that America was “a nation of immigrants.” Previously, Americans had no clue that there was even such a thing as “racism,” or that “anti-Semitism” was immoral, or that “we are all immigrants.” As Jews became more concentrated in culturally sensitive institutions (i.e., the elite news media, top universities, the entertainment media), they introduced an entirely new moral code.

The Statue of Liberty is one of my favorite examples:

“The Statue of Liberty myth provides a good case study of the shift to a post-WASP, consensus-liberal version of America. In current parlance, the Statue of Liberty is viewed as a symbol of the openness of America to immigration, and the plaque at its base by Emma Lazarus, which urges other nations to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,” is believed to be organically connected to the statue and its liberal-universalist narrative. Unfortunately, reality is not so simple. Lazarus’s poem was not present when the statue was inaugurated in October 1886. Nor did President Grover Cleveland make any mention of the statue’s significance for immigrants in his acceptance speech.

Some Americans, especially Protestant clergymen, greeted the gift of the statue cautiously. In addition, the statue was often viewed less as a beacon for immigrants than as a guardian of American purity. As for Emma Lazarus’s oft-quoted poem, it was first erected on the interior wall of the immense statue in 1903 owing to the financial contribution of one Georgina Schuyler. Schuyler had donated the bronze plaque in memory of Lazarus, an obscure poet of Jewish ancestry whose work she admired. Not until the 1930s did the contemporary myth of a statute to immigrants arise – exactly the period in which the cosmopolitan ideas of America’s organic intellectuals were starting to win wider elite acceptance. In turn, this attitude change prompted officials to relocate Lazarus’s obscure poem to its current position at the base of the statue. …”

You can read all about this and much more in Eric P. Kaufmann’s excellent book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America. I highly recommend it.

The Statue of Liberty was sent to the United States as a gift from France to commemorate the American Revolution. In the 19th century, it was seen as “a guardian of American purity.” It faced Europe like a sentinel defending the United States from a perceived subversive threat.

In the hands of David Brooks’s forebears, a group known as the New York Intellectuals, the Statue of Liberty became a symbol of immigration and cosmopolitanism. It became about THEM. Indeed, America itself was redefined as a “Nation of Immigrants.” The phrase “Nation of Immigrants” was popularized by John F. Kennedy in a pamphlet he wrote for the ADL in 1958.

See, the truth is that the mid-20th century was kind of a unique epoch in American history. It was a time when the mass media (radio, film, television, publishing) was becoming highly concentrated in the hands of David Brooks’s ethnic group. There were only a handful of television channels in the 1950s and 1960s. Jews like David Brooks had virtual total control over what we now call The Narrative.

Not anymore! We’re having this “great war of national identity” because our New York-based Jewish elite no longer has the power to control the Narrative. The fake news Lügenpresse has steadily lost its legitimacy. Thanks to the internet, the smartphone and social media, they are losing control over everything from radio to publishing to video. I now have the capability to fire an Alt-Right cruise missile of truth from rural Alabama right back at David Brooks in New York City.

Newsweek used to be a highly influential national magazine. In 2010, it was sold by The Washington Post for $1 dollar. I find it symbolic of David Brooks’ predicament. He’s writing for The New York Times, but in the Wild West world of social media that doesn’t count for much anymore.

Note: Is it anti-Semitic? I don’t really care. Everything I said above is the truth. Feel free to read up on the subject and tell me what you think in the comments.


  1. For many of them a lot of this capital was in the form of loans provided interest free by Jewish organizations. The same goes for some Asian groups. I’ve read that a few times although it was quite some time ago. I’ve tried looking for articles on that just this past year to no avail.

  2. According to art historians those horns are not ‘anti semitic’ they are simply used to identify the various make-believe characters from the Mold Testament. If it weren’t for those horns one might think that was a statue of Zeus or Poseidon.

  3. J.F.K.:s connection to the ADL is novelty to me too, as I assumed that the murder was orchestrated by the chosenite maffia.

  4. Not easy to find one single civilized country that is not run by them. Since their bigwigs kip their kosher asses behind the scene, the goyim are at ease to wave aside any remarks/comments on (((their))) dominance as conspiracy theories.

  5. I’ve lived in New York and New Jersey my whole life and met many Jews. Never met even one who was a racial crusader. “Shvartz-uh” is the term Jews used for blacks and I’m sure they still use it even though the generation that spoke Yiddish is gone. I’d bet money that David Brooks’ grandmother called blacks “shvartzuhs.” Its a convoluted thing with elite Jews promoting blacks in order to triumph over ordinary white people.

    I took the train to Manhattan a couple years ago and didn’t see anyone reading a newspaper. They do promotions for digital subscriptions but do people renew when the price goes up? On-line ads — I wonder how well they do with on-line advertising. It was former Rep. Jane Harmon’s husband who bought Newsweek in 2010 for $1. He made a fortune in audio equipment and she was one of the biggest neocons in Congress. Despite being sold for only $1, plenty of Newsweek people continued to be frequent TV panelists. I think its part of Daily Beast now.

  6. Why don’t you go back to whatever urban sewer grate you crawled out of, you smug piece of shit.

    I can’t recall you making one worthwhile comment – here, or anywhere else.

  7. What you say is true about Jewish ingroup economic aid, but I can assure you being from NYC that many Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe were extremely poor and had low paying, low status, non-intellectual jobs like collecting garbage and working in sweatshops. The next generation, born in the US, often got upper working class or lower middle class jobs like clerks and tradesmen. They mostly didn’t go to four years colleges, but many had post secondary training from trade schools and the like. It was the third generation, raised outside of ghettos in lower middle class Jewish neighborhoods further out from the urban core in places like Southern Brooklyn, The Grand Concourse area of the Bronx and South Newark that flooded the Ivy League Universities.

  8. ” …to force upper middle class whites to be bused into jewish/italian ghettoes, etc.”

    I have never heard of anything like this.

    Could give some specific examples of this? What high schools, towns and neighborhoods were involved. What years was this happening in? Do you have any articles or books that mention this?

  9. I’m from NYC too and I have met many crazed Jews who totally buy into anti-white ideology, they tended to be richer ones. You are right that many Jews and whites in the NYC area in general are not very liberal on racial issues at all. Whites here vote the way they do because they disagree with conservative economic ideology of rolling back the New Deal and because they don’t want creationist type low church holy rollers having influence over schools or other government institutions.

    We all remember that big shift right in 1992-1994 that brought the GOP into power in the mayor’s office, the governorships of both states, both legislatures in NJ and IIRC, the NY state senate. My impression at the time was that this was driven largely by race, whites here wanted less immigration and a crackdown on black crime.

    At the time, complaining about non-white immigration was pretty mainstream around here and even the NYT and liberal media somewhat critical of high immigration levels noting the strain on resources and effects on the labor market. In the early 90’s, you had TV shows making fun of immigrants and TV news talking about hospitals being flooded with indigent illegals.

    There was a pro-immigration backlash that started around 1995/6 across the whole national media. By the late 90’s, the current consensus was established. Not coincidentally, that’s when the paleocons were purged and Conservatism Inc. stopped opposing open borders at all. Gingrich’s Congress actually increased immigration and
    tried to gut the popular programs that most white Americans will depend on in their retirement.

    I have a theory that the shift left in the region after 2000 was largely driven by the failure of mainstream conservatives and the GOP to support immigration restriction. When it became clear that both parties were the same on that issue, whites began drifting back to the Democrats. Of course the lowered white population due to immigration was a huge factor as well. The Iraq war accelerated the process.

    Trump won 75% of the vote in SI and carried Bergen, Morris and Monmouth counties in NJ. These are huge, high population affluent semi-urban suburbs, similar to Orange county in CA, where many of the banking industry people live. Those votes did not come from doctrinaire movement conservatives, let alone Evangelicals. They came from highly educated Wall St. professionals who want to stop non-white immigration.

  10. Your point (2) holds considerable popular appeal, I’m sure, but it’s fatuous nonsense – and expressed rather poorly, even by the pitiful standards of internet nutzis.

  11. Not exactly. They may not have been penniless-poor, but hordes of them were illiterate (the Kike spent decades trying to remove literacy as an immigration requirement), with non-criminal trades or skills. The ‘Garment District’ type Kikes.

  12. I am also from NYC/NJ. Some jewesses in the sweatshop days worked in them, but not very many. I highly doubt any jews collected garbage. If you’re alive now you weren’t then, and it sounds as if you’ve inherited the cultural delusions that surrounded the eastern european jewish invasion. Your whole paragraph here is worse than Brad Griffin’s parroted tropes. Because he’s just parroting. You’re either lying or hallucinating.

  13. Many of them were indeed forced to actually work. It took them a while to get their rackets underway in the USA to the degree that they had dominated commerce and taxes and rents and loans and addictions etc in The Pale. The ones who were forced to arbeit soon started organising Union rackets, organising strikes and riots, going into politics, setting up welfare rackets.

  14. It’s just a matter of what percentage were forced to labour for their bread. They do exaggerate, but when they first arrived, many were illiterate and had no decent trades/skills, and so were “forced” to work “like the goyeeem!” by the seat of their beetle-brows.

  15. Your first paragraph just exposes how instinctive jewish two-facedness is. They talk about whites to blacks and blacks to whites.

  16. The Statue of Liberty is a classic case of the Jews general behavior. The French people paid for the Statue to celebrate Liberty in the USA. The American people funded the base and erected it. The Jews bribed someone to put the wretched poem on it and declared that that was it’s purpose. We should wrench that off and throw it in the Atlantic Ocean trench.,

  17. Yes, the Jews are completely responsible for “nation of immigrants”. Worse, they claimed that Emma Lazarus wrote the poem when she was a little girl, which is another lie. The one piece I did not know is that it was some rich Jew donation that had the plaque placement changed.

    We are now feeling the effects of the slow poison of Jew cultural pluralism. They have subverted the originally intended White European ONLY immigration to include ALL people. This was a multi-tiered, multi-generational plan. This must be exposed so white Americans can see where we went wrong, and clearly understand why the Jews do what they do.

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