MLK Jr. Day Special: Alt-Right Visits Selma To Lampoon ‘Civil Rights Icon’ John Lewis

I went back to Selma this morning to finish what I set out to do yesterday:


I started in Montgomery where John Lewis led the Selma-To-Montgomery March through the west side of town to the Alabama State Capitol. I’ve found the photo of civil rights marchers urinating on command. Fake news isn’t limited to journalists. It includes historians who have sanitized the Civil Rights Movement:

I visited the Freedom Rides Civil Rights Museum in 2011:

In 2011, I documented these billboards existed on the Selma-To-Montgomery National Historic Trail here, here and here:

Lowndes County

The bulk of the Selma-To-Montgomery March took place in Lowndes County, AL.

As I noted in the previous article, there is nothing left of Lowndes County. It has been rewilding since blacks seized power in the 1970s. All that is left is a few bingo halls and some blighted buildings. John Lewis’s marching was more devastating to the local economy than Sherman’s March To the Sea. The National Park Service has built an Interpretative Center to explain why John Lewis is a ‘civil rights icon’.

Ruins of Selma

When I first started documenting the Ruins of Selma in 2011, the Welcome to Selma sign hadn’t yet been destroyed:

In 2011, this blighted building was still standing. I snapped a photo of a blighted Japanese restaurant which has since been torn down.

The Selma Mall appears to be on its last legs. Do you think it will make it to 2020?

The demise of the Rite-Aid in Selma appears to be a recent development:

This creepy building is one of the reasons I had to come back to Selma. It reminds me of Negan’s headquarters, the Sanctuary, from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Except The Sanctuary still has windows in the zombie apocalypse:

Last night, I saw a bunch of Orthodox Jews walking through Selma. That struck me as strange. I’ve never seen that many Jews in Selma before. It turns out a group of 100 Orthodox Jews from Washington were in Selma to visit the 7 Jews still left in the city. The Jewish community in Selma is nearly extinct in 2017.

This is why ‘Bloody Sunday’ happened in the first place. The White people of Selma were defending their town from John Lewis’s marching and trying to stop him from destroying the local economy:

It made me sick to drive around Selma’s Historic District and see this:

Selma Billboards

In 2011, I snapped photos of an STD billboard and the hilarious “I am Powerful” billboard in Selma.

Minnie B. Anderson Homes

The ruins of Craig Air Force Base in Selma have become a war zone.

Amazingly, there are people who live in the Minnie B. Anderson homes in these conditions. This is where President Obama landed in Selma to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act:


John Lewis has his own weird shrine at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge:

Selma Is Violent

In 2015, Selma was the fourth most dangerous city in Alabama with the third highest number of murders per capita and the fourth highest number of property crimes. When I visited Selma on Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend, the headline in the local newspaper was that another body had been found:

Black Fictional Images reported that the Walton Theater was reopened for the premiere of the Selma movie. It is a welfare theater sustained by Oprah Winfrey’s charity. When I was in Selma this morning, it was playing the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ which is another black fictional image like ‘Django Unchained’:

The March Route In Selma

The Selma-To-Montgomery March started at the Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church. John Lewis led a mob out of the George Washington Carver projects directly across the street to the Edmund Pettus Bridge where the famous confrontation was filmed by the Lügenpresse and spun to the world as a morality tale:

In The Current Year, these blighted houses which have been stripped of copper wiring and tagged with graffiti inside can be found along John Lewis’s marching route through Selma:

Leaving Selma

Why isn’t there a Starbucks in Selma?

You would think there would be a Starbucks in light of all the conversations about race you can have on any given day in Selma. Tourists come from all over the country and the world to visit Selma. They come to walk over the magic bridge in the footsteps of ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis. And yet, there seems to be no commercial activity any kind in downtown Selma. John Lewis destroyed the economy:

The Alt-Right Marches Through Selma

In 2011, I visited Selma to document the decline and all I found was tumbleweeds. That’s what I found again six years later in Selma. John Lewis parachutes in for the annual photo op, walks over the magic bridge with politicians like President Obama and the fake news Lügenpresse never tells the country what is going on because the truth about Selma doesn’t fit the Narrative:

In order to put an exclamation point on the myth of ‘civil rights icon’ John Lewis, I marched through downtown Selma a second time on Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend to show … it is a ghost town:


  1. Brad I’m looking forward to the podcast tonight about King’s Legacy. It will be posted by Wednesday.

  2. I have a question for you. Why do you only comment on one website, disagree in every comment and have few comments on your profile?
    Answer: this is your sock account, and you are either a very boring troll or a shill.

  3. It does not cure them, Mr. Whitaker.


    Because they just move away and repress the experience – and then, make sure that all others who either have not, or cannot, move away, still have to live in a way that conforms with their sacred cow theories…

  4. Maybe that’s the problem with your movement. If you look at successful extremists – Saddam Hussein, Lenin, ISIS, Mao – none of them were opposed to debating philosophical details . They all were very much willing to disagree with someone.

  5. ‘… handle the global crisis of capitalism…’

    In other words, put government in charge of stifling man’s initiative and market competition, and, after declaring all men equal, under a one world government, open everyone’s borders, and we’ll all be happy.

    As if capitalism made the 3rd world what it is today?

  6. Communism has historically closed the borders. Capitalism stifles innovation – being a technocrat doesn’t make you own the business. Market forces can exist under certain models of socialism – such as the Leninist or Chinese model.

  7. Mr. Besarab,
    Capitalism has created more innovation than any other system, and it ain’t even close. Your notion that market forces can ‘exist’ under Leninist or Chinese models reveals that…

    A. You are well educated, but, no businessman.

    B. That you never lived under such systems.

    As to communism ‘closing borders’ you are right about that, with regards to communism manifesting in The East, but, not about it’s manifestation in The West – for that is communist-socialism holds open all White borders to strangle White resistance, by ‘democratick means’ …

  8. I’m sorry,. Lorax – (I was in a rush this morning, so I am going to give you a more complete answer)

    1st. I respect you’re right to see the whole world, and every interaction in it, as being Jew run.

    2nd. Thank you for being straight with me about how you feel.

    3rd. I could never suscribe to such a notion.


    Because I have lived in Pennsylvania, Massachussetts, and two different areas of New York State. Moreover, I served in y’all’s army with Yankees from every state. I have had good friends from Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Michigan, and New York.

    I have seen that many Northerners are brave, tough, and independent minded people, with much more politically active thinking than my Southron Brethren, who, usually, prefer to focus on hunting, fishing, barbecue/family get-togethers, and church-life.

    I don’t like y’all’s culture because y’all try to boss everyone in the world, NOT because y’all are weak-minded or cowardly.

    Furthermore, I have known countless rural Northern Gentiles, and they break down into two political categories – #1. Constitutional conservatives who vote Republican, like the South, and who believe that The Left is ruining the country. #2. Intense Progressives who belief that there is neither enough government, nor is the government correctly applied to stifling the corruption of evil multi-national corporations.

    If I had to assign a percentage, I would say that category 1 constitutes perhaps 80-85% of all politically minded rural Northeasterners, while Category 2 the remaining 20-25 %.

    What these two categories share in common is a belief in civick nationalism and anti-racism. Very few Northeasterners hold racial opinions, and, if you try to talk to them about it, they look at you as if you were an escapee from a 19th century lunatick asylum.

    This is why I will never believe that this failing society we live in today, is one where The South has a serious designing part, or the The North is voiceless.

    It is y’all’s government, and, yes, y’all are heavily allied with the Jews who live with y’all.

    When will that stop?

    I don’t know, as most of y’all seem not to mind.

  9. Only one problem, M’am – they will go into an immediate nervous breakdown, as we are not integrated, do not believe in equality, are not politically correct, have no metro-sexuals, no transgender bathrooms, no openly gay people, we oft mention Jesus Chryst as our Personal Lord & Savior, nobody believes in global warming, and practically everybody is armed to the teeth…

  10. Non-white nations will always be poorer, and when they come to the West they don’t want to go back because life is better. And gradually, they displace the native population.

  11. Yes, but you only disagree with this specific website, when there are many like it. You would spread out to several if you wanted debate or were simply masochistic. By elimination you have to be a troll or shill. I’m guessing your a jewish shill by your argumentative tactics. You made a strawman, ignored my point, tried to poison the well by dropping names and then congratulated yourself. Textbook jewish babbling.

  12. A recent guest on C-Span, which sadly has turned very liberal, claimed Lewis allowed her to feel the scars on his head. Was he even “beaten”. Do we have proof?
    Supposedly Jesse Jackson wiped MLK blood on his shirt so he could claim he cradled King in his arms after the shooting. Ralph Abernathy said Jackson faked it.

  13. Selma looks worse than many of the ‘colonias’ here in South Texas. Even in South Texas there are many small semi abandoned places that look better than that.

  14. I would say whites who know about yesteryear and the negroes who believe in Zamunda and Wakanda.

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