President-Elect Trump Savages Fake News Lügenpresse

In his press conference, President-Elect Donald Trump called Buzzfeed “a failing pile of garbage” and refused to take a question from CNN which he called “fake news” for breaking the #GoldenShowers story. He also said that it was a disgrace that US intelligence agencies had allowed fake news to be leaked to the public.

Update: Russian Embassy, UK has done it again!


Note: Glenn Greenwald reports that the Deep State is going to war with Trump. Russia has also denied #GoldenShowers as “completely fake” news.

  • Lorax100

    The upside of the whole thing is no one believes anything anyone says anymore, which is basically good for whites. I’ve been of that persuasion for years. Until you see hard core authentic irrefutable proof, it’s just what someone says or wrote down somewhere.

  • DenisetheCelt

    They are wonderful!!!!

  • Triuwida

    One great thing about Trump can also be one of the most infuriating about him.

    To wit, I literally have no idea if he really is that clueless about the Nazis or is just trolling everybody.

  • Cyrill Krasilnikov

    Yeah, we are prone to do this. I collegue of mine( good man, but insufferable lefty and hipster) actually wrote an article “Trolling as an instrument of Russian foreign policy” 2 years ago. Probably needs a sequel.

  • DenisetheCelt

    I read that Greenwald article. Fascinating stuff. I’ve written about this on the DS – but the CIA/Zio-Hebe/Cucked Shabby Goy Mental Case Freak Cabal is already losing.

    I have had conversations in the past few weeks with a local woman. She’s 40-ish, married, and a mother. She’s totally blue-collar. She’s still gorgeous, and very charismatic and energetic. She voted for Obama 4 years ago, to my dismay. I told her at the time, that Obama HATES White people – how can you vote for him? He and his crew want people who look like her, and her kids, and me, DEAD. She sadly shook her head, and looked away, and said, “No. That’s not true.” I told her it IS true. She replied, “I’m a Democrat and my entire family are Democrats and we always vote for Democrats”. I told her that they HATE you, and that the GOP aren’t much better, but this is all about Race. We just walked away from one-another.

    I’ll never forget that conversation as long as I live, and the expression on her face. She was so sad. Not angry, but surprised, hurt, and sad.

    We ran into each other occasionally, and we’d exchange pleasantries. She’s the only Dem I knew that was not at ferocious war with the local GOP folks. We never touched on politics again, though.

    I ran into her again, in the weeks before Christmas. Something HAPPENED. She now knows I told her the truth. She’s still fuzzy on the Jew Thing, but Negroes? Fuggedabout. And she KNOWS the CIA are devils. “They KILL people!” I filled her in on a lot of their evil. She knows the Elite are screwing us all over – “We’re all poor because of them!”. I told her that Putin is the Good Guy. She gor a beautific smile on her face when I told her that he rebuilt the Christ the Saviour Cathedral. She knows the MSM are total liars and frauds. We’ve been having lots of conversations………
    The reason I’m relating all of this is that if a woman like this, a blue collar gal, in a little Northern town, is hip to all of this – the end is nigh for ZOG.


    Christopher Steele, who produced Donald Trump Russian dossier, ‘terrified for his safety’ and went to ground before name released

    Gordon Rayner, chief reporter Patrick Sawer, senior reporter Ruth Sherlock

    The Telegraph • 11 JANUARY 2017

    A former MI6 officer who produced a dossier making lurid allegations about Donald Trump is “terrified for his safety” after he was unmasked by a US publication.

    Christopher Steele, 52, fled from his home in Surrey on Wednesday morning after realising it was only a matter of time until his name became public knowledge.

    A source close to Mr Steele said on Wednesday night that he now fears a prompt and potentially dangerous backlash against him from Moscow.

    Mr Steele, the co-founder of London-based Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, prepared a 35-page document that alleges the Kremlin colluded with Mr Trump’s presidential campaign and that the Russian security services have material that could be used to blackmail him, including an allegation that he paid prostitutes to defile a bed that had been slept in by Barack and Michelle Obama.

    His research was initially funded by anti-Trump Republicans, and later by Democrats.

    Mr Trump has branded the allegations in the dossier “fake” and has said he feels as though he is living in Nazi Germany.

    With his cover about to be blown, Mr Steele hurriedly packed his bags and went to ground hours before his name was published on Wednesday.

    Mr Steele, who spied in Moscow for the Secret Intelligence Service in the 1990s, fled from his home in Surrey after leaving his cat with a neighbour and telling them he would be away “for a few days”.

    For months, he had been playing a dangerous game; tipping off journalists about what he said he had discovered from his sources in Russia about Donald Trump’s alleged dealings with the Kremlin, as well as claims that the FSB had hugely compromising information about Mr Trump’s activities during visits to the Communist country.

    Mr Steele had been hired by a Washington firm to gather information on Mr Trump’s connections to Russia, funded at first by anti-Trump Republicans and, later, by Democrats. He also shared the information with the FBI.

    One of his key contacts, David Corn of the political blog Mother Jones, wrote last year about the resulting dossier and his conversations with the “former spook” who had compiled it, but did not name Mr Steele nor, crucially, did he give away his nationality.

    The existence of the dossier, which ran to 35 pages in total, comprising several reports filed over the course of six months, had been common knowledge among journalists in the US for more than half a year, but it was only given credence when the US news network CNN reported that Mr Trump and President Barack Obama had been given a two-page summary of its contents by the FBI.

    CNN also reported that the dossier had been put together by a British former intelligence agent, and Mr Steele’s anonymity was fatally compromised.

    A source close to Mr Steele said he was “horrified” when his nationality was published and is now “terrified for his and his family’s safety”.

  • junkbondtrader41

    Brad, what is your position on the 4Chan crowd taking credit for this, making this up to be as over-the-top absurd as possible, shopping this to chief cuck Rick Wilson, who in turn passed it through all the necessary hands to get it to the intelligence agencies?

    Grunwald’s narrative, that this was slapdash, evidence-free schlock peddled to campaign oppo teams with an actual former spy admitting he did it, AND the 4Chan story cannot BOTH be true.

    Am I missing something? Thoughts, anyone?

  • Vin ??

    He’s trolling media with it. They’re starting to bite.

    Trying to neutralize the Nazi slur the press throws at everyone on the Right.

  • DenisetheCelt

    Perhaps it’s a convergence of the Zeitgeist.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    This is so perfect. Steele did well. His clients in the GOP are going to swing.

  • Could be true … or it could be 4chan being 4chan, trolling for the lulz. Either way, it blew up into the fiasco it was today.

  • Connor Galt

    Its going to be a fun 4 yeas. Remember folks the Abolitionist lunacy in the North denigrated the South for decades until it finally turned into a shooting war. This whole red/blue division will do just that.The differences are irreconcilable.

  • silviosilver ?????? ?????????

    Russian embassy frog whistling again.

  • Metro UK:

    “In these dark and confusing times, thank the Lord for Chuck Tingle. It’s been less than 24 hours since (unverified) allegations were made about Donald Trump enjoying a pee party in a hotel in Moscow. While the rest of us were still reeling from the stark mental image this conjured up, Chuck was busy at work on a new novel. And what he’s come up with is a thing of beauty. Behold:”

  • Sertorius

    As Geraldo Rivera did last night with O’Reilly. Only Jews can speak of the sainted “holocaust”. Goyims must speak of it in hushed voices filled with utterances of how this is the worst event in history done to the world’s most perfect people..

  • DenisetheCelt

    The thing about the Nazi “brand”, and why I defend [it] so vociferously, by accepting the Kikenvermin slander, we allow them to perpetuate their lies, and thus their Anti White Agenda. Tarring the KNAAAZEEZ as The Ultimate Evil keeps Whites on the Kosher Slave Plantation unto infinity. The Hebes will use the Nazi Slur tactic for EVER.
    The actual NS were remarkable people, who, alas, made plenty of mistakes. We must learn from those mistake – but not ever ever ever denounce THEM. And I won’t.

  • H.D. Wayne

    Lol. No ma’am, not really. I’ve found over the years that black strangers will leave you alone if you leave them alone and carry yourself with confidence. And obviously I will only be out and about during the day. Haha.

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    It’s driving them up the wall that he’s using the reference to the Third Reich instead of them.

    Adolfo wouldn’t object.

  • Fee-fi-fo-fum

    Could Trump have been the one who planted the Golden Shower story as a trap??

  • Bill Wolf

    “The differences are irreconcilable.”

    The conflict will be irrepressible.

  • DenisetheCelt

    No. He’s furious. The story is DISGUSTING. He is obviously livid. And God BLESS him, he defends himself.

  • DenisetheCelt

    Heil Hitler! 1488!

  • DenisetheCelt

    I wanted to tell you that you were 110% correct on this. I was watching head’s explode on “Morning Joe”. HAHAHA!!!!

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Someone did. But who?

  • Fee-fi-fo-fum
  • Copperhead

    I’m aware that the French went into Indochina and controlled the area as a colony from the 1800’s until the Japs pushed them out in World War 2, then the Americans took over. What I don’t see is what the hell this has to do with my point, which was the place was never worth the men and money the U.S. spent trying to control it in the first place.