Russian Embassy Trolls The Lügenpresse With Pepe

Wow. Just wow.

I can’t even … this is 2017!


Like, OMG! RU therious?

A dog whistle was just sent out to all KGB secret agents operating within the United States on Twitter with Pepe avatars … to relentlessly mock the progressive media as it demands new sanctions on Russia. The Russians stole the election from Hillary. THEY STOLE IT!

“Russian state media agencies such as RT and Sputnik have tailored their content to appeal to the alt-right, which the Kremlin sees as willing to parrot its line on foreign policy issues.

“They grew their audience hugely [recently] — and it’s mostly on the back of the alternative right,” Clint Watts, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the author of a recent report on Russian online propaganda, says.

More broadly, the Kremlin has aligned itself with far-right movements in Western countries. These organizations, deeply hostile to both Islam and European integration, see Russia as a friend — and the Russians, for their part, are more than happy to reciprocate by manipulating public opinion inside Western democracies. …”



We’ve been sent an official message by the Russians. I’ve decoded it. It says, Vladimir Putin wants us to continue to make fun of Egg McMuffin, Louise Mensch, Lindsey Graham, Zack Beauchamp and the rest of the warmongering faggots in the Lügenpresse who are scapegoating Russia because Hillary lost the election.

Don’t worry. We got your back.

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  1. Working theory on Russia – liberal (cultural Marxist) relationship:

    Russia has been through the Marxist descent into madness and emerged as a society that at the very least does not despise itself. Soviet Marxism and it’s internal contradictions were largely of an economic variety, nonetheless the former Marxists readily recognize that western liberalism is currently caught in the same sort of delusional trap with nowhere to go but abandonment or doubling down on the delusion….

    The communist model is superior, never mind that you can’t buy a roll of toilet paper anywhere but on the black market….

    Everyone is equal, except for white people who are uniquely evil, and that’s why brown people all over the world want to move to white countries….

    It must be maddening to believe things which are falsified directly in front of your face on a daily basis….not just believe, but revere as things as a highest good even though these things are falsified daily.

    The Russians have been there and done that. I suspect they understand liberals better than liberals understand themselves.

    • Liberalism is genetical. Wars and revolutions and comerade Stalin purges quit the liberal gene from spreading in the East Europe. That is is eshtablished scientific fact, not a theory.

      Google “liberal gene” or “liberal and conservative brains different”

      It is unbeievable that every pro white person is ready to admit, that there are natural problems with highly honorable niggers, IQ for example but they refuse to admit that white race may have natural genetical problem too.

      Sometimes I feel that Western white nationalism is upside down Black Lives Matterism. Both sides refuse to admit that something may be wrong inside their own race.

      • I think most pro-Whites recognize that White self hatred, genetic or learned, is the root cause of much of our current plight. Our enemies know how to exploit it to their advantage. White self hatred is SICK!

        • As long as you exercise a bit of reasonable caution in what you call “self-hatred.” Personally, I believe that a great deal of white resistance to pro-white ideas stems from people’s perception (sometimes a misperception, sometimes not) that they’re being lured into some great evil. This is easy to see if the pro-white message in question is “Hey, all us whites should band together and kill every non-white!!!” It’d be ridiculous to describe white resistance to that message – including extremely heated disagreement – as “self-hatred.” Except among certain deranged quarters, pro-white messages are much softer than that, yet even so, I think there’s a general fear among white normies that something more sinister lurks in the background. And in these cases too I would be wary of calling their resistance “self-hatred,” even if this resistance takes the form of defiant “anti-racist” signaling.

          tl;dr – actual white self-hatred isn’t always so simple to detect.

          • “Hey, all us whites should band together and kill every non-white!!!”

            Thats a message that comes out of (((Hollywood))). Don Black says the surest way to spot a troll at Stormfront, is to look for people that talk tough and call for violence.

            Examples of White self hatred:

            Required doctrine today: everything done by whites is evil, all the food and medicine and everything else we produced was done by “mankind.”

            When White man first walks on the Moon, he says its an achievement not of Whites but of “mankind”. Would Blacks or Asians or Jews do that? Not on your life.

          • Well, you’d think so Bill, but shit man, when articles calling for precisely that are unapologetically posted on mainline Alt Right sites like “The Right Stuff” and are enthusiastically agreed with by established commenters, you gotta figure that (((Hollywood))) didn’t cut the story from whole cloth.

          • It doesn’t really matter where they get these ideas from. What matters is that they appear to sincerely believe them.

          • Sure it matters if you are assigning blame. (((Hollywood))) have been telling White kids they are naziwantstokillsixmillionjews for decades and they are surprised that some of the kids believe them?

          • If assigning blame, yes. But I’m simply referring to the existence of the phenomenon. When these people claim to agree with articles which explain in reasonable intellectual depth the need to exterminate non-whites, I think it’s only appropriate to take them at their word. It’s not reasonable to dismiss their agreement as a (((Hollywood))) fabrication

          • I don’t see that that matters very much. You seem very keen to deny the existence of people holding these beliefs who have done so of their own accord (ie nothing to do with Hollywood). There’s really no need to because my point remains even when we consider people who hold beliefs that are much less extreme than what these so-called “Hollywood Nazis” believe – white normies still feel that it’s “too much” and can be angered at what they perceive are calls to “harm” non-whites (even if the “harm” in question means only living apart from them). These objections can’t be easily dismissed as “self-hatred.”

          • ” You seem very keen to deny the existence of people holding these beliefs who have done so of their own accord”

            You seem to be very keen to deny the effects of mass propaganda targeting hundreds of millions of White kids for decades.

            If they keep telling White kids they are naziswhowantokillsixmillionjews for acting in their own ethnic interests, some of those kids are going to believe them. So it is entirely the Hollywood propagandists’ fault.

            “white normies still feel that it’s
            “too much” and can be angered at what they perceive are calls to “harm” non-whites (even if the “harm” in question means only living apart from them).”

            Normies are repulsed by Hollywood creations. I think those kids should stop acting like the cartoon caricatures Hollywood creates, to keep Whites from doing what is good for Whites.

            However even if they didn’t act that way, many Whites would still think any White sticking up for their own was “hateful” and the Hollywood propaganda intentionally exploits that tendency. For example, see how they treated the BNP. The BNP didn’t strut around like Hollywood Nazis, they were still treated like shit.

            “These objections can’t be easily dismissed as “self-hatred.”

            I gave you very clear examples of White self hatred. Read them again.

      • Some of us recognize the problem. Others go into denial. I would prefer to live in a Pro White society than a country that lets in any old White, because I really hate traitors.

      • ‘It is unbeievable that every pro white person is ready to admit, that
        there are natural problems with highly honorable niggers, IQ for example
        but they refuse to admit that white race may have natural genetical
        problem too.’

        Well, Juri – the basick human state is to focus on the other guy being to blame.

        We are not born with mirrors.

        Have a good evening…

        • Junius, I know this is a completely off topic and rather odd question but I feel compelled to ask it:

          Why did you name your profile after Junius Daniel? Any family connection or was it another reason?

          • Dear Mr. Vickstrom,
            Junius Daniel is not blood kin to me. He is, however, a hero whose presence is in the soil where I live.
            In fact, everywhere I walk or drive is testimony to the yearning of my Tarheel brethren to be out from under the tyrannical yoke of The Northern Government, as their graves and falling plantation houses dot the landscape.
            The Dept. of North Carolina was privileged to receive the service of many thousands and thousands of Eastern North Carolinians, and producet some great generals – General Matthew Ransom, General William Ruffin Cox, General Bryan Grimes – the latter who served under General the fearless and upright General Junius Daniel.
            The general is buried in the ghostly little pictureresque town of nearby Halifax, and his, as is his wife’s grave, are regularly attended by the SCV Division that is baset out of nearby Weldon/Garysburg.
            For you curiosity, I post, below, a page that shows his grave and gives you a brief bio on the man.
            Even though I am getting long in the tooth, I still have heroes, and Junius Daniel is at the top of the list. I think of him, and his willingness to stand in front of the troops, when I call out The New England Yankee Government for what it is, and urge others to embrace secession.
            Thank you for your inquiry. I hope the answer is satisfying.


      • I don’t agree.

        Whites know there are flawed members of their own race, but we
        can build and maintain workable societies because most of us are not violent, low IQ reprobates.

        For the most part, blacks are dysfunctional, violent retards who don’t have a clue as to how freakin’ stupid and destructive they are.

        • Unfortunately liberals have high IQ and they are very violent. That is the reason why they are successful to destroy our societies and thatswhy pro white main task is to deal with them.

    • Russia has Tweeted Pepe, the modern manifestation of Mighty Lord Kek. They will win. They will succeed. Mighty Lord Kek will smile on their endeavors.

    • Hunter we should so an interesting story on the Geopolitics of Tsarist Russia and how this relates to the Present and to the War of Southern Independence. It is all connected.

      During the 1600’s Spain was the undenied master of Europe and she had conquered Portugal. Britain sided with the House of Braganza in their bid to free Portugal and as a payoff, Charles II marries Catherine Braganza of Portugal. This ironclad linking of Britain and Portgual paid off. During the Napoleonic Wars, Britain used Portugal as a base from which to attack Spain and following the war, Britain with control of Gibraltar and influence over Portugal and in Latin America all but destroyed the Spanish Empire. As the Bourbons had needed British support to regain the throne of France a deal was struck. After 1815, French Foreign Policy would have to get her okay from London to proceed.

      In 1853, Napoleon IIl and Queen Victoria, along with the support of the Roman Catholic Church and the Moslem Turks, attacked Russia, because Russia had decided to liberate her Slavic cousins from Moslem domination. The Catholics had sided with the Moslems because of their fear of the Eastern Orthodox Church eventually replacing them in Eastern Europe. Well Russia lost the war and was pissed.

      Meanwhile across the Atlantic five years later, the Confederacy was established. Great Britain and France were forced to proceed quietly. Britain because her populace largely supported Negro Freedom and France because she was more concerned with Mexico. Spain, in the midst of governmental confusion because Isabel II was a horrible queen and encircled by Britain was powerless to help.

      Tsar Alexander, seemingly wanting to spit in Britains face over Crimea, sends his ships to the North auspiciously on some diplomatic mission, but the effect was he pissed in Britains Cheerios. Less than 20 years later he was dead.

      Now why Russia sided with the North, I have no idea probably out of revenge against England for the Crimean War but who knows. That story isnt really clear. Tsar Alexander paid for his meddling with his life. Did British Intelligence end his life? I wouldnt have put it past the Rothschilds. I believe that there was always a directive from London that said that Russia was not to be allowed to expand West or compromise Western Financial arrangements

      • Alexander the 2nd was known as the czar liberator, the jews were made equal to Christians in Russia in 1862, if you would realize czar Peter the great had his unholy alliance with the Dutch east India company and all czars ruled Russia with a Royal charter joint stock company called the Russian American, it May clear it up for you,so when America buys Alaska after the civil war they are buying from this joint stock company, the Russian American.Peter the great was a modern day Stalin, the difference is the Russian Nobility was holding them back from exploiting Siberia, so they were done hiding behind holy Russia and destroyed rank and file Christianity there.
        You always hear about Peter the great in Holland learning ship building, what he was learning was how to build the most advanced navy from the Dutch, sleeker and faster ships, no merchant fleet or navy could outrun or maneuver these state of the art ships.
        The Dutch east India company was a sovereign borderless floating city state, it could even declare war, and the laws were written by (((grotius))) It is the great grand daddy of today’s TPP, that they are trying to establish.

        • Thanks to Spain allowing their expelled Jews to live in the Spanish Netherlands, we have that mess. Spain just wanted them out of Iberia, they didn’t really care about them going to Northern Europe. All of the Dutch Jews were originally Sephardic, the Ashkenazic Dutch Jews had been expelled from the area in the 1300s. Almost all of the Jews in Holland and after Cromwell in England were Sephardic Iberian Jews.

          The Ashkenazic Jews came west a century later or so

    • Maybe they got it from the Hillary speech when some guy yelled out “Pepe!”

      I can just imagine, “??? ???? ?????? ?????”

  2. Putin must be laughing up his sleeve at these fools who presume to govern us and hate him too. He knows there’s a rising movement of Americans who hate these fools as well. He’s smart enough to take advantage of it.

    • We should certainly hope so. I have a funny feeling that Vlad understands somewhere deep in his bones that Islamisation and Niggerfuxation are not strengths.

  3. I remember about 4 or 5 years ago Whitaker wrote an open letter to Putin (or it could have been Russian activists in general). He essentially said, we Americans helped you defeat Communism, now please help us.

    When I see all the goings on, it makes me wonder. You never know who is reading you.


    It was sent directly to Medvedev

    whitakeronline dot org/blog/2011/09/26/robert-walker-whitaker-and-other-american-dissidents-appeal-to-dmitry-anatolyevich-medvedev-for-solidarity-against-white-genocide/

  4. Anonymous Conservative had a good post on this today:

    “The thing is, it is impossible for a patriot to be on the same team as a traitor. And if that traitor has an enemy, then the patriot may have an ally.

    When you are dealing with the left, the right has perfectly good reasons to occasionally see Putin as being on their team.

    Liberals and leftists exhibit three main drives. One is a drive to betray their own people to outsiders. A second drive is to destroy success and strength among reasonable, decent people. The third drive is to grovel before strength and success exhibited by those of unreasonable disposition and evil intentions.

    That means liberals will always be the enemy of the right, due to the right’s inherent drive toward patriotism and loyalty to their own nation first, their ability to accept success among reasonable people, and their opposition to evil. In fact, I would say the animus between the right and the left, especially the extreme left as we see today, will almost always exceed the animus the right will exhibit toward all but the most extremely evil foreign actors.

    Since the left will be the enemy of any foreign leader who exhibits strength and success, combined with reasonability, clearly the left is going to reflexively recoil at Vladimir Putin’s exhibitions of strength, and his willingness to use it to attack the unreasonable and evil allies of the left, such as ISIS in Syria.

    In short, the right will only disagree with Putin on the issue of whether America

    or Russia should “win.” But obviously since the damage Putin will do to America is dwarfed by the damage our own leftists will do, on issues from immigration, to trade, to environmental constraints and economic regulations, to border security, to freeing Gitmo terrorists, to coddling criminals and attacking law enforcement. This disagreement with Putin is small compared with our disagreements with the left. On the issue of being successful and powerful, the right will not have any problem with Putin, nor will the right oppose Putin’s eradication of ISIS terrorists in Syria. Indeed we support it.

    To the extent Putin and the American left are diametrically opposed ideologically as enemies, with the left supporting terrorist uprisings in Syria, and Putin opposing them and with the left supporting Islam compared to Putin’s support of Christianity and Western Civilization, the right will tend to view Putin as a far greater ally in the world than the left will ever be.

    So yes, little Obama, occasionally Vladimir Putin is on our team, because you are such a traitorous, disloyal, evil piece of shit, and Putin opposes your efforts to destroy Western Civilization. Enemies of my enemies, as they say.”

  5. Major Russian news resources, except are virtually silent about it. That awkward moment when you find out Russian news from Alt Right bloggers.

  6. Civilization has become like a Christmas Tree.

    A tree is alive in the soil. It draws water from the roots in the ground.

    And with the water from below and sun from above, it grows big and tall.

    And true cultures are like that. That is why they survive for so long. Rich or poor, a civilization has to maintain its roots and connection to history, culture, and heritage. There is a connection between the now and the past. And the future is defined by the present’s awareness of the past.

    Before there was Pop Culture, the main culture was that of family, community, spirituality. Even illiterate people in a Russian village had a sense of ancestry, culture, and heritage.

    As humans are social animals, they need a sense of belonging, of connectedness.

    And people used to feel this connection to the past, to their forebears. For one thing, older people had to be taken care of by the family. Young people grew up close to grandparents.

    But in the modern world, so many people are constantly on the move and have little sense of loyalty to anything. Many children grow apart from grandparents, and many parents are divorced. Many mothers are single, and kids grow up with fathers.

    And there is the TV, the stereo, the gadgets. Kids grow up feeling connected to electronica of celebrity, glitz, entertainment, idolatry. Kids in Europe hooked to this Fake Culture identify more with some Nigerian soccer player, Brazilian globe-hopper, or Arab fashion model or some blonde ho than to their own people, ancestors, and culture. There was a time when the Europeans sacrificed millions to defend and preserve the meaning of European identity and culture. Now, they pass it out like candy to anyone who might offer entertainment or win prizes for Europe. So, if some black guy wins a track medal in the Olympics, then the Europeans can pretend they won it because the African is now ‘European’. I suppose each European nation should now field black athletes. Negroes-for-hire-to-win-medals. And of course, those athletes surrender their own nationality and become ‘European’ solely for money and fame. There’s no sense of patriotism or loyalty. Thus, national identity and culture are rendered meaningless. It’s about dollars and medals than roots, identity, and etc.

    What is the worth of European identity if some Brazilian who doesn’t even know the language is also ‘European’? It is a dissolution of European identity. After all, if some foreigner with no roots in Europe is just as European as a European whose roots go back 1000 yrs, what is the point? It means a 1000 yrs of history is no more valuable than a piece of legal paper sold by deracinated crook bureaucrats. Is it worth gaining a sports medal at the cost of losing the meaning of one’s identity? Globalism only makes one think of the insta-glory than long-term meaning. Besides, who really believes that a European guy won? If Europe fields a Nigerian athlete in the Olympics and if he wins, no one will think that a European guy really won it. They’ll just see it as Europe hiring some Negro be ‘European’. What a joke.

    Thus, new Europe is like a tree cut from its roots. It is like a Christmas tree, chopped off and taken into the globalist dome. Inside, it is decorated with shiny stuff and wound with electric flashing lights. It all looks so alive and dazzling… but it’s a dead tree. It is no longer alive within. It no longer draws water from the roots. It no longer takes light from the sun. It is part of a fake world, the globo dome. It thinks it is more alive than ever because of the shiny ornaments and blinking lights and all that glitter. But it’s all fake culture, artifice. It’s plastic, not organic. It is an illusion, not reality.

    A nation that replaces its real ethnos and culture with globo-man is no longer a real nation.

    A society that replaces a real religion or real culture with a fake new ‘religion’ or neoligion like homomania has lost its connection to the soil. It has been cut from the roots.

    Globalism has all the fazzle-dazzle of modern Christmas Tree fitted with lots of lights and shiny toys, but it offers fake culture. It is a giant dildo for mankind’s anus. It is titillation without meaning or purpose.



    What Ambassador David Friedman Means for American Jews

    J.J. Goldberg, Editor-at-Large, The Jewish Daily Forward

    Trump’s choice of [David Friedman as] ambassador to Israel is exactly what it looks like: a national interest in the changing relationship between American Jews and the Jewish state.

    If the purpose of Zionism was to restore the Jewish people from victimhood to an active role in history, it has succeeded.

    Three of the past five American ambassadors to Israel have been Jewish: Martin Indyk, Daniel Kurtzer and Dan Shapiro. Friedman is the fourth.

    Of the 14 envoys before Indyk, going back to Israel’s founding, none of them was Jewish. There was a time when being Jewish disqualified you from participation in managing America’s official relations with Israel, because your loyalties were suspect. Now, being Jewish is an asset.

    It is a shift in American Jewry’s political-religious map, which the Friedman nomination has brought to the surface. His elevation is a sort of coming-of-age moment for an emerging stream of Orthodox Judaism that hasn’t previously stepped onto the national stage. … Friedman is its first national office-holder.

    What is this movement? It is – in supercharged form — religious devotion to the State of Israel as a harbinger of the messianic era.

    One thing that unites this movement in a self-conscious way is the attachment to the institutions and leaders of its counterpart in Israel, known as Hardal. Like the American version, Hardal has moved rightward toward Haredi Orthodoxy in ever-more stringent ritual observance, while retaining Religious Zionism’s engagement in modern society.

    What most defines Hardal is its radical take on Religious Zionism, seeing Israel as a divine miracle and the West Bank as sacred Jewish patrimony, which Israel must rule forever or risk divine punishment.

    The movement first emerged in the 1970s as the religious ideology of the West Bank settler movement. It later spread more widely as the settler movement gained popularity. To this day, its main strongholds are in the hard-line settlements and yeshivas that dot the territory’s central ridge. The nerve centers are in Kiryat Arba, the Jewish township on the edge of Hebron, and Beit El, the biblical Bethel, 20 miles north of Jerusalem.

    Most settlement yeshivas have American fundraising organizations. Known for their annual gala banquets, those organizations serve as a primary hub for the community life of the emerging American Hardal movement.

    The largest is American Friends of Bet El Institutions. Its president is David Friedman.

    Beit El’s yeshiva serves in some ways as a Hardal settler operations center. Under the entrepreneurial leadership of its founder and dean, Rabbi Zalman Melamed, the yeshiva created and owns the settler movement’s main media network, Arutz Sheva, also known as Israel National News. It was a pioneer in the tactic of expanding settlements by taking over nearby hilltops and creating new neighborhoods that amount to new settlements — often without government permits and on private Palestinian-owned land.

    One such expansion, built by Melamed’s yeshiva to house a girls’ seminary, was the center of a decade-long legal battle, ending in 2012 when the buildings — 30 units in all — were moved under order of Israel’s Supreme Court. At the time, Melamed negotiated a deal with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to build another 300 units as compensation. Today, claiming that Netanyahu broke the promise, the rabbi is leading the opposition to another high-profile, court-ordered evacuation at the Amona outpost. He’s also emerged as a leading rabbinic advocate of soldiers refusing orders to evacuate settlements.

    Hardal’s mix-and-match combination of Haredi and Modern Orthodoxy is reflected in its name, a compound of Haredi and Mafdal (the Hebrew acronym of the old National Religious Party). The name was coined in the late 1990s, apparently as a joke: Hardal is an everyday Hebrew word meaning “mustard.” But it’s no joke: Today’s Mafdal, renamed the Jewish Home party, has become a political powerhouse under the leadership of Naftali Bennett. It’s the main coalition partner to Netanyahu’s governing Likud party, while at the same time Netanyahu’s main rival on the right.

    Jewish Home has a hard-line Hardal faction that’s known as Tekuma (“Revival”). It holds three of the party’s eight Knesset seats. In effect, it’s the gadfly right flank of the right-wing partner in Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition.

    And now, one of its main American backers of the Hardal-Tekuma settler fringe of Israeli religious politics is about to become America’s ambassador to Israel.

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