Russian Embassy Trolls The Lügenpresse With Pepe

Wow. Just wow.

I can’t even … this is 2017!


Like, OMG! RU therious?

A dog whistle was just sent out to all KGB secret agents operating within the United States on Twitter with Pepe avatars … to relentlessly mock the progressive media as it demands new sanctions on Russia. The Russians stole the election from Hillary. THEY STOLE IT!

“Russian state media agencies such as RT and Sputnik have tailored their content to appeal to the alt-right, which the Kremlin sees as willing to parrot its line on foreign policy issues.

“They grew their audience hugely [recently] — and it’s mostly on the back of the alternative right,” Clint Watts, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the author of a recent report on Russian online propaganda, says.

More broadly, the Kremlin has aligned itself with far-right movements in Western countries. These organizations, deeply hostile to both Islam and European integration, see Russia as a friend — and the Russians, for their part, are more than happy to reciprocate by manipulating public opinion inside Western democracies. …”



We’ve been sent an official message by the Russians. I’ve decoded it. It says, Vladimir Putin wants us to continue to make fun of Egg McMuffin, Louise Mensch, Lindsey Graham, Zack Beauchamp and the rest of the warmongering faggots in the Lügenpresse who are scapegoating Russia because Hillary lost the election.

Don’t worry. We got your back.


  1. Unfortunately liberals have high IQ and they are very violent. That is the reason why they are successful to destroy our societies and thatswhy pro white main task is to deal with them.

  2. Yeah, that commercial must of pissed off the usual suspects. Funny as hell, especially in retrospect.

  3. Dear Mr. Vickstrom,
    Junius Daniel is not blood kin to me. He is, however, a hero whose presence is in the soil where I live.
    In fact, everywhere I walk or drive is testimony to the yearning of my Tarheel brethren to be out from under the tyrannical yoke of The Northern Government, as their graves and falling plantation houses dot the landscape.
    The Dept. of North Carolina was privileged to receive the service of many thousands and thousands of Eastern North Carolinians, and producet some great generals – General Matthew Ransom, General William Ruffin Cox, General Bryan Grimes – the latter who served under General the fearless and upright General Junius Daniel.
    The general is buried in the ghostly little pictureresque town of nearby Halifax, and his, as is his wife’s grave, are regularly attended by the SCV Division that is baset out of nearby Weldon/Garysburg.
    For you curiosity, I post, below, a page that shows his grave and gives you a brief bio on the man.
    Even though I am getting long in the tooth, I still have heroes, and Junius Daniel is at the top of the list. I think of him, and his willingness to stand in front of the troops, when I call out The New England Yankee Government for what it is, and urge others to embrace secession.
    Thank you for your inquiry. I hope the answer is satisfying.

  4. Thank you, Father.

    In that case, I can only reiterate what I said to Celestial : my heart lies with Chryst, my kin and friends, and North Carolina.

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