Response To Vox Day (Part 2)

This is puzzling:

“And after reading the various comments on Hunter Wallace’s site, I won’t bother responding to him either. I don’t engage in discourse with people who accuse me of lying. What is the point? And as I’ve said before, I’d much rather stand with dependable allies such as Mike, Milo, Stefan, and Roosh than with the sort of people I’ve come across who are in the Alt-White.

I’m going to expand my policy on drama to the Alt-White in general. There is clearly no benefit to paying any attention to them whatsoever. Let them keep the shekels and the audience that they keep claiming I, and others, want to steal. I simply don’t have the time or the patience for this never-ending nonsense.”

Where to begin?

1.) Internet commentators are vicious man! Don’t take the flames so personally. There are a lot of people who are following all of this drama and who are chiming in with their two cents. Maybe I have a higher tolerance for it because I spent years engaging with these people on online forums. It doesn’t bother me as much.

2.) As far as I can tell, 90% of the drama surrounds three individuals – MILO, Cernovich and PJW – none of whom even claim to be Alt-Right. PJW is criticized for being a conspiracy theorist. The charge is true. MILO is a Jewish homosexual who calls himself a “black dick supremacist” and hosts “Twinks for Trump” parties. The charges are true. Cernovich is a mercurial brand who moves from one audience to the next and is disliked for having no real principles and starting drama. It was Cernovich who instigated the drama with both Richard Spencer and Baked Alaska. The charge is true.

3.) Aside from the controversy surrounding these three personalities, I don’t see any substantial point of disagreement with the Alt-West. I’m pro-Christian. I’m pro-Western. I’m pro-White. I’m not interested in fascism or National Socialism. I’m actually a Southern Nationalist, not someone who wants to merge all White countries into a White Empire. Ideally, I would like to dissolve the United States into regional ethnostates. I think anyone is capable of having fun, pursuing the truth, enjoying smashing taboos.

If Vox believes in race realism, has a positive take on White identity, supports Christianity and endorses ethnonationalism and segregation, what is the big point of disagreement here? Is it MILO’s vanity and homosexuality? Is it PJW’s absurd conspiracy theories? Is it Cernovich’s aggressive marketing of his brand? As far as I can tell, none of that has anything to do with being “Alt-White” or “Alt-West.” Ideologically speaking, Vox sounds like he is closer to me than to MILO, Cernovich or PJW!

It looks to me like the real divide here is over Vox’s loyalty to MILO and Cernovich. I haven’t said anything about Roosh V or Stefan Molyneux who haven’t been involved in the recent drama. I know very little about them. From what I know of this Molyneux person, he makes YouTube videos that I would probably agree with.

Note: It seems we disagree on populism vs. elitism.


  1. I’m a little slow and it occurred to me that most of us are Americans and are able to say what we want but Vox Day living in Italy might be put in jail for criticism of Jews or gays or NOT criticizing White Nationalist (as they are evil, according to the powers that be). Maybe that’s why he wants to disassociate himself from any Alt-White. It’s illegal there, well maybe not exactly illegal but very close to it. He says some things that dog whistle towards White Nationalism and the “Jewish Question” but at the same time if stated bluntly he backs off. I must say I can’t blame him if this is the case.

  2. Vox Day has been around a long time and has pushed things to the right for most of his career. Being banned at his spot isn’t a big deal as he is keen on anti-convergence within his platform.

    He’s still anti-white Supremacy like almost all commentators here.

    So the feud is stinky.

  3. Oh well, that’s okay then, he was just kidding about being a Kike’s anal bitch, as part of his flirting with another sodomite. Of course. And he’d like a wife and kids, and an old hound dog, Blue, to go along with his sudden Country career.

  4. One doesn’t get a job at WorldNetDaily or any major right-wing outlet unless one is Jewish or crypto-Jewish. Just look at him. Physiognomy doesn’t lie.

  5. Complaining of persecution, all his friends are Jewish or Semitic, worked for a major right-wing outlet, Jewish physiognomy and female catty behavior…wakey wakey, folks.

  6. Cernovich is the biggest POS on two legs, yet Vox thinks he can continue to use this twat as a piece in his “shekels” game, what a hypocrite he is.
    I guess Mr. “I am sooo smart, you are soo stupid” Vox thinks we won’t notice his antics.

  7. Be aware, Cernovich, along with Chuck Johnson, are now being PAID by the Trump Team. According to MicroChip on Twitter , it works like this: Kushner> Thiel> Geisea> Johnson>Cernovich.
    Not good for us at all.

  8. They are serving their own interests, not surprising. What is still our greatest task is to keep pushing braindead/brainwashed Whites to embrace and agitate for own own interests.

  9. “I guess Mr. “I am sooo smart, you are soo stupid” Vox thinks we won’t notice his antics.

    Once people notice you’re trying to sneak your hand into the collection plate, it doesn’t matter how elaborate your distraction patter is.

    Vox Day takes pride in his intelligence, his rhetorical skills, his Dark Lord lack of ethics, and his tangled web of self-coined terms-of-art.

    The big weakness in all this is that his financial interest is obvious. He boasts of his alliance with the equally greedy and unprincipled “brands.”

  10. I don’t blame him for bugging out to Italy to raise a family. But I think he’s earned the criticism for trying to be an Alt-Right thought leader when his location limits what he can say so severely, and that includes other counties he travels to or through. Censorship is bad in Europe and particularly bad in Italy, is getting worse, and he can’t know if the next thing he or one of his blog commentators says will get him a severe fine or prison.

  11. I am sick to death of all these faggots…

    including Greg Johnson.

    Hunter and others may have “forgotten” or “forgiven” Greg Johnson’s past actions as editor of TOQ that led to his subsequent firing , I have not.

    Those who know GJ’s past history and give GJ an ounce of credibility by using him as a source as to lend credence to their arguments also are suspect.

  12. Its not all about shekels though…

    they are also showing their gratitude ( such “noble” souls ) to the jews for all that they have done for them.

    Before there was a BA there was a GJ. They all got their “backs.”

    Do not be deceived.

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