God Emperor Maintains Twitter Silence On #BLMKidnapping

I’m not going to lie.

As of 10:00 PM CST, President-Elect Donald Trump has yet to say anything about the #BLMKidnapping. This was a huge test and so far it has been a big disappointment. It’s not like he hasn’t commented on videos like this before. Back in September, Trump said he was “very troubled” by the Terence Crutcher police shooting in Oklahoma and wondered aloud whether Officer Betty Shelby had “choked.”

Just a few days ago, Trump threatened Mayor Rahm Emanuel with federal intervention unless he brings Chicago’s soaring murder rate under control. Given his interest in Chicago’s gang violence, it is strange that Trump would have nothing to say about a White kid who was tortured for six hours by black thugs, who was beaten in his name, and who was forced to say “F*** Trump” on camera after a knife was held to his throat.

What’s up with that? I suspect it is because he is surrounded by cuck advisers like Reince who are telling him not say anything about what happened in Chicago because it would be “racially polarizing” and that his job as president is to “unify the country.” If the races were reversed, however, these same gutless cowards would spin on a dime and advise Trump to make a bold statement about “hate” and “racism” in America.

We saw what happened in South Carolina after the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston and how the Republican establishment seized on that incident to attack Confederate monuments all over the South. Here in Alabama, Gov. Robert Bentley took down a Confederate flag display at the Alabama State Capitol. In Kentucky, Sen. Mitch McConnell supported the removal of a Jefferson Davis statue. In Tennessee, Gov. Bill Haslam supported the removal of a Nathan Bedford Forrest Bust from the Tennessee State Capitol.

Reince Preibus issued the following statement on behalf of the RNC after Charleston:

“WASHINGTON – Today Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus joined Governor Nikki Haley and other public officials in South Carolina to call for the removal of the Confederate battle flag from state house grounds. Chairman Priebus issued the following statement:

“Now is the time to do what is right, and I support the call by Governor Haley and South Carolina leaders to remove the Confederate battle flag from state house grounds,” said Chairman Priebus.

“This flag has become too divisive and too hurtful for too many of our fellow Americans. While some say it represents different things to different people, there is no denying that it also represents serious divisions that must be mended in our society. For South Carolina, taking down this Confederate flag is a step in mending those divisions. Our future must be better than our past. We are not meant to be a country divided by racial tensions; we are meant to be a country that stands united.

“Our prayers are with the people of South Carolina during these difficult times.”

“Now is the time to do what is right” … and Cuck Reince personally flew down to South Carolina to stand beside Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham at the press conference when she announced the Confederate Battle Flag had to go.

What about now? Are we going to acknowledge that this terrible crime even happened? If not, what is going to happen when future incidents like Charleston arise? Is every terrible crime that happens to blacks a national tragedy while even the most shocking crimes that happen to Whites are unworthy of presidential attention?


  1. Why do you assume it was difficult for Pence? Nobody actually forced him to go, as far as I’m aware.

    (“Trump must find it hard to cuck as much as Pence did at the ‘Hamilton’ fiasco where he endorsed niggers and faggots culturally appropriating European male icons of the founding of America”)

  2. “This crime is disgusting, but, not anywhere near The Immanuel Church massacre.”

    wrong, it’s more disgusting, because Roof never expected to get away with what he did.

  3. “does not warrant the comparison to the shooting of innocent individuals in Church” — innocent people are shot every day.

  4. “the damage BLM, and it’s sympathizers, continue to inflict upon themselves, in the eyes of decent folk, is accumulating.”

    I don’t see that. I see and hear lots of people saying that these Niggers acted the way they did because they have been abandoned, we need more Progams for them, they don’t know their lives matter, nobody cares about them, etc etc etc

  5. Mr. Size, I don’t make my own rules – but tried my damndest to adhere to The Lords’, and he said ‘Thou Shalt NOT Murder.’

    That said, what these negroes did to this poor man IS a sin, but, NOT a cardinal sin, as what Mr. Roof did.

    That said, if you are not Christian, then I certainly can understand your view.

    Thank you for your thoughts!

  6. Yes, Mr. Size – if you read the next, where Leftists go, or live in an urban area around them, then what you assert must be true.

    I, on the other hand, live in Northeastern North Carolina – a God-fearin’ and traditional place that has no one who thinks like you mention, here – or, if they do, they keep it to themselves!

    The only programs young negroes need are daily work and law & order.

    Have a great snowy day!

  7. 1. A sin is not the same thing as a crime.

    2. “Thou shalt not covet they neighbour’s ass.”

    3. Since when was sexual assault, physical and mental torture, and public humiliation (especially of someone who is already mentally deficient) “not permanent damage”?

    4. My main point was that societally these Niggers’ crimes are worse than Roof’s, because he never expected to get away with what he did, but these Niggers obviously had no fear of being punished, and in fact had been encouraged to feel self-righteous by the US (i.e. kike) media and politicians. They never thought that their viewers would “rat” on them (and they were correct, since they were only arrested after cops spotted the victim wandering distraught on the street). And they probably never intended to let him live (he escaped when they were attacking a neighbour who had complained the noise of the tortures).

  8. Thank you for taking time to write a fine reply, Mr. Size.

    I will never agree that Dylan Roof’s massacrering of them coloured folk has an equal in what those negroes did to this young man, yet, I will agree it is a crime; and an act brought about by many parties who have sought to usurp a lawful system with anti-White anarchy.

    As to permanence of damage – when someone is slaughtered, there is no possibility that the damage might be, in this life, healed, but, in the case or torture and humiliation there is.

    Furthermore, this young man’s family has not been permanently deprived of his company, unlike the families of those negroes.

    Torture, of any kind is a sin, but not the equal, depending on the torture, and certainly not the equal of murder.

    So sayeth The Lord.

    As to the law of man, well – I won’t speak about it.

    One more thing – I am a Southern White Supremacist; a paternalist, but, that so, I do not condone vicious unreasoning cruelty against negroes, just because they are not our equals.

    As to who is to blame – We Southerners are to blame – because, in 1964, we ought to have raise the Confederate flag, and followed that through, come what may.

    Because we did not stop The North, in their determined dismantling of our system, all 50 states have suffered – White and Negro alike.

    If you are looking for a culprit in what happened to this young man, look to the deluded Northern culture, and to us, Southerners, for not yet having found the courage to stop obeying this evil government.

    If Southerners are ‘cuckt’ – lookt to The North, for they are the ones who have licensed the Jews to do all their harm – just as The North has always done – brought in proxies and mercenaries to maul and vivisect us for daring to not be like The North.

    All the best to you, on this day, Mr. Size.

  9. Correct, but that does not pertain to this situation. I belive Junius has put forth responses which settle the issue far better than I could.

  10. No. I’m saying that Trump is far better than Hillary Clinton, but he’s probably not going to buck the system too much.

  11. I don’t know about that, Mr. Saint – as you are pretty damn articulate and soul-searching in your comments.

    Be that as it may, I am humbled & honoured to have received such an accolade from my fellow Southron Confederate.

    May all the Saints, down yonder, have a blesst day!

  12. Junius, my father is from Jacksonville, Alabama, and my mother’s family is from Rome, Ga. Not too far apart. Neither side of the family really cares about college sports, though I know many people do carry the rivalries too far.

    We’re not really hot-headed. We’re more the silent and vengeful types. For better or worse, we don’t do a whole lot of forgiving or forgetting. Even our family feuds are silent and long-running.

    Speaking of Little Round Top, I have a picture of an ancestor who lost a leg at Gettysburg. He served in Kemper’s brigade under Pickett. In the picture, you can see where the wooden leg attaches below the knee. He was the brother of my gggg-grandfather who left Va for Ga in the 1850s. My gggg-grandfather is buried in the Confederate cemetery on the grounds of the old Carnton plantation. He was killed in the battle of Franklin.

    I live near Savannah now, so there is no snow. It’s cooler than usual, but nothing too bad. Hope you are doing well. Take care.

  13. The same can be said of previous Republican members of congress who promptly changed tune upon being elected. Trump faces the same pressures from the same people. Hopefully he can resist and do something positive for the people who voted for him where others failed. Time will tell. I hope I am wrong.

  14. Dear Todd,
    I enjoyed this reply of yours. A lot to it. Thank you.

    Yes, y’all are clustered into a fairly compact area; or, at least, for this day and age.

    I see – the brooding unforgetting types. Well, as to the ‘unforgetting’ I see in my wife’s folks, though, the brooding, no – this because they never let anything sit long enough to ferment:)

    The family feuds part is interesting, and the unforgiving part scary, though, it’s always better to be scared by hearing the truth than in feeling cozy not hearing it.

    This belief in candour is a tenet of me and my wife.

    What picture?

    Are you a member of The League?

    Though I’m grateful for your ancestor’s service and sacrifice at Little Round Top, I wisht he had lost it chasing Lincoln out of the White House.
    I love Robert E. Lee to death, but, I think The Devil got a holt of his mind in July of 1863, and made send our ggg-granddaddies to charge Yankees over a worthless scrap of land – picturesque though the Gettysburg landscape is.

    As to Franklin, it’s hard to think of it without feeling the urge to strangle Hood. I don’t know what was worse – the inauguration of LBJ or the Battle of Franklin. In either case, both are painful scars that can only be made right by a resurgent Southern Nationalism.

    I thank you for your gggg-granddaddy’s service there. His is the last group of Southern men whom I considered fought for me and mine – and NOT the Yankee Beezelbub and his Jewish financiers.

    Savannah? A dear friend of mine is there – a custom furniture maker by the name of Steven Ogle. He’s a genius, and, though he is a Yankee, he is a fascinating warm-hearted person, whom I recommend you look up.

    Yes, Todd, we are well – snowed in – up here in the Northern Siberia of Eastern North Carolina.

    If you want to communicate with this Confederate more regularly, this is my social media page. If not, I thank ye for having blesst me with your acquaintanceship.



  15. With the shotgun of Damocles threaded above.
    If you look past the practical implementation of a “get it done” expert, you see him responsible to those who voted for him.
    I don’t like a number of his policies, but I’d rather him even keep his promises on things I rather he not than he break his promises on the majority of things I like.
    While calming down the opposition (You mean Trump isn’t literally Hitler? He isn’t going to shoot illegals and muslims in the streets?) he is doing things and on a path towards keeping his promises.
    Carrot when possible, Stick when not.

  16. I originate from the Detroit area, the Auto – Steel rustbelt. Trump almost got MN and NH, but he swept WI MI OH PA. I didn’t believe the polls. It was close in a few places but about 2 weeks out I expected Trump to win.

    Now, we need to ignore the noise, watch Trump when he tweets we should melt down the capitol switchboard and email and faxes, and insure we help him deliver on what he promised us.

    TZ1 reporting for duty in Trump’s meme Army!

  17. “that does not pertain to this situation” — it does — it’s the point: people are shot dead all the time, but it’s not common for people to lifestream torture, and EXPECT NO CONSEQUENCES

  18. Hello! I didn’t realize you had replied. I had a great weekend! I know youse guys got hammered with snow. Are you dug out yet?
    God bless you and your wife! May you have a marvelous time “fighting” forever!

  19. Thank you so much for your heartwarming reply and good wishes, M’am!

    No, we ain’t yet dug out, though, we were treated to an odd sight today – that of our little town’s one snow plow in action.

    I know where you live such a thing is matter of fact for 4 months, but, down here, it’s something akin to seeing Robert E. Lee at your door, in FedEx outfit with an express package!

    And this old plantation house has been shivering. Oh, Lordy – let me tell you!

    God bless you and yours, too!

  20. That kind of weather is a nightmare when you aren’t used to it. That poor little plow! I could be wrong but I think you are in or about Charleston. That’s a big town; it’s going to take awhile.
    We all have our own plows, and dig ourselves our, on our own streets. The plows are for the main roads. You just get used to it
    . It’s bitterly cold. I feel sorry for the poor animals, outside. Fear not. This too shall pass.

  21. No, Mam – we live deep in the Piney woods of Northeastern North Carolina – ole Confederate plantation county.

    No, we ain’t uset to it!

    Y’all have y’all’s own plough?

    Wow, that’s something!

    Y’all are shiverin’? I bet! Last couple of nights we were in single digits.

    So cold, even the water in the water bowl we keep for the negro cats, that wander about, got froze!

    P’culiar thing, though – when Tarheels are threatened with snow, we run off to the store and sweep the shelves clean of bread and milk.

    It’s a funny thing to watch.

    Good night!

  22. Captain – I think Trump is a bit humbled and a bit awed – what with all the stuff he’s got to do, which he said he would do…

  23. Oh my goodness- of course you are in NC. You refer to yourself as a Tarheel all the time. I have had very little sleep in the past few days. A family member has been ill (nothing serious – just the flu) and I’ve been woken up a lot. Momentary lapse…..
    Same here. It’s in the single digits. We feed various animals. The water freezes in the daytime too.
    The cleaning out of the stores happens EVERYWHERE. People can generally get out the house in a day or two. I think the stocking up of supplies for hard frigid snow shut in thing for….2 days….instinctive.
    I would love to visit. I go to NC regularly. Thanks for the hint!
    Stay warm. Winter is only going t last perhaps 6 more weeks.

  24. The critter water freezes in the daytime, too? Oh, Lordy – that’s scary…

    Grocery madness up yonder, too? Amazing!

    We look forward to your visit. We have a couple of parlour style bedrooms and you’ll be right comfortable with whatever your choose. I’m sure my wife would enjoy meeting you. The two of you have very similar dispositions.

    Short winter? Well, in 36 hours, they are already predicting our temperatures to be back up in the 60s. Really, that’s the way it is down here – a cold snap of several days, and then back into the 50s and 60s.

    Once in a blue moon we get a very hard winter that does not go along with that, BUT, all in all, that’s how it goes. My wife got very sick of snow, while we were up in New England in economick exile. She gets no warm fuzzies when she sees it down here.

    Speaking of animals – I was driving through the Dismal Swamp Park, this afternoon, and a wolf ran out in front of me. I misst him by just a half second. He was a beautiful critter, and I am glad I did not have to run him over, because, on that road, there is no shoulder – just three feet down into the bog and sleepy cottonmouths and alligators.

    As to the flu – you won’t get it if you do this : when you are starting to come down with it, bring to a boil a spaghetti size boiling pot of water – with plenty of dried Elderberries, Rosehips, dried Currants, and Lemon Myrtle tea leaves. Add honey to taste. Cover, turn off heat, and let steep for 90 minutes.

    At that point, you can filter some and begin drinking 4 ounces every two hours for the next several days. But, just leave all the herbs in the big pot for another several hours – or, even overnight in the fridge, if you wish. Never hurts.

    If you go to work, take a big thermos full. Only the Black Plague could overpower this tea. This tea laughs at the flu, and taste might good, too. It works hot, warm, or cold. Does not matter. Works most efficiently and quickly on an empty stomach.

    Admittedly, you need to fork out about 75$ for all these herbs, in the autumn, so that they are on hand in the pantry, when you need them during flu season.

    Usually you can get them at you local herb shoppe, BUT, if not – then order from Frontier Herbs, online. They are a great organization.

    Have a good night!

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