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Too Far Gone: OD In 2017

Welcome to Trump’s America

“Too Far Gone.”

In searching for a theme for 2017, those are the words that kept popping into my head. That’s what I expect to be writing about on OD in the year ahead. The phrase “Too Far Gone” comes from Volume 13 of The Walking Dead Comic and was depicted on the second half of Season Five of the television series.

Rick Grimes and his group of battle-hardened, red-pilled survivors of the zombie apocalypse arrive at the gates of the Alexandria Safe Zone. The people inside the Alexandria Safe Zone are naïve, weak and complacent. They don’t understand what life is like now outside of the walls. They don’t get it … don’t grasp their own vulnerabilities and the precariousness of their situation. They’re busily rebuilding civilization.

Can Rick’s group assimilate with the Alexandrians or have they been out there on the fringe too long? Are they “too far gone” to fit in inside the walls?

How is this like Trump’s America?

1.) All of us who have existed beyond the pale of respectability for years (I’m including everyone here, regardless of how you label yourself) are about to enter the gates of this false paradise next month.

2.) The people in the false paradise are like the Alexandrians. They’re naïve, weak and complacent. They live in the present and suffer from a false sense of security. These people want to take their blue-pill, wear their Trump hat, say their MAGA prayer and sleep soundly at night. Reality has other plans for them.

3.) We’re like Rick in the sense that we don’t trust our new surroundings. We’ve chosen to enter this world out of self-interest, but we don’t really believe in it. If you are really “red-pilled,” you know it is an illusion; the underlying racial and cultural demographics of America are rapidly changing and you know what that portends. The enemy has been beaten in one battle, but hasn’t been destroyed.

4.) The hope and optimism of the Trump campaign is about to collide with the reality of the Trump administration under which pro-Whites will likely still be stigmatized. Trump seems to be too timid to challenge the reigning taboos, but at the same time too politically vulnerable to enforce them.

5.) The Alt-Right isn’t going to be content to be locked in the basement of a reinvigorated mainstream conservatism and treated like a retarded cousin for the next 4 years. This clash over the “Deploraball” is a sign of things to come.

In 2017, we are going to explore this dynamic. I’m going to do a lot of political punditry. I’m going to write about how we are adjusting to this new environment. I also plan to return to other more traditional topics like the South. We’re going to cover the Trump administration as it unfolds and its impact on our community at every step of the way.