No, It’s Not MILO’s World

Jesus Christ, seriously?

Apparently, Vox Day has been blinded by loyalty and e-book sales and can’t see the truth about MILO. In what universe can the Podestas be condemned for Spirit Cooking and #Pizzagate pedophilia, but MILO is … OK?

Exhibit A: MILO cultivates a twink entourage which he deliberately associates with Trump

Exhibit B: MILO defends pedophilia on camera and boasts about attending Hollywood pedophile parties

Exhibit C: MILO hosts a homosexual party at the RNC and has Geert Wilders speak in front of a room decorated with lurid photos of half-naked young boys

Exhibit D: MILO bathes in pig blood

Exhibit E: MILO raises over $100,000 for his privilege grant and pockets the money

“Milo Yiannopoulos claims he spends thousands of dollars every month. He claims he is professionally thriving and his brand is stronger than ever. So why can’t he distribute the scholarship money he collected and promised to give?

The alt-right professional agitator reportedly inked a book deal worth at least $250,000, according to the Hollywood Reporter on Thursday. The deal is to publish an autobiographical work in the spring of 2017 with Threshold Editions, a subsidiary of Simon and Schuster. …”

Exhibit F: MILO Serenades LSU With “America The Beautiful” In Drag

Exhibit G: MILO’s poetry

It is New Year’s Eve so let me offer a prediction for 2017 … it is blindingly obvious that MILO is a scandal waiting to happen. You have on display here all the ingredients of a perfect storm. There is more than a whiff of a scandal coming off MILO that connects sex, corruption, malignant narcissism, hypocrisy, disgruntled unpaid employees, Breitbart and the Trump administration.

I bet that someone, somewhere has dirt on MILO and that someone, somewhere – probably someone who hasn’t been paid – has the motive to bring it to light. Just listen to what he says in the first two videos. He boasts about becoming a sexual predator as a teenager. By his own admission, he used to hang out with Hollywood pedophiles. I bet there are many, many skeletons waiting to come out of that closet. If I was trying to shock the Evangelicals who voted for Trump, that’s where I would start digging.

I can’t tell you how it will happen, but I predict The Dangerous Faggot will share the fate of the Hindenburg. Hubris has a way of inviting Nemesis.

Update 1: As for Vox Day’s comparison of extremists to the fake Klansmen on A&E, he neglects to mention that it was real people associated with the Klan who exposed the media hoax.

Update 2: Vox Day has lost his mind:

“And to make it clear, I’d much rather stand with Milo than with ANY of you self-professed Christians attacking him.

I trust Milo not to stab me in the back. He has proven himself to me. You, I don’t trust at all.”

I’d much rather stand with MILO than with ANY of you self-professed Christians … wow, that’s a jaw dropping statement.

Update 3: Vox Day now professes blind loyalty to MILO and Cernovich:

“Turn your guns on allies and sympathizers instead of the enemy, and you lose all right to any cover or assistance or regard. I don’t have much tolerance for idiots and I don’t have any for those who attack my friends and allies. If you’re going to attack Mike and Milo and Stefan and Roosh, you won’t do it here and you will go immediately on my “ignore that idiot” list.”

I understand that MILO and Cernovich are his friends, but does loyalty to friends require, say, making up the story that Edgar Maddison Welch, the guy who stormed Comet Ping Pong, was a “crisis actor”? The guy was indicted on federal charges. He’s still in jail … presumably, acting, to cover the tracks of the Podestas.


  1. “It is New Year’s Eve so let me offer a prediction for 2017 … it is blindingly obvious that MILO is a scandal waiting to happen.”

    Man, you called it.

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