Mike Cernovich’s Deploraball Now The Kosherball

MILO is now headlining the event. He’s the “star.”

I haven’t been following this all that closely, but it seems to confirm what I had been reading over at The Daily Stormer that there was an effort to neuter the Alt-Right by making it safe and kosher and installing “leaders” like MILO:

Update: Mike Thernovich BTFO in epic Periscope!


  1. 1.) In my experience, it is far easier to control our message in real life. You are dealing with stuff like signs, flags, attire. It is impossible to do it on the internet. Both of us eventually got tired of people “sounding off” with violent rhetoric on Facebook. Even within the League of the South, we couldn’t control it.

    2.) There’s no way to police what anonymous people say on Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, etc. I can police the comments on this blog if they get violent, but I can’t stop anyone from “sounding” off on their own Twitter account or 4chan or Facebook. I could police this comment section more thoroughly to project a more mainstream image, but it would absorb far too much of my time.

    3.) As for the Nationalist Socialists, they aren’t going anywhere. They’re going to do their own thing regardless of what I say or do. They have their own websites and social media accounts. As I told RAMZPAUL, this debate has been going on for 15 years now and at some point years ago I just got tired of it.

  2. How do u know Cernovich is a Jew? I thought he was some kind of Croatian or something. Now, as for Milo, even though he is half-Jewish, never looked at him that way. As a gay dude-yes–cause he’s really out there gay. And I thought if anything he’d try to make alt-right more gay friendly. Never heard Milo carry on about being a half-Jew.

  3. Great points.

    He’s not a stepping stone and if allowed to control the alt right would have us back at National Review levels of cuckoldry in the blink of an eye.

  4. The 14 Words is something every Southern Nationalist and Pro-White person can agree on. If you cant support the 14 Words you are no brother

  5. This all sounds like the whining of the left out losers. I’M GOING TO THE DEPLORABALL! I’ll think about you all while I’m dancing my ass off. In fact, the DC trip is going to take the place of Mardi Gras for me this year. GO, Trump!

  6. The Jews are like Negroids. Everywhere they go and everything they get involved with they fuck up for everybody else.

    Just like the shutting down of malls because “youth” are involved in mass fighting.

    There’s no point in getting involved or collaborating at all with Jews or Negroids. The end result will be the same. Fucked up.

  7. The alt-right is not gay friendly, homosexuality is degeneracy. If you’re gay and pro-White, keep it in the closet. We must maintain a strict “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

  8. Cernovich is saying, via link from Vox Day, that he put down $90.000 for the hall and was paying Based Alaska several thousand dollars a week to set things up. If this is true he does have a right to boot him. Vox Day and Cernovich are both complaining about Based Alaska calling out the Jew basically. I wonder how anyone will ever get anything positive in this done if you DON’T call out the Jew. Even if it’s seen as crude and troublesome if people keep doing it eventually even the dumbest NORM’s will look into what all these people bitching about the Jews are saying. Any backing off from naming the Jew will lead no where. Every time you look at any movement or group causing destruction of Whites you may not find them at the top but you will find Jews somewhere and throwing money at it. Money they get from owning the banking system and charging us rent on same. Where did Cernovich get $90,000 that suddenly makes it all so important NOT to name the Jew? $90,000 is nothing to the PTB and well worth throwing the whole rally into turmoil and having a Jewish homosexual suddenly be the headliner. Just a big shit on you farce.

  9. Mr. Besarab,
    I wonder if you have any idea how obvious your motives are?; and how they, in the eyes of others, disqualify practically everything you say – even when your articulations are formidable?

  10. I’d rather have Mr. Griffin’s talents focuset on saving The South, than having them disperset across hell’s creation – both literally and ideologically.

    Just my own selfish view, Mr. Saint!

  11. It should be obvious that my attempt is to avoid an alliance with liberals while rejecting the critique of it as well which alleges that Jewish participation is what makes it detestable. Basically it’s to oppose both pro-Semitic Coke and anti-Semitic Pepsi.

  12. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why one would ally with the second group. If you really believe reformism is possible, then moderating on the Jewish question is logical.

    If you don’t believe it’s possible, then the logical conclusion is guerrilla tactics, not using the white vote to get in power. In that case it makes perfect sense to aggravate class struggle across racial lines.

    It doesn’t make sense to have the position that you’re a mainstream Republican – except you name the Jew.

  13. Yeah right mr big nose, receding hairline and portruding lower lip. Must suck having easily observeable phenotypes, huh?

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