Austria’s Freedom Party Signs Pact With Putin’s United Russia

Needless to say, we are pleased by this:

“BERLIN — The leader of the Austrian far-right Freedom Party has signed what he called a cooperation agreement with Russia’s ruling party and recently met with Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, the designated national security adviser to President-elect Donald J. Trump of the United States.

Word of the agreement with Russia was the latest sign that the Kremlin is forging bonds with political parties across Europe in what some European leaders suspect is a coordinated attempt to meddle in their affairs and potentially weaken Western democracies. Many of these efforts are murky and involve obscure groups, and it is unclear whether President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has any direct involvement.

The Freedom Party leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, reported the signing of the agreement with United Russia, Mr. Putin’s party, on Monday on his Facebook page, where he also disclosed that he had visited General Flynn a few weeks ago in Trump Tower in New York. …”

Pyotr Tolstoy, deputy speaker of the Duma, or lower house of Russian Parliament, said there was a need for open dialogue to improve ties with parties across Europe, United Russia reported from the signing of the agreement. This was especially important, Mr. Tolstoy was quoted as saying, “in today’s politically correct world, when everyone is hiding their real thoughts and feelings.”

Jamelle Bouie is crying about it over at Slate. Lawrence had a panel on his MSNBC show tonight wailing about the New Axis which is taking shape.

The Alt-Right is post-liberal. It envisions a world order in which all European nations are finally at peace. Ultimately, the ties that really matter are racial and cultural. We don’t want any further disastrous wars like we had in the 19th and 20th centuries. Unlike the American liberals, we only seek peace and friendship with Russia.

Angela Merkel is the real enemy in Europe. We don’t consider the German people our enemy though. Merkel is our enemy because she is the enemy of the German people – a Volksverräter. Merkel’s government is a tyranny that oppresses German nationalists and patriots. She demonizes the German people, denigrates and dismantles their culture, and supports their replacement through Third World immigration.

The Alt-Right has two major foreign policy goals:

1.) The liberation of Western Europe which involves taking down the existing liberal order by bringing to power populist nationalist parties across the Continent.

2.) We want these populist nationalist parties to act to secure the future of the Europe whether it is through ending refugee resettlement, deporting immigrants, dismantling political correctness, ending multiculturalism, ending mass immigration or building border walls, which countries like Hungary have already done.

This is a great war against liberalism to secure the Occident – the traditional living space of people of European ancestry all over the world – in the 21st century. We are defending our common civilization from an internal and external existential threat. That’s what connects the Trump Wall with Mexico to overtures to Russia.

This isn’t remotely the same thing as 19th century European imperialism (dominating the non-Occidental world) or 20th century fascism (a period of extreme strife between European nations). The correct historical parallels are responding to the common threat posed by the Mongols, the Turks or the Caliphate while simultaneously having to deal with a great spiritual and cultural crisis that is internal to Christendom.

So far, there is a lot to be optimistic about on the foreign policy front.

Update: Check out this post on the Alt-Right over at Katheon:

“If you look at the mainstream conservatives – where they are coming from?

They talk about themselves and the conception of the United States as a fundamentally liberal order. Mainstream conservatives defined themselves in many ways in terms of professor Dugin’s Fourth Political Theory – they define themselves as hyper-liberals. They are saying that they must be hyper-liberal to protect the world from fascism, communism and other illiberal threats. Therefore, mainstream conservatism in its essence really was a global religion.

To continue in this framework, I think that the alt-right is a kind of Fourth Political Theory. We definitively have roots and things like the European New Rights like Alain de Benois and we can have a movement that is powerful, that has headlines, that drives liberals crazy, but we don’t quite know, where we are going to be in the future. …”

At the National Review, mainstream conservatism was defined this afternoon as “true equality” and the principles of the Declaration of Independence:

“In the extreme, this can lead to “white nationalism,” as was recently expressed by Emily Youcis, a.k.a. “Pistachio Girl,” a peanut and pistachio salesperson at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Stadium, who was fired after she took her white nationalism to the airwaves. The Republican party is the party of Lincoln; it’s the anti-slavery party. It’s the party of equal rights no matter your ethnicity, gender, or other category; it isn’t exclusionary, as Pistachio Girl seems to think it should be. …

Trump, and Republican leaders in general, need to remind everyone that the GOP is fighting for American fairness, for blind justice, for true equality. The real America isn’t found in some geographic locale far from America’s cities — it’s found in the essence of the Declaration of Independence and in the body of the U.S. Constitution and in the hearts and minds of anyone who understands and cherishes the freedom and prosperity, the American Dream, that this equality has unleashed. Republicans are for everyone equally; what Republicans are defending is a culture of freedom as outlined in documents such as the U.S. Bill of Rights, not some bygone black-and-white television depiction of America.”

The True Conservatism that the GOP is fighting for is “transgender rights”:

“He’s absolutely right, and I think it’s worth offering a conservative defense of transgender rights — which ought to be a conservative issue.”

Clearly, there is a major difference in our outlook and worldview – True Conservatives are “hyper-liberal” whereas there is nothing really liberal about us at all.

Update: The Huffington Post is on to us:

“At risk of appearing to be a conspiracy theorist myself, I think we are seeing an effort to build an international coalition of like-minded anti-Muslim, anti-immigration ethnic nationalists who can be depended upon to undermine the liberal democratic order of the West, in particular its international norms regarding peace and security, its trade and investment rules, and its human rights standards,” Serwer said. “Candidates for inclusion in this coalition include President Putin, Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Sisi, Marine Le Pen and Germany’s Alternative fur Deutschland. I’m sure more will appear on the horizon.”

The liberal democratic order of the West has become cancerous. It is hostile to the survival and flourishing of the people of the West. That’s why it has to be excised.

Serwer forgot to mention Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines:

“President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, overseer of a contentious and bloody crackdown on drug dealers and users, boasted on Monday about having personally killed criminal suspects when he was mayor of Davao City.

“In Davao, I used to do it personally — just to show to the guys that if I can do it, why can’t you?” Mr. Duterte told business leaders at a meeting in Manila, explaining how he goaded police officers to gun down suspects.

“And I’d go around in Davao with a motorcycle, with a big bike around, and I would just patrol the streets, looking for trouble also,” he said, according to The Manila Times. “I was really looking for a confrontation, so I could kill.” …”

Duterte is one of the Alt-Right’s favorite foreign leaders:

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  1. But what about The Conchita Wurst Question!


    Meanwhile, in the US of A:

    Dyke Mass. A.G. weighs in on Kike “X-mas rape song” controversy

    Yes, the following conversation actually took place.

    Boston Public Radio Margery Eagan:

    “Baby, It’s Cold Outside [an anti-Christmas song by Kike Frank Loesser] has been accused of being a date rape song, should we change the lyrics?”

    Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey (“husband”/”wife” of Massachusetts Appeals Court Associate Justice Gabrielle Wolohojian):

    “Certainly whatever we can do to raise awareness of sexual violence, sexual assault, it’s an important discussion to have and one to take action on.”

    • We used to get “Holocaust” movies around Christmas time. Of late we get anti-Christmas stuff, like “Bad Santa 2”. The irony, of course, is that without Christmas shopping many of the sheeny merchants would go under.

  2. It’s a good post, but you do know that “United Russia” is considered to be “Party of swindlers and thieves” even by people who like Putin. I am all for everything you have wrote, just don’t put too much trust in Putin. He is ultimately a person holds two opposite opinions: that he can be a part of globalist cabal while antagonizing it in order to be called an evil genius( I thinks gets his kicks from it). How can he be anything else if a huge chunk of budget comes from selling resources instead of, you know, actually manufacturing stuff? Do not look at his public performances l, look at hard economic data and everything will come into place.

    I am not saying that European Nationalists and Alt Right should be hostile to Putin, just be realistic and do not view him as your ideological ally, he is not, but he can be useful, at least for a time.

    • Putin defends Marxism in debates and restored the Soviet anthem after Yeltsin. It’s one thing to be okay with this. It’s another thing to deny it and pretend Putin is a spokesman for European nationalism, as a Russian himself, not a European.

      • Putin did NOT “restore the Soviet Anthem”. The melody (one of the most majestic ever composed) is the same, the lyrics are different.

        Putin IS “a spokesman for European nationalism”.

        When did Putin “defend Marxism in debates”? — any quotes? I guess you have none.

        • I’ll bet Putin’s major difference with post-Stalin communists is that he’s against a war on religion. That simply aligns him well with middle eastern and moderate socialists.

          • “I can elaborate when i stop posting via phone.”

            The assembled masses await with bated breath.

            Could you possibly give us an ETA, so we can synchronise our watches and prepare a welcoming committee for you when you are prepared to deliver your Earth-shattering, epochal elaborations?

          • Comparative economics is an interesting

            I’ll outline three main systems:

            1) capitalism

            2) planned economy socialism

            3) market socialism

            In capitalism you go to your local
            7’11. In the planned economy there is no 7’11. In market socialism
            the price system is in tact, but the 7’11 is placed under permanent

            I’d like to say Putin is 3 but he seems
            to be an economic interventionist when he feels like it. He also
            genuinely advocates for workers. He would be similar to fascism,
            except he denounces imperialism (which is my chief beef with
            fascism). He’s a progressive interventionist.

      • “Putin [is] a Russian himself, not a European.”

        — Putin IS European, you degenerate. Russia is the largest country in Europe, with the greatest European population.

      • Mr. Basarab – Vladimir Putin is a complex amalgamation of Sovietism. post modern capitalism, and, yet, historick Czarism.

        In light of what has occurred in Russian history, it’s difficult to see any other practical alternative.

        The new Czar has become the chief honcho for The Western World that desires to remain itself, and, though he has many many motivations for accepting and undertaking this role, there is none other than he who has the requisite characteristicks and circumstances to pull it off.

        Practically anything is preferable to more decades of Bushian-Clintonian-Obamist and Soros propelled lunacy.

    • Cyrus, say what perfectly cogent and valid things you wish about Putin, and his various psychick complexities, there really is no alternative to what is occurring between traditional Westerners and his government, as we will all help lift each other out of a terrible strangulation, that, with the passage of each year, has grown more and more asphyxiating.

    • We don’t have any illusions about Putin.

      I was actually somewhat engaged in trolling in the post above. The media here thinks Putin is engaged in a grand conspiracy and it is funny to promote the idea and stir up their paranoia. I had just finished watching a big episode of it on television when I wrote this post.

    • Dear Cyrus,
      This comment of your is way to savvy to be pleasing. You leave nobody any side to cheer for?

      Don’t you know how vexing that is?

      Merry Chrystmas!

      • It is like they say, “for in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow”.

        • Yes, Cyrus, and woe is he who increases his knowledge WITHOUT Jesus Chryst in his heart, for the dire pain he is sure to experience shall likely lead him into the fake solace offered him by The Devil – degenerate lifestyles or socialist politicks.

  3. I thought that National Rejew was out of business, but no, I see they’re keeping the cucks informed about the opinions of an ex Pistachio Girl. But who knows what Cappuccino Boy is really thinking?

    • The fags at National Jew Review chirp about the need for “inclusiveness” in their stupid party. But that inclusiveness doesn’t include anyone like Emily Youcis, who apparently is not allowed to have any opinions the jews disapprove of.

    • It appears they are straight-up trying to Jew the Republicans. Much like the Jew dems, they seem to still not understand that Jews lost! It’s all over accept for the crying and gnashing of teeth. This IS democracy working as it should.

  4. The globalists won’t yield power without a fight, to think otherwise is a fool’s game. While I don’t envision a world war to dislodge them, in Europe, or here in the south, some of them will require digging out like the parasites that they are.

    We won’t use a feather for that digging.

    • True, Mr. Hines – and many many tools will have to be used, but, ultimately, building coalitions with the many who don’t want the NWO, will be the ticket.

    • Don´t forget, Hitler lost because he sought peace with the British Empire, not knowing the extent to which it was (((controled))). Germany rearmed but never throughly prepared for the total war that was to come.

      Of course (((they))) can´t get all the blame, they could not do what they did without willing, knowing traitors.

      So yeah, no feathers. Always capitalize on victories as much as possible and keep sight of the big picture.

      • Hitler cognitively understood such things, but erred because of foolish ideas about White Volkisch nobility, decency…

        He was definitely far too soft on Kikes, and naive about the extent of depravity and corruption amongst Whites.

        Ironically, he would have fared better if he’d been more “cosmopolitan”, spoke English and/or French, had travelled.

  5. Derbyshire has a rather sobering analysis that these 3rd partys have a 20-30% ceiling in votes. Don’t know how well this open siding with the Kremlin will go over with the electorate. Trump didn’t win as 3rd party but by taking over the normal right wing party. Perhaps this is a real way to save Europe from Islamization.

    Philipines has African style birthrates, unlike other SE asian countries that are moving forwards. Result, massive slums with excess people who can be quite dangerous criminals.

  6. Great news.

    SN should emerge to play a bigger role in this, supporting the Trump admin where we have common ground and promoting SN consciousness and building our own pole of influence at the same time. We should consider ourselves as part of the new Axis and also as representatives of a unique ethno-cultural body.

        • If you have the inclination, Mr. Cushman, please join many of us Southron Secessionists & Klansmen, at VK – the English language Russian social media equivalent of Facebook.

          Although it only has 300,000,000+ members, and, thus, is quite small by comparision to Facebook, people who think like we do express ourselves without warnings, lectures, suspensions, and banishments.

          In any case, a very very Merry Christmas to you and your new wife!

    • Michael could you please define that ‘ethno-cultural body?’ Because there seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding exactly what ethnicity SN defends and champions. I for one could use some clarification, or so some mediterraneans and slavs assert.

      Also, to anyone reading from other threads, I did not defend my assertions about the Dylan Roof psy op because I was too busy for the past few days, not because I don’t have compelling rejoinders to certain commenters’ attempts to discredit them. At this point I don’t think anyone is still following the discussion.

  7. Clearly, there is a major difference in our outlook and worldview – True Conservatives are “hyper-liberal” whereas there is nothing really liberal about us at all.

    I agree with this statement in the context you’ve placed it; but it’s not entirely true. The labels of liberal and conservative have been wholly perverted in today’s Multicultural world.

    Conservatives who claim to be conservative don’t really conserve much of anything from a standpoint of Race-Nation. If you view the world in racialist terms and see this as the bedrock of your nation, then these people are pretty much just as toxic and detrimental as the Leftists.

    Liberals who claim to be liberal have very little tolerance for “liberal” views that aren’t allowing their opinions and views to bully people into submission and dominate society.

    Many of us do have real liberal tendencies when we are placed within a Nationalist context that is cemented by Race. We have the ability to listen to new evidence and ideas and incorporate them into our societies if we see that they can produce positive benefits. If White men didn’t have a fair amount of liberal ideas, values and tendencies, then our societies would have stayed stagnant and taken much longer to progress.

  8. Putin, 1991 (when asked about Communism and Lenin) :

    “One has to treat history as it actually happened, and one cannot cross it [Communism] out of our history. If you are interested in my attitude towards this person [Lenin] and the teaching that he allegedly represented, then I’d say that there was a period of my life when I treated the ‘teachings’ of Marxism-Leninsm with interest, read a lot about it, and read it with interest, finding this garbage [?????] interesting, often logical…. Just like all of us. But in process of, so to say, maybe, growing, maturing, it became more and more obvious for me, more obviously true that it [Marxism-Leninism] was nothing more than a beautiful and harmful fairy tale. Harmful because the implementation of it, or the attempt to put it into practice in our country, caused great damage. And thereupon I would like to say a couple words about the tragedy we are experiencing today, namely the tragedy of break-up of our state — and one cannot call it anything else but a tragedy. I think that these personalities of October 1917 planted a ticking bomb under the building [noun] of a unitary state called Russia. What they did was to break our fatherland into separate duchies which had never even been on any map of Earth before at all, and vested these duchies with governments and parliaments, right? And we have what we have now. But this is on one side. On the other side they destroyed what pulls together and unites peoples of civilized countries, namely market relations, they destroyed the market as such, what was the emerging capitalist economy. And the only thing they’ve done, and the means by which they held the country within the confines of common borders, was with barbed wire. As soon as this barbed wire was removed, the whole country disintegrated. And I think that to a considerable degree it is a fault of these people, whether they wanted it or not. I think they didn’t want it, but objectively they played this negative role.”

    Putin, in 2002, after being shown that 1991 interview, and having been asked if he still thought the same way:

    “As in the previous interview, there is almost nothing I can add. I’m ready to repeat all of it word for word.”

    Putin, 2012:

    “We scarcely think about what happened [in World War One]. Our country lost the war to the defeated party! A unique situation in the history of mankind! We lost to defeated Germany. As a matter of fact, we capitulated to it, and it itself capitulated to Entente after a while. And this is a result of national treason of the country’s leaders of that time. It’s obvious, they were afraid of it and didn’t want to talk about it, they concealed it and ‘bore their cross’. But still, what a price this defeat was — what we lost after we capitulated: vast territories, enormous interests of the country were given to, were sacrificed simply, to the interests which are impossible to understand, for the [Communist] Party interests, of just one group which wanted to stabilize its position in power.”

    Putin, 2012:

    “There are certain people who oppose everything, always — who are against all kinds of forms of state systems, including the Russian state system. A different sort of area of activity comes close to this: a desire for the defeat of one’s own country during the most severe times and ordeals — just like the Bolsheviks desired the defeat of their own country during World War One. And it should be stated that overall they made the greatest contribution to Russia’s defeat. And it was a unique situation, in which Russia lost to a defeated Germany, with losses of territories, and with other onerous consequences to itself. This is a unique, large-scale example of national treason.”

      • Calls bolchevism a fairytale but is unable to understand that the rise of the Bolcheviks was due to the economy breaking down, the demoralizing defeats and the population being so overwhelmingly against the war as a result that they were ready to revolt against the state.
        That the Bolcheviks would have lost the civil war if they had sought to continue the war after Kerensky.

        • Lennin tried to take over the Russian government in 1904,when wall street jews financed the Japanese attack on port Arthur.what you say is incorrect.
          Isn’t it ironic that Germany “lost the war”soon after Lennin was put into power.
          That was the animus of being double crossed by jews in Germany that led to the rise of the WW1 German veterens to get their country back.

        • It was all planned, for Russia to fail, to lose, to suffer, for Kerensky and his Masonic brothers to be installed, to leave the way for the Kike takeover. Ordo ab chao, tikkun olam.

          • Notice how the US declaration of war on the German Empire followed closely the February revolution, not a coincidence!

          • Yep. The Kike bankers in JewYork only released loans (after getting the okay from Jacob Schiff) to the British and French after they were promised Palestine as “a Jewish homeland” in the expected post-war territorial settlement, and after they were sure Freemasons would take over Russia, paving the way for the late kike takeover. Along with they came the Kike’s puppet Wilson’s declaration of war. Prior to that, most US Kikes supported Germany and the Turks.

    • “What they did was to break our fatherland into separate duchies which had never even been on any map of Earth before at all,”

      Including the creation of what today is called the “ukraine”, not at all surprising that it has become such a tool of (((globalism))).


      If I may, I would like to add some points to Nyashmyash’s very fine comment.

      This is my own subjective view of the new czar.

      #1. There are many many other opinings of Vladimir Putin, on the subject of Soviet Bolshevism. One, which remains in my mind from the late 1990s, went something like this…

      ‘The Failure of The Soviet Union, and it’s ideas, is a great unrecognized tragedy not just for Russia, but, for all mankind.’

      #2. Because I, Junius Daniel, have been listening to the man, and, as well, the opinions of my Russian friends on him, since 1996; and, thus, my view of him is this…

      A. He struggles with a duality of feelings towards the former system he served.

      B. He is mindful of the limits of his own role, at this time of history, the limits of Russian society, both now and then, and he is also very mindful about how Russia has been historically rockt by those who are either competing against it, and or bearing malice towards it.

      The third comment, that Nyash posted here, is about Jews, and the role too many Jews have played in undermining, or attempting to undermine, Russia, since the 1870s.

      It is tactfully put, – not only because Putin is politically adroit, but, because he is not, in any way, an anti-semite; though, in saying this, I fully realize that those who are, or those Jews who are determined to paint him as such, may wish to take issue with me.

      Still, I assert ; Putin is not anti-semitick, nor is he anti-anybody, unless they are anti-him or anti-Russia.

      In this way he is startlingly like the new Yankee president, and, being a suspicious Confederate good-ole-boy, as I am, I cannot help but see The Good Lord’s hand behind their meeting, at the crossroads of history, at this time.

      They will intuitively understand each other, and the world will benefit.

      Let us pray they don’t fall out with one another, because that would only benefit the NWO.

      C. Putin is not a stone. Privately and publically, he is growing and evaluating like we are – just as he did when he survived a near-death car accident, and did an amazing about-face and accepted Jesus Chryst as his Lord and Savior, and then became a great champion of The Russian Orthodox Church.

      Yet, I know he is still a sinner, because he has left his wife for the embrace of a beautiful young Russian lady, and, yes, I know he has accumulated wealth.

      Let me be clear : Though Vladimir Putin is for himself, he is, also, a Russian patriot; and, being such, he has tried to stabilize and move forward a country that was devastated by 75 years of Jewish Bolshevism, 6 years of Oligarchal rape under a an oddly benevolent and yet detacht Boris Yeltsin, and, perhaps, most importantly, a country that continues to devastate itself by venality, unspeakable corruption, and degenerate lust for self-expression both by greedy acquisition and self-destructive behaviors.

      I say fully cognizant of the fact that, since the time of Catherine The Great, Russia has largely dominated the western world in cultural terms – whether in poetry, landscape painting, ballet, chess, literature, classical musick, architecture.

      During this time, The West has found no answer to rival Dostoevsky, Ballanchin, and Checkov, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Stravinsky, Oistrakh, Shishkin, Levitan, Akhmatova, Pushkin, and in chess, no answers to Chigorin, Spassky and Kasparov – except Bobby Fisher, who, himself, was the son of a Russian mother!

      Really, if I made an exhaustive list of Russian giants in culture, you would hate me, so long would it be.

      Also, whether it makes you sad or not, they singlehandedly beat the stuffing out of the greatest army mankind has ever seen – The German Wehrmacht, and, yes, even the peerless Waffen SS.

      All that said, Russian Society has a very serious spiritual problems, sympathy for The Devil, and this ain’t something new.

      Vladimir Putin has been making attempts to deal with this, but, in consideration of the desperate situation he was handed, he has only seen limited success, yet, he has, undeniably, achieve some success.

      The Last Irony…

      Oddly enough, though he made every attempt to befriend The West, particularly Washington D.C. in the first years of his he was constantly rebufft, and largely laughed at.

      They are not laughing now, because, though the Russian infra-structure and economy remains paltry and pathetick, outside of St. Petersburg and Moscow, the new czar has put together a formidable ability to resist the very NWO that rejected his entry into their club.

      Maybe, privately, they regret this – but, if so, they do not make it publick.

      A Final Personal Note…

      I like Mr. Putin. I think that, though he is a sinner like me, he has a decent heart – the heart of a real man; a Russian man, and he is trying, while benefiting from it himself, to find the very best possible place for Russia in the world.

      His efforts are benefitting us – whether it is nurturing back the Russian church to it’s former status, or in resisting the Satanick Anglo-New England-Rothschild Alliance in Ukraine and in Syria, or championing non-gmo and organick farms, or for his incredible patience in the face of such bold-facet western asininity, or for his new work with western political parties, or for his creation of RT-TV (the only major news channel where you can hear the truth) or for his creation of BRICS (to undermine Rothschild and The Yankee Fed) and so on and so forth.

      To those who would suggest that he is no good, because he is ‘undemocratick’, I would say this : The odd notion that New England Yankee Government is the right government for all is just that – odd.

      Hell, it doesn’t even work for us, and God only knows how it could work for other lands.

      Yet, even if you do consider that New England Yankee Government does ‘work’, I can tell you this : it would never work for Russia.

      If anything, the Yeltsin years clearly demonstrated that.

      Back to Putin…

      I like him, and, if he showed up at my house, I would have him in for tea and pickles, and thank him.

      Practically everybody has been out to stomp this man and his country, and he has stood strong.

      I hope that The South gets a governor, and, perhaps, a president, like Vladimir Putin, one day.

  9. “Conservatives” are about the only ones left that still believe in a “colorblind”, aka race doesn’t matter, society. The only thing they want to conserve is liberal democracy, the same mechanism which has brought our race to the doorstep of disaster and extinction.

    • “Conservatives” are constantly trying (in vain) to “just hang on a minute while we get used to that last wave of pozz!”

  10. Excellent. white Nation MUST be WHITE. Orc vermin must be PURGED, and JEWS like Merkel MUST pay for their eons of crimes against Humanity.

  11. This is really quite remarkable that not only would a party – not in governmental power – establish an open pact with Putin’s Government, and then meet with General Flynn of the Yankee government.

    This has got to be driving John McCain and Abraham Foxman absolutely nuts –

    Suddenly the cracks in the NWO wall seem to be quite visible.

    Another win-win situation for, not only us, but the whole damn world.

    • (((Neocons))), and their goy water boys like McCain, are about the only players left who long for more war and bloodshed. They long for war to the point of risking WWIII. I pray to God Trump ignores this bunch of psychopaths who ought to be locked up in a lunatic asylum.

      • I agree, Mr. Whitaker – Senator McCain is dangerously lunatical, in his desire to foist the Cold War/World War script upon the world.

        One thing I liket about Trump early on, even when I was not his supporter, was his refusal to buy into this bizarrely misanthropick mindset.

        Merry Chrystmas!

      • I’ve saw three Dems on Fox yesterday arguing “look, even highly respected senior Republicans such as John McCain and Lindsay Graham are very concerned about and critical of President-Elect Trump’s course and choices…” hahaha

  12. ‘Angela Merkel is the real enemy in Europe. We don’t consider the German
    people our enemy though. Merkel is our enemy because she is the enemy of
    the German people – a Volksverräter.’

    It’s very true, Mr. Griffin, and yet, the nub of the problem is that Kommisar Merkel is NOT Volksverräter, as far as a surprisingly large amount of Germans are concerned.

    Most Germans do not think in a nationalist way like you and I, but, are profoundly Left.

    This is no new trend, but, something you can trace back to a century ago.

    The problem with The Germans is the problem with the Southerners – being in love with idealogies that get them (us) to target themselves (ourselves) for subjugation.

    The self-flagellelatory, oddly ascetick, and masochistick mindset of the secular humanist continues to be the real ‘Volksverräter.’

    • Major media won’t give hunter attention in an article about nazis because he throws in corny German terms to his posts.

      • Well, Mr. Basarab – I rather think that the media won’t give Mr. Griffin the time of day because they are dominated by Jewish thought about how the world ought be and ought be run, and Mr. Griffin not only decries it, in no uncertain terms, he shoots holes in it, and in all who would champion it.

        And what’s worse – Mr. Griffin is right; and, deep down inside, they are afraid many will realize it, if it were made quotidian reading.

    • Yes, Merkel is still very popular in Germany [“popular” isn’t exactly the right word, I know — it’s not like Germans are enthusiastic about her, is more like prisoners saying, “well, this warden is acceptable, could be worse, I guess…”], and many of her critics oppose her for being too “right wing”, nationalistic and xenophobic.

      • Yes, Mr. Nyashmyash, that is a good point.

        The situation is, as always, complex, and many fascited, yet, I wanted to draw Mr. Griffin’s attention to what I felt was the psychick national soil from which all the complexities of this bad situation are arisen.

        Merry Chrystmas!

  13. Why we don’t need any more immigration to turn people into ‘Americans’.

    Surely if we can outsource factories and jobs overseas, we can outsource Americanism overseas as well.

    Immigrationism is so outdated in this information age.

    Info-Americanism is what matters. Americanism is a viral meme, an Amemeica.

    Americanism is an ideology for export… like communism once was.

    A would-be communist didn’t have to move to the USSR or Mao’s China. They could have communism in their own nation. Just ask the Cubans and Vietnamese.

    Americanism in the Age of Information can be spread anywhere.

    It’s like the Sea Monkeys. You can buy the kit and have Sea Monkeys anywhere.

    What we need to do is sell a Kit of Insta-Americanism.

    Like a Monopoly Game.

    It is so outdated and cumbersome to believe that people have to be actually brought to America to become ‘American’.

    I mean what is the internet for?

    I mean look at Russianism. Most Americans have never been to Russia, but they’ve become ‘Russian’ by voting for Trump the Siberian Candidate. Progs tell us that Trumpovich isn’t an American president but really a Russian president. Okay, I agree. And all those who voted for Trump can say, ‘We are all Russians now’. So, the MSM tells us.

    What does this tell us? In our globo-info-age, you can be whatever anywhere. I mean look how over 60 million Americans become insta-Russians by rejecting Hillary.

    ‘Russianism’ is an idea. It stands for resisting the GLOB.

    ‘Americanism’ is an idea that spreads the GLOB. So, any nation or people around the world that surrenders to homomania are ‘Americans’, and any people who resist the GLOB are ‘Russians’.

    At least half the people of America have become ‘Russians’ cuz of their ideas. After all, Washington Post told us that Breitbart and Alex Jones are part of ‘Russian’ media. So, is We are all ‘Russians’, and most of us never set foot in Russia and don’t even speak the language. No matter. Russianism is an idea.

    And one thing for sure, most Americans, progs and cons, are ‘Zionist’. You don’t have to be really Jewish or Israeli to be ‘Jewish’ or ‘Zionist’. It’s an idea for anyone whose mantra is ‘Israel’s interests are our interests’. Why? I have no idea about that idea but ideas can be held by anyone.

    Anyway, if you can be ‘Russian’ without living in Russia, anyone can be ‘American’ without coming to America.

    One thing for sure, with all this jungle fever, whites in EU seem to be turning ‘African’ without going to Africa.


    Maybe Americanism should be turned into a religion, a messianic faith, a proposition prophecy, a crusade, and etc.

    After all, Islam is like that. Islam tries to convert people in other places. It doesn’t try to bring everyone to the Muslim World to turn them into Muslims.
    There is the Hajj, but Muslims just come to visit and walk around a giant sacred charcoal before going back.

    So, Americanism should be turned into Islamerica, a faith to share with the world.

    And its sacred icon? Hamilton as a jiving black. MLK as its savior. Harvey Milk as its angel. Lena Dunham as its madonna. Rap as its chorus. Seth Rogan as its chief priest. Jack Johnson as its Hercules. JJ Abrams as its St. Paul. And the ‘homo flag’ as its main symbol. And Hillary-laughter-over-Gaddafi as its anthem. And sacred teachings such as ’500,000 dead Iraqi kids was worth it’. Nikki Minag’s booty as symbol of redemption.

    If Americanism or Islamerica is a conversionary faith, then it must operate like Islam or Christianity, not like Zionism.
    Zionism is immigrationist, and that makes sense since it’s about Jews moving to a Jewish nation.
    But universal religions are NOT fixed to any one territory. There is no need for peoples to come to America to convert to Islamerica.

    But there can be the Islamerica Hajj.

    Every year, Islamericans from all over will come to NY and swim around the Statue of Liberty, cast stones at statues of ‘dead white males’, and bow down before a giant monument of the homo ass.

    The huddled wretched masses no longer need to make an arduous trek to America to become ‘American’. Via the internet and other means, we can spread the Ameri-faith to all the wretches, losers, and morons around the world. They too can worship the homo anus in any hut around the world.

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