Allahu Akbar: Berlin Christmas Market Terrorist Attack

The Berlin Christmas Market terrorist is a Pakistani refugee:

“The driver of the big rig that barreled into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday — killing at least 12 people and injuring scores more — is a Pakistani refugee who arrived in Germany earlier this year, local reports say.

Sources told the German newspaper “Die Welt” that the suspected terror suspect came into the country on February 16, according to the Telegraph.

The man has been arrested in the past for minor criminal offences unrelated to terrorism, the sources said.

Another Berlin paper, Der Tagesspiegel, reported earlier that he was believed to be either Pakistani or Afghan.

Two senior German officials later confirmed to The Washington Post that the man was, in fact, believed to be a Pakistani national who arrived as an asylum seeker. …”

Of course it was.

The ax-wielding ISIS terrorist in Würzburg was an Afghan refugee. The failed suicide bomber terrorist in Ansbach was a Syrian refugee. In September, German police arrested a 16-year-old Syrian refugee for plotting an ISIS terrorist attack in Cologne. Just last month, a 12-year-old “Iraqi-German” terrorist attempted to blow up a Christmas market in southern Germany. A few days ago, German police foiled a plot by two teenagers who were planning an ISIS terrorist attack in Bavaria.

There have been other refugee and/or immigrant mass murders in Germany like the Iranian dual citizen mass shooting in Munich or the Syrian refugee machete attack in Reutlingen. In Angela Merkel’s Germany, we’ve seen rapes of elderly women in cemeteries, sexual assaults at music festivals, gang rapes of anti-racist activists in parks, rapes of young boys in swimming pools and young girls getting temporary tattoos to ward off rapists. The refugees have even been bold enough to post videos boasting about gang raping German girls on YouTube. After all, Merkel’s government teaches them how to screw their country.

That is only a short list of some of the most memorable incidents in Germany involving Muslim immigrants and refugees over the past year which started off with a bang with literally thousands of sexual assaults in Cologne and which is now coming to a close with this mass slaughter at the Christmas market in Berlin:

“These are Merkel’s dead,” Marcus Pretzell, chairman of the Alternative for Germany party in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, posted on Twitter, eliciting a chorus of rebuttals. Vice chairman of the Social Democrats, Ralf Stegner, called the comment “unbelievable and disgusting!”

Through it all, Angela Merkel has been there presiding over this slow motion trainwreck, which she inflicted on Germany by inviting over a million raw Muslims from the battlefields of Syria to settle there. In recent weeks, Merkel has been focused on the threat of “fake news” on Facebook and Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Apparently, she was so focused on “fake news” and Russia that she ignored the warnings from US intelligence that Muslim terrorists were planning to attack Christmas markets.

My guess is that the last 24 hours have been a clarifying moment for the German people. Their enemy isn’t Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump. It is Angela Merkel.



  1. Cue a German Dylan Roof in 3…2…1…
    Memes and bitching on the internet only go so far. Sooner or later someone is going to retaliate. While DR was wrong in his target selection, if 100 retaliations took place for every Amanda Blackburn, Jessica Chambers, Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, we’d solve our problem overnight.
    Say what you will, but I’ll send a little money to DR’s canteen fund and a Christmas Card. The moron had guts, and sometimes, guts is enough.

  2. Don’t kid yourself, those hijab and burka wearing women you see at your local mall want to kill you. Their Muslim mufti is a sign of their obedience to Islam.

  3. Hopefully, this breathes some life back into Trump’s immigrant Muslim ban. Not a “country of origin” ban Trump used as his fallback position, but a ban on fucking Muslims!

    If it’s only a matter of country of origin, what the hell are we going to do if the immigrant in question is a 2nd generation Pakistani from, say, France? We have to treat him as if he’s no bigger a threat than a white secular or Christian Frenchman? Bullshit! The threat is Muslims, and it doesn’t violate the First Amendment to do it if they’re non-citizens at our border!

  4. I’m not unsympathetic to the general idea of vigilantism, but c’mon man! Don’t you think the cause, and simple decency, would have been better served had he rolled into some shithole ghetto street corner and taken out 9 gangbangers with long rap sheets, and not elderly church goers?

  5. Islam is incompatible with Western civilization. An immediate ban on Muslim immigration to the West is the only solution.

  6. Seems to have degenerated to a strange almost Dog Breeding Pedigree nerd analysis of Merkel’s bloodlines here. News is that it’s fairly normal for the peoples in that part of the world to have intermarried. My dad is allegedly of Polish decent, he’s got a cousin who is a priest and went to Poland to research the family tree. Turns out when you go several generations back into the 19th century suddenly there are Germans marrying Poles, particularly German men could marry a Polish woman in a Polish Village and effectively evade military service. So I take it that in the Eastern Parts of Europe that were sort of German-Austrian but also contained all the various ethnicities who got their own states after WW1 this thing may have been quite common and nationalities are more linguistic than purely “racial” as some imagine.

  7. According to Microsoft news this morning the authorities aren’t sure if the arrested Paki did it. Rumor has it they’re out beating the bushes for a nazzee or a white soopreemacisst.

  8. From your mouth, to God’s ears.
    Forgive us, Lord, our sins and foibles. Confirm thine elect, Donald, and guide us into righteousness in these next eight years.
    In Nomine Domini. Amen.

  9. This is a good point.

    From what I know, the rate of ethnic intermarriage depended on region. I’ve heard, for example, that the Volga Germans almost never intermarried with the Russian majority but the Silesian Germans often intermarried with Poles.

    This means that there are many East Germans with names which are clearly of Polish origin. As a general rule, if a German name ends in ‘itsch’ it’s almost always a Germanized form of the Slavic name ending ‘ich.’

    Making things even more complex, there were also many Polish men who settled in the Ruhr valley during the 1800s. You can still see the impact this had by looking at the locals. In certain towns, they often have stereotypically Polish features, and these towns almost always can be found to have received a dose of Polish immigrants in the 1800s.

  10. Even as I’d completed the last of my comments on which you’ve commented, Nightowl, I myself was thinking that the whole line of thought had gone off, as you say, into dubious notions of ethnicity. The main question—and with respect to this German-Polish area, even this question could probably be a vexed one—is whether Merkel is at all Jewish. One sees it said that she is, but I personally have no idea what that means.

  11. Interesting, the itsch-ich distinction. Decades ago, as I think I once mentioned here, at Occidental Dissent, a Polish friend of mine remarked that the “ski” ending, generally, is Polish, whereas “sky” is Polish Jewish. Since I vaguely recalled knowing some Jews whose Polish-style names ended with “sky,” not “ski,” that sounded about right.

  12. What’s the Pope going to say one day when the ethnic Swedish Olympic Hockey Team is brown? Is he going to declare it a success? Would you?

  13. If no Catholic country ever founded a white nation, how do you account for Northern, Central, and Southern Europe being Catholic for nearly 1000 yrs. prior to 1517?

  14. PS Hold on a second, Nightowl: I’m going to adjust my previous comment, in which I sort-of-agreed with you that my comments above had degenerated into a kind of nerd analysis of ethnicity. No–my phrase “German or Polish or I’m-not-really-sure” indicated that I myself am finding the whole question, as pursued by the Germans themselves, dubious.

    Consider the headline in the graphic below:

    “Kanzlerin Angela Merkel ist zu einem Viertel Polin”


    “Chancellor Merkel is one-fourth Polish”

    In my comments above, I was essentially saying that I don’t even know the meaning of that “one-fourth,” which, as I indicated, seems to involve a focus on Merkel’s paternal grandfather, i.e., her most-recent-ancestor, it seems, with a Polish surname. My point was that Merkel has other ancestors who seem as if they, too, could be called Polish and that, in exploring the question of their ethnicity, one soon finds—as you’ve said—that it’s difficult to say what is meant, in this context, at least, by “German” or “Polish.”

    Here’s the headline, which, as you’ll see, is from 2013 …

  15. The organized Catholic community you’re referring to is the liberal clique in the RCC. The same type of cliques are also in the Protestant churches as well. The traditionalists in these churches despise the clergy and laity that push this stuff. Thankfully, there’s growing opposition to this nonsense, so in a few years, this garbage will be history.

  16. That is just blatant ignorance,the slave powers(England,Holland) took over Portugal in 1648,within 100 years the rest of mainland Europe was saying the Portuguese were born from the stink of a jews ass,they monopolized everything and instead of destroying the church like Holland and England, took it over and had used it as the first welfare dept.All fueled by the New stock market economy and New protestant religion.(chimped out low class whites)The power that shipped millions of slaves to Brazil.
    Spain was also beat by the slave powers,first in Louisiana, where the catholics said,there going to breed us like swine,then florida and texas.The Yankees finished off the terror in central and south America,exterminated the Philippinos,(stole the Hawaiian kingdom)
    Those were vibrant Christian countries that spain created,they did not enslave Africans.
    “Remember the Maine”! LOL.
    Go back to your synagogue you crypto Jew parasite and praise space homo.

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