A Response To Michael Hill

Dr. Michael Hill has posted the following statement on the League of the South website:

“Some members (and former members) of The League have eloped with the Alt-Right, caught up in all the excitement of Trump’s Presidential victory. This is nothing I didn’t expect, especially from some of our younger members.”

Where to begin here?

At least in my case, the most obvious starting point is that my ties to the Alt-Right go back to 2009/2010 and my involvement in White Nationalism goes back to 2001. I didn’t join the League of the South until 2012. I also joined the Council of Conservative Citizens in 2010 and married into a White Nationalist family.

As long as I have been a member of the League of the South, I have been involved with the Council of Conservative Citizens. There was never a point when I saw any conflict between the two. I’ve been involved in both groups for the last three years now. Over the past three years, I attended League of the South conferences and Council of Conservative Citizens conferences. We also went to the 2013 Amren conference.

Just off the top of my head, I have known Richard Spencer, Gregory Hood (my old roommate), Paul Kersey, Matt Parrott, Don Black, Kyle Rodgers, Nathaniel Strickland, the Baums (my in-laws), Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson, James Edwards, Greg Johnson and many others in the real world since 2009/2010. Occidental Dissent was started in 2006 as a White Nationalist blog. In 2010, it was even a collective Alt-Right blog when four of us lived together as roommates in Charlottesville, Virginia. My old roommate William Rome from New York attended the 2014 League of the South Conference.

So this is nothing new on my part. I’ve known these people for many years now and before I was involved with the League. I’m happy about their great breakthrough.

“But I warn them to be cautious for at least three reasons: 1) the Alt-Right is a new, largely internet-based movement. Because of its amorphous and mercurial nature, it may or may not have any staying power. Unlike Southern nationalism or the various Euro-nationalist movements, which have an historic tradition and/or an “on-the-street” presence in real life, the Alt-Right does not.”

It has been around as the “Alt-Right” since 2008/2009. The scene was around online years before that. It is nothing new. There are Alt-Right conferences and regional meetups. I should know because it was the first real world event I ever attended. That kind of thing has been going on ever since. As for the street activism, that was our idea and it was fun but there is a ceiling on it by the power of the dominant taboos.

“Moreover, Trump has pretty much disavowed any connections with the Alt-Right, making moot any claims (true or not) that the latter got him elected.”

If the Alt-Right got maybe a billion dollars worth of free publicity out of it, does it really matter? You could put up 20,000 billboards across the South and it still wouldn’t be worth that advertising.

“2) Trump likely will disappoint the true nationalist right by his cabinet choices and his policies as President.”

It is still a win-win situation.

If he keeps his promises, then he does a lot of good for us, so great. If he sells out his followers, he loses his legitimacy and opens himself up to criticism on nationalist and populist grounds. It just becomes easier to radicalize his followers. Even The New York Times sees this.

“And 3) the Alt-Right has no basis in our historic Christian faith. White Europe and its offspring (the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, et al) will not be resurrected as Christendom–its only hope of true freedom and prosperity–by adopting secularism as its worldview.”

Religion has always been a point of disagreement in the Alt-Right. I just got finished talking to a reporter about that very issue. The story should be out soon. We talked about Southern Nationalism in detail.

“New, shiny toys can beguile and distract. Don’t be fooled. Our problems are deep-seated and will not be solved overnight by memes and the politicians they purportedly help elect. Our problems likely will be solved the old-fashioned way, and the Alt-Right is not equipped to handle that scenario.”

This is the major point of disagreement.

I don’t think militias, survivalism or violent apocalyptic rhetoric – the 1980s and 1990s is the way forward. When I joined the League of the South, it was none of those things. Because of Lügenpresse guilt by association, I had to deal with the aftermath of the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston. I’ve never wanted to be associated with violent vanguardists like that. I don’t want to attract or encourage unstable people who do stupid things.

Why would I want to do that? If you spend all your time patrolling a rural area, building a bunker, prepping for the collapse of civilization, saber rattling, all you are doing in succeeding in marginalizing yourself. You are showing your lack of interest in persuading people to join your cause. Even if it is true the system can’t be reformed, I think it is still true that participating in politics is vastly more effective at getting our message out. That’s my takeway from Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul and Donald Trump.

One last thing: if you want to go down that road, then fine. I don’t really care. I’m going to do something else. There are people all over the internet doing their own thing and we should accept that.


  1. Pro-white? Brother, white people burned Atlanta and laid waste to our nation. Don’t ask me to be “pro-white”.

  2. I must agree with this opinion in re Trump’s election- (except for the Sanders idea) The so-called GOPe was ready to put up any number of losers for the Hildabeast to be enthroned as the first wimminz pres. The sheer madness of millions willing to vote for that demon- ! If not for the anger, the poor economy, etc…. Trump was on the road from that first interview with Megyn when he told her the nation didn’t have time for the PC nonsense. The alt-right benefited enormously from Cankles calling it out as she started to realize she was losing… whoever advised her was truly stupid. It is important to hold onto the publicity without going full fashy…. even if we want to. The JQ is still “untouchable”… DJT is the “best friend evah” for our jewish friends. ONE small step for mankind… before we reach for the stars.

  3. The very life blood of the Southern Confederacy was advocacy OF BY AND FOR WHITE SOUTHERN PEOPLE and the preservation of said people at all costs. VICE PRESIDENT ALEXANDER STEPHENS CORNERSTONE SPEECH 3/21/1861

    Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.

    Vice President Alexander Stephens said right there that devotion to White Race is what makes one a Southerner and a Confederate. You can no more separate PRO-WHITE from CONFEDERATE as you can separate blood from your own body. It is the lifeblood within the Confederate Constitution and the very principle behind which the Confederate Army stood. Civic Nationalism wont cut that.

  4. Interesting discussion here. For all of the younger members in this movement, be forewarned, you have gained the spotlight , and now the age old masters of dissension are going to work. Be wary of those who are offered the glory of this spotlight, because from there you will be manipulated. Don’t turn against one another, but hold to the concept of the spear point. Each side of the device has the same goal. We work to get the point through the target.

    The problem now facing alt-fight is the same old temptation of movements, the glory offered by talking to “their” media. They are in the “break the movement apart” phase now. Alt-Old and Alt-New have the same goal and don’t forget it.

  5. @Mr. Griffin…

    A few points …

    #1. I thought this was a very well written ‘reply’, though, I am sorry you were feeling in such a way as to be compelled to do so.

    #2. I think Dr. Hill is wise to point out that the ‘Alt-right’ is NOT founded on good ground, at least as far as The South is concerned, because it is secularized.

    That said, I can understand your discomfort with a Chryst centrick orientation, as you are not, as of yet, that way, which, to an extent, highlights what I have always felt about you – that you are not quite a Traditional Southerner, but, really more of a highly iconoclastick and abstract modern Southern thinker who, in recent years, has found himself sailing somewhat along the lines of The League.

    I have always felt that The League is the Southern intellectual man’s mid-20th century Klan, transposed lovingly into modernity, while you, though you would not appreciate the title, are far closer to a National Socialist – like Miss Denise or Mr. Jenkins.

    Say what you will, but, National Socialism is remarkably UNSouthern, even if members of the those two disparate cultures can, at this time in history, feel some sympathy for one another.

    #3. More than a few people contributed very interesting comments, here, though, I really cannot understand why we would discuss this in cyber space – particularly tacticks.


    I hope there is going to be room for us all, and that we can, most of the time work with each other, because so many tasks need to be done, it’s going to take all hands on deck.

    We need people ‘on the margins’ (flanks) and we need people in the centre of the process; a cultural war which embraces every aspect of our society- from race state, class, and faith to personal subculture, style, and age.

    I think that The New England Government has done a formidably good job at shadowing and nurturing societal political tendencies which strengthen it’s hand, and they have done this by using the coalition.

    I once said to you that I felt your greatest weakness was your disinclination to be secure in the middle of people, and to make friends.

    For when I said that, I don’t take it back, BUT, for 2017, I do.

    From my distant perspective, you have become profoundly more gracious, self-secure, and willing to see past personal differences to find what can be positively built from friendships, or alliances, if that were a better semantick.

    I believe that the greatest solution to many of the problems that need to be addresst is States’ Rights – whether that comes from Scalia-like jurisprudence, or secession, the latter being more preferable from my point of view, though, at this time, impossible – owing to the very docile and self-preoccupied state of the general Southern populace.

    I hope you will stick with The League, and not bolt just because you have some differences, which, in the end, must always exist between folks – even with family, as surely you must know, know that you are a happily married daddy.

    All the best to you and yours, Sir.

  6. They cannot, Mr. Jackson, because, if they did, then they, as Afterthought mentioned, would be like The League and have a very difficult time checking into hotel, anywhere in the 50 states.

    You cannot approach the vast mainstream by using a word they have been taught to regard as The Devil.

    You must use other words and ways, that arrive at the same end, without short-circuiting the fuses of many would-be converts.

    Have a good night!

  7. Dear Mark,
    In an effort to preserve all the traits of traditional North Carolina culture, within the context of my individual personality, I make it a point to use standard mid 18th century British spelling and punctuation; and, in some cases, I will even employ anachronisms dating back to Chaucerian times.

    By the way, I remember you from SNN – though, during those days I wrote under the name Nikolai Leskov – the late Victorian Russian novelist who was a champion of reactionary Russian Orthodox values, in particular, The Old-Believers.

    Thank you for the question. I hope you and yours are well.

  8. Interesting that I am seeing this, now, Captain, as, just a few hours back, I remarkt this to John Bonnacorsi…

    The South represents the oldest English culture – that of piety,
    self-superiority blended with humble introspection, and that of Chryst centrick White beliefs.

    The North represents the modern English culture – a culture which, though born in the early Middle Ages, crosst over the Rubicon at the beheading of Charles I and which rose with the
    ascension of the Roundheads – the leader of which, Oliver Cromwell, who, as you doubtlessly know, was uniquely disposet to Jewry.

    And, not coincidentally, from that time forth, you can see the rise of The English Empire with the rise of Jews in England.

    I assert this because, as I have come to see it, wherever Jewish
    culture is in ascension – all the traits of empire – exploitation,
    centralization, wars of conquest, rampant-individualism, coercion, corporatism, systemick usurpation & usury, and secularism will be manifest.

    Somehow, through it all – The South, and it’s sprawling culture of little uncentralized village churches, has held onto Chryst; – all this while while The Modern English Church has been largely relegated to an irrelevant role in modern English life, though, over here – it still retains a certain strength; as it champions lesbians bishops, gay marriage, secularism, diversity, multiculturalism – just a few from the list of heresies that invalidate it as an authentick Christian institution.

    England is a Jewish country – whether the English
    know it or not, just as is the far western and northeastern parts of this country.

    Not surprisingly the Jews have been waging an all-out undeclared cultural war on the South and bible-believing
    Midwest, to do precisely what they have done to the other parts of the Anglo-Saxon world that they, many centuries ago, conquered.

    Most Southerners don’t know it, but The Lord does.

    Will he lift a hand to deliver his faithful children from The Devil and his minions?

  9. Thank you for the explanation. Yes sir, I remember you from SNN. You are a very informative individual and I will look forward to reading your posts. -Mark

  10. Thank you so much, Mr. Saint.

    I remember you, too.

    In my eyes, at the time, you stood out for your ability to maintain very closed and firm values, yet, a very flexible and expansive mind that could grasp what those values were outside of the conventional settings,

    Also, your friendliness, respect, and manners, to all, declared you.

    If you want to join some of us – Secessionists, Klansmen, Christian/Separatists, and National Socialists who are incompatible with the censorship at Facebook, please come to the English language Russian owned VK…

    Below is my page – there I going by the name – Ivan Turgenev


    The very best to you and yours!

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