Trump’s Picks: Rick Perry for Energy

Jesus Christ.

Donald Trump has picked Rick Perry to be Secretary of Energy. He denounced Trump as a “cancer on conservatism” in the primaries. In his most famous moment on the national political stage, Rick Perry couldn’t remember the Department of Energy which was one of the three departments he wanted to eliminate:

“Donald Trump has selected Rick Perry to be energy secretary, according to two sources directly involved in the transition and selection process.

He had been summoned to Trump Tower for a meeting Monday to discuss the position after having been contacted over the weekend. The meeting was only finalized on Sunday. …

“The third agency of government I would — I would do away with Education, the –Commerce…Commerce and, let’s see. I can’t. The third one, I can’t. Sorry — oops,” he said.

Later in the debate, Perry remembered, “It was the Department of Energy that I was reaching for before.”

Secretary Rick Perry … this pick is symbolic of how I feel about the Trump Cabinet.

1.) On the one hand, I don’t really disagree with Rick Perry on the specific question of energy policy, so I don’t have much to complain about on that front. This happens to be one area where I more or less align with the conservatives. I support fracking, coal mining, offshore drilling, etc. Perry might do a good job here.

2.) On the other hand, the Cabinet suggests that a “conservative-populist” coalition is really going to be conservatism in practice, and that we are returning to the status quo ante of a populism that is “tethered” to conservatism, which is to say, a fake populism of symbolic token gestures that energizes conservatism. The Cabinet is now severely unbalanced and some of these picks (Cohn, Puzder, Bolton) are raising eyebrows.

There was some buzz this morning that Trump is thinking about nominating Carly Fiorina for Director of National Intelligence. It’s getting hard to believe that we have just experienced a populist nationalist revolution when names like Gary Cohn, Andy Puzder, Carly Fiorina, John Bolton, Rick Perry, Nikki Haley, Todd Ricketts and Betsy DeVos are the ones which are being rolled out by Trump Tower.

The bottom line is that thanks to Reince the Trump Cabinet looks more like the Ted Cruz Cabinet or the Marco Rubio Cabinet than what we were expecting. Carly Fiorina is another name which will add to that overwhelming impression.


  1. Nice to see Leftist Faggots cant stay away from us. I’d like to know how you’re going to oppose us when your faggot wrists are too limp to hold a firearm? Niggers? ROFL Jews? Again a race of cowards backstabbers and faggots

  2. Hunter I said this at the beginning and I will say it now. DONALD TRUMP was is and will always be a STEPPING STONE ie Means to an End. The collapse of the US of JEW A is nigh

  3. Thank you, Mr. Jackson. I did the search, read the link, and can say that it is pretty sickening.

    My opinion is that my daddy’s folk can ‘stamp out anti-semitism’ by getting right with The Lord and by doing right by other people – NOT by repressing people who are outraged at their excesses.

    As a Tarheel of half Jewish blood, I can say that I had zero idea of this stuff, (pre-internet days)the first 40 years of my life.

    Since then, I have been amazed/disgusted/embarrasst to find out that North Carolina has been under heavy Jewish attack my whole life; that, in fact, when anything happens to subvert and supress Tarheel culture, my daddy’s folks either seem to be at it’s forefront, behind it, and or subsidizing it.

    And now folks are supposet to be muzzled shut?

    I think the only solution to this is to heed Prime Minister Natanyahu’s call for all Jews to return home to Israel, for, if they don’t another disastrous chapter in Jewish history is brewing, and justly so.

    There is only but so much Usury and Usurpation a people can take.

  4. The interesting thing about Trumps picks is how many of his picks are against the stated purpose of their appointed agency. Perry called for ending the energy department. The EPA guy has a is an anti-environmentalist. The labor guy is anti-labor.

  5. This is a good paradigm, I’ll weigh in:

    Wall + Deportation = 99%
    Staying out of evil wars 1%
    Everything else 0%

  6. It would include a professional alt right, but not an anarchic mob of seig heilers. That’s a choice “We” have to make.

  7. ‘Perry called for ending the energy department.’

    Precisely why he is the perfect appointee.

    He will dismantle their loony policies.

  8. It would be nice to be wrong but I’m usually right. It’s my view that Trump is using the alt right in the same way that Obama used the anti-war movement and dumped it shortly after. It’s an appeal to get votes, but like you said, a fake populism that energizes conservatism.

  9. Nope. The Trumpenfuhrer just demanded the names of individual shysters, working on “climate change”. The Dept of Energy Grifters REFUSED.
    They will be CRUSHED

  10. The TrumpenReich Transition Team just “requested” that the Dept of Energy Shysters to provide the names of the con artists working on “climate change”. The Dept of Energy scam artists REFUSED. This is going to be fun.

  11. One of the problems of nationalism for the elites is that it is too mediocritist.

    In the globo age of professionalism and expertise, the talented and powerful seek out the best.

    And the best isn’t contained in any one nation. If anything, most people of any nation range from above-average to average to below-average. Nothing special. While some groups may generally be more talented than other groups, even the most talented group isn’t filled with geniuses. Anglos are smart people, but most Anglos are just average. Even if Anglo average is above-average compared to other peoples, it’s nothing really special.

    In our age of global competition, the super-skilled in many areas — finance, biology, medicine, engineering, computers, entertainment, astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc — have no time for anything but dog-eat-dog competition in their fields. And that means total concentration on the very best in their fields. Since there is no guarantee that the BEST people will be of their own kind, they attract and end up working with the BEST of other races and cultures. They are obsessed with working with the best and superior talent. Companies seek the best and brightest from the world. Research labs want the best. They prefer smart foreign talent to dumb national talent. It’s like sports teams recruit the best regardless of color since a team that only recruited whites will lose to teams with faster blacks.

    So, even though nationalism is often associated with ‘supremacism’, Professionalism is also supremacist and elitist in its own way. Even though meritocracy is open to all peoples, it only favors the talented among the various groups and excludes everyone else. It is the supremacism of raw talent.

    Since the super-talented and smart are in it to win, win, win & defeat the competition and since their edge is based on raw talent regardless of race or nationality, there is little incentive or time for the elites of various fields to identify with or feel much concern for the hoi polloi of their own kind.

    In our professional-centrist world, the elites identify mainly with talent and ability.

    To them, nationalism means a burden and a drag requiring them to identify more with th eless talented of their own kind than with the best and most talented from all over the world. It’s like Yao Ming was pissed when he had to go back to play for the National Team. In the NBA, he was playing with the very best. But when he had to play for the National Team, he griped that he was playing with mediocre Chinese players. He did it out of nationalism, but he found his true calling and excitement in the NBA, the elite basketball organization. For him, nationalism meant loyalty to mediocrity whereas globalism meant his elevation to the very top of the sport.

    So, even though the elites attack nationalism as a ‘supremacist’ and ‘exclusive’ ideology, they disdain it for its populist-mediocritism and intra-inclusionism.

    Elites prefer inter-inclusionism over intra-inclusionism. Intra-inclusionism means the elites should favor and ‘include’ their own kind over others EVEN IF the national talent isn’t as good as foreign talent. Intra-inclusion is exclusive of foreign talent, even the best.

    But then, inter-inclusion, while inclusive of the best of foreign talent, is often exclusive of national talent since it favors best foreign talent over inferior national talent. Either way, there is some kind of inclusion and exclusion.

    As Derbyhshire wrote, inter-inclusion can be damaging not only to nationalism of the host nation but to other nations from which the talent is taken. When West attracts the best of non-western talent, non-West suffers brain drain. It incentivizes the smart people of the Non-West to dream of coming to the West than using their talent to fix and build their own nations. Also, when the best of non-west come to work in the West, they lose connection to their own nations, cultures, and identities.

    In the end, the Zionist model is the only good one for all nations. Israel is open to working with talent from all over the world, BUT the main priority of Israel as a national and political entity is to serve the identity and interests of ALL Jews first and foremost whether smart, average, or dumb. While Israel does goes for some degree of inter-inclusion, its priority is still intra-inclusion in social institutions, culture, and politics.

    It’s fitting that the Jewish story begins with Abraham. Though Moses later presented the laws and David later inspired as political leader, the Jewish people exist in the first place because of the idea of family ties, blood ties, and ethnic inheritance that goes back to the Covenant of the pud before God. Before there is the laws and politics, there must be ethnos of the pud and poon before the Lord. And that element, more than the laws of Moses or political skills of David, is the real basis of Jewish identity that has survived for 3,500 yrs.

    Laws are abstract, and indeed the laws of Moses came to be adopted by non-Jews as well. And even though kingdoms are grand, political systems are come and go, as David’s heirs soon found out. But the ethnic lineage of a people must be maintained if a culture and history are to survive through space and time.


  12. “On the other hand, the Cabinet suggests that a “conservative-populist” coalition is really going to be conservatism in practice,”

    Where is Trump going to find National-Populists for these positions? Really, what are the options?

  13. Exactly what Ann Coulter warned about, they are all weak links.

    Who are the National-Populists that Trump should pick, thought? What are the options available?

  14. Mine would be:
    Ending and reversing illegal immigration by any means he chooses–40%
    Ending the warmongering, aggressive, nation-overthrowing (((foreign policy)))– 40%
    Jobs and trade reform–20%

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