The Trump Question

Editor’s Note: Check out the archive of my discussion with James Edwards about Trump’s Cabinet picks.

Thomas Edsall explains why here:

“Donald Trump’s supporters from the white working and middle class are, for the moment, elated.

In a survey conducted by Pew after the election, 96 percent of those who cast votes for Trump said they were hopeful; 74 percent said they were “proud.” They were almost unanimous in their expectation that Trump will have a successful first term. …

The obvious question is what will happen if, over time, Trump disappoints his buoyant supporters and revives their feelings of discontent and estrangement. How will they respond to continued economic marginalization and a failure on Trump’s part to produce sufficient numbers of good jobs at good pay?

If rising expectations are thwarted, the radical white nationalism of the alt-right holds the potential to become more broadly attractive. Disheartened voters can quickly become a caldron of resentment and discontent. They may seek out a leader who promises solutions even more sweeping and uncompromising than the ones Trump has proposed. There is no way to predict where anger will lead if the promises Trump made do not materialize, and if the numbers of those marginalized by hyper competition — by automation, offshoring, skill mismatch and the forces of globalization — continue to increase inexorably. Where will the blame fall then?”

Trump’s Cabinet picks have been a disappointment.

I want to emphasize here that we still don’t know how this will go. Keep your powder dry for now. Maybe Trump is serious about following through with his populist nationalist agenda. Maybe all these CEOs, generals, establishment Republicans and conventional conservatives in the Cabinet will do his bidding. Maybe we will be very happy with Trump’s performance a year for now or maybe we will be very disillusioned.

Either way, I thought this through a year ago before I decided to support Trump in the primaries. By running with a populist nationalist campaign message, Trump was effectively doing two things. He was making a deal with us and he was shifting the goal posts. If he was successful in winning the election, he would open himself up to devastating criticism if he ever backed away from his own campaign promises.

What if Trump raised expectations only to fail to deliver on the promises of Trumpism? Well, I thought about it and it seemed to me – this was around this time last year when I had a big decision to make – that any hint of selling out would further radicalize his supporters. More people would look even further outside the mainstream for solutions.

I’m happy to have an argument with Trump on nationalist and populist grounds. It is a win-win if we fight battles on our playing field. We can win the argument on that terrain. Just look at how badly Jeffrey Lord loses the argument below with Robert Reich when he tries to defend picking the president of Goldman Sachs.

Note: There is buzz that Rick Perry is Trump’s top choice for Secretary of Energy.


  1. What is missed is that they are TRUMP’s picks, not the establishment’s.

    First, Trump managed to build a multi-billion dollar business dealing in a heavily politicized environment, and has appointed people before. He isn’t known to hire incompetents or people who would do something other than what they are being hired to do. You either trust he knows what he is doing (so trust his hires), or you shouldn’t have voted for him.

    Second, Trump will fire or change people – he had three campaign managers, advisers, etc. and fired Christie and his picks. If the secretaries step out of line, I expect him to tweet “accepted his resignation”, if not “You’re Fired!”. You either trust he will terminate with extreme prejudice someone who isn’t performing, or not.

    Third, who are you to micromanage the administration? Personally, I would have picked different, but I’m not as smart or savvy a leader as Trump. I voted for Trump because I believed he would accomplish his goals, not because I believed I knew better than him how to do it or which people he should appoint (except the Supreme Court).

    Fourth, He isn’t in office yet. He made a deal – a contract – at Gettysburg for the first 100 days. You are grading him and flunking him in the middle of July even before School has started. By all means, after 100 days, calculate what he has accomplished, and grade him accordingly, and I plan on being even harsher if he doesn’t live up to his promises – like Carrier – which even not as President he saved jobs.

    Fifth, are you going to demand in 2020 or 2024 that the VP and every cabinet appointment be clearly listed by the candidates at least two weeks before Iowa and New Hampshire so you can insure you like what they do – whether Trump’s picks work out or not? You should have demanded that in 2016. The only thing demanded as a serious concern was the Supreme Court and you have the list.

  2. Rich folks can afford to segregate from dangerous blacks.

    Poor whites can’t and they get robbed, raped, and killed by stronger blacks. But most painful for white men is that they lose their white male pride when blacks whup their ass. Worse, white girls lose respect for white cucks and go with Negroes and use their white wombs to hatch Negro babies. .


    Why should only rich whites afford Segregation and Safe Spaces for their kids?

    Racial Security should be a universal right for whites. As blacks are stronger and more aggressive, all whites deserve the Right of Segregation and Safe Space.

    Racial Security is the Best Healthcare and Mental-care for whites.

    It shouldn’t be decided by money. That way, ONLY RICH WHITES can afford Segregation and Safe Space from black thuggery.

    Racial Security must be guaranteed to ALL whites regardless of income.

    Single Security System for all whites.

    Some say healthcare should be Single Payer.

    But more important is that Racial-Care should be Single Security.

    All whites, even the poorest, deserves the basic right to live securely away from Black Thuggery, the biggest threat to Civilization. Just look at Detroit, Liberia, Nigeria, Haiti, and etc for proof.


  3. The Trump Victory as I said all along was a MEANS TO AN END. As it was a MEANS TO AN END we must see it as such. Our goal is the full dismantling of this system preferrably with an Independent Southern Nation of sorts rising up. Of course whether you could conceivably bring together all 13 Confederate states plus Oklahoma and West Virginia in a single government remains to be seen.

    A new CSA will have a GIGANTIC number of Demographic and Social Decline issues to deal with. It is true in EVERY Southern state you have gigantic pockets of Liberalism RE: COLLEGE TOWNS who will have to be dealt with one way or another. A CSA Foreign Legion of sorts may have to be formed to provide enough White manpower for the job thats coming. The problem is a Southern Nation is the BEST ALTERNATIVE yet is also THE MOST DIFFICULT because there are millions of logistical issues that will have to be solved.

    There will also have to be a decision as to what type of government that the nation will have. The extreme small government of the OLD CSA was untenable and a mistake the first time, that became clear when the Governors of Georgia and North Carolina horded resources and military wares for their own states and told Davis to go hang. Will the new government be Fascistic? Thats unclear at present

  4. I can’t tell you how much I’d love to see New York State and New England secede and for good measure they can throw in all of the land above the 41st Parallel in the old Northwest Territory. That was the boundary of the core New England settlement in the Midwest, Below the 41st they were a minority above it a majority. Think about it a new nation of New York, New England Michigan, Wisconsin and the entire northern strip of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois ie Chicagoland. Re Unite Greater New England Please. then of course we can always throw in New England west which is Northern California Oregon and Washington too

  5. The Washington Post was the DEMOCRATIC PARTY Newspaper for Washington DC in the 1800’s. and was purchased by the Jew Eugene Meyer former chairman of the FED in 1934. His daughter Katherine Graham was a Crypto Jew married to a Goy who ran the Jewish hard line until her death and the paper still does.

    How in the H- do people think the Washington Post is news? It was founded as the mouthpiece of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and has always been such.

  6. Trump has already delivered PART ONE to us. PART TWO is where we grab the reins and go forward. ALT REICH FOR LIFE

  7. Exactly. Most Normies couldn’t care LESS about this Nutso Russia thing. The only creatures that care are Kikes and their Media minions,
    The Russia ploy is SO stupid. It’s great for people like me, cuz when Normies ask, I splain “why”. And is all comes down to CrazyJooTrix. Normies then go “Oh”. No blowback what-so-ever, when I Name the Jew Devils.

  8. The most enlightening statement I ever read back in the 1990s: “the rich can always afford their own apartheid. “

  9. Frankly, I’m effing glad if the Russians helped. Because we are in dire need of repudiating, overturning, revolting against the Jewish-led government of Obama Hillary and the DNC.
    Praise God
    Praise Putin.
    Praise President Trump.

    In that order…

    There. I hope that scares some effing Jude to death.

  10. I would agree with you. That shitty little country gave us that shitty little man. Neither of them are worth anything.

  11. Faint praise. Btw have you (or anyone else) read anything by Bonacoursi in the last few days? I’m concerned for his health. I assume he’s an older gentleman, I always enjoy reading his comments. Anyone else know if he’s okay?

  12. Interesting that the left is not concerned about the massive corruption of our political processes engineered by George Soros.

  13. You can still say this. If you’re running away from a bear in a forest, you don’t have to outrun the bear. You just have to outrun the person next to you. In that way he’s a success, because aside from Paul and Sanders, the other candidates were worse. Even Cruz was worse, because he really believes the Iran stuff, while Trump is just trying to get a riot.

  14. Well, lookie here.

    There is something strange going on in youth culture.

    Young people today are more porny and filthy than ever. There is no longer any barrier between Popular Culture and Porn culture. Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus, and Minaj’s stuff would have been considered as adult-only porn not long ago.

    There is no effective means to protect kids from graphic sex imagery due to internet, and adults have given up. So, youth culture, even kid culture, is more ‘adult’ than ever before. And who can forget Emma Sulkowicz whose idea of protesting rape was making an ‘art porn video’? Her mother approved of it, LOL.

    On the other hand, youth have been so infantile, goo-goo, fragile, and arrested in development. Coloring books for college students? Cookies and milk offered to kids to de-stress them?

    When youth are encouraged to emotionally grown backward into childhood but hyper-accelerate into sexual adulthood, it’s like a schizo-form of auto-pedophilia.

    It tells teens to feel like 8 yr olds but act sexually like 30 yr olds. It’s like young people are acting out ‘baby porn’ as psychodrama.

    Also, thanks to rap/porn culture AND feminism, we have a culture that is both licentious and puritanical. We saw this with UVA rape hoax, with the whole Rape Culture hysteria. On the one hand, feminists are calling for ‘slut pride’ and total freedom to skank around. But they are also screaming about ‘misogyny’ and male beastliness. It’s fitting that Hillary attended a rap concert but then bitched about ‘misogyny’.

    This is dumb dumb culture.

    But then, we also have Jews, who’ve long been warning us about scapegoating and paranoia, now freaking out that Russians! Russians! Russians! are behind everything.

    And we have homos bitching that extreme minority of Christian fundies have too much power, they see nothing wrong with even smaller homo community forcing the rest of society to bend over to the Agenda and appropriating the term ‘pride’ to mean homo and only homo.


  15. 1.) Oh, I agreed with his campaign message. Two months ago, globalist bankers from Goldman Sachs were destroying the working class, and now they are being picked for top Cabinet posts because, well, the president of Goldman Sachs is a personal friend of Jared Kushner.

    2.) If you really believed everything you said during the campaign, would you be picking the likes of Andy Puzder, John Bolton, Nikki Haley or Gary Cohn? Would those names ever occur to you?

    3.) We were all sold on one thing and we are getting something else altogether. I’m just saying it was a bait-and-switch.

    4.) We can start grading him now that he is actually handing out key positions of power to cucks and globalists.

    5.) If this turns out like George W. Bush, I won’t be voting for him in 2020.

  16. Have you asked his permission to speak his name? Otherwise, “it will be the last word” you get on the subject.

  17. You know… I’m for segregated multi-culti college curriculum from now on.

    No more forcing non-whites to study white/Western culture and literature.

    Only white kids should be told to study white history, western lit, and western art, and etc.

    Let blacks only study black stuff… esp in Swahili or some African language since English is European. And through oral tradition since Africa had no written language.

    Yeah, let different races study different things. No more making non-whites to study white stuff.

    And this will be good for white power. The less the non-whites study white history and culture, the less they will be inspired by Human Achievement and Human Genius.

    It’d be like a black film student refusing to see movies made by whites and Jews and only sticking with black-made films. OK.

    Henceforth, Alt Right should lead a movement.

    NO MORE REQUIREMENT FOR NON-WHITES TO STUDY WHITE/WESTERN CULTURE, which will be compulsory ONLY for white students or white ‘conservative’ students. As for white Prog students, they can just study TV and pop culture.

    Let whites learn from the Best, and let non-whites just learn from their own kind. No more sharing white culture with non-whites.


  18. Another point that isn’t really mentioned much in these circles is that if Trump is simply using Putin and turns on him after getting in Iraq/Syria, he will be a very very easy target for anti-imperialist propaganda. One issue with Clinton and Obama is that they seemed much more tame than they actually were. They were hard to target because they were eloquent and sneaky. Trump on the other hand “tells it like it is” (which is stupid, but good).

  19. the old trend in wn circles was to call everything jewish. the new trend in alt right circles is to call everything “bolshevik” (which referrers specifically to one of many socialist parties in the Russian region)

  20. My concern is that his pro-Russian sentiment is like Hitler’s non-aggression pact with Stalin. His pro-Russian sentiment was the real advantage he had over Clinton.

    However an imperialist Trump will be an easy target for propaganda. I considered that as well when I voted. The last thing we need is a well mannered and intellectual imperialist like Obama – he killed the anti-war movement to the point that Gaddafi’s death was no big deal.

  21. I love how the globalists talk about “skill mismatch” or “education for the jobs of tomorrow” what is so special about these positions that they can’t train any young bright white lass on the job who will rapidly pick it up? Instead they want a full grown adult with bills to pay to drop out of the work force and in addition spend the amount that could buy a brand new car (their probably driving a beater because they already can’t afford a new car) to “train” for some hypothetical position that probably won’t even exist a year from now, or if it does it will be a racket dominated by Hindus and Chinamen who only hire their own.

    We’ve got a public school system full of liberals who encourage kids to major in “Voice” “Literature” and “Technical Theatre.” Then we also have the knowledge that engineering and programming, etc that were vaunted as jobs of tomorrow are H1B rackets with “whites need not apply” signs. How about we train people on the job so they can pay their bills for all these magical wizard jobs the globalists love to hark on?

  22. So they hacked the DNC and released some anti-Hillary Tabloid stories. This vs. 99.9% of the other narrative of the media that was pro-Hillary, pro-Democrat?

  23. Most Americans care about National Security. Russia trying to influence our elections is a big deal, even if you liked the result.

  24. You all know how this ends….your children with guns in their hands, crying for mommy.

    Its been done before. It doesn’t end nice.

  25. The thing is leftists are all BORN COWARDS and nonwhites are too stupid to oppose us militarily. Nice try Schlomo Bernstein

  26. What will happen is they will build drive through stores that you look at the merchandise on a screen and it will bag it up and leave it in a locker that will unlock when you pay or you will preorder and it will be placed in a locker. Eventually all of it will be delivered to your home with electric cars which operate much cheaper than gas cars.

  27. When I heard Bolton I thought,”That’s it’s we’re done” but now the CIA is saying Russia threw the election????? The leader of the house and Senate are backing the CIA????? Hufington Post is saying judges can throw the election to Hillary????

    If they hate him that much then he can’t be all bad. I’ve swung back and forth on whether Trump is a disaster for Whites or not. Truth is he has surprised me and a lot of others many times. It may even be that he’s playing the powers that be by picking insiders but as soon as he has control of the military and security forces he throws them to the wolves and declares the whole Bush/Obama regime a pack of traitors. I really don’t know and I don’t believe many do. I do believe that the issues he brought up are great for us. I like everyone else will just have to wait. So I’m also saying I was wrong to condemn Trump and declare him a trap. This is an exciting time in our country in the Chinese saying type scenario.

  28. If Christians can be forced to bake cakes for homos then hotels can be sued for not letting Amren not hold conferences in their hotels. It’s a violation of Whites civil rights.

  29. The American War Between The States was a war between 2 White Christian Nations they were not Atheistic Social Justice Cowards such as yourself.

    Remember all Leftists are born Cowards and always will be

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