The Reince Revolution

The “Alt-Right has seized power” narrative is looking increasingly absurd.

I hadn’t seen this column until this morning. I was noticing the same trend in Trump’s Cabinet picks which stand in stark contrast to his rhetoric on the campaign trail:

“The prevailing opinion on President-elect Donald Trump is that he’s unpredictable, a man of no fixed views who transcends traditional notions of right and left. …

In Trump’s picks for economic and domestic policymaking jobs, there’s a consistent underlying thread. And no, it’s not that so many of them are billionaires.

It’s Republican orthodoxy. Trump’s choices have all been thoroughgoing conservatives who believe in the free market, deregulation and, wherever possible, privatization of government functions.

Most of them could have been nominated by any GOP nominee, including Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio.

There’s nary a populist among them – not even the conservative kind.

“Conservatives are happy,” Scott Reed, a political advisor to the business-establishment U.S. Chamber of Commerce, told me. “It’s a mainstream conservative list of very competent people.”

Take a look at the names …

“This is a business-friendly Cabinet of pragmatists,” a top corporate lobbyist in Washington told me, asking for anonymity to protect his multinational clients. “These are people orthodox Republicans can work with.”

What happened to all the populism in Trump’s platform that made him the champion of so many white working-class voters? It’s been quietly downsized since election day.

The wall Trump promised to build along the southern border is now a fence. …”

I knew I smelt a rat.

Before this is over with, Trump’s administration is going to be the size of the Okefenokee Swamp if Reince continues to get his way and set the agenda:

“Trump campaign staffers are also angry that Priebus is attempting to staff the West Wing with mainstream GOP officials rather than Trump loyalists. According to sources, Priebus wants Trump to appoint RNC chief strategist Sean Spicer to serve as White House press secretary rather than Kellyanne Conway (who turned down the job, sources say); he is also promoting RNC chief of staff Katie Walsh for deputy chief of staff, and former George W. Bush deputy chief of staff Joe Hagin for deputy chief for operations. “If Priebus controls the schedule and the message, what does Bannon actually control?” one Bannon loyalist asked.

According to a senior transition official, Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is supportive of Priebus’s staff choices because they bring a level of professionalism to the chaotic Trump team. But some at Trump Tower are alarmed that Priebus has so far not offered jobs to a number of Trump loyalists who may have been expecting them, including Michael Cohen, Corey Lewandowski, Hope Hicks, and Dave Bossie. “We didn’t fight two years against the swamp only to bring the swamp into the White House,” one senior Trump adviser told me. Sources said Trump himself may not be aware that members of his original team haven’t been offered jobs. With only about 40 West Wing positions available, Priebus is moving quickly to fill them with his choices. This may be one of the ways in which his knowledge of how the West Wing works puts him at an advantage. (For his part, Cohen describes that characterization as “inaccurate”: “Trump is the most loyal person I know,” he wrote to New York in an email. “He is currently filling certain key roles and upon completion, will concentrate on offering important roles to those who have been with him since the beginning of the campaign.”) …”

Sean Spicer is Reince’s lackey.

While so many people have been consumed by the #Pizzagate conspiracy, Reince has seized power within the transition team and is muscling in all these mainstream conservatives into key Cabinet positions. They will have the power to hire a slew of establishment Republicans in the departments underneath them.

Just for it … they’re going to move with lightning speed on things like deregulating Wall Street, repealing Obamacare and tax cuts which were never at the forefront of the campaign. They’re going to exhaust Trump’s victory on pushing the Paul Ryan agenda.


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  2. If Tillerson is SOS – what message does that send? One one hand, he’s a globalist – head of Exxon. Exxon’s public statements, like all global corporations, support all of the leftist globalist pc agenda. On the other hand, he seems to have a positive relationship with Putin. Putin seems to represent, uh, anti-globalist, anti-PC anti-new world order.

  3. Cuckism in a nutshell.

    Imagine a white father with white son and white daughter.

    A black kid enters the neighborhood. The black kid, being tougher, beats up the white man’s white son. But the cuck father cheers for black athleticism and roots for the black kid’s whupping of his white son. While the white son is bloodied and bruised, the white father pats the black kid on the back and praises his athletic prowess.

    The white daughter sees the fight, loses respect for the white male as ‘loser white boy’, and decides to go with the black kid who beat up her brother. She becomes pregnant with a black baby.

    So, what does the white cuck dad do? He praises his daughter for rising above ‘racism’ and sharing love with a Negro. And the cuck dad tells his son, who got whupped by the black kid, to praise the black kid for his athletic prowess and to bless his sister for rejecting the white race and offering her womb to a black thug.

    That is cuckism.

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  4. That is what one would think, but look it up. Half of all oil goes to China through direct contracts with the Iraqi government. Muh free market at work. We have a little influence, but for the price we paid in blood and money it is pathetic. They should be a straight up vassal. We really did get cucked in the whole deal.

  5. I obviously don’t know the inner workings of the Iraqi oil business, but I’d have to assume our influence over the oil is strong if not absolute.

    Have you read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”?

    According to the author US control over foreign oil is completely dominated by the NSA ect. Oil men such as our new Secretary of State are actually operatives on a discreet level with the backing of the military.

  6. It makes more sense to make judgements based on his cabinet picks than to pretend there is a secret plan. Looking at the picks is something that is happening in the real world – it is not speculation.

    These people have pasts and records you can look at. The idea that Trump is going to be Emperor Trump and have total control over these people is a fantasy that I hope is real but probably isn’t

  7. What you wrote is excellent and correct.

    “…Indeed, what are the parallels between US and Russia?..”

    Trump is the fuckin Yeltsin. He’s a danger to all of us.

  8. To sum it up for plebs, it’s basically the best aspects of the alt-right but without the homophobia, anti-semitism, right-wing economics, bro-culture, and into futurism, modern art, creativity, and environmentalism.

  9. It’s doesn’t matter if Kushner is Jewish or not, he is part of the economic 1%. Get your anti-semitic propaganda out of here. Gentile capitalist like Trump’s pick for secretary of commerce are just as corrupt. We need an elite based on the creative class, as Aleister Crowley advocated, not a money class. Doesn’t matter if they are gentile or jewish.

  10. Sir, Mr. Priebus could surround Mr. Trump with all the ‘Freetraders’ who ever lived, and it still would not change the fact that Donald Trump is hellbent to redefine trade, come hell or high water.

  11. Dear Mr. Jackson – soon enough they’ll realize that there is something beyond Stage 5, and that is ‘Stage 6’ … the use of like to cure like – as invented by Dr. Samuel Hannemann in his ‘homeopathic medicine.

  12. Who ever thought Trump was alt-right? He’s a fellow traveler on several issues important to the alt-right but he’s not alt-right. Why did anyone think he would appoint white nationalists to his cabinet? Why is anyone disappointed he didn’t? Let’s review what he’s done. He was called a racist, didn’t walk back any of his statements and just was elected POTUS. Let that sink in. He ran as a pro border security, anti-illegal immigration hawk and named a pro-border, anti-illegal immigration security hawk as attorney general. He named an anti-affirmatively affirming fair housing black guy to head HUD. He says Merry Christmas and radical Islam. He’s rattling China’s cage and playing nice with Russia. He’s put NATO and Europe on notice that things are changing. He’s named a climate skeptic to head the EPA (who is suing the EPA) and is apparently naming someone friendly with Putin with no prior government experience as SOS if reports are true. Today he said the CIA was full of crap. He knowingly or unknowingly has whites voting as whites and despite talking about grabbing pussies he got 52% of the white women vote. What did you think he would do? Name Hunter Wallace, Vox Day and Richard Spencer to his cabinet? We are upset about his appointment to secretary of the interior? What the hell do they actually do?

  13. Uh, folks. As much as “white supremacist” groups like to take the credit leftists give them for putting Trump into the White House, that is not the case. The people who put him there were working class Whites whose only concerns were jobs, jobs, jobs; any policy that would protect those jobs (e-verify, the Wall, fines on businesses who outsource, etc.) Race had nothing to do with it.

    The Alt Right issue was brought up by Hillary and it was more of a case of the boy who cried wolf where the Democrats (who always call Republicans racist every election year) played the racism card one time too many where the annoyed White electorate was concerned.

    Trump fed into this growing restiveness, saw that fairly aracial Whites had achieved Negro Fatigue when the NAACP went after the Tea Party for racism and then the Obama government sicced the IRS on Tea Party members, so he dog-whistled by retweeting stuff from White Nationalists.

    It is ridiculous to think that Donald Trump is going to go with an explicit White agenda. Mind you I don’t think he is unsympathetic to the crap Whites have been going through especially during the Obama tenure, but I don’t see him wasting any of the limited good will he has in his first term of office by openly playing to White concerns.

    And I think that’s smart on his part. The goal right now is to end the White dispossession that is going on right now that would ultimately lead to de facto White disenfranchisement. If Trump’s focus remains on policies that return jobs for the working class (build the wall, enforce e-verify for employment and housing and benefits, strict vetting of temporary workers and immigrants, fines on companies that insource and outsource) and if he can sweeten the pot by making the business climate (deregulation and low taxes) as incentives. Then we are talking about a carrot and stick approach.

    If Trump keeps his promise to bring back millions of jobs, then all those Whites who had to vote for Clinton, because they still bought into the line that the Democrats were pro-labor are going to switch sides and vote for Trump in four years. They will be joined by Whites who were so terrified of retaliation from their social circle that they either voted party line or stayed home. Because they are going to take a lot of shit over the fact that so many Whites voted against Hillary this time. They are going to come to our side with a snout full of political correctness.

    I am not as concerned about Jared Kushner as the rest of you are. I remember reading an article about how Kushner was greatly disrespected by his elite classmates at Harvard, because he didn’t have as high a GPA when he was admitted and that the law professor made a point about having his class study the case where his father was put into jail. He’s got a few scores to settle of his own with elite Jewish liberals and “true conservatives.”

    White Nationalists make the mistake of thinking that Jews are of one mind where it comes to pursuing their own interests. The Jews on the left are losing control of their rainbow coalition. The Blacks are unhinged, the Mexicans aren’t far behind, and yes, they have self-loathing Whites, but Whites who are so anti anything they perceive as White that they are taking the side of brown Palestinians over White Jews in Israel. I can see where Kushner and his crew would be tempted to create an “Alt Lite” movement kind of like the EDL in England, for example. One that would empower Whites against the Blacks and Mestizos but keep them loyal to Israel and friendly to “conservative” American Jews. JMO.

    In the long term, this is good for us. If Trump can bring back the jobs. Whites can afford to marry and have children. Those who will be doing so won’t be leftist libtards. That means Whites grow demographically. It’s what Benjamin Franklin referred to as Affordable Family Formation.

    Globalism doesn’t have to be quite the bogey man that WN paint it. Where it gets scary is with the idea of a NWO that involves a One World Government. But if Trump and the nationalists from other countries can force through a globalism which creates a system where countries retain their own sovereignty and fair trade deals are established that a certain percentage of products that corporations sell in that country are made in that country by its own nationals, then it would be a great thing.

  14. sorry, bob, but if you are walking in the desert it makes quite a bit of difference if you recognize quickly a rattlesnake just as recognizing a jew in the washington swamp makes quite a bit of difference. your sissy protest means you are either a dissembling jew or a very stupid goy.

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