Trump’s Picks: Gary Cohn for National Economic Council

Remember that awesome Trump speech in West Palm Beach, FL about the globalist establishment symbolized by Goldman Sachs bankers like Lloyd Blankfein which was cut and aired as Trump’s closing argument of the election?

“I know the guys at Goldman Sachs,” Donald Trump told supporters in South Carolina last February. “They have total control over Hillary Clinton.”

Clinton’s fealty to the finance industry in general — and Goldman Sachs in particular — was one of Trump’s most consistent lines of attack against the Democratic nominee.

The closing argument of the president-elect’s campaign featured images of Hillary Clinton and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, as a voice-over decried the “global power structure” that had “robbed our working class.”

Thanks, in part, to Clinton’s genuine personal and professional ties to the mega-bank, Trump’s attacks proved effective: Even the GOP nominee’s biggest detractors came to view his opponent as uniquely deferential to Wall Street’s interests — despite the fact that she was proposing new regulations on the industry, while Trump was pledging to free it from the shackles of Dodd-Frank.”

Remember all those attacks on Ted Cruz over his wife’s small-time position at the branch office of Goldman Sachs in Texas?

“Republican rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was blasted for being married to a Goldman Sachs employee.

“Goldman Sachs owns him, he will do anything they demand. Not much of a reformer!” Trump said on Twitter on Jan. 16, 2016.

“I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over him. Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton,” Trump blasted his Democratic rival at a South Carolina rally in February.

A Trump transition official refused to confirm Cohn’s appointment in a Friday morning conference call.”

We’re going to #DrainTheSwamp! Just kidding!

Trump has picked the Jewish president of Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn, to head the National Economic Council which coordinates the Treasury, Labor and Commerce Departments. This is the person he chose to be his top economic advisor.

  • Ulfric

    Bernie Sanders for labor! Imagine that one and the jimmies it would have rustled lol

  • junkbondtrader41

    To each his own, but sorry, Reich is WAY too far to the economic Left for my tastes. Choosing a leftist union lackey would be practically begging to be stabbed in the back. Anyone who thinks a dyed-in-the-wool Marxist like Reich is on board with the immigration agenda any more than the Wall Streeters is smoking rope.

    I want a little protectionism and more of a safety net for veterans and working class whites, I have no interest in becoming a Euro-socialist, cradle to grave entitlement state!

  • rpm

    1990s Robert Reich was for NAFTA and Gatt that gutter manufactures. mental midget back peddling.

  • Ulfric

    I am not a fan of Reich at all but even less for Goldman. The only way Goldman can even be seen in any favorable light is if Trump has a total lock-down control of them like some of the true believers on twitter are claiming. I hope their right for America’s sake.

  • NotYouNotSure

    “Who did you want, Robert Reich??”

    Well for one not an endless list of jews.

  • NotYouNotSure

    Would Hillary have had more jews picked than Trump ? At this rate it does not seem so.

  • Bill Jackson

    If you mean the speech where he sounded like Adolf from the 1930s, it didn’t convince me at all. To put it in acting terms, Trump was phoning it in.

  • Ulfric

    but it was an amazing speech though.

    He gave it during the darkest moment of his campaign – right after the access Hollywood tape when he needed to rile up his base.

  • Robbie Burns

    The thing is, this particular pick. The truth is, despite catchy and effective talking points and propaganda lines to the contrary, there is no shortage of talent in the world today for about any kind of endeavor you can name. Moreover, the problems we have and the fixes needed, in this case financially speaking, are not particularly complex, like, say, cancer cures and fusion reactors are to medicine and engineering. Doubtlessly about any experienced and competent financial, Wall Street type can easily navigate to the solutions we need in this area. In other words, there simply was no need to pick the president of Goldman Sachs for this position, considering all the negative baggage surrounding Goldman Sachs these days. Ditto all this concerning all the other establishment picks. Trump simply did not need to do it in the face of the platform he ran on.

  • Bill Jackson

    He didn’t write it, he just read it to get what he needed from useful idiots.

    Reminded me of a guy at one of Trump’s earlier rallies screaming “Its the Jews!”. Trump curled his lip in disgust and said something like “Don’t hurt him. He is supposed to be on our side. I think…”

    An Alt-Right guy made aYyoutube video later, declaring Trump is Jew wise. He’s one of us! The usual right wing sperginess.

  • Ulfric

    Yes the speech was Bannon. Bannon pulled out all the stops after the access Hollywood tape. He basically saved Trump’s ass.

  • Jerry Kleinfeld

    I don’t like this pick either. But I don’t know of any gentiles who are prominent enough in academe or Wailing Wall Street to qualify for the position that Cohn has been selected for. High Finance is a strictly kosher affair, goyim.

  • 00Lew11

    Side Note: It’s not just the economic and financial appointments where Trump has the wolf watching the sheep. For anyone who may not be aware, General Mattis is on the board of General Dynamics, a key player in the Military Industrial Complex and one of the largest defense contractors in the world.

  • Jerry Kleinfeld

    Unlike Bathhouse Barry no big shot Wall Street jew is telling Trump whom he must appoint and to which position they must be appointed. Trump is his own man, he is not for sale and he makes his own decisions. And that’s exactly why jewry has been so hostile towards him.

  • Robbie Burns

    General Dynamics is also one of the main developers of advanced robotics. Some of these will be replacing many workers in the not too distant future. Have a gander at this one. (Oops, Guess it is Boston Dynamics here, but they are up for sale and General Dynamics is tapped by some to be a very likely potential buyer. Boston Dynamics is a big military contractor, too.)

  • Jerry Kleinfeld

    But it’s hardly surprising that a retired 4 star general should sit on the board of a major “defense” contractor.

  • Jerry Kleinfeld

    Is that computer animation or an actual robot?

  • 00Lew11

    How long until the put guns on them?

  • With Hillary you would have had a war with Russian over Syria. With Trump you may get a war with Iran for the benefit of Israel.

  • Bill Jackson

    Its the real thing. There’s plenty more impressive videos on Youtube.

  • Bill Jackson

    I saw a demo where they had a dog like robot stalking a man through the woods. Creepy.

  • Robbie Burns

    It’s real. That is the latest model, unless they have already came out with another. It is no exaggeration that this one is almost twice as advanced as the previous model, and to illustrate how fast advances are coming in these days, this one came in less than three years after the previous model.

  • Robbie Burns

    Maybe right now. Evidently they can drive ATV’s. These robots shown here are for search and rescue missions.

  • Robbie Burns

    They have all sorts of different robotic dogs. There are a bunch of videos. They are most likely heading at making robots to attack. You can’t tell it so much in the first video I posted, but in longer ones, when the man is hassling it, he is obviously being very careful to stay well at arm’s length from the robot, and wary of it. Why? But here is a dog video.

  • Daryl Basarab

    Hitler wasn’t a national socialist or a fascist. He was neither. He was simply a racialist who ran a national socialist, then removed the party insiders, then racialized the standard imperialism of Mussolini (to a pro-German racialism).

  • Trump knows what he is doing.

    They always do until it becomes painfully obvious that they don’t.

  • DenisetheCelt

    I’m watching DeVoss speak in MI right now, at Trump’s Thank You rally. The middle-aged socialite is supposed to make Urban Yoof into Jeffersonian Republican rocket scientists. This is going to be fun. Some-one in the crowd is effing with her……………I don’t know what happened, but something happened and disrupted her speech.

  • DenisetheCelt

    Exactly. Who thought Trump is George Lincoln Rockwell reborn? Trump is a stop gap. NOTHING more.

  • Slidell

    Agreed. Denise, I recall you were one of the first to make this point on both this site and Radix Journal. Some on the Alt Right have become much too invested in Trump.

  • TimberlllliillllWolf

    Daily stormer has an article up about robots right now.

  • DenisetheCelt

    Bingo. I may be wishin’ & hopin’ – but keep your friends close and your enemies closer. We’ll see.

  • DenisetheCelt

    This. I think Trump is playing nice – he still must get inaugurated and TAKE POWER. It’s not a done deal until he’s in office. THEN – we’ll see.

  • DenisetheCelt

    We White Nationalists have been supporting Trump all along – and it’s not hurt him at all. AT all. It’s all about using Trump to advance our goals.
    Many among us have been black-pilling ourselves all along. Trump has PROVEN that he has brilliant gut instincts all along. Geez Louise – let’s get him in office. He was the ONLY candidate that doesn’t want to exterminates Whites. PLEASE remember this!

  • Mike549

    I’m still glad Trump won instead of Hillary, but he is, at best, a chance for The System to live for a few more years. If he lets the middle and working class down, then and only then, will we get someone closer to our viewpoint.

    Trump has destroyed the mainstream outlook for presidential candidates and there’s likely no going back. That doesn’t mean he won’t be overwhelmed by insiders, though.

    The worse is better ideology led to Trump, and if continued, it will lead to white nationalism. That’s the beating heart of the right going forward, especially as baby boomers become irrelevant.

  • Ulfric

    It would be amazing if after the inauguration Trump in front of the whole nation commands his cabinet and congress to kneel before him and they all bow – only then will I smile.

  • Snowhitey

    I had buyer’s remorse before I even filled in the ballot. I don’t trust that level. They are not benevolent unless it serves them well. They are too self-absorbed, too selfish, too self-centered, and will literally destroy or kill to stay at that income/power level. Only a good Christian background and a proper disciplinarian father (not necessarily constant contact discipline but more like Sam Dickson’s father) would lead me to believe we have a great chance of turning things around. Trump is merely a reflection of a schism within the elite class. Now Trump is not a .01 percenter, the ones that truly run the world. But, he is part of a class that may not see a happy ending either. In fact, their demise might come from the top and the bottom simultaneously. Of course, maybe his sole agenda was only to grease his wheels and have access to all those world class underground bunkers (far better than even a wealthy builder could build)???

    Anyway, keep in mind that there is a chance, albeit quite small, that he will continue to have some swamp creatures in his administration until the military is back in its proper shape at which point it can totally have his back. It’s a long shot but a possibility.

    Time for all of you to let his transition team know our displeasure….. I have!

    I’ve even made it easy for you:

  • epleguy

    What did people think Trump would be exactly? Hitler reborn? Please… this is as expected. The best we can hope for is deportations, a wall and stricter immigration control. Hopefully no more wars. The economics side will probably be a mix (hopefully it won’t be too good). As Richard Spencer has said: now is the time to start criticising Trump and stop with the “God emperor” nonsense.

  • Lorax100

    You’re forgetting the MSM attacks against Hillary, the Podesta dumps, weeks before the election. Some people in power were gunning for Trump. I think it always was or had become *the* most powerful people.

    For those who don’t believe in the Illuminati, I’d suggest you read up a bit on Bukovski. He was the Soviet dissident who’d cycled in and out of the psikhushkas or psychiatric gulags Kruschev set up all over the USSR. He was celebrated upon its breakup as a political martyr and was granted access to the most top secret documents from the Communist regime. He said, back in spring 2014, that there had been a more discreet plan and more discreet group of people orchestrating things than he’d figured.

    Certain elements of the jews act out the theater set up by these most inner circle elites, some do it wittingly but many are socialized to believe in the role they’re playing.

    Bukovski also said he thought Europe had a very narrow window of time to save itself. That was 2 1/2 years ago…

  • Lorax100

    He’s an incredibly machiavellian shrewd manipulator. He played us to get power.

  • Lorax100

    You couldn’t be more wrong and more right.

    The tragedy is that it will absolutely be fascism for all of us, perhaps the worst for whites as a group.

  • Lorax100

    That you can write that second paragraph after writing the first almost brings tears to my eyes.

    None of you have taken a perspective from outside the system which comes from having to survive within the very heart of the communist regime that is the NYC area, paradoxically. You still have this hope and faith in your hearts.

    You have to turn that hope in a different direction. Trump is not our friend in any way. He was just a neutral combatant for a time.

    Now he’s the enemy. The only future will be forged outside the system.

  • Junius Daniel

    Dear Lorax,
    The man is not even been sworn in, yet. Give him a chance. Have some faith. If it is true, what you say, you can make that judgement before you go to the polls in 2020.

  • Lorax100

    Respectfully, Denise, I disagree.

    I don’t think his agenda is much different from any of the others. He wants to be king of an oligarchy, mostly jewish, which presides over a brown mass of peasants. He’s just going about things in a different way – a sneakier and possibly more dangerous one.

  • Lorax100

    What I’m attempting to make people face, Junius, is that we don’t have four years to wait.

    I told a friend a year ago that the future of western civilization will be decided in the next 2-3 years, maybe 4 maximum.

    We either turn things around in the next couple or we’ll never be able to again.

  • Junius Daniel

    Dear Lorax,
    I understand your pain, because being a Tarheel Confederate and fireating secessionist I preach what you said all the time. That said, either we are blind or the citizenry is, because they want to stay in ‘the union’ as White society is crusht, and they are told how to think, be, and act.

  • LuftwaffeSoldat

    “You couldn’t be more wrong and less bright.”

    Fixed that for ya. I assume that is what you meant, because, well, it’s Captain John after all.:)

  • Nightowl2548

    He either didn’t have any people in mind or he’s letting the RNC do the picks because he’s afraid they’ll join up with the democrats to Impeach him. The military picks also show he feels insecure and wants the Army on his side.

  • Junius Daniel

    Let me say something else to you, Mr. Lorax. When you are young, (under 40 – and, particularly under 30) you tend to see things in very very dramatick ways. Now, I am not saying that you’ve not got your eye on the truth, nor am I suggesting that the situation does not require attention – it does.

    What I AM saying, however, is that a lot of positive things have happened this year – Italian ‘No”, ‘Brexit’ ‘The Defeat of Miss Hillary’, and next year looks set for some good things, too.

    So, please not only see what is dark, but, light, too, and enjoy your life.

    You’ll be old before you know it, and then it will be time to die.

    All the best!

  • Junius Daniel

    Dear Miss Denise,
    Please don’t start qualifying, when Mr. Trump has not even got in office. Please also bear in mind that George Lincoln Rockwell could not solve the many problems, either, as not only must any president face hundreds of bought and paid for representatives, and the tentacles of multi-national corporations and endless alliances, and a quasi-Bolshevik court system, the system, itself, IS a problem.

    As you may well fathom, it is no accident that Mr. Griffin, I, and quite a few others, here, a secession oriented.

    Be that as it may, Mr. Trump has fought enormous battles to get this far, and yet – they are just the beginning.

    If he does not deliver much, there will always be time for the rifle.

    There is always time for that, though, even that does not necessarily auger deliverance, as, right after the first revolution, (1775) Rothschild got his tentacles back around us shortly thereafter- nullifying the war, and then, again, in the War of 1812, we fought to get away from him, and he still got back control – in spite of Andrew Jackson’s determined fight against him.

    The problem, most of all, is a largely apathetick and naive citizenry, and Trump, for better or worse, has been appointed to remedy some of the downsides of that

    Yet, we have reasons to be thankful : Miss Hillary is already gone, The Bolshevik party in a shambles, Obama soon to be, and political correctness has taken a severe hit!

    Let us cheer him, and let us put our faith in him.

    He deserves that, and so do we.

    Have a good evening, and expect good things.

  • Junius Daniel

    Mr. Besarab, clearly you are intelligent, but, this remark is not.

    There was a to more to Hitler than race.

    If not, then Winston Churchill would not have said, ‘If Hitler had died in 1938, he would have been remembered as ‘Adolf The Great’…