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Trump’s Latest Picks: Elaine Chao, Tom Price, Steven Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross

What happened to #DrainTheSwamp?

What do you think?

We’ve got Mitch McConnell’s Asian wife as Transportation Secretary who spent eight years in W.’s cabinet, a Goldman Sachs Jew as Treasury Secretary, a private equity billionaire for Commerce Secretary and a mainstream conservative for Health and Human Services Secretary. It’s not exactly a cast of outsiders!

Here’s the best possible spin on it:

1.) By picking Chao for Transportation Secretary, Trump is buttering up Mitch McConnell to pass his infrastructure bill. Sure, it is corrupt, but sometimes a little corruption greases the wheels in Washington and gets things done. He’s not going to get anything done without the cooperation of a highly polarized Congress.

2.) By picking Price for Health and Human Services, Trump is making good on his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. He’s not really doing anything here that he said he wasn’t going to do. We might object to Trump’s healthcare policy on populist grounds, but he let conservatives have their way on the issue.

3.) I don’t know much about Mnuchin aside from the fact that he worked on the campaign as finance chairman. Trump never succeeded in raising much money from Wall Street or wealthy donors. Of course that could very rapidly change now that he has won the presidency. It is something to be concerned about.

4.) By picking Wilbur Ross, Trump is serious about his promises to renegotiate bad trade deals. I don’t know much about Ross, but from what I have heard he is on board with that and pretty good on the issue.

Anyway, these latest picks including Ben Carson, Nikki Haley and Betsy DeVos are … underwhelming to say the least. The only positive thing I can say about these picks, which could just as easily be the Mitt Romney cabinet, is that there are no surprises and Trump doesn’t appear to be backing away from any of his campaign promises.

We don’t really care about most of these cabinet posts. The one we are really keeping an eye on is DHS. If Trump picks Kris Kobach for DHS, we will be satisfied.