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Conspiracy theory marketers are riding the Trump wave into nationalism

A year ago, if you had told me that you are avid follower of an Alt-Right leader named Paul Joseph Watson, I wouldn’t have recognized either the name or the face. I would have told you that I had never heard of this person.

Gradually over the course of the past year, I became familiar with the face and the tweets. Even after the election, I was sharing some of his YouTube videos because I thought they were were funny. I have family members who are normies who have recently become big fans of Paul Joseph Watson. Otherwise though, I really had no clue who this person was who was spreading like kudzu through my Twitter feed.

I vaguely knew he was associated with Alex Jones and Infowars. I’ve never paid any attention to Infowars because it has a reputation for being a hothouse for conspiracy theorists. I just kind of assumed that this Paul Joseph Watson was different from Alex Jones and had his head screwed on straight. The material that I was seeing in my Twitter feed and on YouTube didn’t resemble anything I had come to associate with Infowars.

There have always been people who have rushed on to the internet to proclaim that every current event is a massive conspiracy. We’ve had people come on here and insist in the comment section that Sandy Hook was a false flag and that the Boston Marathon bombing with a “psy-op” that was filmed with fake blood and crisis actors. Over the years, I’ve had some fun tangling with our own John de Nugent. If you have some time on your hands and are a connoisseur of conspiracy theorists, the Nooge has some rare top drawer output which ties all conspiracies together in a highly creative way:

“To summarize, this is how I see things after 40 years now of pondering it all and gathering evidence:

1) We live in a multiverse of several dimensions

2) we obviously live on the physical dimension

3) when we die, we go go another dimension (religion calls this heaven, hell, etc.)

4) Whites on earth are stranded star children who were cut off from a very technically and spiritually advanced empire of home worlds by a horrific galactic war that the good guys suffered many defeats in

5) Jews and East Asians are also stranded, and their ancestors were colonists from THEIR home worlds …

6) Blacks are the actual natives of this planet, but Whites have been here for at least 50,000 years

7) UFOs are of these origins

a) Nordic Aliens

b) Tall Whites (extremely thin, pale semi-humans who are cold, militaristic, and contemptuous of earthlings, and appear to be a hybrid of true nordics and Grays), Grays (many evil), Reptilians (extremely evil and extremely intelligent)…”

There’s a large audience for this stuff. If you’re into that thing, support your local conspiracy theorist. Buy local.

Who hasn’t watched shows like “Ancient Aliens” or “Nostradamus Prophecies” on The History Channel? Sometimes when I am extremely bored at night I will land on a show like that as I click through the channels. “Ancient Astronaut theorists believe” … I will watch just out of curiosity. If memory serves, I think I liveblogged the end of the world in 2012. The Mayan Calendar had predicted that Doomsday was December 21, 2012. I also covered The Rapture as it unfolded earlier that year.

This is a small website compared to the huge audience that “Ancient Aliens” or the National Enquirer or Weekly World News or the Glenn Beck Program or Infowars attracts. That’s fine with me. I don’t want to get mixed up with crackpots and conspiracy theorists. I don’t care for the political bias of the #LyingPress, but there are fake news websites run by slick marketers who make money off of clickbait.

I’ve always been content to just ignore and navigate around them. I rely on my own judgment to discern legitimate news from fake news and reliable sources of information from crackpots. That formula has always worked for me … until now.

The Alt-Crackpot, or the alternative reality community, was always its own thing until Donald Trump came along and destroyed the Republican Party. These people never had anything to do with us before. They weren’t known for subscribing to any of our ideas. In fact, when Trump first announced he was running for office, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars were still strong supporters of Rand Paul.

In the video above, Paul Joseph Watson claimed that Donald Trump was a Hillary Clinton plant who had entered the race to suck all the oxygen in the room away from rising stars in the Republican Party like Rand Paul and Nikki Haley. Yes, you heard that right: Nikki Haley. I’m still not sure when and how it happened, but I am told that Infowars completely changed its attitude after Trump went on the Alex Jones Show.

Go even further back into Paul Joseph Watson’s career and he sounds even less like he does today. Now, he puts out tweet after tweet and video after video about black mob violence and SJWs. And yet, a few years ago the same Paul Joseph Watson was condemning the militarization of the police in Ferguson.

In 2013, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones were speaking at the Bilderbergs conference with David Icke, the Reptilians guy.

Keep going back in time and Paul Joseph Watson gets weirder and weirder. It was all Bilderbergs and the Illuminati a few years ago. Now, it is Donald Trump, SJWs, terrorists, etc. Sometime over the past year, Paul Joseph Watson jumped on the Trump Train and started labeling himself “Alt-Right” and marketing his way through Twitter and YouTube into the nationalist corner of the internet.

In his most recent video, Paul Joseph Watson and Cernovich sit down to discuss how Richard Spencer and NPI is a conspiracy set up by the globalists who fund these organizations … to discredit the Alt-Right. The funniest part is how the two talk about respectable leaders like Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones.

A few years ago, the Tea Party and libertarianism was the hot new thing, and crackpots like Glenn Beck and this same crowd of conspiracy theory hucksters jumped on that bandwagon. They milked libertarianism until the collapse of the flagging Rand Paul campaign and now we are burdened with them. Whether it was libertarianism or nationalism, these people are capitalists chasing clicks, shares, and retweets.

They don’t stand for anything except their need to make a buck off an audience. There hasn’t been enough reporting on how all of these conspiritards like Paul Joseph Watson have reinvented themselves during the Trump campaign and are now cloaked behind a more deceptive mainstream facade to peddle their usual nonsense.

I disavow them!

Note: This was pretty good.