RAMZPAUL vs. Richard Spencer

A big exchange here.

1.) First, I am not a National Socialist or a Neo-Nazi. In my experience, fascism strikes a chord with some people. It has never interested me all that much. I’m more interested in other topics.

2.) Second, this perennial debate over whether Neo-Nazis make us look bad has been going on forever. I’ve been around for 15 years now and it is the same debate. It will still be going on 15 years from now.

3.) Third, even if you were to condemn the Neo-Nazis, they aren’t going anywhere. They will set up their own websites and organizations. Daily Stormer, for example, is thriving.

4.) Fourth, I could condemn the Neo-Nazis, but what would I gain from it? I’ve learned from experience that it would just create a headache for me. It’s not going to impress anyone. I’m not going to become respectable because I have made a point to disavow someone. In the eyes of our enemies, I’m just as deplorable as any brownshirt. Those who have been reading this blog for years already know I am not a Neo-Nazi.

5.) Fifth, the Neo-Nazis are not having as big a negative impact as Ramzpaul assumes here. Daily Stormer didn’t stop Trump from winning the election. Andrew Anglin and his followers had nothing to do with the NPI conference. Former Grand Dragon David Duke didn’t stop Trump from winning the election. The usual scaremongering of screaming Neo-Nazi, KKK, racist, etc., etc., didn’t work this time.

6.) Sixth, it was hordes of trolls from places like 4chan and 8chan aggressively trolling journalists on Twitter that put the “alt-right” on the map. There is no denying that tactic worked.

7.) Finally, the Neo-Nazis have never been more aggressive online than they were in 2015-2016, and the Alt-Right just had its best year ever. I think reports of its demise are greatly exaggerated.

Note: It’s not my thing. That’s just my honest take on the matter. What’s predictably going to happen is that Ramzpaul is going to rile that crowd up without gaining anything from it.


  1. You have no sense of humour at all. I’d tell you to spend more time on DS – but you get curb-stomped every time you peek in the forum.

  2. “Hmmmm. Hitler loved lobster. Hitler was a Nazi. You were seen going into a sea food restaurant that serves lobster. You must be a Nazi. Extremists eating lobster are giving the movement a bad name. It is time to disavow all lobster eaters. And if you don’t disavow them, I’ll take my sissy self out of the movement and say you are poop heads.” Such is the silliness of the attacks on those who are truly trying to stop White genocide (whether they call what they are doing by that name or by something else).

  3. It’s our country and we can hold meetings where we want, when we want, as we want. We shouldn’t give up an inch to the haters of Whites–and, that’s what they are are–even it they hide and pretend their White hatred is hatred of political or social views. No. They hate Whites but accept docile, neurotic Whites who are self-haters.

  4. Perhaps, it is time to shine the light of truth on Hitler and what he was really about, which was to save White people–starting with Germans–one of our many White tribes. Had Germany won WWII we would not now be facing White genocide.

  5. Yup, and I’ve been doing just that for some time, because you’re right. The White haters try to hide their hatred for all things White by using words like Nazi or racist or White Supremacist, but these are just standin words for hatred of Whites and Whiteness.

  6. Right, but I would add this. If people call you a racist or a Nazi, don’t deny the label, but ask for a definition of what they mean–a definiton that has elements, and then, if you wish, you can answer to the elements of the defintion. For example.
    White hater: “You’re a racist.” Me: “What is your definition of racist?” White hater “Someone who hates people of other races.” Me: I don’t hate anyone so by your own definition I can’t be a racist.

  7. I can’t speak for Richard Spencer, but from what I’ve read he wants a state where Whites can thrive. Is that a Nazi state (your term)? Please tell us what you mean by a Nazi state–give us a definition.

  8. I do the same things sometimes. However, when I’m interviewed by reporters or in situations where I can’t respond to retorts, I do ask for a defintion of the term “racist.” How do you describe “racist” as you tell people that’s what you are? And, are you sure your definition is the same one they have in mind?

  9. So, you don’t think that Hitler’s laws against miscegenation were good? You don’t think his efforts to increase the White birthrate were good? You don’t think his efforts to stop the destruction of Whites were good? Exactly what is it that you don’t like about Hitler and his policies? And, tell us how you define “normal people” and how you know that “Nazis will always be hated.” You seem to make a lot of assertions of supposed facts while offering no facts.

  10. Don’t dance to the tune of those who hate all Whites and who use terms like Nazi, etc. as their standins for all Whites to hide the fact that it is Whites they hate.

  11. Good. Don’t dance to the tune of the haters of Whites. They use “Nazis” as a standin for all Whites. It is all Whites that they hate.

  12. Have you noticed that Jews want people to believe that if one is against Zionism or against policies in Israel that this is the same as being anti-Semitic? I’ll bet that the same Jews who do this will try to deny that their attacks on Nazis, White Supremacists, KKK, White Nationalists are really just disguised attacks on all Whites and on Whiteness itself. Avoid the psychological trap, Whitey, of dancing to their tune by not agreeing with their condemnation of the Nazis, et al.–they’re just using these terms to hide their hatred of all Whites.

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