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RAMZPAUL vs. Richard Spencer

Is the Alt-Right brand ruined?

A big exchange here.

1.) First, I am not a National Socialist or a Neo-Nazi. In my experience, fascism strikes a chord with some people. It has never interested me all that much. I’m more interested in other topics.

2.) Second, this perennial debate over whether Neo-Nazis make us look bad has been going on forever. I’ve been around for 15 years now and it is the same debate. It will still be going on 15 years from now.

3.) Third, even if you were to condemn the Neo-Nazis, they aren’t going anywhere. They will set up their own websites and organizations. Daily Stormer, for example, is thriving.

4.) Fourth, I could condemn the Neo-Nazis, but what would I gain from it? I’ve learned from experience that it would just create a headache for me. It’s not going to impress anyone. I’m not going to become respectable because I have made a point to disavow someone. In the eyes of our enemies, I’m just as deplorable as any brownshirt. Those who have been reading this blog for years already know I am not a Neo-Nazi.

5.) Fifth, the Neo-Nazis are not having as big a negative impact as Ramzpaul assumes here. Daily Stormer didn’t stop Trump from winning the election. Andrew Anglin and his followers had nothing to do with the NPI conference. Former Grand Dragon David Duke didn’t stop Trump from winning the election. The usual scaremongering of screaming Neo-Nazi, KKK, racist, etc., etc., didn’t work this time.

6.) Sixth, it was hordes of trolls from places like 4chan and 8chan aggressively trolling journalists on Twitter that put the “alt-right” on the map. There is no denying that tactic worked.

7.) Finally, the Neo-Nazis have never been more aggressive online than they were in 2015-2016, and the Alt-Right just had its best year ever. I think reports of its demise are greatly exaggerated.

Note: It’s not my thing. That’s just my honest take on the matter. What’s predictably going to happen is that Ramzpaul is going to rile that crowd up without gaining anything from it.