TRUMP CUCKS: Donald Trump Condemns and Disavows The Alt-Right

I’ve already commented on this at length on Twitter.

“Asked directly about the event that was widely covered by the mainstream media, Trump replied, “I condemn them. I disavow, and I condemn. …”

It is fair to say that Trump has has created a major problem with his Alt-Right base. He was running out of disavowals before the election and with this move has finally exhausted his well of good will with his most fervent supporters.

Now, the Alt-Right is openly wondering why Trump hoisted the Rainbow flag and explicitly avowed the “LGBTQ community” at the Republican National Convention (he made a point to add the Q to LGBTQ), but disavows the people who actually voted for him and who stuck with him throughout the campaign. Why does Trump explicitly appeal to the black community, the Hispanic community, the LGBTQ community and the Jewish community, but has never once talked about the White community?

Is the White community no good? It was the White working class, not any groundwell of black and Hispanic support, which put Trump in the White House. Are we conserving the status quo? Are transsexuals and queers who voted for Hillary Clinton good, but the Alt-Right voters who supported Trump no good?

Note: White Nationalists voted en masse for Trump in both the primary and general election. There are many, many more White Nationalists than most people realize and they don’t usually vote. Ask Ted Cruz.

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  1. Trump cant save us, cant save America either. This election should be celebrated as a brief reprieve at best.

    2 years, maybe 4, hopefully 8, without open persecution of traditional Americans is all that could ever have been wished for. Not a restoration of traditional America. I think its fair to say Trump and his inner circle think the country went wrong beginning in the late 60s and 70s and they wish to reset from that point.

    • whatever “traditional America” means, which is not much nor easily defined. Main point:this was fun, exposed the media and politicians and elites, but it only gave us time, not victory.

    • Well here’s the deal with Trump. He was valuable to us by getting rid of Political Correctness. NOW OUR SIDE is free to do what we want to do. White Genocide is known by every talk show host on earth. We must continue to jump up and down and drive it hope. THE WHITE RIGHT MUST GET EVEN MORE RADICAL

    • Well as I said before Denise THIS IS A MEANS TO AN END. Trump did what I wanted him to do he DEMOLISHED Political Correctness and now the Media can’t control us anymore. We must make our voices louder we must make them MORE RADICAL and we must become VICIOUS like a Pit Bull. We must destroy our enemies. NO QUARTER

        • Of course Denise and we will but remember what I said before. I said we get Trump elected but act like its Hillary. You know we prepare for war and by that I mean RaHoWa war because its here. I doubt Trump will be successful but thats not the point. He has already won PART 1 of the Victory. Political Correctness is dead, the Lugenpresse is exposed. PART 2 is where WE RISE

  2. Trump is not one for nuance, and having a bunch of people giving the Nazi (Roman) salute while shouting “Heil Trump” is too much for all but the far alt-white.
    Was Spencer’s purpose to undermine and cause problems for Trump?
    It is unwise to put people on the spot and force them to accept or reject you right now over your most extreme view or action.

    • Donald Trump did his job already, he ended Political Correctness. Now we will drive the conversation and we must not only BE RADICAL we must TURN IT UP TO MAX. We are now free

        • I have said it before, the Victory was won on Election Night, at least the victory I am concerned with. The Media is in shambles, the Left is in shambles, everything they have programmed us with since the Holocaust is now either in question or shattered. NOW ITS UP TO US. Trump brought us the Revolution, WE TAKE OVER FROM HERE. I have also told White and Southern Nationalists this changes nothing. WE ACT AS IF WE ARE FACING HILLARY CLINTON GET LOADED FOR BARE AND TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE,

      • ” ended Political Correctness”

        Really? So you tell me giving a Nazi salute at work won’t get me fired? Or even a more conventional blue collar talk from 30 years back by openly using “queer” to describe homosexuals won’t get me written up by HR?

        • The public discourse PC is over i am not talking about private employers. The thing is we have broken through the FIRST WALL, we now have to break down the rest of them.

          • Good point, Mr. Jenkins.

            We have to do the heavy lifting, and stop expecting politicians to do it for us, though, Trump sure has done some of his own!

          • Donald Trump did exactly what I wanted him to do he broke through the PC Wall and now the wall is breached. Now they cannot deny the ANTI-WHITE ANTI-CHRISTIAN crap and the Media wont even hide it now. People are P-oed. Now it time we Rise Up

    • One begins to wonder if Spencer, David Duke and Andrew Anglin are judases whose real purpose is to enrich themselves by undermining white nationalism. Summer Zervos, Donald Trump’s accuser was paid $500,0000 to falsely accuse Trump of sexual assault. A ton of money may be available to white nationalist leaders willing to sell out their followers.

      • If I was part of the alt right, I would be more embarrassed at how hard certain figures tried to ride Trump. It’s one thing to support him cautiously and another thing to endorse as aggressively as say Duke did. And I didn’t do the equivalent with Sanders. I kept a distance from Sanders, always qualifying my statements that he can only get so far in electoral politics and isn’t strong enough on anti-imperialism.

          • You need to tell your friend Daryl, there’s an old American saying, “you dance with the one that brung ya”. You can translate.

          • His performance in the primary I think was his greatest accomplishment. It probably outweighs even beating Clinton. I question his sincerity, but he still totally knocked the neo-cons off the pedestal.

          • I agree with you, Mr. Basarab, that Trump’s win in the primary was spectacular, but, disagree with you that it dwarfs his win over Miss Hillary.

            In doing that, he not only had to overcome the same primary establishment against him, he had many many more things to overcome – particularly the media, which stoppt exploiting him for grist, and began trying to derail him.

            Also, I would rule out God – as some of the things we have seen, such as the relationship between rogue FBI agents and Assange, made this the most improbable win of a century in national politicks.

            The stuff that Trump overcame from the Hillary campaign – being accused of being KKK, being a Soviet collaborator, a serial date-rapist, an incestuous dad, a Nazi xenophobe, a dispassionate hypocritical billionaire, and so forth, would have sunken St. Peter himself, but, it did not sink him.

      • No. People like Spencer and Duke hurt him. They are fools. And not ready for the real world. They are little boys playing a mans game and haven’t yet figured it out. Watch Eastern Promises.

        • Loads of Asperger types have been attracted to extreme ideologies due to lack of fear of offending social mores and hopes a shift in political ideology will cause their status as outsider to disappear. Such types can be excellent geniuses of insight such as Einstein or Alan Turing, but they are also absolutely terrible leaders. They say Jefferson may have had the condition and he has been noted here as having set the US away from the common sense policies of Washington and Adams back to idealistic nonsense and mass immigration.

        • Yes, David Duke was deliberately undermining Trump. Spencer? Not sure but still likely.

          In any case Trump is right to distance himself from both.

      • Trump has not disavowed his supporters except for a handful of acerbic white supremacist troublemakers (and I do make a distinction between nationalist and supremacist).
        Not embracing calls for cattle-cars to death-camps only disavows those calling for such.
        Trump gives room for Milo, Diamond and Silk, and James Edwards of

      • Trump embraced the LGBTQ community throughout the whole campaign. Anyone who doesn’t know that wasn’t paying attention. Trump is very liberal when it comes to cultural matters, anyone who doesn’t know that wasn’t paying attention during the campaign.

        When it comes to abortion, he’s against late term abortion, but he’s not opposed to abortion in general. He supports gay marriage, and never said otherwise. He said he supports gay marriage during the campaign.

        On cultural matters Trump is actually very liberal. And that was very clear throughout the whole campaign, to those who were paying attention.

        And although most White Americans support Trump [ and so do I, I voted for Trump ] , Trump never specifically mentioned White Americans in any of his speeches. So if he doesn’t mention us White Americans now in any of his speeches, that’s no different than during the campaign. He’s much preferable to Hillary who is a die-hard intense Communist, but Trump is NOT that wonderful.

        I think he’ll turn out to be a better than average president, but he’s never going to mention us White Americans as a specific demographic that he needs to focus on, needs to specifically focus on, needs to consider, needs to make sure our civli rights aren’t trampled on, needs to make sure we’re happy and content, but he will mention all the minority groups in the USA and make it known he considers them very important and make it known he’s working hard to make sure their civil rights aren’t trampled on and working hard to make them happy and content. With us White Americans, NO, he will not mention us White Americans. He didn’t do so during the campaign, so he’s not going to do it as president.

        And when he talks about Muslim immigrants coming to the United Staes, his focus is on the jews. He’s afraid the Muslim immigrants are going to attack jews, that’s why he doesn’t want Muslims in the USA. He never said he doesn’t want Muslims in the USA because he’s afraid they will attack Christians and/or White Americans, his focus is always on what’s best for the jews.

        But the Muslims in Europe attack White Europeans 99.99% of the time, NOT jews, but Trump never mentioned that, he said he was concerned Muslim immigration into the USA would result in jews getting attacked.

        The policies he wants to implement benefit us Whites, but that’s secondary. He sees the policies he wants to implement to be the best policies for the jews in the USA, not us Whites. If his policies benefit us Whites, that’s a secondary thing, a by-product of his policies, but his focus group is jews, NOT us White Americans. Anyone who thinks otherwise is very naïve.

    • The ones doing the salute were in fact Jews.

      But anyone imitating the Nazi’s is beyond stupid.

      We are not about the Nazi’s, and our legitimacy does not require the Nazi’s. IT never did.

    • “Was Spencer’s purpose to undermine and cause problems for Trump?”

      Probably not, but that was the effect; for it is undeniable that by giving that speech Spencer actually hurt Trump, even though his intention was to help him.

      • Not so much the speech, but the approval or whatever of the salute.
        The effect if if he said “Kill all the niggers” a few times.
        Even if he doesn’t believe it, tens of millions of Americans will

    • Yes. I think he’s an agent provocateur. There was no excuse for Spencer doing this. He hurt so many people. Was it intentional? Does he know how to fight? Listen to Trump. You don’t tell your enemies what you think or what you plan to do.

      • The Hitler Hairdo itself is a stupid miscalculation, definitely not someone trying to expand his audience but playing to the choir.

    • Spencer simply said, in reference to Trump’s win, “Hail victory!” while raising his arm with a glass in hand in a toast. It was 4 or 5 members of the audience who did the Roman salute. Spencer didn’t ask them to do this. Why does everyone blame Spencer for this?

  3. I don’t see much of a problem with his “disavows” which are only empty words and part of playing the politics game. Why should he be backed into a corner defending people giving nazi salutes (not that there is something wrong with that). But it won’t fly for most people. On the other hand, I agree that it is a huge problem with Trump and our system that he cannot appeal directly to whites as a group with our own interests.

  4. His election defied all odds.

    The entire establishment was/is against him.

    They couldn’t stop him, so they repeatedly label his appointments and supporters as being racists, anti-semites, haters, misogynists, Nazis and Klansmen.

    They will only intensify their attacks if they see an opening.

    Ryan, McConnell, all the cowardly GOP politicians, pundits and Evangelical Zionists will cut and run and abort all of his plans if this keeps up.

    Just as he needed to disavow Duke he needs to keep a distance or everything will be lost.

    • Yes, Sam – his win was a miracle, and the chief suspect is God, himself, though, many did their part.

      As to the necessity of disavowals, I don’t know.

      I’ll trust to your judgement in this.

  5. I am disappointed. He cound have shrugged this off like he would have during the primaries. But he didn’t. I have a Trump hoodie and Trump flag. I am willing to still give him a chance. He has done a lot for us – or we did a lot for him. I donated money to his campaign and voted for him – which I haven’t done in forever. But I am let down. Trump cucked. And that is not acceptable.

    • Michael now that PC is over with, we are FREE to organize in public and we have shown that the silencing labels no longer work. We march on

    • Mr. Cushman,
      Mr. Trump is as I have decribed him ; a Manhatten Shark; and, as such, he has absolutely no affinity for us.

      That said, many or our interests are allied, in the short-term, and it is there out focus ought remain – (please see Billy Ray Jenkins wise comment, above)

    • No he didn’t. He has raised good kids cause he reigned in bad behavior quickly. He is acting like a father. Not putting up with people who deliberately damage him. Spencer also damaged a lot of good people who aren’t wealthy like trump. Don’t you see that. Spencer is dangerous. Very.

    • He didn’t cuck. His grand kids are Jewish. It’s only to be expected he’s going to disavow what he perceives as Nazis. It’s absurd to expect any other reaction.

      • Dear Silvio,
        I said this many times, here, and at other places to Mr. Cushman and Mr. Griffin ; that Mr. Trump is not, in any way, a racist; that not only does he have close friends and advisors, of many minorities, he has gained lasting success in the ultimate ‘multicultural’ city of the world – Manhatten.

        Still there was a disconnect, and I am not sure what that was.

        That said, most, if not all, reasons they, and I, supported him are intact, so hopefully they will get over the frustration of seeing him more clearly.

  6. Donald Trump was always a MEANS to an END. We will stay vigilant. He did his job he ended Political Correctness’s hold on our society. Now we will run the Popular Culture we are the Counterculture

  7. @Mr. Griffin…

    Surely you saw this coming, Sir – as he always tried to disavow us, on the campaign trail, and, moreover, his family members always have such bitter things to say about us.

  8. I don’t feel like he disavowed me. I realize this is politics. Spencer was stupid. He acts more like a frat boy than a smart critic of the left. He denigrates Christians to the point that he drove me away from his podcasts and website a couple of years ago. He made a parody of Western Civilization by having Jack Donavon. He has a gay man writing about how important it is to be a masculine man.

    Come on Hunter.

  9. You all know how I feel about the issues, so you know where my sympathies lie.

    But, good gawd almighty, what is the sense of holding a conference in Washington D.C. of all places and having Seig Heil salutes broadcast around the world?

    That’s like throwing red meat to wolves.

      • When are you leaving that awful anti-White, pro-child porn, pro-Moslem Brotherhood, pro-Black Crimes Matter social media site and moving to

          • They don’t want to give attention to seccessionary activity. I noticed that TRS are basically stealing your articles and then Anglin steals those and infowars steals those and scrubs the references to Jews.

            Immitation is flattery!

        • Do they let us alone? Nope, so why should we? Let all the cucks and freaks on plebit, tumblr and twatter be targetted for Triggering.
          The NMAP doesn´t apply to them since they aren´t really people. -)

    • Not defending Spencer but there’s not much else the wolves could do. All they have is calling us racist. That didn’t work on Trump so what difference at this point does it make?

    • Hillary Clinton gambled away the Presidency to attack the alt-right.

      In fact, much of what we see has been orchestrated on the premise of a Clinton victory. They thought it was in the bag so they were prepping a liquidation campaign once she won (twitter bans, fake news, doxing).

      They forgot they were dealing with the master race.

      • That’s what I thought in the hullabaloo of the NPI, I was like, wait what if Trump LOST! and this event was preplanned. It looks like a good place to immolate the most committed Conventioneers. Literally burn them to a crisp.

      • Stocks for prisons for profit and pharma have skyrocketed. Most of the wiser, sober observers think Trump will usher in a far more repressive state than HRC – if we don’t prevent him from doing it first.

    • It’s more like wearing the meat and walking towards a wolf pack. Or like the idiot in the documentary declaring he was the bears best friend. The documentary ends with bear eating him and his girlfriend.

  10. I’m not “alt right” but into old school class based politics, mixed with “race realism.” However this illustrates why I don’t trust electoral politics. It’s all about selling out. That’s the name of the game.

    In order to hold your line, you need centralization and organization, not elections. I saw this coming, but I’m more concerned that he’ll sell out the anti-interventionists as well. Remember that Obama and Bush both talked about getting out of the nation building business, but neither governed that way.

    • That’s the secondary issue. He must not allow in a brown tide…in addition to the nignog population it will sink everything.

  11. The GOP will never represent the White Race. It’s been fighting against Southern White People since the War of Northern Aggression. That’s not changing with Donald Trump in the White House. His picks are nothing but the same old Neoconservatives who’s policies have destroyed America. The Democratic Party rejected White Voters many years ago back in the 1960s. That’s the nature of supporting someone in the Republican Party. Your still not getting a President, Congressman, Senator, Governor, and the such with a support for White Nationalism. We’ve not been successful at promoting Independent / Third Party candidates in the past. However it’s very important (principle) in promoting candidates for public office who we know share our views on White Nationalism. The future will result in our Victory! We just need hardcore people in office here in America, the South, and around the World! WPWW !

    • You’re right, Mr. Pace – The Party of Lincoln was just a nigger-rigged solution Southerns fashioned when Northeastern Bolsheviks pusht us out of our party.

      Though the solution has had some good moments, it has been, on the whole, a catastrophe.

      Unfortunately, Southerners have lost the edge and will not fight for what is ours, but, prefer to call out for someone to deliver it, and us.

      In that case, Mr. Trump may turn out to be a better pizza delivery man than the last four tops of The New England Government.

  12. Trump has said, firmly enough, that he’ll seal the Mexican border, eject the illegals, and keep out Muslims. Should he do all that, he’ll have been a tremendous president. Something he’s done out of obvious necessity, to stay on top, politically, should be accepted with good grace. Disavowing a group whose racist conclave has concluded with Nazi salutes is in that category.

  13. As far as I know the only official response from the Trump camp was a mild, boilerplate denunciation of racism in all its forms, etc, etc. That response did not satisfy the jews at CNN, who wanted a specific disavowal of the NPI event itself.

  14. Do you really blame Trump or do you have to blame someone like Spencer and the Roman Saluting turds who can’t resist trying to ride on the coattails of a Trump Presidency? Before his death, William Pierce realized the counter-productiveness of having his messages drowned out by a bunch of Sieg-Heiling morons. Pierce was an actual “racist” and even he disavowed them. Doesn’t surprise me at all that Trump would try to distance himself from that.

    • The guy who got up in the orange polo almost looked like he was paid to stumble around that moment. I swear.

    • Are you a Nazi? I’m not. Do you go gaga for Hitler? I don’t. Do you worship Kek or God Almighty? I happen to be God-fearing.

      When these people go to extremes it makes it much easier for my views to triumph. I salute them.

      This movement could cough up a dozen Richard Spencer’s each and every day; if they march into the belly of the Beast and wreak havoc, all the better.

      • Hitler was a product of a different culture of Prussian Authoritarianism, Hapsburg Imperialism, and where large numbers of the men had just lived through mass murder in the trenches 20 years before. America other than being hijacked by pinko jews bears little in comparison and dredging up the Nazi movement as a solution is a misprescription of our woes.

  15. I think you need to calm down, and focus on the bigger picture. The dude intends to appoint Sessions to DoJ. Kobach might get a role in this administration. Trump never claimed to be a white nationalist, and he is not obligated to promote Richard Spencer and alt-right.

      • Denouncing ‘actual Nazis’, especially when you have Jews in your family, probably doesn’t take a whole lot of prompting. The fools let their exuberance get the better of them. (As I said at Radix, I have nothing against the Roman salute, but that was a poor choice of time and place.)

  16. Listen up, Troopers!

    If Trump is the God Emperor, then it should be an honor to die for him! If the God Emperor disavows some in his legions because they embarrassed him, so what? It’s very thin loyalty indeed to call the Emperor a cuck for disciplining his men!

    If he builds the wall, deports the criminals, and destroys the lugenpresse, he’s being loyal to the mission! That’s the only loyalty the God Emperor owes his troops. If we need be sacrificed, so be it! MAGA!

    If you’re sad that the US isn’t enamored with Nazis, suck it up buttercup! The God Emperor has to play strategically. Some of us acted stupidly and made the God Emperor vulnerable. That’s on us! We displeased him. We should be mournful to the point of suicide for that, not angry at him that he mocked us for our weakness!

    Who cares if we get thrown under the bus, so long as our cause wins! If you don’t understand that, you’re just LARPing.

    • The problem is, once he cucks on this — what’s next? Their next demand will be to pull Sessions, and Kobach may never see the light of day now.

      • But again, he didn’t fail. We did.

        If Sessions shoes up to his confirmation hearing in a Grand Dragons robe, trump would be right to disavow him too!

        Fight smart

        • I don’t totally disagree with you. But we can’t ignore that he is dancing to MSMs tune here either. I think where Trump goes from from this point will tell us something important. There were strong rumors a while back that Trump was going to cuck on amnesty. 48 hours later he delivered a seminal speech on immigration in Arizona. He needs to signal like that now and fast.

          • He should be allowed to cuck on explicit pro-white signaling, especially the Nazi-esque variety, but the problem is he’s reneging on the issues. And I don’t think it’s ‘our’ fault (I absolutely disavow Spencer and his ilk and even the Alt Right although not for their faux heiling). I think Trump is a salesman. I think he used these themes and had at best a tepid investment in them to begin with, if any.

      • These people do have power. Trump slid in to the crease under a hell of a lot of pressure…it was a miracle we are discussing Nazis at all at this point

      • No, Lew. They are in. It’s over. Trump can denounce us because we aren’t stupid pussies. I don’t give a care about Trump denouncing us: keep the fire on the enemy.

  17. People are going nuts on Facebook over Spencer’s speech. Too me it looks like the conservatives are just trying to claim “alt-right” for themselves. They’re saying, with a straight face, that the alt-right has nothing to do with White nationalism. It has everything to do with White nationalism! That’s practically the only thing the factions in the alt-right agree on! Without White nationalism, the alt-right is nothing but an edgier form of cuckservatism.

    I get why Trump has to disavow us, it doesn’t bother me. But what point is there in his alt-lite fans trying to purge us now? Trump won, killed PC, and showed you can get away with saying anything and triggering liberals. Why cuck now, after we’ve won and created a safe space for the real alt-right?

    • Control… Perception… Steer… Hijack…

      Power perceived is power achieved.

      What they’re trying to do is cover up the obvious fact that Trump’s rise had more to do with “Alt-Right” backing him than everyone else combined. Practically every talking point Trump ran on has been a pro-White “Alt-Right” talking point for many, many years and even decades.

      Trump will cuck it up and become just another establishment bullshitter. He wanted to win. Now that he has won there isn’t much of an incentive for him to be the rebel. He now wants to be “loved” and seen as a great unifier who made that multiracial/multicultural thing work where nobody else could. That’s his next bullshit story.

      • Beck interesting said that there might be around 3,000,000 alt-right white nationalists.

        • The problem is that not even pro-White/White Nationalists can come to an agreement on what exactly makes one a White Nationalist or part of the Alt-Right.

          I get better advice and insight from a fortune cookie than I do listening to Beck.

          • It was incidental to his ordinary moaning.

            Cooper was getting him to link Trump to Nazism and Beck slipped it out. Beck was the first post election salvo against the Alt-Right. He had a script he was selling from someone. Sounded like a high estimate to me but he was reading lines. The number is either real, and the press are terrified or it’s inflated and we are dealing with theater.

          • Around 1% of the populace? Genuinely populist right? Not too shabby. But as with Brexit and Trump, you can do a lot with a little, so long as you bring the mass of people with you.

      • You underestimate the white working class’s ability to think for themselves. They and other segments of whites elected Trump, not the Alt Right.

        Your second paragraph is right on.

  18. Trump is trying to reconcile with the Jewmedia. It is not going to work. The Jews want him dead and buried. The attacks are going to get worse and worse and will not end. The personality of Trump is to fight and the only way to fight and win is to expose the truth about the Jews and the harm they have done to America. The very truth the Alt-Right espouses.

  19. Trump needs to signal he’s still with us, playing the game, but still with us.

    Tomorrow would be a good day to announce Kris Kobach.

      • He sent a very subtle signal, but that is a sign of skill:

        “if [the “alt right” are] energized, I want to look into it and find out why.”

        Bingo. Game, set, match.

        The Jews are having the same problem in white lands that they are having in Arab lands due to their Semitic lack of empathy: in short they are asking of us what they ask of the Muslims: “why do they hate us”?

        The “why” is patently obvious: they are anti-white. But they aren’t just demurring, they are biologically incapable of caring or understanding. Evey action they take raises their anti-white profile at the very moment they should be putting out the fire. At a crisis point, they will be swept away.

        • Re; energized

          I noticed that and was hopeful at first. His wording is so ambiguous though it’s hard to know what he meant by it. He could have meant by implication “I want to look at the alt right’s grievances” OR “if we attracting racists, we need to do more to drive them out.”

    • Really? That’s not his duty. Our duty is to help him. And not behave like fools or give the media fodder to attack him as that idiot Spencer did. Now he has to spend time defending himself. And it is rumored Hillary may challenge the election.

      • No, it is part of his duty not to shit all over the white people who helped put him there, or, at least, the broader normie white community that put him there, which is what he did by implication, in response to badgering by the MSM. There is no winning with those assholes — you know that. The only right answer ever is to tell them in so many words to fuck off.

        I understand Trump is not alt right, has no reason to defend Spencer much less Nazi symbolism. BUT, he also has no reason to play to the SPLC/MSM’s fiddle. Trump issued to a tepid statement denouncing racism after the NPI conference. He should have left it at that, then told to the NYT to quit bringing up distractions.

    • Who’s “us”? In Trump’s eyes, these are actual nazis. They were never part of any “us” that Trump was ever with. Come on.

  20. Trump is waffling so much since his election, he’s not going to have Bonnie Clinton prosecuted after saying she should be locked up, Obama care is probably going to be okay, the Wall may be Jerichoed.
    Trump may be taking over Waffle House.

  21. Have to keep focused on work, but what the hell, I’ll jump in:

    Did Trump “cuck” when he disavowed David Duke? No.

    Did Trump “cuck” when he disavowed the Muslim ban? No.

    Did Trump “cuck” when he settled the Trump U case for 25 million dollars? No.

    It’s called winning. Trump can disavow me all he wants; we are winning.

    Perhaps HW wants to play up this false divide between Trump and ourselves in order to amplify the deception. So be it. I will tell you that even if Spencer is awkward or Controlled Opposition, (he was banned from Twitter to amplify his conference and days later his message was blasted across global media… curious) he just shifted the fire of the Jews onto us and away from Trump. Trump is free to act. We only grow stronger when attacked.

    It is a win win win all around. The only unhappy people are autistes and Jews. And I have long been a critic of Spencer and the “alt right” as many of you know. But remember – Plans within Plans!

    • 1.) Trump avowed the black community. He promised a New Deal for Black America.

      2.) Trump avowed the Hispanic community. He said he would be great for Hispanics.

      3.) Trump avowed the LGBTQ community. He even praised them at the convention in his speech. He stood on stage and waved the Rainbow flag. That was unprecedented.

      4.) Trump avowed the Jewish community. He vowed to tear up the Iran deal and move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

      Trump didn’t say one time he would do anything for the White community. His instinct is clearly to disavow pro-White leaders. He disavowed Duke, Spencer, and Johnson and beyond that he disavowed the Alt-Right as a whole.

      • Are we winning? Short term and long term?

        Do you want Trump to be explicitly pro-white, or are you content with civic nationalist rhetoric?

        What will make you happy with Trump?

      • I would love someone to put the following sort of question to Trump.

        “There is only one group of people in America that can be attacked with complete impunity: whites. Whites are prevented from defending themselves against the accusations made against them on the grounds that they have “privilege.” President Trump, whites – particularly whites who try to defend themselves – have been your loyalist supporters from the beginning. Isn’t it time to say that attacking white people is wrong?”

      • Hunter:

        Yes, Trump does the customary lip service to African-Americans, Latin Hispanic-Americans, Asian-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Native-Americans, LGBTQ-Americans, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum. Hyphenates all of them who he singles out.

        When Trump talks about putting America first and putting in policies that benefit Americans, he is talking about Whites, the Non-Hyphenates. That’s why his Democrat opponents mocked his Make America Great Again meme with their Make America White Again meme. Because America was great when it was White. Trump was old enough to remember this.

        Sorry, but I cannot defend Spencer. In fact, I am annoyed with him. We had only sixty days before Trump would be inaugurated and Spencer couldn’t just kick back, focus on having Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner and work on his New Years resolutions until AFTER the inauguration was over and the transition had been completed?

        If he’s not a government agent provocateur, he’s an idiot. This is incredibly bad timing on his part. Why can’t White Nationalists resist having Neo Nutzi Eruptions? Good God.

  22. It’s just a throw away line.

    No problem.

    I’m not going to get a cabinet position.

    If Donald Trump orders Jeff Sessions to kick in my door and confiscate my politically incorrect books written by Kipling and William Shakespeare, then I’ll be upset.

    I recommend.

    No Butt showing.

  23. I’m a little surprised you are the same person who wrote this recently:

    “The primary difference between the Alt-Right and Steve Bannon is that he is a lot more idealistic about the prospects of nationalism and populism. Bannon and Trump’s instinct is to appeal to everyone – blacks, homosexuals, Hispanics, Jews, Asians – and include them and bring them into the fold. This is what Trump has repeatedly done throughout the campaign. It was Bannon’s idea to campaign in Flint, Michigan.”

    Trump, like Bannon, is not Alt-Right. We know that. You know that. He’s at best a fellow traveler on certain issues near and dear to us – but that’s it.

      • I don’t understand what you mean. He is different. He is not alt-right. As a candidate, as far as I know, he ignored the stories connecting him to the alt-right. He was just elected POTUS. If he did anything other than disavow the alt-right after Spencer’s stunt it would be shocking. He may have anyway, even without Spencer’s stunt, but the timing was very bad.

      • He probably is different. Notice that it took an association with ‘actual Nazis’ to get him to denounce the alt right.

  24. Its not about Trump.

    And that;s why you don’t ever put your reliance on a politician. Keep fighting. Don’t put your faith in Trump,

    • That’s exactly right! We should not put our faith in a man who supports affirmative action and miscegenation. We need real heroes, not fake ones!

  25. Richard Spencer really did a serious F#*$#@ reading from a Hollywood script about evil Nazis when he closed with a

    Hail Trump!

    And audience members gave the Nazi Fascist salute.

    What a dumb as*

  26. As I said earlier today, alcohol fueled Nazi salutes, are childish. Poor David Duke got into costumes while he was at LSU, and is still trying to live it down. Spencer is old enough to know better, a lot older than Duke when Duke was playing dress up.

    • Yes, agreed.

      I would prefer that Richard Spencer dress up in women’s underwear and do a pimp and drag queen party rather than close NPI conference with


      NAZI Fascist salutes.

      That was embarrassing.

  27. So let me get this straight. Moslems blow things up and we have to look for root causes. White people make an arm gesture and must be condemned and silenced. BTW why didn’t anyone ask Hillary Clinton to condemn Lena Dunham for saying white men need to go extinct? To ask the question is to answer it.

    • “So let me get this straight. Moslems blow things up and we have to look for root causes. White people make an arm gesture and must be condemned and silenced. ”

      I respond:

      Because intelligent White Americans are held at a higher standard than these low life Islamists.

      We shouldn’t be doing extremely STUPID things like butt showing, ending NPI conferences with


      And having the audience doing siege heil Nazi fascist salutes.


      Sometimes I think our people live their lives reading from a bad Jew Hollywood script.

      This is embarrassing.

  28. Even Obammy had to disavow Jeremiah Wright, publicly anyway, when Wright got too negro for Obammy to ignore. The wind is in our sails here. We have our enemies on the run. And even though we may agree with Spencer, he overplayed his hand. Trump had no choice. Spencer needs to bide his time and let’s insinuate ourselves more into the mainstream before we do this. Let’s let the Left hand us more allies. Our day is coming but we have to be smart about this.

      • Don’t remember the actual verbiage of Pres. Purple Lips’s disavowal but I don’t doubt that it was typically weak and tepid. Be that as it may, Spencer put Trump in an untenable position at a time when we should be amassing more soldiers for our cause. We are trying to de-program Normies, and Roman salutes don’t do anything to help us.

      • I know a couple of the people who saluted. They are not Jews. The issue, though, is not what people did in the audience, which was quite predictable, but the fact that Spencer ended a perfectly good speech with “Hail Trump . . . Hail Victory.” That alone was stupid and larpy and total brand suicide for NPI. That would have been true even if he had not raised his empty liquor glass and people in the audience had not (predictably) saluted.

        • It’s a predictable outcome of insisting that Alt Right be conflated with WN. If Alt Right is synonymous with WN, you’re going to get classic WN oafs, who might don a waistcoat but who cannot be house broken, so expect more of this. If Alt Right is viewed by them as a separate venture for which they’re “too pure,” they’ll stay away.

        • A call for dis-[j]unity:

          There are so many sectors and nodes in our decentralized [bowel] Movement that it is impossible to please everyone or even anyone. I wouldn’t go to the District of Congoids to yap at a banquet to Millennial urban whiggers any more than Richard Spencer would go to a cow pasture in Newton County Missouri or Arkansas or Georgia to light a cross in front of Christian Identty Klansmen. So putting any blame on those people in the Movement who are different to the point of having nothing but being White in common is an exercise in masturbation. It feels good but there is no further point to it.

          Looking at Richard Spencer’s speech I didn’t find it particularly edgy although I’m sure the jews and whiggers like to shit at his using “Hail Victory” at the end of it. I’ve been saying and writing “Hail Victory” in almost all of my communications since I got out of the NutHouse eight years ago and think more nothing of it, but I can well imagine that it is jarring to jewboys and niggers and faggots and sundry ZOGling whigger&mamzer ass-clown herd animals to hear a White primal bellow cummin’ from the throats of fashy whiggers formerly used only by Christian Identity Klansmen just as it is upsetting for sheep to suddenly hear the howls of wolves inside their own sheepfold. Richard Spencer fell prey to the moment and so did the rest and all of a sudden it seemed to all cooncerned that they suddenly without fair warning went all Dylann Storm Roof on theyz’ jewdayo-saxon asses. How the hell are they supposed to deal with their former herd animals turning feral all of a sudden and wanting to gun them down or making them pick cotton — or bagels?

          So no, I don’t blame Richard Spencer. Let Richard Spencer make his hay while the sun shines in his own pasture.

          Decentralization of our bowel Movement is a fact, a necessity, and a blessing. Rather than have one or two or a dozen racial ethnostates, far better to embrace the inevitable of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final as a Mighty Evil Empire breaking apart into a thousand or ten thousand warlord entities. I have far greater confidence that Newton County Missouri will revert back to the racial status of how things were 50 years ago and myself proscribing and texecuting the local piglice, lawyers and judges than I do in Richard Spencer becumming Gauleiter of the District of Corruption and ethnic-cleansing that particular shithole. But if he can then fine by me.

          Trump was never a White Nationalist and Trump betrayed White People in general — not us — by his wanting to find acceptance with our Establishment ZOG enemies and wanting to “make a deal.” Why should we be surprised by Trump turning chump? Maybe it is all a ruse to get into office alive and maybe Trump will allow Killary to get prosecuted after all in two months time.

          Trump getting [s]elected simply gives us a few months or two years max more time to get ready for civil war / collapse.

          Let all of us racial activists proceed separately, without hindrance, each with our own kind following us to Armageddon without bothering to poach strange whigger-flesh which probably won’t follow us anyways.

          Hail Victory!!!

          Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
          Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

        • He should have carefully thought about his words and used the traditional Anglo salute “Long Live” (Trump) instead of a term associated with you know who.

      • Spencer trying to pretend it was done “ironically,” as a way of throwing the nazi caricature back in the media’s face. I don’t know, the video of the incident look all that ironic to me, nor did Spencer’s spoken delivery of the Hails. (It didn’t even sound all that ironic in the written version, frankly.)

    • “Hail victory”? That’s straight out of the Third Reich, and then Enoch and some other clowns Roman saluted.

      Remember the election? Ban Kebab? Blood coming out of her ears? La Raza Judge? Mexican Rapists? Wisconsin primary? Pussy Gate? The first debate?

      None of this matters.

      When one is fighting for one’s children, and for one’s children’s children ad infinitum – NUNADISMATTAS!

      As I have said innumerable times, the “alt right” has its place, but is neither the path to victory, nor the victory itself. Righteousness, security for all peoples in the form of respected borders, humanity above the machines, that is the path.

      Keep guns pointed at the enemy, please.

    • I’ve listened to more than my share of drunks with a microphone in their hands. Most just don’t get to do it on national Television.

  29. Vox Day seems to have a measured take on this:

    “Optics matter. As I said, Richard is on a path to become the next David Duke, trotted out every time the media wants to discredit a Republican.

    It makes no difference at all in the grand scheme of things, of course. The reason the Alt-Right is on the rise is not due to approval by maverick politicians, or because corrupt establishment figures denounce it, but as a result of the historical trends identified by Structural Demographic Theory, which is to say, elite overproduction, popular immiseration, immigration, and the fiscal crisis of the state. Both the God-Emperor’s ascendancy and the Alt-Right are what appear to be inevitable consequences of these things; his approval or disapproval of us is as irrelevant as our approval or disapproval of him.”

    • Good share:

      It helps to have an IQ above 130.

      Do we want Trump synonymous with the “alt-right”?

      No, we actually don’t.

      Inside + Outside = Victory.

      • Yes, I think that’s right. I like the youthful exuberance and out of the box thinking of the alt-right, but sometimes the lack of experience shows.

    • “Optics matter”

      Yes, they do. Style, image, appearance, charm, confidence, bearing–these things matter. I’ve been telling Richard and his cohorts this for years. A big reason Richard gets press attention is because he looks presentable, has style, and is articulate. These things are key.

  30. There is nothing wrong with lying about your sympathies. Maybe — this is very speculative and charitable, perhaps overly so — that is what Trump is doing here.

    The globalist neo-liberal left lives and dies by outright LYING about their motivations, sympathies and plans. Barack Obama entered office in 2009 opposed same sex marriage, immediately flipped when it became the majority opinion in the nation, and is now leaving office imposing swinging dicks in little girls’ bathrooms.

    Trump got this far on his own judgment. Today was a step back, but there is no reason to right him off…yet. We need to watch the deeds.

  31. Richard has been focused on attracting young people and non-traditional attendees to NPI events.

    It should come as no surprise then that youthful antics mar the proceedings.

    How’s that “big tent” approach working out for you, Richard?

  32. You can discuss it til the cows come home, but if any of you think we’re voting our way out of this mess you’re in denial. A successful counter-Revolution is the only way.

  33. Whore Richard Spencer’s Kike “G-dfather”

    Pseudointellectual Alt-Kike faggotry-promoter Richard Spencer correctly calls his whoremaster and co-author, The Kike Gottfried, his “mentor”, “the ideological guiding light of the Alt-Right”, and “The G-dfather of the Alt-Right”.

    Whore Spencer is now desperately trying to make himself “relevant” by “dog-whistling” to the satanists, queers, otakus, neets, paganlarpers and other assorted degenerates of The Kike’s Alt-Right “lesbian protest-song” cult.


    An intellectual movement that Democrats want to use to smear Breitbart [Kikebart] and Trump.

    By [Kike] Paul Gottfried, [The Kike Horowitz] Frontpage, August 30, 2016

    ([Kike] Editor’s note: Frontpage’s recent article by Matthew Vadum, The Alt-Right is Coming! Hillary Shrieks, exposed the dishonest nature of Hillary’s and the Left’s slanderous attacks on Trump, Breitbart and the “Alt-Right,” revealing that the situation is far more complicated than their smear campaign would suggest. For instance, Clinton and leftists blame individuals such Richard Spencer for the Alt-Right, but it was [Spencer’s Kike whoremaster] Dr. Paul Gottfried, Professor Emeritus of Humanities at Elizabethtown College, who actually invented the term for the movement. Below we are publishing Gottfried’s account of the narrative to help clarify matters for our readers.)

    Last week I was reminded by a call from Associated Press that I had invented the term “Alternative Right.” When I asked about how I had accomplished that, the woman on the other end of the phone referred to a speech I had given in November 2008 in which I urged the creation of an “Alternative Right.” The same caller said that I was considered the “godfather” of what had become Altright, something that the Democratic presidential candidate would be denouncing later in the week. Thereupon I tried to explain in what modest ways I may have inspired the movement that Hillary was about to go after (namely, in a quadrennial ritual in presidential races in which the Democratic candidate accuses her GOP rival of being the second coming of Adolf Hitler).

    I pointed out that Altright authors, some of whom I knew, shared my revulsion for the neoconservatives and deplored their influence on the American Right. I also noted that Altright publicists believed that modern liberal democracies had become dangerously fixated on promoting equality; and I’ve made this observation repeatedly in my books. Finally, as someone who had published entire works on the European Right in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (and most recently a book on the career of fascism as a concept), I had provided the Altright with food for thought. This was the case, even if the writers in question didn’t bother to look at my qualifying phrases.

    Except for being a very occasional contributor to vdare, I am not exactly part of the Altright stable of writers. Recently I expressed interest in an email in writing for Breitbart, which is rumored to have some connection to Altright. Alas, I may have to wait until Hell freezes over before hearing from this website. More importantly, I couldn’t recall until a few days ago that I had spoken to fifty attendants at the H.L. Mencken Club eight years ago on the subject of the “Alternative Right.” I am president of the Mencken Club, and in November 2008 gave an inaugural address, in which I called for an “Alternative Right” to combat the high degree of neoconservative control over the intellectual Right.

    This speech may have been a rousing affair, but until someone in the national news service retrieved it a few weeks ago, I had forgotten about my oration. Although I still support the project mentioned in that speech, I’ve never had the means to bring it about. Indeed, I’ve been largely marginalized by both the entire Left and most of the Right since the late 1980s. My works (perhaps we should look at the bright side) do get read but mostly in translation in Poland, Russia, Romania and other Eastern European countries. To link me to the Altright may be more of a stretch than the person from AP was aware of.

    When she asked me whether I belonged to the Altright, I denied it. The reason was certainly not that I feared that an affirmative answer would cost me my standing as a political theorist or journalist. I have no high status to lose and am now too old to acquire one. The plain truth is I don’t have much association beyond a genealogical one and my friendship with some of its contributors to the present Altright. Some of what I see on its websites closely coincide with my views. And (no I won’t hide this) I am ideologically closer to Altright commentators than I am to the Never-Trumpers or to the contributors to most establishment Republican websites. [Whore-for-The Kike] Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Steve Sailer and John Derbyshire are all brilliant thinkers and writers, and I wouldn’t deny that I’ve benefited from their luminous insight. Next to them, such conservative intellectuals (by current media standards) as [Kike] Max Boot, Rich Lowry, the perpetually pouting [Kike] Ben Shapiro and [Kike] Jonah Goldberg read like community college drop-outs.

    Let me go further. At their best, Altright commentators offer a welcome contrast to what Peter Brimelow styles “conservatism, inc.” They are a breath of fresh air for anyone like me who occasionally forces himself to look at the centrist bilge, ostentatious beating up on Confederate symbols and the shilling for multinational corporations that I encounter on the respectable (non-right) Right. I need hardly add that next to the Never Trump crew laboring directly or indirectly to elect “crooked Hillary” as our next president, my Altright acquaintances are exemplary defenders of the American republic. And here I won’t bother to draw already meaningless distinctions between those neocons and establishment Republicans who, like [Kike] Robert Kagan, [Kike] Max Boot, Brent Scowcroft and Richard Armitage, are working actively for Hillary’s election and those who like [Kike] Bill Kristol, Guy Benson and [Kike] Eric Erickson are energetically sliming Trump whenever they can create the occasion. The two groups are hoping to produce the same results. As someone who despises his pretensions, I read with revulsion Max’s ingratiating comment to his leftist buddies: “I am literally losing sleep over Donald Trump. She would be preferable to Trump.” I trust that Max will be suffering insomnia big-time for the next eight years.

    Unfortunately there is this hitch among representatives of Altright. At least some of them show tasteless prankishness and a tendency to say outrageous things just to shock. I told AP that there are “moderates” on Altright; and they are the ones who construct the convincing arguments. Unfortunately our leftist (indeed Cultural Marxist) media are more interested in embarrassing the entire Right by quoting the nuttiest remarks made by those identified with the Altright than they are in noticing inconvenient truths. And it’s obvious to me that statements that come out of Altright, intended to unsettle blacks, Hispanics, and Jews [Kikes] (but kindly note never the gay [queer] lobby), are counterproductive. They do nothing to enhance the credibility of this oppositional force. For full disclosure: I know well perhaps the most controversial member of this group, Richard Spencer, and once enjoyed a close personal relation with him. Richard has a charismatic presence, in contrast to the nebbishes for Hillary; and he possesses the self-confidence of a genuine leader. I fully share his contemptuous attitude toward multicultural totalitarianism, and unlike conservatism inc. Richard is fearless in going after our self-appointed thought censors. But I wish Richard would think more often before he blurts out reckless indiscretions. [But Whore Spencer is now desperately trying to make himself “relevant” by “dog-whistling” to the satanists, queers, otakus, neets, paganlarpers and other assorted degenerates of The Kike’s Alt-Right “lesbian protest-song” cult.] Shocking one’s listener has its limits, certainly in terms of traditional standards of taste. There is merit in what the Delphic Oracle taught: “Nothing in excess.”

    Admittedly black race hustlers and feminists say far more horrible things than Richard, and they get away with them. But the first thing that a serious Right must learn is that it’s not competing on a level playing field. What Trump describes as the “lying, crooked” media have been fixing the field to their advantage for decades. The clients of the multicultural Left can hurl obscenities at white people and burn America flags and have their misdeeds hidden or excused. The other side, very broadly understood, will be tarred with charges of bigotry, no matter how obsequiously it “reaches out.” This unfortunately is the way things are, and those in Altright with loose tongues who enjoy shocking should at least recognize that they will never be in a position of power or influence unless they practice verbal restraint. And even if they learn to do that, they will still have a long row to hoe.

    On a more optimistic note: the beginnings of an effective post-neoconservative Right may be taking shape in the form of the Trump movement [that is still rancid with Kikes and Neocons and queers]. At least some of the neoconservative camp has split off from the center to join with the Old Right, younger West Coast [Kike] Straussians, paleolibertarians and the Altright to support Trump’s candidacy. This is the most promising attempt to create a post-neoconservative Right that I have seen since being exiled from the conservative movement eons ago. I’ve no idea whether the center will hold in what is still a loose, ad hoc alliance. But I welcome its emergence in the last few months. Often in politics, it’s the enemy that unites, and in this case those whom circumstances have brought together, have chosen their adversaries well. They are facing with very limited resources, the ultimate traitors to the Right and to an America that should be spared Hillary’s picks for federal judgeships and her refusal to fight specifically Muslim terrorists.

    Postscript: The shamelessness with which the establishment plays the “prejudice” card was on display again Saturday morning, when we were greeted with new evidence that Donald Trump is a prejudiced candidate. It seems that Trump’s campaign manager Steve Bannon may (or may not) have said, depending on whether one believes his former wife, that the Jewish [kike] kids at the private school that their daughter attended were “whiney brats.” Is this supposed to prove a Nazi mentality? Really! My Israeli son-in-law has said worse things about my grandchildren’s classmates. This latest charge of bigotry hurled at Trump by the biased media, including (to their shame) the establishment GOP Fox-news webpage, was clearly generated to divert attention from Hillary’s ongoing scandals.


    Paul Gottfried is Raffensperger Professor of Humanities Emeritus at Elizabethtown College, where he taught for twenty-five years. He is a [Kike] Guggenheim recipient and a Yale PhD. He writes for many websites and scholarly journals and is the author of thirteen books, most recently Fascism: Career of a Concept. His books have been translated into multiple languages and seem to enjoy special success in Eastern Europe. Gottfried is the founder and current president of the H.L. Mencken Club, an organization for independent-minded intellectuals [sic] of the Right that meets annually near Baltimore.)

    • If Gottfried once influenced Spencer, there’s no evidence that Spencer is receiving ongoing guidance from him. Gottfried wouldn’t be caught dead saying the things Spencer said in this recent speech.

  34. Relax. Putin Orban and lot of other folk cucked many times before they entrenched so that they felt safe to counterattack.

    General rule for strategy is that you pick up only those battels where you have firm upper hand. When enemy attacks in the wrong place or wrong time or unexpectedly, then it,s good to retreat.

    Don,t panic because of some empty words. At the current moment Donald has more important things to do than ecourage Dylan Roof type guys.

      • Sure. But still my point is that Donald has no obligation to encourage or defend useless troublemakers. He is surrounded by cucks and traitors and first thing he must to do is fortify he,s own position.

        Those conference guys had been around decades and poved that they are pretty much useless. They can,t even form one single pro white intitution which has more members than avarage highschool birthday party.

        What kind of use get,s Donald defending those people.?

  35. He’s not even in office yet and preparing for a war with the pinko media, the last thing he needs is a neo-nazi convention strung around his neck. Of course he’s going to disavow it, he clearly remembers how they libeled him with the Duke thing and doesn’t want to repeat it. Some of you make it sound like it’s completely over, well the President isn’t dictator, and he still has 59 days to wait to even take the oath. You know congress, the globalist appointed judiciary, and especially the mass media will be waging war against everything he does every step of the way. Treason Trade Treaties will be portrayed as inviable, even common sense deportation of criminal illegal aliens will be fought tooth and nail. Wait till they go after immigrants who are a public charge, possibly a majority of the 40 million illegal aliens and target them for removal as thieves of our wealth, if he gets that far it’ll be war.

  36. The search for a 2020 candidate begins now. Not unexpected at all. Trump’s run was likely about his own ego more than anything else. At least he defeated Hillary Clinton.

  37. Remember how confident the South became in their early victories in the WBTS…stay humble and fight the good fight…the enemy has more resources and the war is long…

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