The Truth About Steve Bannon

Is Steve Bannon a White Nationalist?

No, I’ve known plenty of White Nationalists for 15 years now, and I haven’t seen anything from Steve Bannon that suggests he is a White Nationalist. White Nationalists don’t talk about “the Judeo-Christian West.” White Nationalists would never publish Ben Shapiro or Milo Yiannopoulos.

Is Steve Bannon a member of the Alt-Right?

No, Steve Bannon isn’t a member of the Alt-Right. Steve Bannon has said that he isn’t an ethnonationalist. Just as there are different types of liberals and conservatives, there are different types of nationalists. Steve Bannon has said that he isn’t an ethnonationalist. White Nationalists are racial nationalists. Southern Nationalists are ethnonationalists. Like Donald Trump, Steve Bannon is more of a civic nationalist.

What is Steve Bannon?

Steve Bannon is the most important figure in the Alt-Lite.

As I have explained here several times, the Alt-Lite is a hybrid of mainstream conservatism and the Alt-Right which began to emerge around the time of the Trayvon Martin case. It is a new middle ground which has emerged since Conservatism, Inc. lost its legitimacy and ability to police the Right. We all see Breitbart as the premier Alt-Lite website which has popularized a diluted version of our beliefs.

What do we think of Steve Bannon?

We like Steve Bannon.

We don’t agree with Steve Bannon on everything, but he is far closer to us in spirit than to the “conservatives.” He is a nationalist and a populist. He is an iconoclast who hates the conservative establishment. He is an economic nationalist. He is a proud “son of the South.” He identifies with the White working class. He thinks in global terms. It is telling that he uses the term “metrosexual” to describe the media circle jerk.

The primary difference between the Alt-Right and Steve Bannon is that he is a lot more idealistic about the prospects of nationalism and populism. Bannon and Trump’s instinct is to appeal to everyone – blacks, homosexuals, Hispanics, Jews, Asians – and include them and bring them into the fold. This is what Trump has repeatedly done throughout the campaign. It was Bannon’s idea to campaign in Flint, Michigan.

In our view, Bannon is a bit naive about this issue. It didn’t come as surprise to us when he was betrayed by Ben Shapiro, Kurt Bardella, Michelle Fields and her boyfriend Jamie Weinstein. Bannon has gone out of his way to include Jews. He is very pro-Israel, but this hasn’t stopped the attacks from the ADL and the SPLC. He is now a victim of a #LyingPress witch hunt and he is smart enough to know who are the ringleaders.

Steve Bannon isn’t one of us, but he isn’t an enemy either. He has gone out of his way to stick up for the Deplorables. If politics is about friend vs. enemy, then we definitely count Steve Bannon as a friend. He is on the side of the national populist revolution. His enemies are our enemies.


  1. Re your complaint that the alt-right has no social media platform of its own: There’s, Buonocoursi. But you can’t use it because it’s only for cool people like me, the Cap’n and Miss Denise.

    Re your comments about Saddam Hussein: You obviously know NOTHING about Arab nationalism.

    Re your tirade about Poland: Silence, fool.

  2. Ruled Iraq for 24 years. Fought major war against Iran, bombed Israel with Scuds, survived first assault by the US, taken down and hanged in the sequel. EPIC. He’s destined to be an Arab folk hero.

  3. Re your usual inability to hit your target: It was not I who complained about the recent exclusion of alt-righters from Twitter. The complainers were Richard Spencer, in a video that was posted at Alternative Right, and Mr. Wallace, our host here, with his recent blog entry to the effect that the government should nationalize “monopolies” such as Facebook and Twitter. I personally could hardly care less about so-called social media.

    If you think my statements about Saddam Hussein and about Poland were inaccurate, you should elaborate.

  4. In Michigan, whence hailed the members of Grand Funk, there’s Grand Trunk Western Railroad, an American subsidiary of the Canadian system into which the Grand Trunk Railway was folded. The band’s name–Grand Funk Railroad–employed the Americanism, “railroad,” not the British “railway.”

  5. All of what you’ve said adds up to nothing. Okay–Hussein ruled Iraq for quite some time. That doesn’t mean Iraq itself was anything other than a petroleum state, as I called it. In fact, economic activity, as Hussein understood it, seemed to consist entirely of trying to seize neighbors’ oil fields (in Khuzestan in Iran, then in Kuwait).

    Bombed Israel with Scuds. That’s what I said: He was stupid enough to threaten Israel. Those Scud attacks were his pathetic attempt to preserve his dignity in–and to draw Israel into–a war in which he was clobbered. Yes–the politics of the region meant that the U.S. refrained from going into Iraq at the war’s end and toppling him right then and there; but for another decade-plus, until the second Gulf War, he was kept pinned down, with the no-fly zone and with the very sanctions that the original commenter, Andrea Ostrov Letania, was referring to in her post above.

    Destined to be an Arab folk hero. That pretty much confirms what I said.

  6. What you’ve said adds up to nothing. Okay–Hussein ruled Iraq for quite some time. That doesn’t mean Iraq itself was anything other than a petroleum state, as I called it. In fact, economic activity, as Hussein understood it, seemed to consist entirely of trying to seize neighbors’ oil fields (in Iran’s Khuzestan, then in Kuwait).

    Fought major war against Iran. That this “major war” lasted about eight years, when America’s effort to destroy Hussein’s military, in the First Gulf War, lasted less than seven months (five-and-a-half of which involved moving the U.S. force into position), tells us all we need to know about the might of both Iraq and Iran.

    Bombed Israel with Scuds. That’s what I said: He was stupid enough to threaten Israel. Those Scud attacks were his pathetic attempt to preserve his dignity in–and to draw Israel into–a war in which he was clobbered. Yes–the politics of the region meant that the U.S. refrained from going into Iraq at the war’s end and toppling him right then and there; but for another decade-plus, until the second Gulf War, he was kept pinned down, with the no-fly zone and with the very sanctions that the original commenter, Andrea Ostrov Letania, was referring to in her post above.

    Destined to be an Arab folk hero. That pretty much confirms what I said.

  7. It’s so odd an individual would attack you. You’ve worked ethnonationalism into a perfectly moral position, as opposed to global proletariat slavery that the “Left” dreams of. I mean who wants to be a slave?

    I think Trump has begun to awaken the world to how European colonialism is no longer the threat. The threat today is cosmopolitan globalism.

    The “Alt Right” at times enters questionable moral territory, but I’ve always been a moral ethnonationalist. And I favour a degree of eugenics but also a degree of egalitarianism. The nuance and depth of ethnonationalism are frequently lost…

    For example, in a capitalist society, a leach or small group might thrive that isn’t “superior”. And a stronger society might result from a large middle class (and from monogamy), so the societal unit itself becomes significant. Recently the abortion debate is taking place again, and I rather prefer the pro-life side.

    Anyway, true global utopia would perhaps be possible were ethnonationalists to come to power and agree to stable borders. Some areas would be cosmopolitan. It’s likely the most realistic utopian vision, and it’s more achievable than is globalism.

  8. We have more time to raise children, build sustainable small farms, set up home schooling, and wake up more whites.

    And with luck, California will secede, and we won’t all end up in Stalin camps.

    I’m totally a collectivist though. It’s the Left that champions individualism separated from ethnic and religious roots. They atomise us into a cosmopolitan proletariat, and then they enslave us.

  9. I think the call to nationalise twitter was an attempt to troll.

    You have to remember, Richard Spencer isn’t the philosopher king of the Alt Right; he’s the philosopher troll-king of the Alt Right. A lot of his posts seem to be intentional trolling. They’ve internalised the 4chan spirit.

    And I don’t really follow him. I did follow him on twitter for like 2 days. I don’t follow anyone, usually no time.

    Ah, you’re right to bring up the need for a fb/twitter. I would say the reason we have nothing like that is due to current weakness of the white race. Also, I think at least FB had government aid early on didn’t it? I haven’t visited, though I did know about it. So, I couldn’t say whether it is rightly done.

    Regarding Iraq: Yes, to a degree Saddam should have realised how powerful Israel is.

    Regarding Poland: That sounds like nonsense. I don’t claim to know Poland’s history though.

  10. Jews are powerful today, but their power relies on European power which is declining, especially in the US.

    It’s unlikely any other race would make as good servants as whites have. Maybe Jews could use India to attack their enemies, but I kinda expect Israel will collapse when the US and Europe collapse. And then there’ll be this great shock, and China won’t care to help Jews.

    I suppose Jews expect to be welcomed into Singapore or South Korea, etc. I just don’t expect Asians to allow themselves to be so dominated.

    Whites are easy to dominate, because 1. Bible 2. We seem to be naturally very moral. So, we’re easily persuaded by moral argument.

    Consider this: Economic success and overall strength led Americans and Brits to grow weak. Well, the same seems to be happening to Jews. Israel is too tiny to survive on its own, and there doesn’t appear to be a real strategy for the long term. Nonwhites in Europe and the US tend to be anti-Semitic.

    Talk with English, they’re arrogant, vain. Jews have become the same. It’s a sign of disease. Jews have become weak like the English, and I’m English-descended, so I’m not making some condescending remark.

    Talk with folks even here, many are diseased with ideological capitalism, the Enlightenment. I expect a similar fate has befallen Jews. It’s a sign of disease. You have but to look at the English to learn what not to become.

  11. I seriously doubt that Steve Bannon is any sort of WN or anti-semite, since Breitbart is as bad as any other outlet for banning or censoring the JQ or criticism of Israel. Breitbart just seems like another arm of Conservatism inc. to me. What’s the difference?

  12. I find it disgraceful that an American leader, or advisor to one, must demonstrate fealty to a tiny, parasitical state halfway around the world which ethnically-cleanses another people. The tail wags the dog.

  13. No, you are a not a collectivist. Your definition is wrong. Collectivism is FORCED group thinking and coercion. Real Conservatives and Constitutional Traditionalist/Nationalists are certainly on the individualist side.

    No offense meant to you.

  14. None taken, though I’m frequently offensive to others when talking politics haha.

    I like your definition of “individualism” then.

  15. Dear Mr. Besarab,
    Are you of a family, as your name implies, from the now largely extinct Jewish culture in the area of modern Romania-Moldavia-Hungary-Ukraine?

    And, if you are, are you an observant Jew?

  16. Well, you are very right, Mr. Weaver about how carefully Mr. Griffin has weaved his thinking.

    That said, I don’t think you ought be surprised by his being attackt, as there are tens of millions of people in the 50 states, including in Dixie, who would attack him, for his point of view.

    How do I know this?

    Because my views are pretty similar to his, and I am oft ‘attackt.’

    Anyway, all the best to you!

  17. That’s a very interesting comment, John.

    While I know my Polish friends would take strenuous objections to your premise, it’s interesting that you feel called to assert it.

    Be well, and remember mass – the ultimate psychotropick…

  18. Dear Miss Ostrania,

    Thank you for your interesting comment.

    One thing that is interesting, of many things in your comment, is how you speak of Whites – and the universality which that term conveys to many disparate cultures.

    Concerning the state of culture, these days, I think it has, at it’s basis, the fact that Jews, in an oddly incestuous relationship with the New England Government liberal establishment, have held the reins of the media for a long time.

    Fortunately, the internet has ebbed that quite a bit.

    Perhaps Mr. Griffin’s idea of ‘nationalizing the media’ is a good one; though, as a Tarheel Confederate, I am loathe to have the Yankee Government in control of anything, when, in fact, they are the co-conspirators in this mess.

    Thank you, again.

  19. You’re right. He’d be attacked for just the symbols of the South.

    I just mean to highlight how sometimes the Far Right, or whatever name you ascribe it, enters morally questionable territory. It appears truly deplorable. This is why, I imagine, Derek Black rejected the Right. (He might have rejected it for a totally different reason of course.)

    But Hunter Wallace creates an appealing ethnonationalism – a positive, moral spirit that is potentially attractive to most people.

    Just to add: The paleoconservatives have at times said some very extreme things. Pat Buchanan for example. And yet, they’re somewhat respectable. When Pat says “blood and soil”, most readers presumably don’t realise how truly extreme that is. Even in the past, before he came out of the closet with his Death of West, Pat would add in “blood and soil”. Nevertheless, everyone knows Pat is a nice guy, so he has friends even among the Left. Also, Sam Francis was relatively widely respected.

    Anyway, I hope at some point people get that ethnonationalists are not inherently a force deserving opposition. We can be a force for good that’s respected even if disagreed with – just as Americans respect libertarians and Greens.

  20. Here’s an interesting bit about Bannon:

    From this, he wants to create a new economic paradigm which triangulates against both crony capitalism and neo-Randian libertarianism.

    Which is fine by me. While those two schools of thought have plenty of differences with each other, they also draw political energy off of the unpopular distasteful elements of the other. And most importantly, neither one can punch through nationally.

  21. With my own Polish friends, Junius, I’ve never broached the subject. Some years ago, as I was researching Polish history, the conclusion seemed to be looking me in the face. It was, in a word, stark.

    Years ago, in a biography of Ralph Modjeski, the Polish engineer, I read that Helena Modjeska, Modjeski’s mother, had once written, in his childhood, that he was “as studious as a rabbi”–or something like that. To my Polish-born friend who’d translated the biography into English, I remarked that that suggested Modjeski was Jewish. Maybe you won’t be surprised to hear that my friend reacted as if I’d suggested Modjeski had had purple hair.

    Below, for the record, are photographs of Modjeski and his mother, who, as maybe you know, was a celebrated actress. Under construction, below them, in 1925, is Modjeski’s Benjamin Franklin Bridge, which connects my own Philadelphia with Camden, New Jersey.

  22. That question–whether Jews, in killing off whites, would be killing off their best servants–is one that seems to have been around for some time, in white nationalist circles, Weaver. About the only thing I’d say is that I’d never count the Jews out: maybe they figure they can get whites down to a good size, large enough to be useful, small enough to be harmless. I don’t know.

    Personally, I’ve never seen the bad qualities you see in Americans or Brits. In fact, I wouldn’t say either of those groups has grown weak. They’ve been out-imagined by our Jewish friends, that’s all.

    Back in the 1990s, it must have been, a friend of mine was greeted by a young Japanese woman as follows:

    “I am Susuki-san. I am for the environment and human rights.”

    Susuki-san was letting my said friend, a white man, into a Tokyo apartment building, whither he’d come for a birthday party, I think, for another young Japanese woman, one who worked in his office. This was at a large American insurance company, which had stationed him in its Tokyo office, and it was obvious Susuki-san wanted to impress him with the fact that she was up-to-date on things liberal. (Evidently, she assumed that my friend, as an American of some rank with respect to her, would find that commendable.)

    When my friend got up to the apartment of the woman whose party it was, he saw, on a bookshelf, a book or two about the holocaust, and he soon learned that the boyfriend of the birthday girl was Jewish. This is my rough memory of what he relayed to me.

    Years ago, I read a piece in which John Derbyshire spoke of the persons he’d seen in China while he was living there, decades ago now, when the Communist government was first letting Westerners in. He said they were all German and Jewish, I think.

    In short, I’d say the Jews are trying to work their magic on the Asian peoples, just as they’ve worked it on whites. Whether they’ll succeed, neither you nor I can know, of course; but as I’ve said, I’d never count them out.

  23. Should you ever research Poland’s history, as did I some years ago, Weaver, you’ll be able to assess my report of it. Among Americans who give attention to international activity and thus to the history that underlies it, very few without Polish background, I’d guess, are aware what Poland’s size and importance were centuries ago. That grandeur, I would say again, came and went with the Jews.

    In mentioning the possibility of social media not inhospitable to alt-righters, I wasn’t making a suggestion. I was simply pointing out that, as you say, any difficulties that alt-righters are having with access to social media are a result of white weakness. The weakness is what alt-righters should be trying to understand–and to remedy. Obviously, the complaints about the difficulties didn’t strike me as trolling, as they seem to have struck you. They seemed to me to be genuine–and thus wrongheaded.

    For the record, I’ll sign off with what seems to be called “The Polish Rider” and seems generally to be attributed to Rembrandt, though my impression is that neither the subject of the painting nor the identity of the person who created it is certain …

  24. The US conducted a war against Hussein from the start of Desert storm in early nineties to the early naughties. A ten year war at minimum.

  25. It does seems like something the Chinese would be disinclined to acknowledge publicly, though I imagine a conversation among themselves on the subject could become impossible to keep quiet. Maybe a quarter of a century ago, I read about a book that was then circulating in Japan–a Japanese book, that is, by a Japanese author. It was called “Understand the Jews, and You Will Understand the World.” Never again did I see a reference to it. Maybe I’ll Google it at some point, see if I can find out what happened to it.

  26. I couldn’t agree more about focusing on remedying white weakness.

    While I praise Dr. MacDonald, I dislike how Jews are blamed for our decline. Survival generally requires a struggle, and a decline suggests we need to adapt. I would like for an alt-Facebook to arise that is mainstream but abiding by a libertarian respect for free speech, privacy, and free will (no attempt to influence). Such is best for us. Someone might say, “Why not seek to wield such power?” But in this hostile environment, it is best to pursue neutrality. Also, I actually dislike manipulation where possible to avoid it. So, to some degree, I’m a classical liberal myself, though I also hate the ideology.

    However, note that my ideology also serves my interests. And people tend to advocate for, even believe in, ideologies that serve their interests. So, even though I am being honest here, one shouldn’t believe me to be honest unless perhaps familiar with my character from over the years. I just say that, bc I think we whites tend to be naive.

    Anyway, regarding trolling, one can both be sincere and a troll at the same time. Clearly twitter/fb bias threatens our interests, so it makes sense to raise a fuss over that bias. The solution isn’t as important as drawing attention to the threat.

    Similarly, I can condemn capitalism and even to a degree support a socialist athwart some aspect of capitalism, but it would obviously be against my interests to have actual socialism.

    So, you shouldn’t expect Richard Spencer or any of the others want what they say they want. They openly troll and post light hearted jokes, and that’s probably the right spirit. It’s similar to how Jews like to mock Nazis as an ideal enemy of theirs and also mock political opponents.

    Now, it could be that Spencer etc. believe at some level that they want twitter nationalised. But I expect he’s reasonable enough to not take the matter seriously.

    This is how politics works though. You have to be part fox, not only part lion. Head of a fox, body of a lion, heart of a snake. A chimera. And I’m not saying I like this ideal. Partly why some of us are drawn to people like Machiavelli and Burnham is they tell the harsh truths.

    My ideal is to have a little nation state that minds its business and just endures, doesn’t fall to genetic engineering. And that’s the honest truth. I’d rather focus on discerning the beauty of Celtic and Nordic art, studying archaeology to learn of our roots. Also, I like Japanese gardens. And the ideal of natural, healthy architecture, other related things. So, it’s not that I wish some horrible thing.

    I just believe we need to grow strong enough to survive, and clearly we’re not yet strong enough.

    On Poland, I hope to one day learn the history.

  27. Not only would I agree with that, Cap’n. I mentioned it. It doesn’t undo my statement that Hussein had no sense of his situation. Had he stayed in line, cognizant of Iraq’s weakness with respect to Israel and the U.S., he might have lived to a good old age and died peacefully, in his sleep. As it was, he invited his destruction, which, yes, because of the region’s complicated politics, was some time in arriving—but arrive it did.

    Maybe at YouTube you’ll be able to find video—old video, obviously—of an interview of Hussein by Diane Sawyer, I think it was. At one point, when Sawyer mentioned Iraq’s harsh punishments for persons who criticized him, Hussein replied, ingenuously, that America must have similar laws, for persons who criticize its president. Any competent schoolboy of a Westernized place such as Hong Kong would have known better than that, I’d think. Saddam Hussein, who, as far as I know, never traveled outside the Arab world, had no idea of the world in which he was trying to exercise power.

  28. I thought that until I saw how well Clinton did with Blacks. Clinton had the support of both Blacks and Zionists.

  29. Clinton was able to role in Black support during the primary in a way that surprised me. Until that, I basically would have agreed with you. Clinton of course has a lot of support from the most powerful Jews.

  30. Basarab is a Gentile name, however I do have some Jewish ancestry on my father’s mother’s side. In order to be observant, I’d first have to be halachically Jewish, which would require a conversion. That won’t happen because I’m pretty hardened in my view that Abrahamic religion is man made.

  31. Enjoyed your comments, Weaver. In case you haven’t seen Spencer’s video, I’ll post, below, a link to “Twitter is Literally Hitler,” the Alternative Right entry where it showed up. You’ll be able to decide for yourself whether Spencer is trolling, or merely drawing attention to the threat, or, as it seemed to me, whining. I’ll post, too, a link to “Free Speech vs. the Capitalists,” which has appeared today, November 22, at Spencer’s Radix Journal. Should you read that, you’ll understand why I, in response to it, posted there, at Radix, the following comment:

    “You’re attacking the problem pretty far downstream, Mr. Olson. If, say, a white woman had been more interested in marrying Carl Victor Page, Ph.D., than in marrying a quarterback, of any race, then maybe the mother of Google founder Larry Page wouldn’t be a Jewess. Maybe, that is, whites wouldn’t be in the desperate situation from which you hope to extract them by violating property. Maybe, that is, whites wouldn’t be about to perish, as the mindless generally do.”

    Here are the links:

  32. Thanks, I’ll try to watch this before Thanksgiving.

    Miscegenation happens from proximity though. Similarly, Sparta could only preserve its distinct culture, and Russia its distinct peasant tradition, by avoiding the outside world.

    Dr. Fleming has noted that the individualism of WASPs leaves us vulnerable to outside cultural forces. We can’t be expected to defend from all things, and we lack groups which could each specialise in an area to help defend from a hostile world. For example, championing values against miscegenation.

    Jews however are very group-oriented. They have their rabbi-class to guide and protect them. We Christians have nothing like that. We have churches, but they aren’t exclusively ours.

    My belief is the Jew is the natural master of the Englishman, that the Englishman is on the whole inferior to the Jew; because the Jew has a rabbi-class. And unless the Englishman acquires leaders of his own, he will never be able to self-rule.

    Englishmen like to praise Jewish IQ, but while IQ is important it is not everything. You can see how I’m not a man of the Enlightenment since I don’t revere IQ as everything. And likewise, most Englishmen don’t grasp the strength of Jewish tradition and hierarchy.

    There are plenty of smart Englishmen, so I think I win the argument against Enlightenment here.

    Government violating property isn’t a big deal to me considering the situation we’re in today, meaning I’m somewhat open to like Bernie Sanders, for example, were he to call for some nationalising. Richard Weaver defended property as one of the last sacred rights among the moderns, but I tend to just focus on achieving objectives. I’m perhaps then a prudent reactionary rather than a conservative.

    At the same time though, I don’t really expect Bernie’s, or any other’s, revolution to turn out in our favour. It’s much easier to destroy rather than to preserve. To put another way: We have billions in the world with little property who would love to move to the US. More reasonably: We have millions in Central and South America who could move here. And we have a lot to lose.

    Nevertheless, our future is dire, so I’m actually somewhat in favour of government-looting the billionaire class, even if such puts us at risk of being looted ourselves. It’s the slow boiling frog in a pot argument: We’re dead if sitting in this pot for much longer.

    My point is just that I can sympathise with wanting to challenge twitter’s property. Anyway, I’ll be sure to watch the videos.

  33. Please don’t feel obliged to watch that video, Weaver. I linked it for you only on the chance you’d be interested in it. In speaking about a white woman who would be more inclined to marry a quarterback than she would a man like Larry Page’s father, I wasn’t speaking mainly about miscegenation, though I threw that in. I was simply talking about that sort of American ideal: the quarterback as man’s man. Imagining a Jewish girl as a football groupie is like imagining a four-dimensional object: It really can’t be done. That’s why I said that to attempt to remedy our situation via raids on property is to attack the problem downstream. No matter the short-term benefits of such raids, our situation would remain dire, as you say, because the morning after the raids, white women would still be football groupies–and Jewish women would not. Any effective remedy to our problems will be applied upstream, where lie the ideals that produce white mindlessness.

    Anyway–Happy Thanksgiving. I always enjoy our exchanges.

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