(((Their))) Plot Against America

Bret Stephens is so triggered about Trump’s talk of the global power structure:

“And now we have Donald Trump versus what Laura Ingraham calls “the globalist cabal”—the latest enemy from without, within. In a speech Thursday in West Palm Beach the GOP presidential nominee painted a picture of a “global power structure” centered around Hillary Clinton that aims to “plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty” while stepping on the necks of American workers with open borders and ruinous trade deals. …

Now he’s after the Compleat Conspiracy, the one that explains it all: the rigged election, migrant Mexican rapists, the lying New York Times, thieving hedge funds, Obama-created ISIS, political correctness, women insufficiently attractive to grope, Chinese manufacturers, the Clinton Foundation. If it isn’t voting for Donald Trump and has recently crossed an international border, it’s a problem.

It did not escape notice that Mr. Trump’s remarks smacked of darker antipathies. A reporter for the New York Times suggested that the speech “echoed anti-Semitic themes.” The Daily Stormer, which bills itself as the premier publication of the alt-right, was less delicate, praising the speech for exposing the mass media as “the lying Jewish mouthpiece of international finance and plutocracy.”

But one needn’t accuse Mr. Trump of personal animus toward Jews (there’s no evidence of it) to point out that his candidacy is manna to every Jew-hater. Anti-Semitism isn’t just an ethnic or religious prejudice. It’s a way of thinking. If you incline to believe that the world is controlled by nefarious unseen forces, you might alight on any number of suspects: Freemasons, central bankers, the British foreign office. Somehow, the ultimate culprits usually wind up being Jews. …”

There was nothing in the speech about the Jews.

In fact, Trump’s speech in West Palm Beach about the global power structure was likely written by his top aide Stephen Miller, who is Jewish himself. Still, all of this talk about globalist cabals, the global power structure, the donor class, and the nexus of hedge fund managers, international bankers and corrupt media elites who have rigged the system to their own advantage… well, let’s just say that for the country’s top journalists that arrow hits a little close to home, doesn’t it? Feeling uncomfortable much?

It almost sounds like someone is afraid of being noticed. Trump has got them all sniffing around there!

They Live, We Sleep.


  1. Unfortunately I cannot.watch video on this cheap phone,but wanted to bring this to your attention,the democratically elected Catholic president of Vietnam,diem,was assassinated 3 weeks before Kennedy,according to the well written book by Tom Mangold “the tunnels of cu chi” was because he would not escalate the violence with the Viet-Mihn who eventually became the Viet-cong,I tell you about this book because there is so much revisionism on that subject.
    I thought you should know about it,it surprised me when I read it.

  2. People who protest against “international bankers” typically prefer the gold standard.

    William Jennings Bryan and the “free silver” movement wanted to abolish the gold standard.

  3. Read my Twitter feed and decide for yourself. My previous acct was sent to the gas ovens and I suspect this current acct will soon meet the same fate.

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