Gov. Robert Bentley Doubles Down on #NeverTrump

Except my wife!

Ladies and gentlemen, the conscience of our state is speaking out again about the awfulness of Donald Trump:

“Now, Bentley says he plans to vote for “every Republican on the ticket except Trump.”

Prior to the GOP Primary election, the governor had campaigned for Ohio’s John Kasich. It was only until Trump’s candidacy became an inevitability that Bentley announced he would stand behind the Republican nominee.

“He will be the one that I support, and I will do whatever I can to help,” he said at the time.”

Weak. Phony. Corrupt. Hypocritical. Sanctimonious. Liar.

Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama is like the embodiment of the modern Republican Party. He conserved nothing – our borders, traditional marriage, his own marriage (!) – but succeeded in taking down the Confederate flag. He was panicked into doing it by the Left because he is a spineless invertebrate like virtually all conservatives.

Again, the failure theater, the grandstanding, the broken promises, the water carrying for big business and large donors, the duplicity and country club attitude, all wrapped up like a big Christmas present in moralizing and religious cant … is that not the Republican Party?

Note: Mitt Romney thinks populists might abandon the Republican Party. I hope so! I can’t stand anymore Mitt Romneys, Ted Cruzes, John Kasichs, or Robert Bentleys!

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    • One woman says something “nudged” against her ass about 25 years ago, and Trump was in a crowd standing behind her. It’s insane. But most people just read headlines, and don’t care about details. Still, Trump is more popular than Clinton. So they’ve brought out more liars with worse stories.

  1. Never Trump Republicucks keep digging a deeper hole for themselves and that’s fine with me. Boycott Down Ballot!

      • Yes.

        However, I was referring to the (((Betty Friedan))) quote that I attached to my previous comment, in which she said they sexual predator must be defended by feminists.

      • My GOP Congressman has been very quiet about Trump but I still might vote against him. He could’ve used his rather safe seat and all the mailers he sends me to promote Trump. They are all responsible for putting Ryan in a position of power.

        • Hit the traitors with rotted fruit

          Put up insulting posters

          Over pass demos

          “So and so is a liber traitor faggot”

    • Yet more proof that the “feminist” movement was never about protecting or empowering women, it was only about the jewish subversion and destruction of traditional gentile society.

  2. The fact that this cheating effeminate thing of a governor was even elected in a state like Alabama screams voter fraud, or was he? Hunter?

  3. Too true. The Republican party has nothing for most of the people they expect to vote for them. And maybe worse, they’re the party that wants to whack Social Security and Medicare, the government programs that benefit white people more (because they pay in more). I can see Paul Ryan folding Medicare into Obamacare to raise premiums on old Republican voters; I can see him means testing Social Security to finance more refugees from Africa.

    I saw a Romney quote that some Churchillian figure is needed to bring the Republican Party back together. What Trump supporter would trust anyone they put out there? I saw an old saw the other day that if you’re faced with a traitor and an enemy and you only have 2 bullets, you shoot the traitor twice. The Democrats running everything and failing and being accountable is probably better than propping up the Republican Party.

  4. It’s real sad and it’s real pathetic when the so-called “traditional, patriotic, conservative” Republicans have the same attitudes and the same worldview and same Hellary as their favorite preferred candidate to be the president as the llegal aliens in the United States from all over the world, as the jew International mobsters, as the Mohammedan/Wahabbi International mobsters, as the Chinese International mobsters, as the Mexican drug cartel mobsters, as most of whom who HATE traditional America and want to destroy the United States TOTALLY .

    Of course, NO female politician ever used the word “dick” and/or “cock” in a private conversation with another female politician or any other female, LOL. And NO female in Hollywood or in the Mainstream media ever used the word “dick” and/or “cock” in any private conversation with other females, LOL.

    Tell these politicians both male and female, and the Hollywood celebrities male and female, and the Mainstream media talking heads male and female, who are morally outraged about Trump using the word “pussy” and the expression ‘pussy grabbing” , tell them that Washington’s poliicies are responsible in large part for the massive and widespread intense and violent RAPE JIHAD in Europe and their policies are leading to the same RAPE JIHAD coming to the United States, and they couldn’t care less and they’re not the least bit morally outraged about IT. They actually ALL support RAPE JIHAD in Europe and they want the same RAPE JIHAD here in the United States. We are to have RAPE JIHAD like they have now in Europe in the United States while trying to fight and defeat the Russian in World War Three.

    They want to import millions of Muslims into the USA, they will go on Jihad here as they’re now on Jihad in Europe, arson, violence, RAPE, while we are expected to go overseas and fight the Russians, while our own cities are arsoned by Islamic Muslim immigrants as they go on arson riots in Europe all the time, and while the Islamic Jiahdists they want to bring into the United States go on all kinds of very violent Islamic Jihads, including the RAPE JIHAD — that they’re NOT morally outaged about. Just some harmelss words Trump uttered in a private conversation. Words everyone who is morally outaged have uttered a million times in their own private conversations.

    These politicians, the Hollywood celebrities, the Mainstream media, are not at all morally outraged Washington owns-and-controls the Islamic Jihadist mercenary armies and uses Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra/ISIS to destroy countries and peoples who never harmed the United States [ or Israel for that matter ] and Washington’s Islamic mercenaries are SPECIFICALLY TARGETING CHRISTIANS IN THE MIDDLE EAST FOR PERSECUTION AND DEATH AND GENOCIDE AND EXTERMINATION — That they don’t find that morally repugnant, they actually SUPPORT The Extermination of Christians in the Middle East, a people who NEVER did any harm to us Americans, or to Israel. A people, a Christian people who have NOTHING to do with 9/11 or any terrorism period. Fuck the politicians, Hollywood, the Mainstream media, and their phony faces and dirty filthy lies and their fake “morality”.

    None of them , NOT ONE, in Washington, in Hollywood, in the Mainstream media, NONE of them were morally outraged when Obama invited Mexican drug cartel mobsters and criminals into the United States and gave the Mexican drug mobsters tons of weapons and guns, “Operation Fast and Furious”. NO moral outrage about that, filthy, dirty, lying bastards.

  5. Bentley is on his second terms as governor and can not be governor again so he can preach his hatred of real Americans.

  6. Ok

    But at least this Alabama GOP governor never talked about having sex with a woman…

    No when you are a boot licking arse kissing di** sucking faggot like this guy, you don t talk or even think about sex with a woman.


  7. … is that not the Republican Party?

    Pretty much.

    That Bentley fellow doesn’t seem all that bad. He seems like a caring man who doesn’t treat women badly.

    You’d kiss me? I love that. You know I do love that. You know what? When I stand behind you and I put my arms around you, and I put my hands on your breasts, and I put my hands on you and pull you in real close. Hey, I love that, too.

    Of course, considering he’s not talking to his wife here, I’m sure some women might not agree.

  8. This douchebag sounds like the Governor of my state, Bruce Rauner, and Senator Mark Kirk. Empty suit stuffed shirts, who conserved nothing, and accomplished nothing positive.

  9. There are still a lot of gullible whites who think this kind of guy is great. Dressing a certain way and adopting a certain tone in speaking and forever posturing as some sort of moral symbol is like alcohol to these types in its affect.

    It will be at least another twenty years before enough of these types are dead and buried and we can finally get some real work done in these areas.

  10. Hillary supporters just firebombed a Trump campaign office in North Carolina. Of course the filthy dirty liars in the Mainstream Media will NEVER feature the bombing on their news. Let’s see if if this Governor Bentley says anything about the bombing of a Trump campaign office. “Council of Conservative Citizens” website has more about the bombing.

    Trump saying the word “pussy” and using the expression “pussy grabbing” is morally repugnant . Firebombing the office of a presidential candidate you happen to disagree with is not morally repugnant, is the epitome of Liberty and Upright Morality and an example of Free Speech and everything Constitutional and Bill of Rights, as per all the phonies and all the lairs and all the very violent criminals that comprise Hillary supporters. NOT ONE Hillary supporter in Washington, in Hollywood, in the Mainstream media news, in Corporate America, NOT ONE Hillary supporter anywhere, will ever mention that Hillary supporters firebombed a Trump campaign office.

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