Boycott The #NeverTrump Downballot

Enough is enough:

In 2012, millions of Trump supporters held their nose and voted for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Now that Trump is the Republican nominee, the Republican establishment voters – the Ryan-Kasich-Romney wing – are splitting their tickets and refusing to vote for Trump in the hope that Hillary will win and they will hang on to their own power.

Their calculation is that you are stupid enough to vote for the #NeverTrump downballot … for war-mongering, open borders, free-trading globalists like John McCain, Paul Ryan and Kelly Ayotte, who Donald Trump was talking into endorsing in the name of party unity, but all of whom have since publicly stabbed him in the back.

Send these people a message. Tell them that you are boycotting the #NeverTrump downballot. These people have never tried to save your job. Let them know you don’t care about protecting their jobs on November 8th. In the words of Paul Ryan, they need to be told “that’s not who we are.”

National Review believes outsourcing your job to a foreign country like China or Mexico is “creative destruction.” Oh, but watch how fast they squeal that doesn’t apply to us! That doesn’t apply to the #NeverTrump downballot!

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  1. @Hunter
    You said in a recent tweet: “After setting off like 50 sticks of dynamite in their own party this weekend, #NeverTrump says it is all Trump’s fault!”

    There’s an old Polish proverb:
    “The Jew cries out in pain as he dynamites your party!”

  2. YouTube: Watch Mitt Romney’s full speech: ‘Trump is a phony, a fraud’

    Inverting reality is a old Jewish tradition picked up by Romney.

  3. It’s not enough to withhold your vote from them. If you want them gone vote for their opponent. Distasteful as it may be. Think strategically.

  4. It’s never been more clear that we really have ONE PARTY in the United States, that’s why BOTH the Democrat branch of the ONE PARTY and the Republican branch of the ONE PARTY are imploding at the same time.

    Thanks to Trump the ONE PARTY with two branches is imploding Big Time and that’s a GOOD THING.

  5. People need to leave behind the idea “so and so” is one of “the good ones.” Even the best of the good ones are beholden to the leaders who are beholden to the nevertrump donors. Keep it simple, and vote against all Republicans down ballot.

    • If Trump wins and all the Republicans get voted out who is going to support him and pass legislation?
      Makes sense to get rid of the nevertrumpers and vote for those amenable to him and willing to advance his agenda or he would go down as the biggest failure in history.

  6. What in blue blazes are you people talking about, with all your blabber about “boycott down ballot?”

    I looked Paul Ryan directly in the eye, and because of that, I know he knows the deal. He just plain gets it. He understands instinctively that middle class greed hurts billionaires in need, and he has promised to do everything he can to end the middle class.

    I wouldn’t have laundered millions of dollars to his campaign coffers through several intermediaries and promised a bunch of his relatives cushy lobbying jobs with connections of mine if we didn’t have that understanding.

    • Want to buy some tablets of gold I found in my backyard, and magic glasses that enable you to read them. Also Jewish Yom Kipper Special. Magic gold box glows in dark with two gold figures on top. Make offer.

  7. I think we should make a particular Republican the symbolic target or focus of the campaign to reject the Republican down ballot. I’m thinking Kelly Ayotte. NH would be a good place for Trump supporters to send a message. She’s already on the bubble.

    • Excellent choice. She was a fraud from the beginning, using the tea partiers to gain office and then promptly flipping them off.

  8. Is Trump losing? Can we really trust polls from networks that are doing everything possible to destroy him? I guess I’m a little optimistic in part because I spent time slouching off at work all day reading the podesta Wikileaks emails. They got a staffer admitting to podesta that Hillary personally looked through and deleted emails and that same staffer said it was wrong.

  9. I’d recommend printing up some cheap fliers and then pinning them around your city to promote the boycott.

    We need to get the word out. If we can create a real boycott, the Republican Party will be finished.

      • No, you go now. You have always been an apologist for capital and finance. I remember your support for Mitt Romney four years ago.

        • No fucking option really. A smug black man trolling for 4 years? Thanks guys!

          Only silver lining about Obama was that it opened the door for a very aggressive campaign by Trump.
          Even though he’s possibly just in it for a tax cut. That’s always the suspicion with vaguely fascistic politicians.

  10. I’m pleasantly surprised that Newt Gingrich didn’t cuck out on Trump. Maybe he’s hoping for a cushy job in the Trump Administration, like White House communications director or ambassador to the UN?

    • Newt stayed openly on our side in our camp four years ago when everyone else jumped ship. That’s the maddening thing about Newt — For as much of a whack job as he can be, he’ll be loyal just when you think he won’t.

  11. I’ve been boycotting them for some time now. The GOP can’t win without us, Trump was their last chance. If Nov 9th comes with no Trump victory, we step on the accelerator, pour gas on the fire and burn this mother down on the way out.

  12. Trump has become a folk hero.

    No matter what the result is November the foundation has been shaken.

  13. In light of how the left now feels about adulterers, misogynists, and those who insult women, I think we need to reconsider giving Martin Luther King a national holiday.

    • I like Elizabeth I. She defeated the Spanish Armada and without her America would be a Spanish colony now, if other words a carbon copy of Mexico which it still might become. The movie on her was awesome.

      • Elizabeth was quite closely related to Isabella. Not as closely related as her half sister Mary but there you go.

  14. I don’t think Cernovich can be trusted even though he is right about some things. He’s a Jew, and, moreover, definitely plants disinformation and false premises within writings that otherwise contain good information. For example, in one of his MAGAx3 press releases, he casually suggested the polls are rigged through Democrat oversampling which is nonsense.

    • Possible sleight of hand with Democratic sampling. What if blacks AKA black democrats are over sampled? It’s quite likely. No one would think to look.

    • ‘For example, in one of his MAGAx3 press releases, he casually suggested the polls are rigged through Democrat oversampling which is nonsense.’

      They often are.

  15. REPORT: Top Paul Ryan Advisor Leaked Trump Sex Talk Tape to WaPo
    Jim Hoft Oct 10th, 2016 11:00 pm

    ‘There are “rumors” that Paul Ryan’s close advisor #NeverTrumper Dan Senor is behind the leaks.’

    Well, O.D. readers I thought I’d look up this fellow.


    Who is Dan Senor?

    Wiki: Daniel Samuel “Dan” Senor (/?si?n?r/; born November 6, 1971) is an American columnist, writer, and political adviser. He was chief spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and senior foreign policy adviser to U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney during the 2012 election campaign.

    Senor was born in Utica, and grew up in Toronto, Ontario, the youngest of four children. His father, Jim, worked for Israel Bonds; his mother, Helen, was from Košice, now in Slovakia, where she and her mother hid from the Nazis during the Holocaust.[1] Helen Senor’s father was murdered at the Auschwitz concentration camp. After the war, Helen and her mother fled to Paris, then via New York to Montreal. Senor said that his mother’s post-Holocaust trauma “was very heavy for us growing up”.[2]
    Senor graduated from Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, and received a B.A. in History from the University of Western Ontario in 1994. He also attended the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and in 2001 received an MBA from Harvard.[3]

    Religion Judaism.

    • Every fucking time! You may as well start from the Denise POV assume it’s Jewish Plotting and then try to figure out if it’s not.

      • It’s become so bad that I must confess that learning that Cernovich is (((one))) makes me think twice about reading him.

        • Yeah, but he has been terrific breaking news stories and was responsible for fleshing out the Michelle Fields hoax.

          How jewy is he?

          He wrote this his father was a working class laborer. Published a photo of him in grungy work clothes and dirt all over his face.

          Mike says he grew up in the projects with his mother who was on welfare.

          His name isn’t jewish.

          Half jew or quarter or less?

          I don’t know.

          I guess we’ll see somewhere down the road what his end game is.

          • Sorry but we’ve endlessly allowed great harm to our loved ones trying to treat them individually in case they are a ‘good’ one. We just can’t do that anymore. Assuming every )ew is bad will have far less innocent victims than allowing them to squeeze through a tiny hole to escape like the rats they are, again.

      • I have NOT arrived at my beliefs without PLENTY of reason Hebes have been screwing over any-one that allows them to do so, for literally thousands of years. WHEN will we LEARN?

    • I remember that Senor was one of the kikes who orchestrated GW’s rape of Iraq in 2003. Now he’s resurfaced, trying to derail the Trump Express? What a surprise.

      • The neochoens are losing their grip on DC and fear a Trump victory would be fatal to them. What’s left to these insidious warmongers are try to start WWIII with Russia as we speak.

    • So your telling us Organized Jewry is a reality? After all if “Radical Islam” is a danger to our way of life isn’t Malevolent Judaism also?

      • To be fair, Britain has had more terrorist bombings by jews than moslems in the past century. Over 20 bombs in Britain in the 40’s while they were trying to take over the Palestinian territory.

    • CFR, too. And a stint as an investment banker. He personally arranged Romney’s visit to Israel. He’s like a chart of the US deep state all in one man. I’m not usually a fan of Maureen Dowd, but her referring to him as Romney’s “puppet master” was pretty funny.

    • Go figure, another jew wants to sabotage our people. What an odd coincidence, boy this sure happens a lot for no reason other than coincidence.

  16. Did anyone not already know Trump was a womanizer? This was 11 years ago before he was a politician and is anyone really surprised he would say these kind of things? An entirely faked outrage incident, the same leftists who promote total degeneracy 24/7 in the media now claim to be Victorian prudes? A queer “power bottom” like Anderson cooper is shocked by this? Trump never pretended to be a choir boy like some of these preachers so I don’t think the tape really changed peoples minds. More likely what they see is how powerful the media is disapproving of Trump and wondering what the personal consequences of supporting him will be?

    • He is an alpha male Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are beta-males. Bombast and excessive testosterone comes with the package and is a pattern seen time and time again in all the powerful leaders of humanity.

  17. The GOP has done very little for ordinary working class whites. It has enabled these scam for profit schools (businesses) to fleece working class people with predatory loans for fake worthless degrees from fake worthless 1-800 number schools that advertise on daytime TV. It also takes big money from Amway and when Bush Jr. got in completely abandoned what little effort the FTC had made to take down these awful pyramid MLM schemes fleecing middle America. How many of you know some fool who thinks they have a “business” but are actually stuck auto ordering massive inventory of some overpriced, snake oil MLM product that has no potential for retail sales, and bugging their friends, relatives, and coworkers to join the scheme or buy the $80 placebo lotion “cure all.” These aren’t “businesses” the so called business owners ARE REALLY THE CUSTOMERS in these MLM schemes that only generate income for the founders of the scams. This doesn’t even mention the horrible trade deals that have destroyed the middle class, and the super expensive health care system only Rush Limbaugh can afford.

  18. The circle is now complete: Neocon Jew Robert Kagan stabs useful idiot globalist goyim and former allies in the back, calls Dick Cheney unprincipled and demands boycott of mainstream Republicans in 2018 and 2020.

    It would be interesting to know if Paul Ryan truly understood what he was doing (very possible) or if Jews like Senor played him in ways that his dumb goyim Wisconsin-nice retarded ass will never understand.

  19. If you want to leverage the alt right endorse their opponents.

    Now of course as of now the alt-right is the untouchables but someday down the road someone will break that taboo

    Who is the opponent to that carpet bagger in Montgomery?

  20. Although I can see the logic, this also lets the jews be certain they get everything they want. If we hand congress over to the dems, it will be full speed ahead with the end of the Supreme Court AND the government. Maybe that is exactly what it will take to get people to wake up, but at that point they won’t be able to legally do anything about it.

  21. The republican twerp I would like to see rid of is Mark Kirk. He was sickened and revolted by Trump’s talking about sex in public. My question: what monastery did it grow up in? When you see them on the ballot running for the U.S. and the House, send these nellies back to the monastery.

  22. They’re feeling the heat.

    Sen. Deb Fischer (R-NE), who called for Trump to step down on Saturday, reversed herself today and says she supports Trump-Pence.

    I expect fear of Trump voter backlash to cause a reversal by NeverTrumpers in close races.

    Watch Ayotte and Portman in the next few weeks. If they do, DON’T BUY IT. Don’t be a sucker (like anyone who believed and trusted McCain).

  23. They are missing one on the lists. Darryl Glenn is a negro “constitutional conservative” (aka Cruzlim) running for the Senate from Colorado. This arrogant clown has suggested that Trump come meet him and “open his heart” to try to re-gain his vote.

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