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  1. It’s funny. (and it is!) Jews have been using the cry of “antisemitism” against those they dislike since the end of WW II while fearing the return of the NSDAP in some form.

    Considering that Jews are neurotic as hell It would be funny if this return of the ghosts they fear were to in the form of a sieg heiling jackbooted frog meme that helped to break their power while at the same time driving them nuts.

    I’d call this karma.

  2. What is Pepe?

    It’s clear it is an avatar, icon, and symbol – but of what?

    Look to its origins: 8chan 4chan pol.

    Who are those people? The beta males everyone keeps talking about.

    The ones who cannot get good educations and jobs needed to start families in an era of globalism and preferences for everyone but white heterosexual males.

    They also have to suffer the break down of traditional morality which was built by and which favors beta males

    1) societal pressure on women to “settle” and care for home, husband, and heirs

    2) punishment for adultery and alpha male promiscuity

    3) the unquestionable authority of the man in the home to include the right to use his physical advantage to enforce order

    4) the franchise restricted to propertied white males, which in continent-sized America, was any male who cared to have land and family. In other words, Collective Beta Male Sovereignty.

    This is the Men Going Their Own Way and Pick Up Artist camp. This is the American Women Suck and No Marriage crowd.

    Pepe (and other memes) are avatars of their grievance and desire for an old/new order and their initial struggles to break their bondage but certainly not their last stroke against their tormentors!

  3. I recommend this interview by Red Ice Radio of Jazz Hands McFeels of “Fash the Nation”.

    His compass seems to be pointed in the exact right direction on issues such as the dynamic of the alt right as well as what happens if Trump wins or otherwise. They tackle Milo and the recent presser among other topics.

  4. So the Alt-Right is a conspiracy of paranoid White supremacists who secretly signal to each other with a green frog? Of course we know that they are paranoid White supremacists because they believe in a Jewish conspiracy! I guess some conspiracy theories are more equal than others.

  5. ‘Peaceful ethnic cleansing’ is happening right now in the West.

    Progs are using massive immigration as PEACEFUL ETHNIC CLEANSING against white people right now.

    DIVERSITY is peaceful ethnic cleansing against whites by the globalists. Consider the examples.

    So much of London and Paris have been ‘peaceful-ethnic-cleansed’ by massive invasion.

    There are many schools in London that are all non-white. John Cleese talked about this. London is no longer an English city.

    And white flight from black crime and too much foreign-ness is also ‘peaceful ethnic cleansing’.

    What whites need is reverse-peaceful ethnic cleansing. There is too much

    color-colonization, the colonization of POC as directed by Jews.

    We need counter-ethnic-cleansing to save white homelands for white folks.

    There was a time when Vietnam was being colonized by the French. The Vietnamese resisted and threw out the French.

    And then, Americans came and pushed interracism on the Viets by turning Viet women into whores of white and black men. Viets resisted and threw out the Americans and their Vietcuck collaborators.

    And Algerians reverse-ethnic-cleansed the French from their territory.

    Today, the West is being colonized by ‘inclusion’.

    INCLUSION IS INVASION. In the past, French forced Vietnam and Algeria to be ‘inclusive’ of French imperialists, just like Western imperialists forced the Palestinians to be ‘inclusive’ of Zionist colonizers.

    Today, the globalist elites are forcing white people to be ‘inclusive’ of people who just want to leech off them.

    And Section 8 forces the inclusion-intrusion of black thugs into every white neighborhood so that fancy liberal cities will have fewer dangerous blacks.

    Suburbanize the black problem. That is the new strategy of the Jewish globalists who now live in posh safe cities.

    • There was a power vacuum left in French SE asia after the Germans lost WW2.
      The Vietnamese wanted self determination like all the English colonies that were lost in the orient.

      • So did France really. People don’t realize how Vietnam is so closely tied up with the French defeat in 1940. The Airfields used to attack the Singapore base and Manila were all Saigon and Hanoi. American intransigence in the late Sixties was never fully explained in this context.

  6. Cartoon frogs, numerology, punctuation marks.

    The other side is really going nuts.

    I don’t ever want to hear or see or read them accuse anyone else of being a conspiracy theorist, ever again. I now think they reason they do that is that they are projecting.

  7. The second plague against ancient Egypt was frogs. I hope this frog meme drives these baby-murdering sexual degenerate anti-white globalists insane…

  8. OMG This woman’s voice would drive a man to the rubber room. She is of matrilineal Jewish descent although she was supposedly raised Catholic. You can literally see the fear in her eyes when she mentions PEPE. She literally does not know what to do with it. Stop the Cartoon Frog, Pepe cant be allowed to win or else. Rachel is afraid, very afraid. That makes me glad.

  9. They don’t want to talk about ford being bailed out by taxpayers only to move production to Mexico. So they talk about frogs. They need a concrete symbol so they can define the movement in simple terms, compare it to nazism, and hope the sheeple believe it.

  10. I thought the frog was supposed to represent Kuk or Kek and represents, infinite darkness, the unknown and chaos.

  11. The left-wingers have become as uptight and humorless as the Establishment types they used to protest against back in the day.

  12. Richard Spencer is a horrible speaker. One would think a man who claims to be the leader of a movement would understand the fundamentals of communicating to the masses in the age of the internet. He records his press conference with a cell phone. He speaks in fragments and gives confusing and convoluted responses.. A leader would memorize a few memorable lines and sprinkle them in his answers.

  13. terrible frogophobic hate speech. Why pepe skin color matters ?

    In Eastern Europe we are not talking about pepethefrog but about gustavethe crocodile. As all educated people know, crocodiles and the rest of the greenskinned folk are vegetarians and are hated only because their green skin color. I reckomend everybody to google gustave crockodile and watch movie primavera to be sure that all things with green skin color are good. For laizy people, gustave is hated only because he became the first green skinned male baywatch for swimmers in Burundi Republic.

  14. Maddow can be counted on to dress absurdity up in pseudo-professorial blather, delivered with her signature blend of a smirk and a sneer. She does not disappoint, yet again.

  15. OMG.I just had the time to watch this clip. Mad-cow did a terrific job of advertising. It’s audience, and ours, on 2 different spiritual and ideological planets….but cast your Pepe’s on the water.
    The interesting part is the very last bit – “this cannot win cannot win cannot win…” That’s desperation, denial, and UTTER confusion. We’re still 50 days out from the “election”, and there are so many ways to have the Presidency stolen from Trump – but….the tide is turning.

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