Botched Terrorist Attack In New Jersey

Well, there is no denying what this is now:

“A pipe bomb exploded in a Jersey Shore town shortly before thousands of runners were due to take part in a charity 5K race to benefit marines and sailors, authorities said.

No injuries were reported in the blast in Seaside Park, which occurred around 9:30am Saturday.

But officials are now following up on reports of a second device in the area. …”

This was an attempted terrorist attack along the lines of the Boston Marathon bombers. Pipe bombs just don’t explode in trash cans on the beach. If the race hadn’t been delayed, it would have probably worked too. Who did it?

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  1. New Jersey is a good state for us. Tough Whites, some really nasty Black criminal, corrupt towns like Camden NJ

    Newark – though it’s coming back because of gentrification.

    Bruce the traitor Springsteen’s base is working class White New Jersey. So is Donald Trump.

        • The New Jerseyans I know are middle-class: polite, civilized, and capable, with neither bark nor bite. I haven’t any idea, frankly, whether there exist New Jersey toughs such as the guy in this trite film clip. I posted it for the entertainment of the white proles who are a large portion of this website’s commenters.

          • If you’re from Philly then you must surely be aware of that crappy black ghetto town across the Delaware known as Camden, NJ.

          • I don’t know much about NJ. I have the impression that it has convoluted, corrupt politics, something like MA. Also it is solidly in the D column, is it not? Christie was formerly liked but is now disliked, correct?

          • Although your questions sound to me like reasonable ones, Slidell, I’m afraid I don’t know enough about politics to answer them. My concern that brings me here, to Occidental Dissent, is the condition of the white race. When electoral politics and related subjects are discussed at this website, the best I can do is listen and try to learn a few things. Probably, I just now learned, from your one or two remarks about Massachusetts and New Jersey, more than you could ever hope to learn from me.

  2. This is all so funny. Do you idiot Gentiles not see that it’s all war propaganda? “Al Queda” went bust. People were no longer buying it. So what do the Jews do? They not only come up with a different named “terrorist group”, they push millions of ragheads into Europe and America. Hostility, the Jew thrives on its benefits to him. He knows you’ll eventually (My God it takes some longer than others, sigh) lash out. He expects you to lash out at, or at least support, ever continuing bombing of Israel’s enemies.

    We had a boogeyman from 1945 to 1991. When he suddenly disappeared what do you think the policy wonks decided? “Gee, there’s this large, dirty population of Muslims we could use to scare people with”.

    These “terrorist attacks” are mostly CIA operations, for God’s sake. Some actually happen, others don’t. Some really kill people, others don’t. There are a million ways to stage one of these things. Why? To manipulate the opinions of Americans.

    Throw up in their faces.

    • Good day,

      If this is a real expression of your ideals I pity those who raised you, they obviously were not up to the task, failing not just you but society as a whole. While I do understand that there are reasons for almost all views in today’s society I still feel a creepy type of pity for some. Others I attempt to re-educate. There are some that are to my limited ability too far gone.

      I hope that you find truth and love somewhere in life, and until that time, please shut your pekertrap.

      Thank you for your time.

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