The Case for Trump: Immigration

I will let this speech speak for itself:

Note: Here is a sample of the reaction on Twitter:

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  1. Mark MacKinnon @markmackinnon
    Trump surrounded on Phoenix stage by “Angel Moms” who say their kids were murdered by illegal immigrants. This is pretty much a hate rally.

    Hunter Wallace [email protected]
    Hunter Wallace Retweeted Mark MacKinnon
    Yeah, like why would they be upset by something like that? Because of “hate,” of course:Hunter Wallace added,

  2. Maybe I’m the only one who’s struck by this, but Bannon and Conway seem to have effected an amazing transformation in Trump. In what I saw of his moment with the Mexican President, as well as what I’ve seen of this speech, he avoided what had become a characteristic and all-but-fatal error: putting the dignity of others into play. Right away, here, for instance, as he mentions the Mexican president, he accords him dignity, refers to him–not unstrategically–as “a man who truly loves his country.” Also, he, Trump, looks different: no more orange face-paint, starting to lose a few pounds, I think. Most significantly, he’s delivering, for the first time, structured speeches in a natural way. Until this change, he’d had two, unhelpful modes: off-the-cuff-rally, stilted-teleprompter. Now, here, he seems to be delivering a teleprompter speech engagingly.

    A little more than a year ago now–immediately after Trump’s first rally, in Mobile–Jim Giles, in a comment here, at Occidental Dissenter, expressed confidence that Trump would learn how to deliver a speech. This was after I myself had commented on the weakness of the speech in Mobile. During a year in which nothing changed, I’d concluded change would not come. Now, in the course of about two weeks: this.

    I’m not sure there’s ever been anything like it–in the whole of history, I mean. It will be interesting to see whether it extends to the debates.

    • Maybe I’m the only one who’s struck by this, but Bannon and Conway seem to have effected an amazing transformation in Trump.

      Enough with the false modesty, Bonaccorsi. We all know it was your scathing critiques that made him a changed man.

        • Interestingly, that graphic defeats itself. The upper image is the gracious, politic Trump who made the Mexico visit a campaign win. The lower one reflects the professional-wrestling mentality of the yahoos who unwisely encouraged him in his defects–which he seems at last to have overcome. During the past month or so, as Trump has struggled in the polls, those yahoos seem not to have been posting their juvenilia: “Trump Train–No Brakes!” and the like. I imagine they’d been getting worried …

          • Drama Queen! I showed you that video where he quickly figures out Sasha Cohen’s schtick. Flawed? Fuck off.

            Look at Buchanan as you suggested. He plays along or is hoodwinked for far too long. He ends the skit with an admittance of impotent rage about how he won’t ever be president. Even though you know he desires such power.

            That’s your league!

          • Hmm–I seem to have touched a nerve.

            For the record, you didn’t “show me” the Trump video, which I’d seen and to which, in fact, I’d alerted a relative at some point before Trump’s announcement of his presidential candidacy, if I’m correctly remembering the chronology. I thought Trump and Buchanan both did very well.

      • The irony was that in firing Manafort, he realized that he had to do exactly what Manafort told him to do all along!

        Manafort told him off (according to reports, not my speculation), which most people around Trump are afraid to do, because they’ll get fired (like Manafort). That’s the dark side of Trump’s leadership style and why he really only has his family that is stable around him. Not good for a President.

        Manafort fell on his sword for the good of the race (and yet self-styled racialists were dissing him)

      • I’m a bit confused, earlier in the day he was a statesman, gracious and all that then a few hours later he goes hardline and essentially overshadows his earlier performance, something doesn’t click with me, probably just me

        • That’s not quite how it seemed to me. In the first place, I would say he hasn’t really gone hardline. Two of his three signature positions are gone: the Muslim ban has been replaced by “extreme vetting,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, and prompt deportation of all illegals has been replaced by “prioritizing.” Not having followed his rallies as closely as they’ve been followed by other commenters here, I can’t be sure, but I think he used to say the illegals, one and all, would be removed so quickly that the spacetime continuum would be convulsed by the displacement of mass.

          True, he was emphatic here that Mexico will pay for the wall, his sole remaining signature issue; but overall, he was pretty much the way he’d been in the afternoon, I think. Not only did he speak of the Mexican President’s love of Mexico; he deftly argued that Mexico, too, wants to “solve this problem” (or whatever was his wording), of the uncontrolled border. That’s a big change, I’d say, from the gratuitous confrontationalism that has hurt him for more than a year. Had it not been for that confrontationalism, he probably wouldn’t have had to abandon the Muslim ban and the prompt deportation, as he struggled for a way to recover his standing in the polls.

          • Even if that’s true, his style has been corrected; but as I indicated above, that does not seem to be true, not with respect to the Muslim ban and the deportation of illegals.

          • “Well, I think the bombast and the energy and, sort of, the style, sort of semi-angry, semi-shouting, at the speech last night, covered the fact that the substance was a softening. I think that was missed ….”

            –saith C. Krauthammer in the following Fox News discussion:

          • the Muslim ban has been replaced by “extreme vetting,”

            Extreme vetting will yield the exact same results.

            He’s rephrased wording on hot button issues to neutralize the avalanche of negative propaganda from the left which of course makes his ideas much more palatable to hysterical Soccer Moms and Cucks who fear that he’s the reincarnation of Hitler.

      • Yes–but that seems to have been not quite correct. He’s recovered his style but without the defects that had cost him so much. It’s as if Bannon and Conway have achieved the correction that Manafort couldn’t quite pull off.

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