Strasbourg Rabbi Stabbed By Muslim Yelling Allahu Akbar

Occasionally, the Muslim scorpion stings the Jewish frog:

“A man dressed in traditional Jewish religious dress and described in reports as a Rabbi has been hospitalised this morning after a knife attack by a man who was claimed to have shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he struck.

The 62 year old male reportedly avoided death as the knife narrowly missed vital organs as he was stabbed around 11:45 am today. France’s Le Journal du Dimanche (LeJDD) cites “several witnesses” who heard the “Allahu Akhbar” cry, and reports the comment of Strasbourg Rabbi Mendel Samama who visited the injured man in hospital, identified locally as a Rabbi called Mr. Levy. …”

It’s not the first time it has happened.

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, an ISIS terrorist slaughtered four Jews at that kosher deli in Paris. A French Jewish woman died in the truck attack in Nice last month. As more Jew-hating Muslim terrorists pour into Europe from the battlefields in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, we can expect to see more of these attacks.

The same is true of our “anti-racist” friends. We’ve already seen how many of the women who have been sexually assaulted by Muslim refugees in Europe are involved in “anti-fascist” activism. The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were slaughtered for antagonizing Muslims with their Mohammad cartoons, but they were better known in France for ridiculing Marine Le Pen and bashing Christians. Surely, more than a few of the victims who were tortured and mutilated at the Bataclan in Paris were avowed “anti-racists.” In Orlando, virtually all the victims of Omar Mateen were homosexuals.

Just because you are on Team Social Justice doesn’t mean Islamic terrorists either know or care. Most of the victims of these terrorist attacks are chosen at random. They are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes though Islamic terrorists take special delight in executing Jews like Daniel Pearl and Steven Sotloff. You remember what happened to Pearl and Sotloff, right?

Note: Pearl was in Pakistan with Khizr Khan’s people. They’re big fans of the Constitution there. Just watch below.

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    • One jew gets stabbed [or supposedly got stabbed] , it’s big news at OD. The jews FOR REAL, NOT a HOAX EVENT, the jews for real burned down a Catholic church in Israel last year [ June 18, 2015] , OD had nothing to say about it, NO article(s) about the jews in Israel who burned a Catholic church to the ground, and also sending some Catholics to the hospital while the jews arsoned the Catholic church. The Catholic church of “The Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish”, the jews burned it down, NO articles about it in either the MSM news OR in the “alternative” media, at least NOT in the section of the “alternative” media OD is part-and-parcel of.

      Search Term :

      “Jews Burn Down Catholic Church In Israel”

      If Catholics burned down a jew synagogue last year, or at any time, OD would still be featuring a million artciels about it, but jews burn down a Catholic church, OD is TOTALLY SILENT ABOUT IT. OD doesn’t want anyone to know the jews burned down a Catholic church in Israel [ and it’s NOT first time the jews burned down a Christian church in Israel, the jews have burned down many Catholic and many Protestant Christian churces in Israel. 30% of Palestinians are Christians, the jews KILL the Palestinian Christians, including Palestinian Christian children and elderly, just for sport, without batting an eye, the jews KILL Christians ALL THE TIME. And their JEW owned ISIS IS SPECIFALLY TARGETING CHRISTIANS FOR PERSECUTION AND KILLING ALL OVER THE MIDDLE EAST.

        • Yes, I know, Hunter, You’re always painstakingly scrupulous, assiduously thorough, and always earnestly diligent, in covering all the Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe and throughout the West, I know that, Hunter. That you’re covering all the Muslim terrorists attacks in Europe really doesn’t explain why you always ignore Jewish terrorist attacks in Europe, in the United States, and in the Middle East.

      • Oh I am aware of all the Jewish church burnings in Occupied Palestine and their giving guns to Islamic terrorists to murder Christians.

  1. Ashley: Oh Scarlett! Oh dear Scarlett ! My precious sweet Scarlett! Why Scarlett, this is the worst Most Tragic news since the Yankees burned down my Sacred Twelve Oaks and burned down your Sacred Tara, Oh Scarlett, what are we going to do?

    Scarlett : Oh Ashley! Oh Ashley it’s ghastly! simply ghastly! It’s TOO horrible to think about, I know, I’ll think anout it tomorrow, tomorrow is another day! Oh Ashley! Let’s us think about it tomorrow not today , why when I’m wearing a new chapeau from Paris all serious thoughts plumb fly outta my purdy lil’ head, Oh Ashley!

    Ashley : Oh Scarlett you’re so Lovely! Your new chapeau is so beautiful! Let us think about the Tragic Things tomorrow NOT today! Oh Scarlett you’re always so wise always so Right!

    [ We’re “supposed” to be, “expected” to be, very concerned and very upset about this jew rabbi who got stabbed, and after the jews have done everything they could to flood ALL Western countries with Muslims and third worlders of ALL kinds and over 90% of jews in the United States and all around the world FULLY AND ARDENTLY SUPPORT THE MASSIVE MUSLIM IMMIGRATION AGENDA TO FLOOD THE WHOLE WEST WITH MUSLIMS WITH JEW RELIGIOUS FERVOR? REALLY? I’M “SUPPOSED” TO BE UPSET ABOUT THIS JEW RABBI WHO GOT STABBED? REALLY? YOU DON’T SAY.

    And after the Jews in Washington and Chicago and in Israel are supplying the Muslim immigrants in Europe AND in the United States with tons of weapons , the jews Incessantly goading the Muslims and blacks to KILL US WHITE AMERICANS, after the Jews FULLY SUPPORT the Muslim Brotherhood, the jews started-own- and-control ISIS and the leader of ISIS , Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, is a jew himself, and after the Jews played a GIANT ROLE starting the black panthers and bank rolling the black panthers and the jews have done/ and still do, do everything they can to incite the blacks and the Muslims against us White Americans while the jews hand out weapons and ammo to the blacks and the Muslims and many many many White Americans have died very brutal deaths at the hands of blacks on the Jew Payroll, OD expects us to be “upset and very concerned and deeply bothered” because one jew rabbi got stabbed? You can’t be serious, are you serious, OD administration? ]

      • It not be good for me no way no how, boy, now don’t you be disrespective to Scarlett’s ole mamie ya’ hear. Why those moozlums ain’t nothing but mules in horse harness they ain’t foolin’ ole mamie. Why , we need to bow our heads in prayer to good ole Abe for that precious Elder Brethren in de faith for what that son of Isaac he must be going through today, LAWDY LAWD, don’t you be makin’ fun of Scarlet’s ole mamie now. Let us pray to Abe for our Elder Brethren rabbi who just went thru a Holocaust and back, it ain’t fittin, no, it ain’t fittin’ not to pray for that son of Isaac and good ole Abraham, no it ain’t fittin it ain’t fittin it just ain’t fittin it ain’t fittin…

    • “upset and very concerned and deeply bothered”

      If you are going to quote me, cite something I have actually said. I was just noting for our monitors – hey, SPLC and ADL – that one of their own was on the receiving end of today’s Allahu Akbar in Europe.

      • I hate when people put double quotes around a phrase I never said. Single quotes are obnoxious enough.

  2. Is there a Muslim out there that will stab Sigmar Gabriel? Here is a picture of the elitism kyke puppet, flipping off German demonstrators, protesting Merkel’s Muslim migrant policies.

  3. Jews are welcome to direct any complaints they may have about growing “anti-Semitism” in Europe to one Barbara Spectre.

    • Let’s not forget these scoundrels.

      EXCLUSIVE: State Dept., UN Funded Group Behind 1,000 Rabbis Urging U.S. Refugee Intake

      TEL AVIV – The news media has been spotlighting a letter signed by 1,000 U.S. rabbis urging elected officials to welcome refugees into America.
      Missing from the coverage is that the organization that arranged and sponsored the letter, HIAS, specializes in refugee resettlement and last year received 65.3 percent of its annual $25 million budget from government grants.

      Those grants include funds from the State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Services. Another major donor is the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

      Guidestar documented that in 2013, HIAS received $16,261,661 from government and intergovernmental agencies and it took in a total of $31,218,870 in revenue.

      In 2012, $14,707,399 in government grants was donated to HIAS and the organization produced $27,677,240 in revenue.

      In 2008, the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, a division of the UN Economic and Social Council, officially accepted HIAS as an accredited NGO.

      HIAS openly states on its website it is the “only Jewish organization designated by the federal government to undertake” refugee resettlement, which “lies at the heart of HIAS’ work.”

      The group is partners with local Refugee Assistance Organizations around the country to “ensure successful integration.”

      “Although this can be a long process requiring the participation of many actors, refugees bring the resilience and resourcefulness that saved their lives at home,” HIAS relates.

      HIAS was an acronym that previously stood for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and it originally worked to resettle Jewish emigrants from Russia. It dropped the full title and only goes by the acronym now. Mark Hetfield, HIAS president and CEO, told the Washington Jewish Week in December 2014 the word “Hebrew” was exclusionary and outdated, comparing it with the use of the word “colored” to refer to African Americans.

      The organization’s governmental funding and resettlement work was not mentioned in a Washington Post article on Thursday titled, “1,000 American rabbis sign letter welcoming Syrian refugees.”

  4. True, Muslims are more hostile to Jews than whites are. But whites have more power and more POTENTIAL of posing a strong challenge to Jews, so Jews prefer to side with Muslims against whites for the time being.

  5. Leftist personality naturally tends to be more dissenting and radical, whereas the rightist personality naturally tends to be more conformist and obedient.

    So, even though it would be nice if rightists could play the role of opposition, they aren’t suited for it.

    The left has bad manners. Look at Bolshies and 60s radical outbreaks.

    The right believes in manners. To be sure, there is the vulgar right, but it’s all about herd mentality of the mob than the razor edge of the radical.

    Can Alt Right provide a critical dissenting right? They tend to be more maverick, but their interest in ideas and culture isn’t comparable to the left when it really once played a critical and contrarian role in society.

    If the left can take total power, as in Bolshevik Russia, they push leftist agenda into every corner of society. They tried it, and it was a huge Orwellian nightmare.

    , the other way is for the left to enter into and take over the existing system without overthrowing it, and this was possible at least in democracies that opened the door to any individual willing to hit the books, earn credentials, and seek position in power. Democracies generally have little or no ideological litmus test for hiring and recruitment. The system is meritocratic(at least if the democracy is run by Rule of Law).

    The radicals of the 60s and 70s couldn’t overthrow the system. (And maybe deep in their hearts, they didn’t want to. Problem with communism was that once the radicals had total control, they had to handle and manage the economy, and that absorbed most of their energies in a lot of dreary work. Radical and intellectual types would rather do something more ‘creative’, so Western leftists made a pact with the capitalists who were allowed to make the dough and huge profits by running the economy… as long as they funded the leftists in their long march through the institutions.)

    Since radicals of 60s couldn’t overthrow the system, they decided to join the system and take over it from the inside.

    Thus, a kind of ‘subolution’ could take place. A classic revolution is like Bolshevik takeover of power. A total change in the system and the way things are done. A ‘sub-revoluton’ or ‘subolution’ would be where the system remains intact but there is such a profound change in the character of the elites and leadership that a kind of unter-revolution has taken place.

    If the Bolshevik takeover was a revolution, the passing of power from Jewish Bolsheviks(like Trotsky and others who were once prominent) to the gentile Bolsheviks was a subolution. The Soviet power structure remained, but Jewish elites were pushed out, and the gentiles took over, and in the end, Russians gained most power.

    A kind of subolution happened in US as well, with the passage of power from Wasp elites to Jewish elites. There was no mass executions or change of system. The system remained intact, but the change in the character of elites and the Narrative was such that it was a kind of hidden revolution.

    Both the Soviet subolution and American subolution relied on the politics of target fixation.

    Russians found a golden opportunity in Zionism as the main target. Once Israel went pro-US, gentiles in the USSR made Zionism out to be an evil, a form of capitalist-imperialism. Thus, Soviet Jews could be associated with Zionism and removed from power or watched with suspicion. Though Stalin had already greatly weakened Jewish power, it was the souring of Zionism in the USSR that later gave Russian gentiles the golden opportunity to target Jewish power through all sorts of policies and narratives. Jews = Zionists = US imperialist spies.

    Though Soviets were officially anti-antisemitic, they could use Zionism as target to control and check Jewish power. Association with Zionism put Soviet Jews on the moral defensive.

    In the US, rising Jewish elites targeted the Wasps with slavery and ‘racism’ and Jim Crow and etc. aka ‘white guilt’. (Also, slavery was associated with Holocaust. Also, Jews did a Judo trick with McCarthyism. McCarthy pushed too hard, and the narrative went from ‘commies(codeword for Jews) are traitors’ to ‘paranoid rightist nuts target civil liberties of patriots’). So, Wasps and white conservatives were targeted and put on moral defensive. They could play defense but never offense since their pedigree was tainted with ‘racism’ and ‘paranoid style of American politics’.

    Anyway, the lesson of this is that if the American Right wants to gain power, it has to fix its Overton Target or Crosshairs on its main enemy. It worked for Russians when they targeted Zionism as main domestic evil, and it worked for Jews when they targeted Wasps and white cons as main domestic evil.

    The importance of targeting is of utmost crucial importance in war and revolution. Consider the Iranian Revolution. Its success seemed unlikely because the opposition was so crazyquilt, diverse, contradictory, and etc. There were religious opponents of the Shah, secular opponents, liberal opponents, youth rebellion, westernized female rebellion(even Iranian feminists), merchant rebellion(as traditional bazaars were threatened by modern mall capitalism), socialists, Marxist groups, and etc. All these groups hated one another and never agreed on anything. Indeed, Shah ruled as long as he did cuz he could play off so many diverse voices and groups in Iran. But in the late 70s, all these groups decided to put aside their differences and fire all their ammo at the Shah. He would be the main target, and that’s when he fell. Once he was gone, the power was up for grabs, and the ones with most fanatical will and ruthless organization won. They were the Islamists.

    This is why Jewish elites in America are so smart in their Game of Target Diversion. They know that they are the ruling elites, the supreme power in America(and the West). They make natural main targets of blame. So, if all groups would focus their critical eye and ire at the top power, Jews would be vulnerable. So, they play on all these diversions to make us fix our targets on… uh… ‘white privilege’, Russia, Iran, China, Muslims, Angry White Males, Illegals, ‘homophobes’, and etc. So, there is no fixing of firepower on the Main Power. It’s like Hollywood Jews evade getting targeted by invoking ‘white privilege’ as the main target. So, even people who are critical of Hollywood think ‘white males’ run it. Of course, Jewish exec are white males too, but when people hear ‘white male’, they think of someone like Mitt Romney or Robert Redford. Of course, Jews also have a force-shield called ‘antisemitism’. By invoking that ‘pathology’, they can blunt any targeting of Jews. But this is only really effective with whites. Diversity POC don’t really give a shit as they had nothing to do with European antisemitism or Holocaust.

    It’s like the scene in ATTACK OF THE CLONES. In order to bring down a space ship, all the firepower is directed at the object.

    It is what Jews fear most. In some ways, Liberal Jews fear their own side as much as the Angry White Males on the other side. I mean blacks, browns, and Muslims don’t much like Jews. And white lefties are into BDS and stuff because Israel is run by rightist Likud and because SJW’s need something to gripe about — it’s like a grievance addiction. And there is 1% vs 99% rhetoric of Occupy Wall Street. Since Jews are 40% of the 1%, this kind of talk scares Jews.

    So, Jews divert the targeting toward the Evil White Male like Donald Trump. The KKKrazy Glue that holds the coalition together. But if the Evil White Male really falls, then Jews could be worse off because there will no longer be the great evil white bogeyman to hold the coalition together. Jews regard the Evil White Man as the biggest enemy and seek to totally destroy him. But Jews also fear the death of the Evil White Man because it means No More Diversionary Target away from Jewish Power.

    As the Evil White Man falls, so will Jewish Power which will be the main target of ire from the Diversity Crowd — unless Jews find a clever way to make blacks, browns, yellows, muslims, feminists, homos, and etc all fight one another.

    Jews fear the coalition might finally decide to target the Jews as ‘the mofos who got the most money and privilege’. And white conservatives, fallen from power and reduced by minorities by Jewish elites, might join with the POC against Jewish power for sweet revenge. Indeed, there is a hint of that in Trump when he calls on blacks to join him against the Establishment.

    Jews don’t want to be Shah-ed down. When all the diverse groups and agendas in Iran decided to put aside their differences and focus on their firepower on the Shah as vain tyrant puppet of US imperialism, there was nothing he could do.

    He could no longer play divide-and-rule. Even some groups who had been with him turned against him and joined the rebellion.

    Whatever happens, the kind of revolution that happened in Iran is near impossible in the US. But subolution like what happened in USSR in the 50s and US in the 70s and 80s is possible.

    The targeting of Jews by invoking Zionism finished Jewish power for good in the USSR. The targeting of Wasps and white conservatives by invoking slavery and ‘racism’ gravely damaged the White Right and even White Liberals(who were reduced to second fiddle players to Jewish elite power).

    White rightists lament that they are done forever by Diversity which will reduce whites to a minority. But if they play it smart, they can work with Diversity to fix all of their firepower on Jewish Privilege as the Main Power and ‘evil’ in the US. Though Jews have the Holocaust card, there are many strikes against the Jewish Narrative. If an anti-Jewish Narrative is spun that brings up Jewish guilt in slave trade, Jewish guilt in communism, Jewish guilt in finance capitalism, Jewish guilt in Zionism, Jewish guilt in neocon war-mongering, and etc., then Jews can be put on the moral defensive, especially the POC feel zero Holocaust guilt.

    That said, the genius of American system is it’s like the most resilient organism that preserves itself by allowing opponents, rebels, and others into the system. It’s like the Selfish Gene theory. It’s like US political order has a Selfish System theory. The system seeks to survive no matter what happens.

    If a system is too rigid, then its opponents may increase in number and finally bring it down, like what happened with the Tsar Nicholas, Shah, and etc.

    Suppose the American System had only allowed Wasp privilege and power. So, only wasps can serve in elite positions and etc. and hog all the wealth and good stuff. No non-wasps allowed. Then, over time, the non-wasps and even wasp reformers might all come together and bring down the entire system. Then, the system will die and will be replaced with a new one.

    But the American system has a way of surviving and preserving itself by taking in new talents, voices, ideologues(even those who hate the system), and etc who are given entry. Inclusion. This process may lead to subolution, like the Jewish takeover of the system and the decline of wasps. Whoever rules, the system remains intact. Imagine a creature that can only live in fresh water and dies in salt water. Its geno-system is mono-purposeful. Now, imagine a creature that absorbs fresh water to thrive in fresh water. But when salt water takes over the pool, instead of resisting the salt and eventually dying cuz it can only absorb fresh water, this creature absorbs salt water that replaces the fresh water in its body. The water content changes but the system remains intact.

    The amazing thing about the US is that SO MUCH changed in the past 50 yrs, but the system is intact, almost the same. It’s like the system has some ‘selfish’ mechanism that allows it survive and thrive even amidst the most profound transformation of values and meanings. Indeed, its survival depends on this very adaptability. There is still white house, Congress, supreme court, various institutions that existed 50 yrs ago. But US is a much changed society in character, agenda, narrative, and etc.

    We see this with the rise of Hillary and her cohorts of boomer generation. Many had dreams of attacking and even destroying the system. But the system didn’t block them. The system allowed them to enter the system as long as they gained meritocratic credentials. These radicals decided to change the system from within, but once they were within the system, they had to keep the system going and serve the system in order to keep their power. So, they changed the narrative and agenda, but the system remained intact. They were just the salt water that replaced the fresh water in the adaptive Super-Octopus-System. The Founding Fathers created a most resilient political organism. Instead of resisting the opposition, it absorbs and ‘includes’ the opposition that finds itself serving the system.

    Hillary is now part of the system. The woman who opposed the warfare state entered the system and now champions the warfare state. In the end, it is the system that survives.

    It’s like the shape-shifting Octopus.

    It is like the Thing, a geno-system that can survive anywhere and anyhow by absorbing anyone and anything.


  6. Big anti-White Jews like Barbara Spectre will have no qualms about sacrificing a few of her own in order to perpetrate White Genocide.

  7. That’s what scares the hell out of Team SJW. Muslims and blacks, the two most obnoxious members of the team this year, and for about the last two years, can cause major problems for everyone else in the team. But the team can’t afford to turn on its own. This is why they run and hide behind diversions. This is why the standard Democrat-left response to Orlando was gun gun gun gun gun. Not helping them was, in the aftermath, Trump was dropping 10 ton wedges between gay money donors and the blue team war chest, which he’s still doing even now.

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