Trump’s Nationalist Acceptance Speech

I thought Trump knocked it out of the park last night. It would be an understatement to say that I was highly pleased with his acceptance speech.

As I have said for months now, my major concern heading into the general election was that Trump was going to cuck and pivot away from the core message he articulated in the primaries in order to reach swing voters. That hasn’t happened at all here. This speech was a full-throated embrace of National Populism which painted a stark picture of Trump’s vision of America and the problems facing the country.

There were a few minor things that I didn’t like about the speech, but there were no surprises here. This was the most nationalistic speech given by a presidential nominee in my lifetime. Don’t take my word for it. Watch Mitt Romney’s 2012 acceptance speech below. Then watch the speech Trump gave last night to get the full effect.

In 2012, Mitt Romney talked in his acceptance speech about how America was a “nation of immigrants,” how the “essence” of America was the freedom to start a business, and joked about his iPod! Last night, you didn’t hear the same old boilerplate about “Freedom” and “Liberty” and “Equality” and the “Constitution.” Cruz’s speech the night before was about “Freedom,” “Freedom,” “Freedom,” hateful bigoted murderer, we vanquished Jim Crow, “Civil Rights Act,” “Constitution,” etc.

We’re light years away from these conservative doofuses now. Ideologically, Trump’s acceptance speech was in many ways the capstone of the nationalist revolution. There were moments in this speech when if he had just been a little more into it with his body language he would have sounded like Hitler or Mussolini.

AUTHORITY was the essence of this speech. Watch it below.

Note: I’m going to throw in Bane’s speech here. There were elements of that in there too. I’m going to also take credit for my prediction from last year that Trump would make black crime and law-and-order a new theme in the general election campaign against Hillary.

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  1. I’d give it a C+, maybe B-. He backed into leftist trope traps like ‘those who can’t defend themselves.’ It lacked the tone of ‘we together’ when Trump desperately needs to convince white working class voters he’s not the myopic narcissist that he actually is. It was too authoritarian among other problems.

    • I disagree. He let the party babble for a few days, walk outs, cucking, purges then he strode in and did a good Mussolini impression.

      Good theater. He mentioned bricklayers, joiners, framers, glaziers, miners, metal bangers.

      It’s the sort of speech a Democrat should be giving.


      • ‘Good theater. He mentioned bricklayers, joiners, framers, glaziers, miners, metal bangers.’

        Yes, exactly what has been missing from GOP speeches .

        Romney would have won if more disenfranchised whites came out to vote for him.

        Trump is reaching out to them. Will be their champion.

        • Romney threw working whites under the bus, kept complaining about how unfair it is that blue collar people don’t pay income tax like investment banksters like him do.

          No wonder millions of white people sat on their hands and elected not to vote in 2012.

    • If you aren’t satisfied with this speech then the only speech that will ever live up to your expectations is the one you write yourself.

  2. All for naught if pro-White people aren’t using this time to ride the Nationalist wave and build momentum for White organizations and groups. Even though Trump is considerably better than Clinton on every issue, he’s still not a Racialist who really understands the dynamics of being a White person who desires to protect their history, heritage and racial stock. He sees the world differently than your average White man or woman who isn’t shackled to the chains of political correctness and incessantly espousing the idea that a colorblind society is some kind of attainable utopian paradise.

        • Then the opportunity to discredit and disqualify the anti-whites is there (anti-white a word you don’t use I’ll bet) but you want Daddy Rockwell there and you want Daddy Rockwell’s script.
          Daddy Rockwell wrote a script for the America of 1960, that America is gone.

          • I’m not talking about a “Daddy Rockwell” type, you blistered-up faggot. I’m talking about people speaking to White America as an ethnic/racial group worthy of respect in the same way that these politicians so eagerly speak to and try to ingratiate themselves to blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc.

            They never seem to have much of a problem singling out non-Whites when the pandering and ingratiating gets hot and heavy. But when it comes to addressing White people and the grievances and concerns we have, the talk all of a sudden turns to “colorblind” society BS.

          • I was listening to an old Mosley speech and he said that he felt British versions of fascism could not be as racially motivated as Nazi ideology because there is a big Empire where blacks and browns would have to be respected in their respective territories.

            In the end the US has around 40,000,000 blacks. There are few reasonable options dealing with that number.

          • Essentially you are waiting for a Daddy to appear and talk like the internet stormtroopers, I was correct

            Listen contard you have to discredit the old order specifically as Bane did

            Any way you are a smart guy tell us why you won’t use the phrase “ant-white?”

          • As Bane did? You realize this isn’t Hollywood, right?

            Why don’t we all just get in our Time Machines and go back to 1955 to make sure Biff isn’t given the sports almanac? That would fix everything and put the world back in order.

            For the record, I use “anti-White” all the time. Go look at my comment history and see for yourself.

            I have a hard time believing someone can be as moronic and dense and you are without doing it on purpose.

        • There are some new (few days old) mainstream pro-white activism communities on you might want to join. Moderate/no racism. Owner isn’t sure whites are ready to mainstream, but hopes if he builds it they will come.

    • In order for that to happen, I think Trump will have to triumph and shift the “mainstream” in our direction. It will never happen unless the current elite loses its power to enforce taboos. When people aren’t afraid to join pro-White organizations anymore, they will start doing it.

      • They’ve essentially lost their power. It’s already happened. Trump will turn and leave a lot of disappointed White people in his wake. All the bluster and bravado will morph into a very recognizable form once he gets into office. It’s not even a question of whether or not it will happen, only when exactly it will happen. The only question that remains is whether or not pro-White people will be organized and in a position to capitalize on the disappointment.

        • He sounds too good to be true and we know how that usually ends.

          I think the possibility of disappointment is higher than most racially-aware white Trump supporters are willing to admit to themselves let alone others. I often wonder if he is our opposing “hope and change” and like those before him will lead us in the same direction but under a different disguise. If our controllers control both sides, how did he slip through? We must never forget that we will always be controlled by the moneyed elite. To believe otherwise is foolishness.

          As of today, I will vote for him but will do so with much apprehension. I hope that nagging question in my mind simply ends up being just a slight case of paranoia.

          • I would analogize putting absolute faith in Trump without a solid contingency plan in place to the passengers of the Titanic putting their faith in the idea of an unsinkable ship.

            If you’re gonna jump on board the RMS Trump, you might wanna make sure the lifeboats are in working order and that there are enough of them. Panicking while your ship slowly sinks in the middle of the ocean is not a good time to figure out that you might have needed a Plan B to get to your destination safely.

        • No. You need a solid basis of electoral popular support that is recorded for all time.

          I’m sure that Hitler’s legitimacy in Germany based on X million of voters intimidated the weaker alliances of the (((Blum))) government in France and the Tory hodgepodge in the UK.

          17,000,000 Brexiteers for example. No Tory or Labour leader will ever match it.

          Once Trump gets his 50,000,000-60,000,000 million or whatever he needs to win, for Fascism that shuts up the press.

    • I’m not so sure about that. He’s got the common touch and that’s why the press are going to call him a fake while at the same time call him a fanatical nazi.

  3. If you pay attention to Bane he does something that the Cucks and super smart right wing intellectuals never do, and that is discredit and disqualify the old order instead of sounding like those doofus conservatives who preach boob bait without even touching the established order.
    For decades I have watched the super duper smart right wing intellectuals thunder and thunder some more about their own super smartness and never touch the established order.

    • The twitter reaction by the tribe leaves me in no doubt that Trump is a fascist.

      The Foetal Position the (((average ))) Twitter user has adopted is all I need to know.

      ((((((((Matthew Modine))))))) of all people is going around comparing the speech to Goebbels greatest hits. (He played the role of erstwhile goy journalist battle Hitler in Rise of Evil).

      • Hitler is approaching joke status not horror status amongst non-Jews, so the use of Hitler is having limited effects outside of aging whites and the small paranoid sounding jewish circles. Every non-white loves them a Hitler as long as he sounds like he is on their side.
        But then again anti-semites real effect on life in ‘Merica is to ensconse jews as god like, thank god they are both fails

        • All the usual suspects took off their ironic ((())) while they bashed this Neo-fuhrer. Hoping that no one notices the patterns.

        • the joke status of hitler needs played up: so many “literal hitlers” these days. some enterprising film maker needs a parachute jump (ala elvis impersonators sky diving into las vegas) of two dozen fashy hitlers sky diving into some liberal hell hole like madison WI. or some off broadway thing where the beer hall is invaded by fifteen “literally hitler” impersonators claiming the title.

      • Can you think of any Republican Presidential candidate who hasn’t been accused of being a fascist, secret Nazi or White racist who hates black people and other non-Whites? Even Romney was accused of being “too White” by Leftists.

        • Too Anglo-Saxon if I recall correctly. But Romney cucked after he was mocked for pointing out he was Anglo.

        • I remember a Jay Leno skit in which they enter the Führerbunker to find a “Buchanan for President” poster on the wall.

  4. Thought it was a good, confident uncucked speech. He’s bringing blue collar America into the fold, which matters. They can learn about limited government later. We need to halt immigration now.

    Whites have not organized sufficiently to take on the power of the antiwhite eatablishment directly. Trump has, however, captured the imagination of the dispossessed white Americans who feel inspired now to challenge the rampant and vitriolic caucasophobic bigotry in the media and left-wing political establishment. To survive, the white community must take advantage of this moment and come out of the dark. No racism. Not antisemitism. Just speaking truth to antiwhite power.

  5. Jorge Ramos and his ilk’s argument that white Americans deserve no identity, pride, and racial-cultural consciousness & unity is really a laugh.

    What good is power if one can’t be proud of it.

    Using his logic, Russians have no right to be proud, patriotic, and united in Russia since Russians are the ruling majority in that country.

    Using his logic, Egyptians have no right to be proud, patriotic, and united in Egypt since Egyptians are the ruling majority in that country.

    Using his logic, Chinese have no right to be proud, patriotic, and united in China since Chinese are the ruling majority in that country.

    Using his logic, Israeli Jews have no right to be proud, patriotic, and united in Israel since Jews are the ruling majority in that country.

    Using his logic, Turks have no right to be proud, patriotic, and united in Turkey since Turks are the ruling majority in that country.

    Using his logic, Mexicans have no right to be proud, patriotic, and united in Mexico since Mexicans are the ruling majority in that country.

    Using his logic, Iranians have no right to be proud, patriotic, and united in Iran since Iranians are the ruling majority in that country.

    Using his logic, Nigerians have no right to be proud, patriotic, and united in Nigerians since Nigerians are the ruling majority in that country.

    Using his logic, Japanese have no right to be proud, patriotic, and united in Japan since Japanese are the ruling majority in that country.

    Using his logic, Poles have no right to be proud, patriotic, and united in Poland since Poles are the ruling majority in that country.

    What is the point of a people having dominance and power in a nation is they can’t even preserve and defend it and take pride in it?

    What was the point of all that hard work and sacrifice to build it up just to lose to to others?

    Did Jews go through the trouble of creating Israel just to hand it over to non-Jews?

    Did Ireland go through all that trouble to free themselves from the Brits in order to be taken over by non-Irish?

    Due to influence of Pop culture and PC, it is sadly true that many Irish don’t mind being taken over by Africans. What a sickness, this ‘progressive globalism’, or PROGLOB.

    The idea that white people don’t have a right to assert their identity, unity, and power is to say their power is illegitimate. They say this of whites not only in the New World but even in the white homeland of Europe.

    This idea of White Burden was spread foremost by Jews because Jewish power depends on the suppression of white pride and unity lest they challenge Jewish supremacist power.

    Anyway, if the argument is that the powerful do NOT deserve identity, pride, and unity, then Jews need to abandon their ethno-consciousness and interests since they are by far the most powerful and privileged people on earth.

  6. Amen, amen.

    Hillary Clinton wants you to say “I’m with her”, Donald Trump says ” I’m with you”.

  7. “I’m going to also take credit for my prediction from last year that Trump would make black crime and law-and-order a new theme in the general election campaign against Hillary.”

    Do you know which was the post in which you said that?

      • Don’t have one–but that’s spelled with “i,” isn’t it? “LexisNexis.” Lexus, wth a “u,” is the Japanese luxury car.

  8. Let’s not get carried away. It’s more like alt-center civic nationalism. That’s still much better than boilerplate liberalism or conservatism or its variants, and better than the libertardian cult.

    I wasn’t much keen on the way he was oratorically pushing it. But that only means everyone else thought it was the best political speech they heard in years.

    As far as content, this could be all boiled down to four words: “I’m on your side.” Trump, unlike the typical Republican, and we know he’s not a typical Republican, notices what Lee Kuan Yew realized about Singapore’s politics, is now also true about American politics, that ideology is no longer important, that now, it’s a matter of taking sides and whose side are you on. Trump last night openly chose a side, told us all whose side he was taking, and told people on his chosen side about their enemies.

  9. Don’t forget Jorge Ramos is Haim Saban’s errand boy. Jorge Ramos is employed by Saban owned Univision. Saban is the Israeli-American who puts Israeli interests first. He has contributed millions to the Democratic Party and owns Hilary Clinton.

  10. Three months ago, it wasn’t known if Trump would get enough delegates. Everybody said he needed to get at least half the delegates because they were obligated to vote for him in the first round, and the only way they would vote for him was if they had to.

    But now, it seems people in the RNC arena have been enthusiastic about Trump and cheering for him. So, who were those people? Not delegates?

  11. “National Populism”…that’s a good way to describe Trump’s philosophy. I regard him as a Jacksonian Democrat. I never thought this country would have another presidential candidate like Old Hickory!

  12. National Populism is a good way to describe Trump’s style. I regard him as a Jacksonian Democrat. I never thought this country would ever have another presidential candidate like Old Hickory!

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