Federal Judge: The Constitution Is Outdated, Judges Should Stop Studying It

During the Republican primary, it became clear to many of us that Ted Cruz’s supporters revere and invoke the “Constitution” in the same spirit that cargo cults in the South Pacific build things like fake runways and planes:

“I see absolutely no value to a judge of spending decades, years, months, weeks, day, hours, minutes, or seconds studying the Constitution, the history of its enactment, its amendments, and its implementation,” Posner argued.

“Eighteenth-century guys, however smart, could not foresee the culture, technology, etc., of the 21st century,” he continued. “Which means that the original Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the post–Civil War amendments (including the 14th), do not speak to today.”

Posner, an influential jurist who has served as a federal judge for thirty-five years, has previously voiced his disregard for the Constitution. “I’m not particularly interested in the 18th Century, nor am I particularly interested in the text of the Constitution. I don’t believe that any document drafted in the 18th century can guide our behavior today,” he said during a 2015 colloquium. …”

The Constitution is a dead letter.

The Left unshackled itself from America’s social contract generations ago: the Constitution, particularly the 10th Amendment, is just an irrelevant piece of paper to them. Similarly, the vaunted colorblind society of MLK’s Dream only applies to cisgendered heterosexual White males, who are expected to play their assigned role as guilt-ridden, deracinated individualists. The norms and expectations of the colorblindness project do not apply to anyone else. Lately, the Left has even begun to assert the right to cleanse Christianity from the public sphere and to violently repress speech it finds objectionable.

Mainstream conservatives have responded by doubling down on enforcing a social contract which no longer exists. They know this is why their power and influence is fading too.

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  1. The Constitution may or may not be “outdated” but it’s certainly irrelevant in a multicultural, politically polarized environment. Something the cuck cargo cult refuses to understand.

  2. Completely unsurprising. Similar to how a significant number of those who study/teach psychology in college are damaged people trying to self-diagnose or rationalize their defects, many who teach American history, or are posited as “experts” in the field, are the worst haters of the country’s ACTUAL past and heritage. Its especially bad in the legal history field.

  3. Here’s this lying piece of S*&$# judge, law professors contact information:

    Richard A. Posner
    Senior Lecturer in Law
    1111 East 60th St., Room 611
    Chicago, IL 60637
    773) 702-9608
    [email protected]

    Please do not do or say anything illegal, do not make any threats or do or say anything that can be considered harassment.

    But, yes Dox.

    Spread this contact information for and wide and put the word out that there is an arrogant, tenured, ivy tower law professor, judge who is arrogant enough to state that we Americans no longer have our bill of rights.

  4. We here in Illinois owe our concealed carry law to this judge, certainly a strange edict.
    Anyway HW nailed it the union is nothing but negotiable. The half wit Right wing never lifts a finger to delegitimize the Left, but the Left is doing a bang up job in that respect. I love the Left.

  5. {{{Posner}}}. Every. Single. Time.
    Which is FINE. ‘Cause the Dead Constitution no longer applies to US, either, JUDE.

    • It seems that every time I turn around some (((lawyer, academic, politician, or financier))) is advocating or celebrating the destruction of other cultures, traditions and institutions.

  6. Jewdicial scholar Posner has written against the 2nd amendment in regards to individual gun ownership.

    Gun grabbers have always been stymied by that gosh darn amendment. Not being able to successfully argue against it… they will simply deem it to be outdated, obsolete

    By hook or by crook.

  7. Rush talked about this (((guy))), said he was appointed by Regan but made no mention of (((his))) jewishness.

  8. that address should certainly be stricken, ask Bill White he being a guest in the fed pen where I assume he will spend the rest of his days.

    And the clown anti-semetism is part of the legitimizing act, tasteless as it is the jews absolutely require it to maintain their role in America’s political theater

    I would prefer to be free of their over weaning righteousness than be free to point and shriek “kike.”

  9. Okay, the hell with the Constitution.

    It’s now all about White Identity, White Power, and White Interests for white people.

    The only rule that counts is WHAT IS GOOD FOR WHITES IS GOOD FOR WHITE AMERICA. The hell with the rest.

    Ending the Constitution will be good for the coming race war.

  10. I actually agree with Judge (((POSNER))), the Constitution is an obsolete document. We need a new constitution that specifically protects the rights of White American citizens and makes allowances for states to secede from the Union if they so wish.

    But I wonder if Judge (((POSNER))) feels the same way about the Talmud that he does about the Constitution? After all, the Talmud, a series of volumes containing scholarly rabbinical commentary on jewish law, was written well over 1000 years earlier.

  11. The next big ideological-spiritual or ideo-spiritual struggle of the coming decade will be the Homo-Tug-of-War.

    The Zio-Glob has elevated homomania as the new religion of the West. Jews tried it with Holocaustianity, and it is indeed very big, especially in the EU(where every city has a holocaust memorial and every year yields its crop of save-the-Jews movies), but it had problems. Holocaust is too Jewish, and most nations have no Jews. In contrast, all nations have their share of homos.

    Also, Holocaust is a glum affair. You can’t have fun with it. You can’t celebrate it with fanfare. It only guilt-baits and depresses. It’s a form of self-flagellation for whites. It doesn’t appeal to people in a fun way.

    The thing about Christianity is it had its glummy but also happy side. Jesus got killed real bad, but He was resurrected and triumphed and people could sing songs about it and even dance(esp if one is a Negro).

    But the Holocaust is a downer. To be sure, there is the triumph of the Jews in post-war era in the US and there is the rise of Israel. But celebrating the rise of Jewish power is something Jews are nervous about. It will only reveal to the world that JEWS GOT THE POWER and JEWS DO CONTROL THE WORLD. Jews want to hide their power and make everyone believe that privilege is just a ‘white gentile’ thing.

    So, Jews celebrate Jewish power by using the PROXY of homo power(or Homoxy) because homomania is essentially the financial and legal creation of Jewish Power.

    When Jews see so many American gentiles go gaga about homos, they wink-and-smile at one another and mutter to themselves, “WE got the power.”

    As for Israel, its rise is truly amazing. But it is also a matter of great controversy around the world because (1) Third World sees white Jews crushing Palestinian darkies as repeat of Western Imperialism (2) Post WWII Europeans are upset to see the poor darling Jews(associated with Holocaust and Anne Frank) riding tanks and flying jets and ‘acting like nazis’ and treating helpless Palestinians so badly. Many Europeans, esp on the Left, see the Pallies are the ‘new Jews’ living in ‘ghetto-like’ conditions.

    Unlike Holocaust, homomania has both the sad and happy(or gay) side. There is the homocaust of the AIDS epidemic in the homo community that has conveniently been blamed on ‘Reagan’s indifference’ than on the massive fecal penetration orgies in the bathhouses that took place in the 70s and 80s.

    But as homos and trannies are vain, insipid, whoopsy-doo, tutti-fruity, tinkerbelly-poo, prancy pansy, and etc. they love to make dazzling colorful spectacles of themselves. (To me, it’s tasteless, vulgar, kitschy, and trashy, but mass spectacles have always been cheesy. When homos were on the fringe and in the closet, they were keen critics of mass culture of kitschy normality. Since homos felt alienated from official normality, they presented insights and penetrating commentary. Those without power make the best critics of power. But as homos gained prominence, they began to ‘camp’ it up, and homo culture went from something like Wilde, Proust, and Gide to tasteless celebration of vulgarity and exhibitionism. And now that homos have the power thanks to Jews, their cultural agenda has become rather like that of Americana kitsch, religious kitsch[of Catholics and Hindus], and communist kitsch of the kind one sees in North Korea. Homos no longer prize irony, irreverence, and skepticism. There was a time when homos had no choice but to be rational and critical forces in society since religion and political dogma were against them. But with homomania as the new cult and religion, homos demand worship, obedience, submission. Homos are like like Muslims, and the whole Homomania vs Islam thing is really a religious war. Irony, skepticism, and rationality would call into question the ridiculous notion of a homo-man’s bunghole being a sex organ. If feces same as fetus then? Is an enema a fecal abortion instead of fetal abortion? Is a man with penis and balls really a ‘woman’ because his head goes funny and he says so? Really? Homos and trannies demand to be admired and worshiped, so there no longer prize irony, irreverence, and rationality. Homos used to be at the forefront of mocking the powers-that-be. Now, they are part of the powers-that-be along with homos, and they use the cudgel of ‘homophobia'(a term that defies any fact or sense even people who hate homosexuality are not ‘phobic’ about it) to silence anyone who dares to challenge the holy dogma of homo-and-tranny-faith. Homomania will not tolerate heretics possessed by deviltry of ‘homophobia’ that finds fecal penetration to be gross and men cutting off dicks to get fake vaginas to be ludicrous.

    Homos and trannies indulge in depraved ‘sexual’ behavior but romp around kiddie style in Barney the Dinosaur or Teletubbies. (There is something childlike about homos, and this may explain the close connection between homo community and pedophile community. It’s like Michael Jackson, a homo-pedo, never grew up and preferred the company of kibblers. The effete side of homos have a Peter Pan complex and never wanna grow up. They wanna play with dolls all their lives. When you look at homo parades, it’s like childplay. It’s no wonder that so many kid’s movies are now splattered with homo crap. FINDING DORY even has a tranny character from what I hear.) No wonder homos are so eager to work with Boy’s Scouts. (If homo men should work with young boys in Boys Scouts, should tranny men work with girls in Girl Scouts? Indeed, if gender is ‘fluid’, why not allow straight men to work in Girl Scouts as well?

    Anyway, if the Holocaust is too tribal(all about Jews) and too much of a bummer, homo stuff has universal relevance since every society has its share of homos and because homo celebration can be ‘fun and colorful’, like the Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Brazil.

    Now, if one were to think honestly and clearly of homo and tranny stuff, there isn’t much to celebrate, especially if you’re not homo or tranny. Homo-ness is about penises up the fecal holes of men. Tranny stuff is about cutting off penis and balls to get fake pooters(or cooters). Just search google-image for ‘transsexual operation’ and the images are sickening and gross. Using scalpels to cut off perfectly healthy organs to get fake appendages is about as sick as medicine can get. It’s frankenstein medical practice.

    But human minds are associative, like those of dogs. If you associate ‘gay’ and ‘trans’ with rainbow colors, balloons, music, dance, colorful displays, and furthermore, if you get all the ‘respectable’ organizations to join, then people’s mind associate homo-ness and trannyness with things that are fun, colorful, respectable, cool, and popular.

    It’s like the Pavlov experiment. A bell has NOTHING to do with food, but if you ring a bell when you give dog some food, the dog associates bell with food.

    That’s how the mind works. Associatively.

    Jews understand this, and they use cool-by-association, correct-by-association, holy-by-association, and etc. This is how media work mostly. Media are not so much about offering facts as about associating certain facts/issues/matters with positive images, sounds, and symbols while associating certain other facts/issues/matters with negative images, sounds, and symbols.

    It’s like the Jew-run media will associate ANY white racial consciousness with Nazism and the KKK. And even though Jewish spies in America served Stalin, they are not associated with the Gulag and Stalin’s mass killings. They are associated with ‘free speech’ and ‘freedom of association’, the very things Jews are trying to take away from white people today via Political Correctness. In contrast, Joe McCarthy is associated only with paranoia and madness. McCarthy did over-reach, but history proves he was more right than wrong. Also, many of those accused by McCarthy did spy for the USSR, but the Jew-run media associate them only with noble suffering and victimhood than with working for mass-killer Stalin. If McCarthy had been a leftist who smoked out pro-Nazi sympathizers during WWII, you bet the Jew-run media would associate McCarthy with heroic struggle against evil while associating the pro-Nazi spies and fellow-travelers with Hitler’s crimes.

    Anyway, Jews have always hated Traditional Christianity. They tried to replace it with Holocaustianity, but Holocaust themes were too tribal and too glum. It has tremendous power to guilt-bait whites and make them kneel before Jews, but people don’t want to be depressed all the time.

    If Jews want to hook whites onto a new faith, it has to offer fun and uplift. And Jews found it in homomania. Homos sure love to have fun like an MTV video.

    Catholics had colorful processions like the scene in GODFATHER II.

    Jews have replaced them with the homo ‘pride’ parades, the biggest celebrations in the West.

    Homomania is now bigger than Christianity. Indeed, even Christianity is bending over to homomania, as if to suggest Jesus and Disciples died so that one day homos could ‘marry’ other homos and play at ‘two daddies’ or ‘two mommies’.

    Look at his ASSOCIATION of Jesus with homomania:



    Jews hate Christianity, but they are warming up to a neo-cucked-Christianity that serves homomania because homomania, like Bolshevism, is a Jewish creation. When neo-Christians serve homomania, they are serving the Zio-Glob.

    In Jew-run America, your career will hardly be touched if you badmouth God and Jesus. But if you dare say anything even slightly critical of homos or trannies, forget about moving up the corporate capitalist ladder or big government ladder.

    Homomania is the new holy faith of the West. Heretics will be destroyed. Even if you believe homos deserve full equal rights, it doesn’t matter. You will be destroyed for simply saying you find homo-‘sex’ to be gross and ewwww. You will be destroyed for saying it is crazy to cut off dicks and balls to get fake pussies.

    In the USSR, Jews tried to destroy Christianity by smashing churches(50,000 were destroyed) and killing priests. But that didn’t work in the long run. If anything, it made people hate Jews even more.

    So, the new Jewish way is to alter the churches from the inside. Don’t smash churches, and don’t kill Christians. Just infiltrate the church and fundamentally change it from the inside. Corrupt it with homomania. Say that homos are the chosen of god and jesus. Pretend that current fashions override anything in the Bible.

    Also, Jews have used pop culture to cut people off from their own heritage, identity, history, values, roots, and etc. (Of course, Jewish children are reminded of their heritage, identity, roots, history, etc.) Make the masses identify mainly with celebrities and fashion. Since Jews control media and promote homos and pro-homo celebrities, homo-ness has become ‘cool’. And since homos are not blamed for AIDS epidemic(which was spread by massive out-of-control fecal penetration among homo men) but merely presented as poor victims, homo-ness has been turned tragic and holy. Also, the tranny’s wish to be made from man into woman is like a decadent narrative variation of resurrection: dying as one ‘gender’ and being reborn as another, all in the service of narcissism, the core mentality of the culture of celebrity and fashion.

    So, homomania has become the main faith of the West. And since Jews own it, they figure they can manipulate it in myriad ways to serve their own interest.

    One way is to associate homomania with Israel. With Israel coming under more scrutiny from the Left and the non-Western world, Jews associate Israel with ‘gay rights’ and point out that Muslim World, in contrast, hate and even kill homos.

    This assures Western Liberal support for Israel since there is nothing more dear to Western Liberals than the holy faith of homomania.

    It’s like Hillary Clinton justifying the Nakba and the Occupation by saying the Poo-Ride parade in Tel Aviv is one of the biggest in the world. (But then, the problem with this is that US is very cozy with some of the most anti-homo Muslim nations in the Middle East, esp Saudi Arabia. Also, Jewish-controlled US has been most hostile and aggressive toward secular Arab/Muslim nations that, while criminalizing homosexuality, are still far more tolerant than nations like Saudi Arabia that is the closet Muslim ally of the US. You were better off as a homo in secular-ruled Syria or Libya than in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. Also, even though Tel Aviv may have homo parades, much of religious Israel is zealously hostile to homo culture.)

    The danger for Jews is this: Even though Jews created and control homomania, it might slip out of their hands. After all, Jews created communism but it slipped out of their hands and, in time, became an anti-Jewish force. Stalin and later gentile rulers of Russia became increasingly distrustful of Jews. Eastern European communist nations were initially largely controlled by Jews, but Jews were pushed out by national communists. (And of course, Christianity was initially a Jewish anti-imperialist struggle but became the religion of the Gentile Empire against Jews.)

    To the extent that the West now worships homomania and to the extent that homomania is associated with Israel and elite globo-privilege(of Wall Street, Las Vegas, and Hollywood), Jews can make a killing off homomania.

    And homomania is more useful to Jews than something like communism.

    Jewish power is bound to be elite minority power because Jews are a small minority in most nations and because Ashkenazi Jews are smarter than goyim.



    So, communism was bound to work against Jews in the long run. Communism is about the workers, the masses. It is anti-elite. Of course, the communist nations developed their own elites, but as meritocracy, individualism, and minority interests were stifled under communism(that favored the majority mass of workers and their ethnic representatives), amassing power had more to do with connections and machine politics like the kind mastered by the Irish in cities like Boston and Chicago.

    Stalin gained power like Richard Daley of Chicago.

    In contrast, Jewish power depends on cleverness, brilliance, sneakery, individuality, and etc. It’s harder for Jews to work against an ethnic-machines that developed in communist nations.

    Consider the case of Browder:


    (Interesting that he has communist ancestors but turned super-capitalist as capitalism is the surer way to Jewish power and supremacism.)

    Unlike communism, homomania is intrinsically elitist and minoritarian since homos, like Jews in the US, are only 2% of the population. Also, homos hate ‘drabby’ and ‘ordinary’ things and love fancy-pants and precious things. A tranny doesn’t want to dress like an ordinary woman. He wants to be a diva-like woman. Look at Bruce ‘Caitnlyn’ Jenner who competes with Kim Kartrashian.

    A homo has neo-aristocratic flair and whoopity-doo manners. They prance around like French aristos before the Revolution.

    Communism is mass-majoritarian and ‘drab’. Eventually, this kind of austere and severe leftism works against Jews and homos who depend on elite power and privilege.

    So, Jews and homos worked together to remake ‘leftism’ into a Las Vegas show.

    There was a time when Jewish leftists rooted for the Cuban revolutionaries and Viet Cong warriors. Those fighters seemed puritanical, noble, sacrificing, selfless, and neo-spiritual opposed to decadent and crass materialism of American capitalism.

    Jews denounced America’s role in Saigon as promoting wanton decadence, corruption, prostitution, degeneracy, and etc. In contrast, the Viet Cong were admired as men and women committed to a great noble cause.

    Similarly, the Batista regime in Cuba was mocked as a decadent stooge of capitalist America. It’s like in THE GODFATHER PART II. Michael notes that the revolutionaries might win because they are pure of heart. They believe in something whereas the government only cares about money and privilege. And government troops are mere mercenaries who must be paid to fight. In contrast, the rebels will fight for nothing. They will even give their lives for the cause.

    Michael sort of admires the rebels even though he is a mafia boss involved in big money. It’s because the Corleones themselves are not only about money. They believe in clan, family, honor, and etc. And members of the Corleones will put their lives on the line for the Family. Indeed, Michael himself chose to join the Family out of fealty to his father.

    But of course, in the end, gangterism is all about money. It’s about ‘business’. Michael also remembers that when his father got killed, Tom Hagen put ‘business’ before the ‘personal’. And as Michael explains to Tom after the assassination attempt, he says all the men work for money and as such could be bought off by other men. Michael trusts Tom at that moment because Tom was kept out of the loop in other dealings. Paradoxically, Michael can trust Tom right then & there precisely because he couldn’t trust Tom in other times.

    Anyway, Jews have become very very rich. Jews are 2% of US population but something like 43% of the top 1% are Jewish. So, Jews are no longer romanticizing the spartan communist warrior or some such. Jews now fear majoritarian themes of the workers with pitchforks.

    So, Jews worked with homos to remake Leftism into a celebration of elite urban minority privilege and decadence. Indeed, homo parades look very like the kind of capitalist debauchery that was so common in Batista’s Cuba. The flamboyance, narcissism, vanity, excess, piggishness, raunchiness, degeneracy, and etc.

    What we have now is Hyman-Roth-Leftism. Notice even the Republican big-shots Sheldon Adelson and Koch brothers are enthusiastic about ‘gay marriage’.

    Jews figure that the new ‘leftism’ that favors urban decadent privilege will smash the Classic Leftism of the Workers and Majority Power forever. All the top talents in elite institutions of media and academia and government will all bow down to the holy homo. And since Jews control homomania, the worship of the homo will essentially be worship of the Jew.

    But… there is a problem. If indeed homomania is the new religion of the West, what happens if homomania were to be taken out of Jewish hands? What if homomania becomes associated with the Palestinian cause?

    What if homomania becomes more like European ‘leftism’ that is far more hostile toward Israel?

    In Europe, homos and Muslims don’t see eye to eye, but both are mostly on the ‘left’.

    As such, Muslims will work with homos, and homos will work with Muslims.

    The difference between homos in EU and homos in US is that the former are far less reliably pro-Israel. Indeed, part of the appeal of homomania in the EU(especially before ‘gay marriage’ made its way in the US) was that many EU leftists saw it as a form of anti-Americanism. Europeans have this idea of Americans as religious zealots and pro-Zionist nutjobs. Therefore, many on the EU left defined themselves by anti-Zionism and pro-homo-ism. In their minds, US Empire = Israel-worship and anti-homo Christianity.

    It must have been a bummer for EU leftards to see US become homomanical too. What EU fools failed to understand was that homomania had always been part of the Jewish-American power game to spreads minority-elite-supremacism around the world.

    But the fact remains that there are many homos in EU who are hostile to Israel because EU ‘leftism’ is different from American ‘leftism’. Also, there is a chance that even American homos may want to distance themselves from Zionism and Israel.

    As BDS movement grows in the US and as Mainline churches side with Palestinians, Israel is becoming less and less popular and ‘cool’.


    The ‘left’ is always hungry for a new cause, and there are no more ‘great causes’ left. There is only Israel and Palestinians.

    So, if the political mood darkens against Israel, will the homo community just stick with the Jews… or will they join with the Diversity Gang that supports BDS?


    Since homomania is the religion of the West, the homo-blessing counts for a lot.

    Many Americans will simply go with whatever has the endorsement of the holy homos. To be blessed by holy homos is better than being blessed by God in the new West.

    Jews groomed homo power to stick with Israel and Zionism, but what if there is a schism in the homo community? So far, Jewish Homos have dominated as they have the money and control of homo-organizations.

    But what if non-Jewish homos don’t want homomania to be associated with ‘evil imperialist racist Zionism’?

    What if a new sect of homomania join with BDS and turn against the Jews?

    So, the homo-tug-of-war with BDS and Jews tugging at homomania to own the new religion of the West.

    Homomania is a strange hybrid beast. Politically, it is associated with the Left(even though the classic left had no use for homosexuality and often derided it as a decadent sickness of bourgeois capitalism which allowed most tolerance for homos) but financially and socially, homomania is the product of super-capitalists of Wall Street, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and even Republican big-shots like Koch Brothers. Even Donald Trump is waving the homo flag after Orlando.

    Given that the current Left in the US is pro-BDS and anti-Zionist(for the most part), homomania should be making common cause against Israel and the Occupation. But because so many of the leaders of homomania are Jewish Zionists and because homomania’s success owes to the massive funding by Zionists in Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley, homos are very close to the top 1%.

    So, there is bound to be a homo-tug-of-war whereby homos will have to choose between oppressed Palestinians(favored by the Political Left and non-white Diversity crowd) and the super-privileged Jewish Zionists who control many of the elite institutions and industries in America and around the world.

    Jews are funny this way. Though most Jews claim to be leftist, they were so happy to see the troubles of the leftist regimes in Venezuela and Brazil(even though Brazil is a very pro-homo place). Why would ‘leftist’ Jews in the US cheer for the fall of leftist regimes in Latin America and cheer for the rise of neo-liberal ‘free market’ ideologues? It’s because a more independent-minded Venezuela and Brazil sought to loosen itself from American power and grow closer to Russia, Iran, and China, the three independent powers most hated by Jews.
    So, Jewish Leftists put Jewish interests over leftist interest.
    It’s like Jewish ‘leftists’ will work with theocratic Saudi Arabia to destroy modern & secular Arab nations. Jews who take pride in modernity and secularism prefer theocratic Saudis as long as the Saudis are willing to cooperate in destroying secular modernizing Arab nations hated by Israel.

    • Thanks for burying everyone else’s comments under your gigantic text wall, you inconsiderate dope.

  12. Somehow I suspect Posner would be the first to assert outdated “Constitutional” rights if he or those for whom he cares were to be persecuted by the government.

  13. Must be quick, not much time, county fair season, must pretend to have fun when I’m really engaged in networking.

    I half agree and half disagree with Posner. Disagree because he’s not saying what he’s saying for the reasons that most of us reading these words would like to think he means. Agree because what has to be set aside isn’t the Constitution, but rightist cargo cult totemism and fetishism for it in lieu of serious strategies to acquire real political and social and cultural power. The only real place anymore where the Constitution and its gestalt matters is in the imaginations of its rightist cargo cult club; everyone else blows it off and gives it the bird as they are in a mad race for power. “Our” Constitution fetish is hobbling “us” from getting in that race.

  14. Well, I’ll pile on here but what can be said except typical Jew. At a minimum, the 1st and 4th amendments of the 18th century still apply and are very relevant to contemporary society verbatim. Posner of course was a big defender of the NSA engaging in bulk data collection without warrants and other fourth-amendment violating practices.

    This is could be some kind of preemptive strike against the possibility of Trump winning the election. Posner may want to get the notion that the Constitution can and should be set aside in certain circumstances into US elite culture’s intellectual water table. If the election looks close, I expect to see this theme become prominent in the MSM. If the constitution isn’t binding, then all kinds of possibilities open up, The Electoral College is nullified, Obama can serve more than 4 years, and so on.

    The US government and general courts already abuse every bit of the constitution that is open to the slightest interrelation. I suppose the next logical step is to start ignoring the parts that are absolutely explicit like the president shall sever a four year term.

  15. I agree in a way, as southern nationalists have pointed out on here, Undertaker Abe and his band of war criminals got rid of original intent a long time ago. Obsessing over the constitution is a waste of time. On the other hand, if the nigger lovers and fags have no rules at all to restrain them, and can make up things to suit them selves, as these liberals judges seem to want, then what? That may not be good in the short run.

    • ‘ On the other hand, if the nigger lovers and fags have no rules at all to restrain them, and can make up things to suit them selves, as these liberals judges seem to want, then what? ‘

      Then it’s wave after wave of third world immigration and confiscation of weapons from the remaining whites doomed for extinction.

  16. “The Jews could be put down very plausibly as the most unpleasant race ever heard of. As commonly encountered, they lack many of the qualities that mark the civilized man: courage, dignity, incorruptibility, ease, confidence. They have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, and learning without wisdom. Their fortitude, such as it is, is wasted upon puerile objects, and their charity is mainly a form of display.”

  17. Posner is probably the most brilliant Judge sitting on the federal bench (including the SCOTUS). He feels that he deserves to be on the Supreme Court so he is extremely pompous and is known for his tough questioning of attorneys. His changing views and unpredictability make him unpopular with the Left and the Right which is why he was never nominated. I can’t speak for his comment, except for the fact that the Constitution was essentially dead after the New Deal.

    Which is why the whole “Constitutional Conservative” BS was so grating from Cruz. I don’t know what qualified him to call himself that…because he is against eminent domain? LOL while ignoring the Fourth Amendment, power to declare war, enumerated powers etc.

  18. Hitler was right..Jews are a noxious bacillus that will destroy any decent society they infest. The 18th century guys could not foresee the destructive effect of letting these Christ killers immigrate to America when every decent country in Europe had kicked the bastards out. Time to work for a Jew free America..send them back to their pile of sand in the middle east.

  19. Kersey has been getting more aggressive lately. I like it.

    Paul [email protected]
    @tavissmiley @donlemon @CNN Jackson loved kiddie porn. Fuck ANYONE who defends this piece of shit. Oh, that’s you fat boy Smiley.

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