Live Thread: 2016 League of the South Conference

I will be wrapped up here through the weekend.

Last night, our little group camped out and had a bonfire and a barbecue down on the Coosa River. We drank some beers and celebrated the historic BREXIT victory which is galvanizing secessionist movements all over the world. We will be having another party tonight and tomorrow some of us are going kayaking down the Coosa River.

Fun times. If you are in the area and want to come hang out, shoot me an email or respond in the comments.

Note: I recently appeared on the Rebel Yell podcast on The Right Stuff. Check it out.


  1. Yes, it is very likely that once one Southern state seceded, the rest of the South, an perhaps much of the West, would go with it. But why take it on faith when you don’t have to? What reason is there for states not to secede in unision as I proposed? It would make the hurdle much lower for the first state if they did it as I proposed.

    Which would be easiest to win majority vote for:

    Alabama shall secede from United States.


    Alabama shall secede from the United states, pending the co-secession of 5 other states.

    I think the second option is easier, and could even get passed in state congress as a “protest bill” after some offense from DC.

  2. I am not sure which would be the best scenario, I think two would be the best, but the difficult part will be making five agree with you, much less 13+ A leader must arise who is willing to risk prison and death to put his state’s name on the line. Again Im not sure how this would happen, I think we have more than enough provocations for secession now. All we wait for is a LEADER TO RISK IT. Once he does, then all bets are off

  3. Oh, yeah–the Jews are shaking in their yarmulkes, because every Southern Nationalist is paying them God-knows-how-much each month for internet service.

    You’re “working on” the orgs: Right, the same way those Pacific Islanders, with their cargo cults, were working on landing strips. The Jews’ organizations are the summit of a mountain of political force, a mountain of which every Jew, in his every action, of every day, is a part. You have it, in short, completely backwards: Your handmade protest signs are the equivalent of those islanders’ lifeless imitations of aircraft. You think the protest signs and the marches are the force: No–the force is what underlies them.

    PS Some persons don’t remember the days, a decade-and-a-half or so ago now, when the internet was almost unusable, because it was almost completely unorganized. That problem was solved when Google was created by two Southern scientists–oh, wait, no, they were Jews, one of whom didn’t even come to the U.S. until about three-and-a-half centuries after whites began settling in the South. In the meantime, Southerners have been writing songs about coming home late, drunk.

  4. I will not comment at the moment for fear of violating OD posting guidelines.

    ADLVerified account
    The white supremacists rallying in CA followed a common strategy: baiting counter-protesters into violence

  5. The jewish mafia is not all encompassing, all powerful, nor invincible.

    Ukip was started from scratch in recent history and has won independence without a war. Obviously this was against the will of a lot of Jews.

    Our numbers and influence are growing, and at some point we’ll be a serious political force.

    Thanks for the warm words of encouragement tho.

  6. A charismatic leader would certainly be a huge boost for the movement. Until that person arises we just need to keep blogging, commenting, tweeting, youtubing, podcasting, holding conferences, street demos, etc.

    As long as we can just keep growing the movement we are slowly winning. Our big break comes when it comes.

  7. Some of these fellows might not wear bow ties and certainly prefer insulting the opposition rather than debating them but they would be invaluable when antis attack.

    Shitlord Of The Week June 22, 2016 by CH

    ‘Let me tell you something real and true about the Shitlord Rising: If America is to be great/White again, she’ll need the help of ALL her shitlords, from the meme-making pranksters to the theme-cranking intellectuals to the shitlib-shaming musclebros. Higbrow, lowbrow, shivbrow… it’s all to the Good in the Time of the Trumpening.

    So after you’re finished soaking up the latest shiv-right treatise on diversity and social atomization, let loose with a satisfying GO FUCKING COOK MY BURRITO BITCH. And don’t be bashful or feel like you have to soften the exclamation in a gauze of irony. Our smartie shitlords will strike fear in shitlib egos, while our shirtless shitlords will strike fear in shitlib hearts. Victory is assured by cutting a devastating swath through both paths to the enemy’s quaking id’.

  8. If you want warm words of encouragement, go talk to your mother. I’m doing you a favor.

  9. Has anyone noticed the media has abandoned the Orlando Terrorist Attack? Can you imagine if Omar was a right wing white man or someone who had a Confederate flag in his home or car?

  10. Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99
    Francis Wang tried to do unbiased reporting on Sacramento. But @splcenter rebuked her. SPLC has a chilling effect on the truth.

    Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99
    Frances Wang (@ABC10Frances) of @ABC10 just learned that if you don’t hew to a Jewish-approved @splcenter narrative, you get slapped down.

    Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99
    .@ABC10 pulled their news story at the behest of @splcenter. NO freedom of the press in Sacramento. Disgusting!

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