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  1. I suspect ”remain” will win narrowly. In the U.K., when polls are very close, the status quo usually prevails. Richard North, who has promoted Brexit for years, has made this point several times on his blog, http://www.eureferendum.com.

  2. When you “debate” with an enemy, particularly an enemy that wants you dead, you give him a respectability he doesn’t deserve. You either lure those on your side into a false sense of security or into demoralization. These bastards will never be beaten while treating them as friends.

  3. Should Brexit fail, the next gambit would be English independence from Great Britain.

    It would be an irony, but sometimes our own feelings of superiority work against us: Murrricans who oppose secession, for instance, and want to “take back America”. They perceive a tremendous victory as a historical defeat, not realizing that the battle was lost decades ago and that the enemy has been casually consolidating, as if toying with their prey.

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    Any comment advocating violent, illegal and especially counter productive Vanguard type violence such as the assassination of the British woman MP should be noted and flagged for deletion and such commenters will be banned.

    • The Cox assassination is collateral damage in the ongoing war of national liberation.

      • There are a thousand and one effective ways to oppose, fight these terrible Lib Left, anti nationalist, pro Muslim rapist Social Justice Warriors.

        Very effective Left tactics like “Doxing” enemies would work on such a terrible woman as this Labour MP woman.

        In all our actions we must ask ourselves this:

        Does this help or hurt us and our people, our just cause.

        If it hurts us, than don’t do it.

        Look at successful White boxers, White political leaders in Russia and Eastern Europe – what do they do, what do they say, how do they dress?

        I note that America Whites haven’t had a heavy weight boxing champion since Rocky Marciano in the 1950s. Russian and Eastern European boxers now dominate international boxing – what do they do that we don’t do?

        Google video what Russian nationalists do to the anti Russian cultural marxists like Pussy Riot – they don’t shoot them dead with guns, but yes they do use force – cossack whips and pepper spray. There could have been English nationalist versions of Cossacks confronting this terrible traitor woman Labour MP.

  5. Why, I remember a song written about a British exit made a little over 200 years ago.


    Seriously, I hope Britain does exit and preserves their Anglo-Saxon heritage and drives out all the immigrants now overrunning them and defeats the globalists. Living here in the USA my ancestors can be traced back to Britain and Ireland.

    Maybe BREXIT’s success will trigger TEXIT’s success followed by the other Southern / Conservative states in the USA.

    God save the UK and the South!

  6. Laguna Beach Fogey
    ‘You never see the Left attacking its own supporters for supporting or defending political violence, such as the recent assassination attempt on Trump by a deranged young English bolshevik.’


    There haven’t been any disavowals or hand wringers on their side to my knowledge.

  7. The New World nations and Australia have NO MORAL OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER to take in immigrants from the rest of the world.

    If whites took land from the indigenous peoples, then whites owe something to the indigenes, not to the entire world. If Anglos look land from the Aboriginal folks of Australia, amends are necessary, and the native folks should be treated nice, with free boomerangs and kangaroo meat. What does the Anglo invasion of Australia have to do with Chinese, Hindus, Filipinos, Koreans, Indonesians, Arabs, or black Africans(aka the ghastly Negroes)? If Anglos ‘stole’ land from the Aboriginals, then they owe something to the natives and TO NO ONE ELSE!

    Indeed, how does it help the Australian aboriginals to lose their land NOT ONLY TO WHITES but to the ENTIRE WORLD? That is really messed up.

    Do the globo-elites who now rule Australia ask the indigenous natives if their ancestral lands should be invaded by ALL THE WORLD?

    If people A did something wrong to people B, then they owe something to people B. The problem will not solved by people A doing favors for people C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, etc.

    Jews seem to believe that white people owe them something wherever white people are.

    Now, if white people invaded the land of, say, the gumniks, sane moral logic would dictate that white people owe something to the gumniks. But Jews say white people owe something to Jews and must open the land taken from the gumniks for Jewish settlement. Eh?

    Does that make any sense?

    All this Emma Lazarus crap is Diversity-Imperialism. She says ‘gimme your huddled masses, blah blah blah’.

    But if US was taken from the Indians, white folks owe something special to the Indians, not to the ‘huddled masses’ around the world. White folks have an obligation to the huddled Indians whose tipees were burned to the ground.

    If it was tragic enough for Indians to lose their ancestral land to whites and be reduced to huddled folks drinking whiskey, how does it help the Indians to have the US opened up to the entire world? Indians will then have lost their land not only to the white men but to every bunch of huddled and hustling shitheads from the entire world. That ain’t no good.

    So, Anglos owe something to the Aboriginals in Australia. White folks owe something to Indians in the Americas.

    Of course, white folks owe something to their own kind as well because it was white folks who ‘discovered’, conquered, envisioned, developed, and built modern nation-states in America and Australia. Without white folks, such nations as US, Canada, and Australia wouldn’t even exist. What does this have to do with any other people?

    In the case of United States, something is owed to Negroes cuz their ancestors were brought by force as slaves. And the Mexicans already living in the SW should be paid respect but ONLY in SW territories. And descendants of Chinese who built railroads(but not the later Chinese and esp not those who come to pull the anchor baby scam). Eskimos deserve special recognition in Alaska, and only in Alaska. Hawaiians deserve special recognition in Hawaii, and ONLY in Hawaii. But US owes nothing to no one else.

    Also, Diversity Invasion mucks up the special status of the native folks. Prior to mass immigration of the 1960s, American Indians had a special place in the lore in US history. There were Western movies, the legends of great Indian chiefs, the stories of US cavalry vs Indians. Indians were sometimes depicted as Red Savages but also admired as courageous fighters who struggled against great odds.

    So, in a world where it’s just whites and Indians, Indians have a special place.

    But with the mass immigration beginning in the 60s, the native folks whose ancestry goes back 10,000s yrs back in the American Continent have been reduced to near zero in US narrative. And Jews want it that way. Jews want whites to feel that they(the whites) owe something to the entire world for the white ‘sin’ of black slavery and Indian ‘genocide’. But where is the moral logic in this? If whites owe something to blacks and Indians, how is this Justice served by whites importing tons of immigrants? Many of these immigrants out-compete the Negroes(true, the Negroes are ghastly but…) who remain in the back of the bus. And Indians now see their ancestral lands taken over not only by whites but every lowlife moron and jerk from around the world. Also, even though whites whupped the Indians, Indians can take pride in their fight.

    But such narrative is diminished with the newcomers from all over the world. It’s like David Yeagley said. Indians lost the land to whites, and it is up to whites to take care of the land and maintain the narrative between whites and Indians. But whites have forgotten about Indians. Whites just listen to Jews. Jew convinced whites that whites can only ‘atone’ for their ‘historical sins’ IF they do favors for people all around the world. But why? If whites did something wrong to Indians, why do they have to do favors for Chinese, Hindus, Arabs, Africans, and etc?

    Also, has anyone asked the indigenous people for permission for Open Borders? Did globalists ask American Indians if it’s okay for Indians to lose their land not only to whites but to the entire world? Did whites ask native Hawaiians if it’s okay for the fat brown folks to lose their land not only to whites but to yellows as well?

    If whites took the land from Hawaiians, how does it help the fat brown folks to lose their land to yellows as well? Were the Hawaiians asked for permission if it’s okay to lose their lands to yellows as well? Or was it imposed on them?

    Jews have re-programmed ‘white guilt’ so that whites are redeemed only if they favor people whites did no harm to. So, if whites ‘stole’ land from American Indians, they must do favors to Asian-Indians and bring them by the millions. But why?

    Imagine if Chinese one day feel guilty about what they did in Tibet and decide to redress the problem by bringing in 1o million Nigerians to Tibet. How does that help the Tibetans? It’s totally loony.


    So, Jews want every white land to offer OPEN BORDERS to Jews from all over the world and, furthermore, to non-whites from all over the world. By increasing diversity and reducing the power of white majority(and dividing into ‘bad whites’ and ‘good whites’), Jews seek to gain power all over the world. Jews say Australia must take in ‘refugees’ from the Middle East. Never mind that this ‘refugee’ crisis is the result of Jewish-controlled US neo-imperialist foreign policy. Never mind that the historical moral burden of Anglo-Australians is to take care of the Aborigines who were there first. What do Australians owe to Arabs or other peoples?

    Huddled Mass Imperialism is a Jewish Ploy. It’s a means by which Jews seek to take over white nations(and even non-white gentile nations). Since Jews don’t have the numbers to become the majority in white nations, they figure the next best thing is to undermine the white majority by increasing non-white immigration to massive amounts. Jews are cackling with hideous glee that whites are losing majority status in the US. Even in Austria, the Green Party won not only because the white vote was split but because immigrants-as-new-Austrians got the vote.

    Some people say, “whites have no special claim to America, Canada, and Australia because they took the land from the real natives.” Therefore, those nations must open up to all the world.

    That is utter bullshit logic.

    I would say whites have special claim to those nations because they created them. Before whites came, those lands were undeveloped and there were no nations, no cities, no industry, not much of anything except natives using rocks to bash gophers on the head for supper. So, whites do have special claim on those lands.

    Now, what about the fact that whites took the land from the natives. OKAY, that is a legit gripe, BUT if whites took it from the natives, white owe something to the natives, not to the entire world. If Anglos took land from Apaches or Pueblo Indians, they owe something to THOSE people. How does it follow that whites must do something for Turks, Afghans, Somalis, Kenyans, and etc?

    And if whites brought blacks to be slaves, then whites owe something to their descendants. They owe NOTHING to other black Africans(whose ancestor captured and sold black slaves to Arabs, whites, and among each other).

    Just imagine this scenario. Suppose what happened in the Americas happened in Africa instead. Suppose white colonists spread some disease that wiped out huge numbers of black Africans without immunity.

    Suppose whites settled much of Africa and became the overwhelming majority. Suppose blacks were driven off many of their native lands. Suppose many blacks were pushed into reservations.

    Once the dust has settled, wouldn’t whites owe something to the black Africans(ghastly as they may be) for the history of conquest, wars, and something close to ‘genocide’?

    Blacks have lost their ancestral lands forever to whites who’ve built great new nations in Africa. Since whites built something great in what had once been savage territory, they can lay special claim to the new nations they created. But since the land was taken from black Africans, whites have a special obligations to offer something to blacks in recognition of historical tragedy.

    Now, suppose a bunch of Jews enter these new-african-nations, gain elite power, look upon white goyim as their goy servants, and convince the honkers that the ONLY WAY they can redeem themselves for having ‘stolen’ land from black Africans is by allowing massive immigration from all over the world. So, New Africa is to be flooded with tons of Chinese, Hindus, Turks, Arabs, Indonesians, etc, etc.

    But how does this redeem the tragedy of blacks having lost their ancestral lands to whites? Wouldn’t the end-result be blacks losing their lands not only to whites but to the entire freaking world? If whites did something wrong to black Africans, how does it help black Africans if whites decide to bring in gazillions of Arabs or Hindus into black Africa?

    Jewish Moral Logic is nuts. We see this in the issue of Palestine itself. Because Germans did something to Jews, ALL whites are to blame, even whites who fought the Nazis. And in order for whites to redeem themselves, Palestinians must pay the price and lose their land to the Jews. How’s that again?

    According to Jews, all whites are to blame for the Holocaust, and to redress the horror, whites must help Jews to take the land of Palestinians even though Pallies had NOTHING to do with WWII and Holocaust.

    It’s like quantum morality.

    You know how in quantum mechanics, if something nano-ish happens in one place, it affects something in the other part of galaxy or something?

    “A particle here can affect one on the other side of the universe, instantaneously”




    It was Jewish-controlled foreign policy that messed up the Middle East & North Africa and unleashed a terrible ‘refugee’ crisis. But Jews say white European nations, Australia, and white gentile communities in America must bear the burden of taking all those ‘refugees’… or else they are no better than the Nazis.

    Of course, Israel doesn’t have to take in a single refugee. Israel doesn’t even have to offer Golan Heights as respite for Syrian refugees. Israel can be a Jewish-Only state. But Austria and Hungary are attacked as ‘neo-nazi’ and ‘far right’ and ‘extremist’ if they don’t open up to hordes of ‘refugees’ unleashed by Wars for Israel.

    Of course, the Diversity Immigration Crowd loves this Moral Logic since they get to act like parasites feeding on the White Whale.

    The Diversity Crowd pick up useful PC and condemn whites for having ‘stolen’ the lands of indigenous folks such as American Indians and Australian Aborigines. But would those immigrants even want to come to America or Australia if white folks hadn’t built great rich modern nations there? They are coming to feed off on white achievement. If whites hadn’t settled and built the Americas and Australia, Hindus and Chinese and Arabs would not want to go there.

    Also, if the Diversitariat or Immigrant folks really feel that white folks did wrong in ‘stealing’ land from the indigenous peoples, shouldn’t they tell white folks to take care of the indigenous folks? How does it help the indigenous folks to see their ancestral lands be conquered not only by whites but to the entire world?

    But Jewish Quantum Morality gets even crazier. In Europe, whites are the indigenous peoples. It is their ancestral lands. But Jews say Europeans can only redeem themselves by letting Jews take over all elite institutions. Jews say Europeans can redeem themselves for the Holocaust only by helping Jews crush Palestinians(who had nothing to do with WWII). And then, Europeans must turn their nations ‘diverse’ and eventually white-minority. The Jewish Way is anti-indigenous.

    Jews tell white Americans, white Canadians, and white Australians to favor global diversity over redressing indigenous tragedy. So, instead of white Americans respecting American Indians, white Canadians respecting Canadian Indians, and white Australians respecting aboriginal folks, they should further diminish the role of indigeneity by opening their nations to the global Diversity Tsunami.

    Before the mass immigration of the 60s, American Indians had a firm place in the American Narrative. Whites took land from the Indians but there was the tragic narrative that paid special attention to Indians.

    So, America was the land of indigenous settlers and white conquer-settler-builders. This narrative emphasized Indians and whites.

    But once America became a ‘proposition nation’ and ‘nation of immigrants’, not only whites but the American Indians were swept aside. Indigeneity came to mean nothing. The same thing happened to the Palestinians.

    And now, Jews are pushing the same Moral Logic onto Europe itself where whites are the indigenous folks. Jews turn Middle East and North Africa, the indigenous homelands of the Arabs/Muslims into the hellholes where so many are displaced. And then, with massive tide moving into Europe, European indigeneity is also upset and threatened. This is all supposed to be so wonderful on the fantastic premise that ‘diversity is our strength’, but only Jews gain in absolute power by playing divide-and-rule among goyim while all goyim lose their lands. This diversity bug has spread not only to EU but now to some East Asian nations. It is like a new global religion. The twin neo-faiths of Jewish-controlled globalism is Homomania and Diversity. (And Negro worship of MLK, Mandela, rappers, and mandingo-mofos).

    When we take a look at the EU, it is so obvious what is wrong.

    Just think. The purpose of European Union is to bring Europeans together. As there are different languages and ethnic groups among Europeans, what all Europeans have in common and possess in distinct contrast from non-Europeans must be emphasized.

    So, even if Germans speak Germans, Poles speak Polish, Italians speak Italian, and French speak French and etc., what do they have in common?

    Three come to mind immediately: race, territory, history. All Europeans are white or Caucasian. Europe is a specific territorial entity. It is not the entire world. And there is history. Though each European nation has its own history, all Europeans are bound by history and inspirational myths that stems from the Greeks and Romans. There is also the element of culture as most European peoples came to share in similar kinds of music(classical esp), spirituality(mostly Christian), and art.

    So, if EU is to work, it must focus on what most Europeans have in common among themselves and in contrast to non-Europeans.

    But EU is under the yoke of Jewish Globalism that reject the natural glues of Europeanism as anathema. So, it is ‘racist’ to mention that Europeans are white folks bound by blood. Instead, ‘race is just a social construct’ and just about anyone can become ‘European’ by matter of the law. So, a white European whose ancestry goes back 10,000s back in the European continent is no more European than a newly arrived black African or brown Pakistani(with 10,000s of yrs of ancestry in Africa or South Asia) who apply for citizenship.

    Europeanism is no longer bound by richness of blood and history. It just about bureaucratic ink and rubber stamp.

    Globalism and Diversity means the elites no longer feel a blood-soil-historical connection with their own peoples/subjects. Instead, globalist elite identity is about privilege. So, privileged European elites will identify more with their privileged counterparts in Africa, Asia, and Arabia than with their own people. Diversity also means that the elites regard their own people only as interchangeable economic units and NOTHING MORE. So, the British elites feel nothing special for the native British masses. If British workers can be replaced with foreign ones on the cheap, all the better. And if British elites are showered with praise by Jewish globalists for snubbing their own people, all the better. Indeed, if a million Pakis were to come to the UK, the elites will accept them as the new Britons who are ‘just as British as the native British with root that go back for eons’. And if the native British complain, they are attacked and even imprisoned as ‘racist’. (But Jewish elites are allowed to show special concern for all Jews. Rich Jews in Israel favor poor Jews over rich Arabs.)

    As for territory, EU is to surrender any notion of boundary. It must merge even with Muslim Turkey. (To be sure, Turkey is a strange case as midpoint between Europe and Near East.) It must be open to any number of migrants and invaders from the Middle East and Africa. Without strict laws to safeguard European territory, there is no more territorial integrity. So, not is the idea of race/blood gone, but so is the idea of territory/soil.

    What about history? Even though Europeans fought many battles against one another, aren’t they still one people? Aren’t they part of a common supra-civilization made up of white tribes of Celts, Germanics, Latins, Slavs, Magyars, Scandies, Baltics, and etc that is distinct from black Africans, Arab Muslims, Chinese, Hindus, etc?

    • But Jews took over Western Historical Narrative and say that Europe was ‘always about immigration’. Never mind it was mostly about white-on-white migration.

      Indeed, when Europe was invaded and colonized by non-Europeans such as the Moors-Mongols-and-Turks, Europeans eventually banded together to drive out the aliens. That is how Europe maintained itself and survived. (But then, in later times, Asians and Africans drove out European conquerors and colonizers to preserve their own sacred lands.)

      Jews tell whites that it’s unacceptable to invoke and institute matters of race, land, and history the common glue of Europeanism. Jews hate it because the idea of European race might turn into Gentiles against Jews. Also, if European territory/land is sacred to indigenous Europeans, it undermines Jewish elite domination. Also, if Europeans were control their own history, their chosen narrative would sanctify and justify European heroism through the ages to guard and defend their lands from aliens.

      So, the very concepts and realities that are the most effective tools of bringing Europeans together have been dismissed, indeed defamed.

      Instead, EU is to come together on the basis of Diversity, Negro-worship, Holocaustianity, and Gay Glue.

      The cult of Diversity says European values are all about being ‘inclusive’. But if being ‘inclusive’ is what Europeanism is about, why not do away with the very concept of Europeanism?

      After all, everything exists and survives in relative exclusive mode. If orange juice is inclusive of all other juices, it is no longer orange juice. It is mixed-up juice of everything. Europeanness is a specific identity. If it is made inclusive, it is just global and no different from ‘Asian’, ‘African’, ‘Arab’, etc.

      No people can survive without exclusive policies. Compare Tibet and Mongolia. Due to machinations of foreign policy, Tibet remained as part of China whereas Mongolia gained national independence. As Tibet was part of China, it could not enforce something like the Chinese Exclusion Act. So, any number of Chinese could pour into Tibet and pretty much take over that nation. But Mongolia, as a separate nation with its own sovereignty, could enforce the Chinese Exclusion Act. As such, it need not be overwhelmed by the Chinese ethnic tide.

      Exclusion is the heart-and-soul of national survival, especially of smaller nations faced with the threat of massive migrations. Finland certainly survived by doing what it could to keep masses of Russians out. And how would Israel survive as a Jewish state without policies of exclusion, separateness, and distinctness? If Israel were inclusive of all peoples, it would soon no longer be a Jewish state.

      And if Jewish identity were opened up to all peoples, what would be a Jew or non-Jew? It’d be meaningless. Reform Jews may accept converts-to-Judaism, but even they don’t encourage non-Jews to become Jews. They want to keep it all in the family. Jews will accept half-Jews and quarter-Jews, but they have to have Jewish blood and must choose loyalty to Jewish identity above all else.

      Jews want Europeans to be held together not by race, territory, and history but by pop culture(mostly of ugly rap and homo delirium[or gay glue] and Hollywood fantasies of grown-ups in bat costumes running around), American-form-of-English, shared guilt about Holocaust, and… as of now, hatred for Russia. (Once Russia falls under the Jewish-Homo-globalist heel, it will be ‘cool’. But for now, it is the Absolute Enemy of Europe because Russia is about ethnicity, territory, and history that are relatively independent of Jewish-Homo-globalist dictates.)

      EU under Jewish domination says that Europeans have more in common with Jews, gypsies, homos, Negroes, and Pakis than with white Russians. So, if France become more Muslim and African, that’s what ‘European values’ are all about.

      And if France hates Russia as a white nation that won’t bend over to ‘gay marriage’, that is also what ‘European values’ are all about. (On the other hand, blood-and-soil ideology is somewhat tolerated and even encouraged in Ukraine–even among neo-Nazis–because it’s an effective tool against Russia. Indeed, The Current Rule is “nationalism-against-Russia is good, but nationalism-against-Jewish-globalism is bad.” Jews now use NATO to increase Eastern European nationalism against Russia. So, nationalism is good when it pits European nations against an independent white nation that won’t cave to globalism. But nationalism is bad when white nations want to be free of the influence of the likes of George Soros.)

      Now, English as a glue for EU isn’t a bad idea since English is an European language, a brilliant combo of Germanic and Romance languages. But American English is now the language of the entire globe. Not just in EU but Asia and Africa and Middle East. As such, adopting it as the EU language just turns Europe into part of globalism. Also, since Jews totally dominate English-language press, the common use of language exposes all peoples to Jewish-Homo-globalist-propaganda.

      As for Gay Glue, it can only be a fashion or fad. The idea of an entire civilization held together by the ‘pride’ of celebrating fecal penetration among homos or men cutting off dicks-and-balls to become women sounds pretty nuts. Also, homomania and gender-bender-mania are deeply divisive because it encourages men and women to identify along 50 genders. It is triviality-as-truth. Indeed, the homo agenda made huge gains only through deceit. It associated itself with the colorful rainbow, a Pavlovian trick to make people associate sexual deviance and degeneracy with bright pretty colors. When people think ‘gay’, they don’t think of a penis in poop hole or a man with cut off dick and fake vagina but the teletubby-like rainbow goo-gooberry.

      As for Holocaustianity, it unifies Europeans with self-loathing, eternal guilt, and shame. Are such emotions truly resilient as a glue, especially when most Europeans had nothing to do with the Holocaust? Furthermore, the very people who sacrificed most to defeat the Nazis — the Russians — are demeaned as the worst people on earth by the Jewish Globalists. So much for moral consistency. (Also, there is the matter of Jewish communists, financiers, and pornographers doing great harm to Europeans.)

      Holocaustianity as common thread for EU is also problematic since it contradicts the ideal of globalized ‘European values’. If black Africans or Muslims(who have no love for Jews) are just as ‘European’ as real Europeans and if such peoples have no special love for Jews(due to what Zionism did to Palestine and how Israel was once main ally of South Africa), why should a ‘white guilt’ cult apply to ‘non-white Europeans’? Isn’t it an ‘imperialism of white guilt’? Aren’t white people forcing their own historical guilt onto others who are equally ‘European’? Isn’t this how Palestinians got it in the neck after WWII? Palestinians had to pay the price for what Germany and other white nations did in the Holocaust.

      As for Negro-worship, there is rap, jungle fever, and MLK-Mandela worship. But what is rap? It is about tribal thuggery on the street level. It is the culture of a racial community where punks on one block can’t get along with punks of another block.

      White power is about whites living in harmony with one another so that they can form into a larger power bloc of unity and cooperation. Such emotions and values are expressed in classical music.

      Black power is about black fighting one another at the atomized warrior-hunter level. Each black acts tough and violent and may seem real badass. But such intra-violence prevents the rise of collective black power. So, rap increases dissension and hatred.

      Black Lives Matter only increased freedom for blacks to butcher one another than work together.

      As for jungle fever, it may bring white women together in common lust for the mandingo, but how is mating with Negroes and producing wild-ass mulatto babies good for Europe? Many of these mulattoes will have Negro personalities of self-aggrandizement, aggression, and self-centrism. They won’t be good at cooperation and self-criticism. Their heads will be nappy and their noses flat. European aesthetics will be lost simply because white women are addicted to longdongsilvers.

      Also, mulatto kids will identify as black and milk ‘white guilt’ for all it’s worth. Also, white males will lose pride and confidence as stronger black males kick their ass and take white girls. White European males will be reduced to cuckdom. How is that good for Europe? A Europe united on the notion that white women should give their bodies to jungle-jive savages while white boys all turn pansy and thenthitive and worship some bearded ‘lady’ on Eurovision?

      That is the unifying theme of Europe?

      Globalism presents as ideal EU glue the stuff that actually lead to most tensions, divisions, and problems. It’s like offering paint-thinner as glue. It’s like offering termites for structural integrity of a house. It’s like offering vinegar to treat ulcer. It’s like offering sleeping pills to someone who needs to stay awake or offering caffeine to someone who needs to go to sleep.

      The very things that most undermine long-term EU unity are offered as the best solutions whereas the things that will best serve EU unity — race, territory, and history — are off the table.

      The identity of Europe isn’t possible without consciousness/memory of race, territory, and history.

      Take an individual. Suppose he suffers from amnesia. Given his condition, he will be putty in your hands(like the guy in MEMENTO since the accident) since his lack of memory leaves him at the mercy of your manipulations of his narrative.

      If you have amnesia, you wouldn’t know what people you belong to, what culture you are part of, what is your property, who is your family, and etc. You would have nothing to live for. Thus, you will just follow the advice of people who tell you what-is-what.

      And this is the power of Jews over Europeans. The two PCs — political correctness and pop culture — have filled white minds with amnesia and shame. Pop culture induces Amnesia of white history/heroism and makes white kids slaves to rap music and globalism. And PC instills selective memory of shame among whites for all their ‘historical sins’. PC selectively paints whites as especially guilty and evil. So, all the great white achievements are seen as the result of exploitation of humanity, and whites can only be redeemed by sharing what they have with the rest of the world under the watchful eye of Jewish elites and their homo allies.

  8. Haven’t encountered any news stories that report how Brexit has been polling among the real British (i.e., white British) …

  9. I’m guessing working class males will vote to leave. The upper class, government workers, virtually every non-white and and a high percentage of women will vote to remain.

    • A typical, anti-White (((neocohen))). Our people are nothing but canon fodder for the (((Chosen Ones))) and our traitorous, psycho cucks go along with it.

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