Labor Fears White Working Class Defections To Trump

If you were a White working class male union member in the Rust Belt, why on earth would you support Hillary Clinton? The Clintons have been at the forefront of every rotten free-trade deal that has devastated the region for the last thirty years. Bill unleashed Wall Street in the 1990s and Hillary is Wall Street’s candidate. As president, Wall Street will expect Hillary to “move forward” on free-trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership like Obama has after dissimulating on trade in the primaries.

If Hillary’s job destroying energy policy on coal wasn’t bad enough, Sanders is trying to pull the Democratic Party toward endorsing a nationwide ban on fracking. Without fracking, parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania would be as depressed as Upstate New York.

“Labor leaders are nervous about Donald Trump’s appeal to unions’ many white, working-class members, and they are working to head off partisan defections.

Unions spend heavily to support Democrats in elections and wield great influence over whether their members support those candidates. But labor leaders fear many of their members could be drawn to Mr. Trump. Merged Wall Street Journal/NBC News polling data from the first four months of the year show that among white union households, support is split evenly between Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton, at 44% each, in a potential general-election matchup.

“Everybody recognizes the enormous threat Trump poses” whether their unions have backed either Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders or Mrs. Clinton, said Robert Master, the Eastern region political director for the Communications Workers of America, which has endorsed Mr. Sanders. “There’s an element in that right-wing populism that is appealing to some of our members, there’s no question about that,” Mr. Master said. …”

Trump should do well with White working class union members. It is White middle class suburbanites in the Rust Belt who will decide the election:

“Donald Trump trails Hillary Clinton by 7 percentage points among middle-income voters in the Rust Belt, a key demographic he almost certainly needs to become president.

Likely voters with annual family incomes of $30,000 to $75,000 in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin back Clinton over Trump, 46 percent to 39 percent, the latest Purple Slice online poll for Bloomberg Politics shows.

The findings should sound an alarm for Trump because they show he’s failing—at least so far—to dominate among the sort of voters thought to be more sympathetic to him. The poll also splashes cold water on suggestions that the real-estate developer and TV personality is well positioned to win in the Rust Belt. …”

The fate of the country will turn on how this slice on the population in places like suburban Des Moines, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia vote in November.

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    • Because of the scientific fact that liberalism is genetical. Thatswhy white race has one disaster after another at least 3500 years. And white nationalists are part of the problem. They refuse to see elephant in the living room, genetical liberal.

      • Liberalism is caused by a rejection of God which he said he gives them over to a Reprobate mind. If these people were GODLY they wouldnt be Liberal PERIOD

  1. These unions need to be obliterated. They are just another control mechanism led by parasites for their own personal gain. And, many union workers are damn fools who are programmed to believe their membership & contributions make a difference in their jobs, benefits, and salaries. The even bigger sucking sound than trade deals is that of union dues. The idiots even vote according to what union leadership says.

    • Unions serve a good purpose, though it has been distorted in modern times. We need to bring back craft guilds.

      • Like many things in life, from The Constitution to medical vaccinations, they are only fair and benevolent in an honorable and moral society. The United States is neither.

    • Do you have any credible data to back up your assertion that unions don’t make a difference when it comes to jobs, benefits, and salaries? I was under the impression that union members enjoyed higher salaries, better benefits, and more job protections that their nonunion counterparts.

      I’m sure there are times when union leadership is deserving of sharp criticism. But I hardly think that calling for the obliteration of unions will endear you to working class folks.

      • I’ve been in a union, my father was in a union, and my sister’s significant other was in a union. What do you think that propaganda doesn’t affect every corner of our lives? I stand by my comment.

    • It is more about race than unions. White unions are okay as long as they serve the interests of whites. White politcans are okay as long as they serve the interests of whites.

  2. There is no excuse for any white household to not support Trump:

    He isn’t a religious extremist, he is concerned about the working stiff, he won’t send your children off to fight phony wars, he has no intention of undoing the safety net.

    It should be an en masse move to Trump.

      • Here is the question Hunter I have and its the question the ancestors faced in 1860. Do we A hope for a candidate to solve some issues or B hope for the worst with our things at the ready? If Trump caused things in the USA to improve then Nationalistic positions such as those on OD would atrophy, but if Hillary wins we stay on the offensive. In the end this is what it comes down to who puts us in the best position of breaking this present system?

    • We hope he doesn’t have the duplicity to attack Iran for Israel or escalate things with Russia.

      • The only Jewish Oligarch on the Trump Train is Sheldon Adelson. The others have all jumped ship and are backing Hillary.

    • This is The Weimar Republic part deux. Half of the people in this country are communists. You can call them liberals or whatever you please. Half of those that are not communists, are stupid. Don’t know come here from sickum. Have a 5 minute conversation with the average voter and you will be dumbfounded.

      You are spot on, there should be an en masse move to Trump. BUT. A lot of these people watch daytime tv, CNN, they suck up the jew media up like a dry sponge.

      • We were at the Stage Weimar Germany was when Hitler won election in 1999. We’ve surpassed that and are right at the doorstep of the end cycle of America. The Jews need only to trigger a 3rd world war of which they are trying but have been successfully blocked or let their central bank crash the US economy which is coming in the very near future. From researching previous Trends we will have a War or crash right around the time of election. They like crashing the Economy right about that time. This time it will be a global crash, meant to depress the world.

    • The problem in the Northern States is that Whites have always been Ethnically and Religiously pitted against one another ie Protestant vs Catholic and the hate is still there. Ethnic Diversity is almost as bad as Racial diversity because it is division. The South has never been ethnically divided as it escaped the Mass Immigration Post 1848 though since 1965 it has received its share, but not enough to change her political viewpoints completely,

      The Polish Irish Italian Catholics in cities like Cleveland, Buffalo, Detroit, although many are Anti Negro at some level, still will vote liberal out of tradition or because of perceived economic concerns. This ignorance is sad and I wish there was a way to do something about it but only education could change it but I dont think its possible.

    • Northern Idiots. That’s who we fought in our War for Independence. The men whom voluntarily chose to fight us and didn’t do it because of forced conscription were all from the deep North, State’s like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and the New England bunch. One of the only few distinguished Generals on their side who wasn’t a criminal was from Wisconsin. Minnesota has elected the first Muslim Mayor in the US. I’m sick to death of these damn people and I pray to God enough of them vote for Trump so we can leave.

      • I am actually confused in regards as to who would bring the end of the Union quicker. Part of me likes Trump because there is a chance at reform but then at another time I say elect Hillary and bring on the collapse because I don’t think President Hillary will bring anything but collapse.

        This is 1860 all over again. Folks in South Carolina actually cheered when Lincoln won because they finally had the pretext for secession, something SC politicians had patiently waited for for 30 years to take place. This is where we are at now. The question is who puts us in the best position to achieve our goals. Do we A Elect Trump and push forward or B Elect Hillary and await Rahowa? I am actually not sure

  3. The Unions, even the police and firefighters, in my area have become so cucked that they routinely march in the gay pride parades. They are just as delusional and cucked as many other segments of the electorate, if not more so.

  4. People…

    If a Jew asks you, “Are you an anti-Semite?”, answer that you are a JOWERITE who believes in JOWERISM.

    Jower = Jewish Power.

    We believe that Jewish Power or Jower exists and exerts great influence on the world to the detriment of gentiles, especially Arabs and Whites.

    We must be Jowerists or Jowerites. Jower means Jewish power. Ism means belief. So, Jowerism means the conscious awareness of Jewish power.

    • Semitism=Polices or programs beneficial to the Jews. That is what SEMITISM means. If you are for ANTI SEMITISM that means you are not for policies solely beneficial to Jews ie Edomites

      • Bill Jews are not the only Semites. I find it disgusting how they claim that title solely for themselves. Semites are a group that encompasses Syrians and other peoples. The Jews have hijacked that word and they need to be called out on it. If you look at President Assad he’s no dark arab nor is he White, he’s a Semite.

        • They highjacked the word in the 1870s because they realized Jew was a loaded term. Confront a Jew with this and they become livid

    • Just say “of course I am!” Antiseptic, antibacterial, antiparasitical . . . Antisemite!

  5. “The fate of the country will turn on how this slice on the population in places like suburban Des Moines, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia vote in November.” Well I can tell you we better not be counting on Iowa. The cuck leaning is so strong there they are put off by Trump’s harsh language (he says hell a lot) and brash manners. Milwaukee is similar but not as bad.

    • Iowans have been eating too much of their GMO Monsanto corn- their brains are full of chemicals.

      • Iowans have been pretty sheltered in their whitopia until fairly recently when Obama has been trying out his AFFH in places like Dubuque and Iowa City, but I think most of the state is still a whitopia. They won’t come around until the game is over, which it almost is.

        • The fact is and George Lincoln Rockwell noticed this. He said move 1000 Negroes into a town of 2000 whites in liberal leaning Northern areas and you will have the local whites reacting just like Alabama whites. Meaning the closer they get to the problem, the more they understand said problem.

          George Wallace made the point that Hubert Humphrey and others attacking him lived in states that were less than 5% Negro while he lived in one that was 30%. What Wallace tried to say was it was fine and dandy to coddle the coloreds from afar but the closer one came to the issue, you quickly learned that coddling was all a bunch of bunk

          • While I agree it helps debunk the myth of equality one cannot deny that the Northern Man is a weak Man. Even if they were all moved into Northern States what you would have was a mulatto population. The early Civil Rights movement wasn’t started by Jews but Yanks. The Jews just picked it up and exploded it out after they replaced them. The NAACP wasn’t founded by a Jew but a weak white Woman from Connecticut.

          • If you mean the abolitionist movement you are right, but the NAACP was funded with Jewish money even before the Jews exerted direct control. As for weakness I would also add to it the ethnic division the South did not have. When you spent 100 years attacking fellow whites simply for being Roman Catholic, in the North they were still burning Catholic homes and churches as late as 1930s those divisions never healed. How can you have a united front when the whites hate each other for various reasons?

            The South was lucky in the sense whites never had the extreme divisions that they did in the Northern States, because of the lack of immigration. Something can also be said with being in direct contact with an enemy for 400 years. There is some belief that living in safety breeds weakness.

            As for Interracial coupling/Marriage, the IR Marriage rate is TECHNICALLY the highest in the South but this number is deceiving. What this simply means is said couples actually get married in the South. In the Northern States these are all for the most part shack jobs and of course there is no way to count how many shack jobs there are. It is extremely rare to find an actual IR couple in a Northern State who is married.

          • The thing I am going to ask is what is this origin of this Northern weakness? The vast majority of the Continental Army in the Revolution was from Massachusetts so obviously in 1781 the weakness seemed to have not set in yet to the point it is today. The Army of the Potomac, largely made up of men from PA to ME was a disaster and only began to defeat Lee’s men after Lee’s Army was largely decimated by disease and casualties and left to fight in rags and often bare feet. So obviously an unfair advantage to the Yankees.

            The Yankee soldiers drawn from the frontier regions were obviously different as for whatever reason no Confederate General in the West could figure out how to defeat Grant and Sherman whose armys seemed to match the Confederates point for point. Unfortunately for the Confederacy, Nathan Bedford Forrest who could match them point for point his genius wasn’t understood until after the war, Davis was too devoted to West Point and Genl Bragg. Of course there is another component here and that is that thousands of Southern men served in the Union Army in the Western Theater, mostly from Appalachia but Tennessee furnished so many General Forrest noted this. I assume this had something to do with Grant/Sherman’s success.

            I am actually going to go out on a limb here and say that the North actually suffered in one way worse than the South and that was because it’s population reproduced at a much slower rate. The Southern Army was largely successful in a sense of eliminating most of the loathsome Yankee population. Boston in the 1870s had one of the highest unmarried female populations in the USA in fact two women living together was known as a Boston Marriage. Many of these women had beaus in the Army of the Potomac who were killed and as they wouldn’t marry below their station, they died childless. Entire towns in New England began to disappear after 1865 and their churches began to disappear. By 1900 Catholic Irishmen had taken over Boston and Catholic Canadian Frenchmen began to take over the mill towns the New England Yankee had begun his long slide into obscurity.

            You also saw this change in the rest of the North as much of the old population began to disappear and was replaced by the Catholic immigrant hordes. A slow process but by WWII in many areas it was largely complete.

            The South suffered financially but less so genetically as Southern Women loved God and children so much, they were willing to have 15 children even if it meant a life of starvation because be fruitful and multiply was God’s Law. By 1900 the US Census noted the average Southern family not counting extended family was double the size of a Northern family. By 1900 the South had bounced back from the war population wise, although it is true the Aristocratic population largely was destroyed either in the war or the aftermath of it.

            The riddle seems to me to be answered here. The weakness obviously stems from the War of Northern Aggression and the massive ethnic influx following the war. Leaving the farms for the factories fractured the families and created what we now have today. Plus the Immigrants were as a rule much weaker men than the Anglo Saxons who preceded them.


  6. Hopefully, enough of the Northern electorate will vote Trump to allow the Southern vote to put him over the top.

  7. “Trump should do well with White working class union members. It is White middle class suburbanites in the Rust Belt who will decide the election…”

    Hasn’t it ALWAYS come down to this demographic? Just asking a question. It seems to me that this group continually sways elections (back when one actually believed the two parties stood for different things).

  8. I think we all should consider the possibility of a “Trump Effect” in the polling. That there are many more people who will be voting for Trump but they just don’t tell it to a pollster.

  9. The GOP should embrace Unions and the Working Class. The Democrats are extremist liberals and not a good representative for Workers. We should have a balance between Companies and Workers. Both are important in our economy. Both should be represented 100% for the good of the People. WPWW !

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