Cuckservatives: House Republicans Ban Confederate Flag In Federal Cemetaries

Aren’t we lucky to have the #TruCons led by Paul Ryan in charge of the House of Representatives?

They are doing one helluva job representing us by funding Planned Parenthood, Obama’s executive amnesty and Syrian refugee resettlement program, the $1.1 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill, and now working with Democrats to ban the Confederate flag in federal cemeteries:

“The GOP-led House on Thursday morning voted to bar the Confederate battle flag from flying over some federal graveyards, with Speaker Paul Ryan and his top lieutenants joining Democrats to approve the measure despite most Republicans voting against it.

Lawmakers voted 265-159 on a Democratic amendment offered by Rep. Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) that would bar the Civil War symbol from being flown at cemeteries run by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It was the first time the House has cast a ballot on the divisive issue. …”

Now that the Confederate flag has been banned, the House can move forward with Paul Ryan’s pet cause of the moment: the great Puerto Rico bailout.

Note: Here is the roll call vote of the House Republicans who voted this morning to ban the Confederate flag.

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  1. I guess the Hastert Rule, which stipulated that a majority of Repubs must be in favor of a bill before it could come to a vote, is truly dead and buried. The GOP is utterly worthless.

      • Conservatism is what it always has been Reactionary not Proactive. General Bradley T. Johnson of Maryland in his book CONFEDERATE MILITARY HISTORY A LIBRARY OF CONFEDERATE STATES wrote that in 1861 elderly Conservative Whig planters including the Governor so dominated Maryland Politics, that a revolutionary movement ie Secessionist movement never developed in the state.

        He wrote and I paraphrase that even without Lincoln’s interference, secession from the Union could have only came one of two ways, either a Coup D Etat against the elected governmental authorities or by the fall elections removing the old guard. The Governor was a Union Conservative who agreed to the 75,000 troop call by Lincoln, only Southern leader to do so.

        Kentucky’s situation with the old Conservative Whigs mirrored Maryland except in one respect, Kentucky had an openly Confederate Governor and with only a scant number of Northern troops in the state Pre-1862 its secession party was able to have the state legally withdrawn form the Union.

        Missouri was the only Border State in which its Governor and most of it’s leaders were all supportive of the CSA and this was because the Whig Party had never gained any power in the State, it had been Democrat since birth.

        What do we learn from all of this? We learn that Conservatives cannot be Revolutionaries and Revolutionaries cannot be Conservatives. Southern Nationalists are NOT REPEAT NOT CONSERVATIVE. They are Traditionalist but they don’t wish to Conserve the system they wish to replace it. As we see with the above, Conservatism only leads to slowing the decline not stopping it. It was the same in 1861 and the same now

    • If there was a speaker challenge to Ryan, the Democrats have already stated they would support him. He represents the Uniparty.

      When the populist right appears to know how to primary these fellows – see Cantor. What we haven’t learned yet is to vote for the Democrat in November to get the rascals out.

      Ryan has a primary challenger, but will likely win anyway. What is needed is for the populist right to vote for the democrat in November. Same goes for McCain.

      • I am with you, having already decided to vote against my cuck representative. Unfortunately, his district has now been drawn to make his defeat nearly impossible.

  2. Four years ago many of us thought that Romney and Ryan would save us from Obama and the Democrats. We found out this year what suckers we were.

  3. What percentage of the South’s population has an attachment to that flag?

    • It’s mostly subconscious. Most people take it for granted. For instance, I see the First National flying around here in East Texas and just don’t give it a second thought.

      • I go to Mississippi a lot. I hardly ever see the Confederate battle flag(actually naval ensign) anymore and at many places of businesses I see the American flag but no Mississippi state flag, just an empty flagpole next to the Peppermint banner.

      • First National being the Stars and Bars. not the Battle Flag. Few people could even identify the 1861 Flag as the CSA Flag, theyre so tied into the Army of Northern Virginia Flag and the Navy Jack as the flag of the CSA, when it never was, The Saint Andrews Cross was of course incorprated into the 2nd and 3rd National but neither flag is in fact The Confederate Flag.

        If I hear the Navy Jack called the Confederate Flag one more time, I will scream.

    • Also depends on City vs Countryside as well. You saw this in Missouri where you basically have a Southern State with two Gigantic Northern Metropolises on both ends.

      Blue Springs Missouri which is right outside of KC hardcore Border Ruffian Country they had a big dustup a year or two ago about kids flying the Confederate Flag on their trucks, the Kansas City newspeople acted like OMG HOW AWFUL THIS ISNT ALABAMA THIS IS THE MIDWEST. Well the thing is the newsmen are partly right those cities have always been basically Yankee enclaves.but the country people still know WHO and WHAT they are. The rural folks of Missouri always knew the Germans Yankee traders and boot-lickers in the cities sold them out, and as soon as the war was over the bootlickers and immigrants were quick to seize and rewrite the narrative.

      What is interesting is how complete the brainwash was in Missouri in fact it was so complete especially after the US Census classified them with the Midwest that even today you say you’re a Southron like I tell my friend they will fight back NO I AINT. At least Maryland maintained her Census designation, if little else. What pisses me off is how is Delaware counted a Southern State when it gave almost ZILCH to the Southern Cause yet Missouri is counted with the Midwest and gave more blood and treasure to the CSA than some places in the Deep South did? Makes no sense

  4. Nothing like insulting Confederate soldiers long after they are dead and buried. How much lower can you go.

  5. “I’m from South Carolina. I was in South Carolina two weeks ago. As I drove through Columbia, all of those camouflaged trucks, those pickup trucks I used to see with the Dixie flags on ’em: Trump bumper stickers. Trump bumper stickers. Trump bumper sticker’s the new Confederate flag.”

    — Black radio and TV personality Charlamagne Tha God

        • The Quaker Pennsylvania Model of Settlement, which Jefferson foolishly thought was good for America meaning all ethnicities and religions together has borne fruit. Only New England and the South were culturally homogenous at their birth.

          There is no identifiable way to tell a person from say Illinois apart from a person from Ohio or a person from Kansas, because there was no one culture in these areas, there was a bunch of competing cultures. Cultural confusion sows confusion, diversity is disunion. Homogenity is union.

          Until WWII people still regarded Roman Catholics as low as Niggers in the Midwest they still in isolated incidences burned Catholic Churches then, therefore in 2016 it is extremely difficult to take a Protestant white person from the countryside and a Catholic from the city who came from different ethnic origins to agree on anything. I wont even get into how the people in the North felt about the White Southern Diaspora, lets just say this it was UNKIND.

          When you combine hordes of Negroes, combined with a divided white populace, you will get a Liberal each an every time. Period.

      • Which suggests that Yankees have a high tolerance for corruption of all sorts and have embraced a curious mixture of a leftism based not on economic class but on race and abnormal sexuality, and the dominance of Wall Street, Federal Reserve, Supreme Court and Treasury Dept Jews.

        • This is the difference between Jus Sanguinis and Jus Soli one meaning people of BLOOD other people of LAND. Only two areas of the United States, New England and the South were Jus Sanguinis,

          The United States followed the Pennsylvania Model which was Jus Soli everyone together a cultural goulash. Thus in the Midwest and all the states all the way to California you will have no cultural union, everyones divided into their ethnic and religious cadres even to this day. In Ohio people were still burning the homes of Roman Catholics, attacking their children and such as late as 1940! My mother is in her sixties, White Roman Catholics were considered as low as Niggers in Ohio by the old settlers back then.

          You cannot White People in the North, as they are largely still at some level divided by Ethnicity.

      • Last summer, when the Confederate flag controversy arose, I had a brief discussion about it with one of my fellow Philadelphians, a sharp guy with much detailed knowledge of Philadelphia history and something of a streetwise “Philly” manner. His first clause was to the effect that he could understand, sort of, that Southerners are stung by the fact of their having lost the Civil War; then, with respect to the ongoing flying of the flag, he said something like, “Isn’t it kind of treasonous?”

        That is like Trump’s statement, in that it’s what I would guess is a typical Northern attitude toward the flag. Trump’s wording struck me: Respect “whatever it is that you have to respect.” When Northerners suppress any feeling that the flag is treasonous, they’re indifferent to it, just as they’re indifferent to Robert E. Lee. They know they’re supposed to let Southerners get all gooey about the Confederacy and its heroes, but they themselves give the Civil War almost no thought. They–we–are not even sure what it is that they–we–“have to respect.”

        As I’ve said here before, the relationship between North and South is like a bad marriage, in which the unhappy spouse, the South, is continually passive-aggressive: waving the old battle flag, disdaining Northerners as “Yankees,” etc. Personally, I’d have severed you from the U.S. long ago rather than put up with that; but even back in the old days, when the South wasn’t filled with Northern transplants and Third World immigrants, you’d probably have been knocking on our door to get back in as soon as we’d have let you go. Thanks for voting for Franklin Roosevelt all those years, by the way. As if your filling America with negroes didn’t do enough damage.

        • PS Even though what I’ve just said is generally not part of America’s public discourse, it’s so well known by all Americans, including Southerners, that it’s part of our self-conception or our folklore or whatever. Witness the following “Shane” scene, in which Southern man is depicted as helplessly proud and fated to lose …

          • PPS There is, on the other hand, one American artist–only one–who has truly seen what is great in Southern man. He himself, having been born in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a Southerner; but his aesthetic competence presumably owes to his being, like me, half Italian. I’m speaking, of course, of Quentin Tarantino, whose greatest film, “Pulp Fiction,” is an ode to Southern man.

            If you’d like to watch the scene of which the image below is a part, go to YouTube and search for “Butch Coolidge choosing his weapon.” Notice, in addition to the battle flag, the Tennessee license plate on the wall, in background.

          • As I recall John Wayne’s westerns always cast Southerners in a respectful light.

          • Maybe I’m just partial to “Pulp Fiction.” In the following, the Bruce Willis character, as a boy, learns of his warrior lineage …

          • PS Even in “Shane,” as I should have realized, the knightly Shane himself is supposed to be a Southerner, I guess. In the novel, that’s basically indicated, and maybe it’s indicated in
            the movie, too. “Pulp Fiction” is probably just offering up another of our folklore’s standard figures, the said knightly Southerner—who’s “The Virginian,” too, I guess–but I like the way Tarantino handles it.

            I guess ol’ Shane avenges his fellow Southerner in the finale …

          • You’re right, Feric: I did ignore it–or at least I was in the process of ignoring it. When I first saw the movie, the race-mixing, which, actually, is not confined to two characters, prevented me from completely enjoying it, as ingenious as it is. Later, when I’d noticed the Bruce Willis character was a Southerner, I focused on that. Now, you’ve enabled me to see what the film is doing: Tarantino is sentimentally using the trope of the knightly Southerner to undermine whites. While pretending to glorify the South, he’s working to obliterate it.

        • I wonder if an independent South would have supplied Lend Lease to the Greater German Reich at the same time Roosevelt was supplying the Soviets with same? Most people in the South vote for Roosevelt not out of love of ideology but because of his Rural Electrification Program.

          • What are you talking about, Feric? Ideology is what the Rural Electrification Program was.

          • The masses do not care about ideology but when they did not have lights under President Hoover and suddenly do under FDR then they remember that when they go to the polls.

          • The Southern Democrats were the most vocal to go to war against Germany and Alabama declared its insistence for a Jewish State in 1942. There were enough political Jewish Whores to go around, even in the South. The Dominance of the Baptist Church prohibited the South from becoming Jew Wise at that point that is of course slowly changing

      • I still hope that a large majority of white people in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan are not eager to make tens of millions of illegals into citizens, to see a mosque in every town, to send off their kids to ravage every Middle Eastern country that Israel dislikes, and to export all their jobs. But who knows?

      • So you think the hag Clinton will be elected, in the General Show Pony Game, then? I think Trump will be POTUS – but your analysis, thus far, has been 100% correct.

      • Who are you kidding? He’ll not only win every northern state, he’ll carry the entire solid South.

    • What do you expect from a yankee?
      He’s correct on immigration and trade, and he’s proving how weak the GOP is, but he’s not a savior. The best thing about his campaign is that it’s making more conservatives grow some balls and stand up for themselves.

      • Donald Trump is serving his purpose a Means to an End. He is radicalizing the Communist Left which serves to radicalize us.

        • This is the point one must keep in mind. Whatever Trump does or doesn’t do as far as policy, he will continue to shake things up against the background of a failing system. I hope a Southern Movement will develop which can take advantage of the energy provided by this turmoil.

  6. This is a blatant attack on us. That’s it, they’ll eventually be coming after private property and moving on to our physical destruction where the real war will begin for those of us that do not embrace marxist platitudes. The 150 year Reconstruction is almost complete. We must leave or cease to exist. “The South Must be Free or The South Must Perish!” – Robert Barnwell Rhett

    • Problem the Confederates had was that they saw the future correctly but as there was a century plus time lag their predictions were slow in coming UNFORTUNATELY FOR US THEY FINALLY DID COME. This is a great problem we face. Human beings are naturally not long term thinkers and those who are are seen as radicals, nutjobs, kooks. The problem is as the bloodshed is slow to begin and they are doing this piece by piece, the boobs out there won’t understand until the firing squads and roundups begin.

      • Southerners, along with too many Americans in general, do not understand the Jewish Problem. Once the jewish enemy is contained and neutralized this country will be truly free!

    • It could be argued that the South was relatively free of Union occupation from 1877 to 1957. Either Trump wins this November or the Confederacy should declare its independence once and for all time. Who would stop you, Washington’s feminized and homosexualized Federal troops? I don’t think so!

      • The South’s greatest problem after 1865 was the loss of most of her educated nobility genteel class. In her place came a more practical class who arose from the proletariat. The new class of elites was at times crude and rough. While this class did many great things, it’s great weakness was that it often supported big government when it benefitted the South and the fact that it didn’t really produce any respected scholars or thinkers.

        The first problem was for instance supporting the placement of military bases in particular Southern states which was in effect soft occupation. Although they no longer interfered directly with local government, the power was merely a steel fist inside a velvet glove. Another bad thing many Southern Democrats supported was The National Guard Act of 1903, which allowed for the President to bypass state governors to call out the National Guard. Without this law, it would have been impossible for what happened during the Civil Rights. All Ike, Kennedy and LBJ did was put out the federalization order, and your state guard, which in theory belongs to the state now belongs to the Feds and they can be used to ramrod anything down your throat.

        The Southern Democrats unanimously supported intervention in Cuba, WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam for various reasons. One reason was probably the largesse that came to their states for the war effort.

        Before 1860, the South had respected scholars and thinkers, too many to count who made their case very concisely and reasoned for preserving the South’s institutions. By 1950, lacking such a group of men, they were outfoxed by the silver tongued devils in the media and outgunned by the academic dictatorship the Illuminati had been slowly creating in the USA since the 1770s. The difference between a Robert Barnwell Rhett and John C Calhoun vs a George Wallace or Ross Barnett is striking. The first could both make reasoned pleas and throw bombs, the second could only throw bombs.

        Why did National Socialism succeed? Because it encompassed both the Scholar and the Bomb Thrower.

  7. A time to unite and a time to secede…With acceptance same-sex marriage being forced on us and constant attacks like this now is the time to form our own nation (again)…

  8. I am not a citizen of the South or the USA. Just a friendly neighbor who can see this travesty for the bolshevik gradualism that it is — just as is happening in my own nation. Yesterday, I noticed during an online visual adventure through a vexillology trace of history, a few hand sewn applique versions of the confederate battle flag. Very inspiring and respectable. It is a small business site, but the images and varieties are pleasant.

  9. The Confederate flag is a symbol of Whiteness. It has the same effect on anti-Whites that wolfsbane and garlic have on vampires.

    • The Confederate Flag became the symbol of White Nationalism in the 1960s worldwide. Before 1960 the Confederate Flag was largely a museum piece, afterward it came alive again. They fear the power in it just as Germany fears the National Socialist Flag. They know the Germans would unite under it again if given a shot.

      • Interesting, Billy Ray. When I was a child, here in Philadelphia, the Confederate flag would be seen among the trinkets on sale at carnival stands. This would have been circa 1960, I guess, since I was born in 1953. Never did it occur to me that the traveling carnival workers who were hawking it might be Southerners, as some of them might have been; the flag–for juvenile me, at least–simply had something of an outlaw appeal, like the pirate flags that those carnivals also sold.

        • Interestingly, growing up in Texas in the 80’s, the marijuana leaf flag, patch or sticker was considered a “rebel” symbol. Students who brought or wore it to school, got into serious trouble. Confederate flags and symbols were just our national symbols, nothing else. Those, and the ubiquitous Texas flag. The school bands would play Dixie and Texas Our Texas. In our classrooms, we only had the Texas flag.

          • I live above the town where the writer of Dixie was born and raised. When I was younger they had Dixie Days celebrations and they put Confederate Flags on the decorations. I remember my Uncle had a softball tournament shirt that had Dixie Days on it with the Confederate Flag on the softball no one thought anything about it. Of course alot has changed since the Los Angeles Riots and Bill Clinton.

            Abraham Lincoln may be the Eternal King of Scalawagdom, but I am afraid LBJ and Bill Clinton have almost approached Lincoln level of Southern destruction. Unfortunately for us, Lincoln’s destruction was visible and thus able to point to but LBJ and Clintons theres was largely structural and only visible over time. Which makes people not comprehend the threat.

          • By the way James are you familiar with the whole Burnet Flag vs the 1839 Flag debate? I know the Republic of Texas folks that one bunch used to attempt to claim the 1839 flag as Illegal and thus say the 1836 was the only true flag.

            Texas has three flags, two national and one of the slavemaster, we call that US of JEW A flag

          • Do you mean you didn’t have the U.S. flag in your classrooms, James? Years ago, a Midwestern acquaintance of mine was explaining Texas to me and said the following: “In Texas, the three most important persons are Willie Nelson, the coach of the University of Texas football team, and the governor—in that order.”

          • No sir never saw one. Just the Lone Star flag. We sang the Eyes of Texas and Texas Our Texas a lot in elementary school.

          • That really surprises me, James. Back in the ’80s, when my above-mentioned Midwestern friend (from Ohio) remarked about “Willie Nelson, the coach of the University of Texas football team, and the governor,” he was explaining his own immediately-preceding statement that “Texas is like its own country.” Not until I read your statement, about there being no U.S. flag in your elementary-school classrooms, did I really begin to understand what he meant–three decades after he said that to me.

            From maybe the second grade onward, as far as I can remember, my classmates and I, in Catholic elementary school, here in Philadelphia, put our hands over our hearts, faced our classroom’s American flag, and recited the Pledge of Allegiance, each morning, just like the good little boys and girls in the public schools. After that, we made our secret pledge to assist the Pope when the time would be right for his seizure of the U.S. government. (Joke. Not until I began visiting this website, some years ago, did I have any real sense of America’s Protestant-Catholic divide, such as it is. By that time, I was into my fifties, so you can see I’ve had a sheltered life. The only difference between Northerners and Southerners, as far as I was aware, was that Southerners spoke with a well-known accent.)

          • I didn’t know North from South back then. In elementary school, we learned about James Town, the Wilderness Road, The Nueches Trace and how settlers from Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee came to North Texas. They took us on a field trip to Austin College, to watch a play based on a Cherokee myth, and one about the Wilderness Road and settlers in Kentucky. In short, they taught us that America was/is the South. When we learned about the North, it was just another country, like Canada. Our teachers were older ladies who were at the end of their careers in the late 70’s. They all spoke with beautiful, polished Southern/Texan accents, and encouraged us to do the same. They also taught us that the British spelling was correct, and only used Oxford’s dictionary. However, most of this has probably changed by now. In HS we had our Confederate gear and nobody said a word. In Texas History, the Civil War was mostly about the exploits of the Texas Brigade and other Texas units, as well as the Trans Mississippi Theatre. As an aside, on flags, Texas National Guard have Lone Star flags on their BDUs. They’re referred to as “our troops.” They’re right about the whole other country thing.

          • It took over 100 years for the Harvard Propoganda and Progressive education to be completely implemented nationwide. That’s about the right timeline ca 1980 ish when it probably was almost fully implemented

          • That’s fantastic, James. From your brief account of your schoolboy impressions and experiences, I’ve learned more about Texas than I might learn in, say, many a magazine article.

            In the spirit of solidarity, I’ll note that at least one significant figure arrived in Texas by way of my own Philadelphia–ancestrally, at least. When Sam Houston’s grandfather brought his family to the American colonies from Ireland, Philadelphia is where they settled. Although I don’t know the details, Sam’s parents seem eventually to have moved into and down along the Great Appalachian Valley, where Sam himself was born.

            In the chart below, you can see where migrants from Philadelphia would enter the Great Appalachian Valley, at about “6.” Sam was born in Timber Ridge, Virginia, which is at about “9.” The Cumberland Gap, which was the Valley’s “back door,” to the west, via the Wilderness Road, was at about “12”; but actually, Sam’s mother, after the death of her husband, settled the family in a place called Maryville, Tennessee, which is at about “13.” That seems to be where Sam grew up, and a news article about a recent unveiling of a Sam Houston sculpture there is at

            In the map below the chart, the blue line is the route from Philadelphia to and down the Great Appalachian Valley, to the intersection of U.S. Route 11 and Virginia State Route 785. A plaque indicating Sam Houston’s nearby birthplace is not far therefrom …

          • Most people in North Texas are descendants of Virginians. Interestingly, there’s a Grayson County Virginia, Grayson County, Kentucky, and a Grayson County, Texas, where I’m from. I have distant relations in Virginia and North Carolina. If you ask most folks where their people come from, they don’t name some place in Europe, they name a place over in the Southeast. In Lamar County, Texas, for instance, 60% of the men available in 1860 for military service, had been born in South Carolina. They were the exception to the Virginians.

          • Once again, James: Very interesting information. Over the past day or two, I’ve been doing some reading about the early advance of settlers from Virginia and North Carolina over the Appalachian system and into what became Kentucky and Tennessee. Before I read your comments, my knowledge of that consisted only of a few vaguely-understood scraps–the phrase “Cumberland Gap” or an uncertain sense of the historical role of Daniel Boone. Your comments have prompted me to clarify some of the subject at last.

          • Mr. B, this was the bulk of our historical studies in elementary school. Plus a field trip to the Grayson County Historical Museum. We knew about Virginia, the Carolinas, Sir Walter Raleigh, John Smith, Pocahontas, and how a tornado destroyed a house in town, in 1893 , and left only a piece of paper on a table. On the other hand, we learned nothing about the Middle Atlantic or New England Zone. They taught us the southern sweep of history. Pilgrims were people with buckle hats and turkey.
            Quakers made oatmeal. That was it.

          • Probably, the amount of attention I personally was paying in history class was subpar, James; but as I recall, we learned about both Jamestown and the Pilgrims. Of the references to Pocahontas, John Smith, Sir Walter Raleigh, and tobacco, only Raleigh’s gallantry involving his cape and a puddle stuck in my boyhood mind, rather as the piece of paper left untouched by your town’s ancient tornado stuck in yours. Of events that predated the English settlements, I’m recalling “Ponce de Leon,” “fountain of youth,” and “St. Augustine” re Florida,” plus “Henry Hudson,” “twenty-four dollars,” and maybe “Peter Stuyvesant” or “Peter Minuit” re New York.

            Just visited the website of the Grayson County Historical Society. On the homepage banner, where the county seal hovers faintly, is “God Bless America” …

          • Not surprising, especially after 911. On the opposite side of the courthouse, is the Confederate monument. They voted on removing it a few years back, but the overwhelming majority of the citizens wanted it to stay. I don’t know how things are in school now. I just remember my time in the 70’s and 80’s. Most of the teachers back then were coming to the end of thirty plus year careers. They still taught about a world that was fading away. All I can say is it shaped my feelings about Texas and the South, and my political ideas. BTW, the tornado tale is one every town in Texas has. Just like every town has a Lamar, Houston, Crockett, Travis and Pecan street. Another story is about straw sticking out of telephone poles or fence posts after a tornado has past. The weird one is the frozen thunderstorm, complete with lightning in the dead of winter.

          • Even though we rarely had anything like a tornado around here, in Philadelphia, the story about the straw stuck in the fence post came in for a mention by one of my teachers. It’s an American classic, I guess. Haven’t heard about the frozen thunderstorm, but that sounds wild.

            In maybe the spring of 1965, when I was in the sixth grade, the youngest of our parish priests was assigned to go to Vietnam, where he was to serve as a chaplain. Another priest, who apparently helped the pastor with the parish finances, organized a going-away event, which, I think, doubled as a parish fund-raiser. In another year or two, the antiwar movement would explode and would begin washing away the America whose fading was still ongoing when you yourself reached elementary school, but no pacifistic sentiment was in evidence that spring. It was still like World War II. Over the classroom public-address speaker that had been installed in our old school building just a few years earlier, the priest who was organizing the event exuberantly announced that it was “Operation Drop the Bomb on the Vietcong.”

          • That sounds good. Those old ladies wouldn’t have allowed a song like that in my school. Not proper, or civilised. However, the frozen thunderstorm is real. I’ve seen many in my life. The ice and hail destroys the trees and power lines. Even whole substations are sometimes destroyed. Below is pick of some hail we got this March. This is the small kind, BTW.

          • Holy cow, James, I’ve never seen hail as large as what’s in that photograph of yours, not to mention anything larger. Hail is so rare around here that I’d not seen it when I first read about it, in my grade-school science book. It seems I could count on my fingers the number of times I’ve seen it since.

            As has been remarked by both me and our fellow commenter Junius–who also uses the ID “Nikolai Leskov”–the past half-century has been unlike any other historical period. Junius and I were basically already into our adolescence when it kicked off; but as I recently said to him, its dislocations seems to be felt by persons as young as Mr. W., our website host–or maybe even by persons younger still. Years ago, when a niece of mine was still a child, she remarked on the illustration of a gas-station attendant, on an old toy gas station that had probably been manufactured not long after my own childhood. When she said she could tell the toy was old, because persons no longer dressed as neatly as the man in the illustration, it seemed she somehow knew the old America, which had begun disappearing well before her birth year, in the early 1990s.

            PS Speaking of science, “DNA” had not yet filtered down to the popular mind when I was in elementary school. Although you probably heard that term in grade school, I didn’t hear it until my high-school years, 1967-71.

          • That was light hail. We got lucky. That same day Dallas got hit with baseball sized hail. People had what looked like baseballs embedded in their windshields, and windows busted out of their houses.

          • PPS Interesting that you used the British spelling –“civilised”– not “civilized.” Evidently, your venerable schoolmistresses succeeded in communicating the standards they favored.

          • In the North the State Flag is an afterthought, something you usually only see in an official setting ie government buildings, half the time people don’t even notice it nor could they identify it. Ohio is an exception as it is the only pennant flag.

            I remember the US Flag in our classrooms as children but by Junior High and High School, the flag was largely absent from most classrooms. Usually it was displayed in the gymnasium with the state flag if I remember correctly.

            Every now and again a private citizen flies the state flag on their house but its not common. Certain state flags are easy to remember, Texas of course is on everything even flying outside Texas themed restaurants and of course the 1956 Georgia Flag, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana Florida Tennessee and of course Virginia (SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS) are all pretty easy to remember. Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas, Missouri Oklahoma I doubt most people could remember in their minds eye.

            Maryland is very easy, as it is on the Baltimore Ravens Football Teams Jerseys.

            Of the Northern States aside from Ohio, I could identify California right off and maybe Illinois but thats about it. As for the Western States I can identify Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico readily but the rest is largely a blank. That just goes to show you what most of the country thinks of State Flags.

      • The NS Flag is a Flag of Germany, the German people. Sadly in this day an age there are only a few thousand who are not brainwashed. Germany was lost to the Jews after WW2.

    • Bob it’s not a symbol of Whiteness, it’s a Symbol of The South, which is a White Nation, same as The German, Irish, English, and the other flags of White Nations.

      • The White identity had not crystallized in 1860 as it did later. What is interesting about the Old CSA was that although in theory it did designate itself a White Nation it was flexible. The South allowed thousands of Half-Breeds and Full blooded American Indians to serve in the Confederate Army, some of the west/south Texas units had Mexican soldiers and it wasn’t uncommon for octoroons and qunitaroons to serve in New Orleans units.

        The thing was race in the Old CSA was like it had been in the South when it was in the USA it was regulated solely at the local level there was no Nuremberg style Law Code governing the races. Now I believe had the CSA survived, there would have been an effort to bring uniformity to the individual states race laws once Mendellian Genetics became understood, which wasnt until 1870 or so.

        The Irony of the whole situation is the Lily White Yankee Army at Pea Ridge Arkansas being destroyed by General Pike’s Cherokees who according to some proceeded to scalp and castrate the dead, The Union then yelled that the Confederacy was unleashing savages on them. They also blamed the Sioux uprising in Minnesota on the KGC.

        By the time the first Negroes had been put in Yankee blue, the Confederate Army had been using them in various capacities for two years. Yet somehow today this little point seems to be forgotten, Thats what you get when Jew Commies from the Frankfurt School write your academic Literature

  10. I guess it’s OK to honor the heritage of nations such as, Japan, whose military bombed Pearl Harbor.

    May is ‘Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.’

    Wiki: ‘Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), now officially proclaimed Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, takes place in May. It celebrates the culture, traditions, and history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States.’

  11. I am unsure about this, the House voted on this so is this now law or does it go onto the Senate? Does this affect only the Flagpoles or the individual graves? I cannot see how in the h–l this is Constitutional as a man’s ancestors graves belong to them. It is our right to decorate our familys graves as we see fit.

    The thing is every flag in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America where they still allow Slavery and such is a Flag of Hate, somehow they get a pass though. Did they miss the part of history where the Confederacy practically issued General Emancipation in 1865 for any slave who would take up arms in defense of the South? Flag of Slavery Hate and Racism aye? Ummmmmm Yeah Whatever

    • The bill will have to go to the Senate. There is an extremely good chance that it will die in committee.

      • I was sure of that Slidell however I didnt know if the Senate had voted on this already or whatnot. Its one thing if they forbid it flying on a flagpole that is bad enough HOWEVER if they even think they can stop a grave from being decorated____them. Decorating graves has historically since time immemorial being the perrogative of a man’s descendants or friends. If they attempt that I say mass disobedience. Bumper sticker those headstones with Battle flags if need be. No one has the right to tell anyone what they can put on their ancestors grave

  12. Conservatives never think to ask our replacements, our betters, our rulers how exactly are they better than us.
    Really they have no business scolding us, but the conservatives played along and now we have to pretend that every shiftless anti-white and Trigglypuff is our social better. Let them explain why, at least it would be fun and you wouldn’t be on the defensive and playing the usual “Daily Outrage” game on other white alt-righters.
    Honestly you have to go pretty far into Southern White Trash culture to find people worse than our new rulers, movie caricature worse.

    • Another question that conservatives won’t ask, How legitimate is a government that mocks the dead?

  13. As much as we rag on the Republicans it is interesting to note that 158 were against the ban of the flag while only 1 Demoncrat was.

    REPUBLICANS – 84 in favor -158 against.

    DEMOCRATIC 181 in favor -1 against.

  14. The Red Flag represents more than the southern cause in 1861, it represents rebellion against a corrupt, decadent political and social elite. They have condoned if not encouraged openly, a worshiping of self, a culture of darkness. They’ve promoted abortion on demand, they’ve promoted abnormal sex, they’ve made sacred cows out of unpatriotic and destructive minority groups, i.e, niggers, wetbacks, ragheads.

    • The reason the South is demonized is because Lincoln fought a criminal war to Subjugate us. Washington transitioned from a Union of States whom were seeking the best interests of all members to a criminal enterprise founded on amorality. A Union founded at the barrel of a gun is not a Union but a despotism. It can only last as long as de jure force. The present United States is the worst gathering of men that have ever come together. It has no soul. The Soviet Union as bad as it was, had more soul than the US. This is proven by the current map of Asia.

      • The war proved that it is a voluntary union only once, upon acceptance. Leaving is prohibited.

        It will be interesting in the future when the Mexican population in the southwestern states grows to a majority and demands independence as the Republica del Norte. Will Washington stop it? Or would that be “racist?”

        • The Government cannot prohibit a State from Leaving. That’s impossible. It can call up the Army and look for compliant Men from the remaining State’s to conquer and destroy new nations. But that’s despotic and Tyrannical and would make the Government Amoral, all of which is what it is. Lincoln shrugged off the Constitution in 1861 and invaded and Conquered The South and it’s put us in a perpetual internal War ever since Appomattox. What Lincoln did was the greatest criminal act ever committed in post middle ages history. I would say that the US today does not have the ability to maintain de jure control any longer. All it can do is threaten but will do nothing for the world will sieze upon that weakness as the USA fractures from it. More State’s will leave and what is left of the USA as aformentioned will be facing the brunt of the International Community. These United State’s are Sovereign. It’s up to each of them to reclaim the grants they’ve given to Washington.

          • If you want to see tyranny in action look at maps of the United States in the last presidential election divided by counties! You will see even in many blue states the land area is mostly red except for a few cities, many of them majority-minority.

      • he problem had begun long before the Constitution it began back under the Articles. The Articles held states to be nations therefore they could regulate within their borders. When Thomas Jefferson began organizing the land west of the Ohio River, he believed Slavery should be banned there. Pennsylvania had begun gradual emancipation in 1780 and Massachusetts banned it outright. Technically as all this land was Virginia Land, Jefferson had no right to abrogate Virginia Law in these areas.

        The US Constitution calls slaves persons thus going against the USA own founding of Life Liberty and Property. The Constitution seemed not to be able to figure out if Negroes were Humans or not, they were humans for allocating Electoral Votes and in the cause outlawing the transatlantic trade.

        Not until Dred Scott in 1857 did slaves completely legally become property in the eyes of the law. Taneys decision unfortunately was an opinion unenforceable. Before the 14th Amendment the court had no power over the states.

        To me Jefferson and Madison were traitors to the South

      • I think the Constitution was flawed from the get-go. Look at how Jefferson Davis explained the problem in his book “The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government”, Part II – The Constitution, Chapter XIV:

        From the earliest period, it was foreseen by the wisest of our statesmen that a danger to the perpetuity of the Union would arise from the conflicting interests of different sections, and every effort was made to secure each of these classes of interests against aggression by the other. As a proof of this, may be cited the following extract from Mr. Madison’s report of a speech made by himself in the Philadelphia Convention on the 30th of June, 1787:

        “He admitted that every peculiar interest, whether in any class of citizens or any description of States, ought to be secured as far as possible. Wherever there is danger of attack, there ought to be given a constitutional power of defense. But he contended that the States were divided into different interests, not by their difference of size, but by other circumstances; the most material of which resulted from climate, but principally from the effects of their having or not having slaves. These two causes concurred in forming the great division of interests in the United States. It did not lie between the large and small States; it lay between the Northern and Southern; and, if any defensive power were necessary, it ought to be mutually given to these two interests.”105

        Mr. Rufus King, a distinguished member of the Convention from Massachusetts, a few days afterward, said, to the same effect: “He was fully convinced that the question concerning a difference of interests did not lie where it had hitherto been discussed, between the great and small States, but between the Southern and Eastern. For this reason he had been ready to yield something, in the proportion of representatives, for the security of the Southern…. He was not averse to giving them a still greater security, but did not see how it could be done.”106

        The wise men who formed the Constitution were not seeking to bind the States together by the material power of a majority; nor were they so blind to the influences of passion and interest as to believe that paper barriers would suffice to restrain a majority actuated by either or both of these motives. They endeavored, therefore, to prevent the conflicts inevitable from the ascendancy of a sectional or party majority, by so distributing the powers of government that each interest might hold a check upon the other. It was believed that the compromises made with regard to representation—securing to each State an equal vote in the Senate, and in the House of Representatives giving the States a weight in proportion to their respective population, estimating the ne-groes as equivalent to three fifths of the same number of free whites—would have the effect of giving at an early period a majority in the House of Representatives to the South, while the North would retain the ascendancy in the Senate. Thus it was supposed that the two great sectional interests would be enabled to restrain each other within the limits of purposes and action beneficial to both.

        The failure of these expectations need not affect our reverence for the intentions of the fathers, or our respect for the means which they devised to carry them into effect. That they were mistaken, both as to the maintenance of the balance of sectional power and as to the fidelity and integrity with which the Congress was expected to conform to the letter and spirit of its delegated authority, is perhaps to be ascribed less to lack of prophetic foresight, than to that over-sanguine confidence which is the weakness of honest minds, and which was naturally strengthened by the patriotic and fraternal feelings resulting from the great struggle through which they had then but recently passed. They saw, in the sufficiency of the authority delegated to the Federal Government and in the fullness of the sovereignty retained by the States, a system the strict construction of which was so eminently adapted to indefinite expansion of the confederacy as to embrace every variety of production and consequent diversity of pursuit. Carried out in the spirit in which it was devised, there was in this system no element of disintegration, but every facility for an enlargement of the circle of the family of States (or nations), so that it scarcely seemed unreasonable to look forward to a fulfillment of the aspiration of Mr. Hamilton, that it might extend over North America, perhaps over the whole continent.

        Not at all incompatible with these views and purposes was the recognition of the right of the States to reassume, if occasion should require it, the powers which they had delegated. On the contrary, the maintenance of this right was the surest guarantee of the perpetuity of the Union, and the denial of it sounded the first serious note of its dissolution. The conservative efficiency of “State interposition,” for maintenance of the essential principles of the Union against aggression or decadence, is one of the most conspicuous features in the debates of the various State Conventions by which the Constitution was ratified. Perhaps their ideas of the particular form in which this interposition was to be made may have been somewhat indefinite; and left to be reduced to shape by the circumstances when they should arise, but the principle itself was assumed and asserted as fundamental. But for a firm reliance upon it, as a sure resort in case of need, it may safely be said that the Union would never have been formed. It would be unjust to the wisdom and sagacity of the framers of the Constitution to suppose that they entirely relied on paper barriers for the protection of the rights of minorities. Fresh from the defense of violated charters and faithless aggression on inalienable rights, it might, a priori, be assumed that they would require something more potential than mere promises to protect them from human depravity and human ambition. That they did so is to be found in the debates both of the General and the State Conventions, where State interposition was often declared to be the bulwark against usurpation.

        At an early period in the history of the Federal Government, the States of Kentucky and Virginia found reason to reassert this right of State interposition. In the first of the famous resolutions drawn by Mr. Jefferson in 1798, and with some modification adopted by the Legislature of Kentucky in November of that year, it is declared that, “whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force; that to this compact each State acceded as a State, and is an integral party; that this Government, created by this compact, was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the Constitution, the measure of its powers; but that, as in all other cases of compact among parties having no common judge, each party has an equal right to judge for itself, as well of infractions as of the mode and measure of redress.”

        In the Virginia resolutions, drawn by Mr. Madison, adopted on the 24th of December, 1798, and reaffirmed in 1799, the General Assembly of that State declares that “it views the powers of the Federal Government as resulting from the compact, to which the States are parties, as limited by the plain sense and intention of the instrument constituting that compact, as no further valid than they are authorized by the grants enumerated in that compact; and that, in case of a deliberate, palpable, and dangerous exercise of other powers, not granted by the said compact, the States, who are parties thereto, have the right, and are in duty bound, to interpose, for arresting the progress of the evil, and for maintaining within their respective limits the authorities, rights, and liberties, appertaining to them.” Another of the same series of resolutions denounces the indications of a design “to consolidate the States by degrees into one sovereignty.”

        These, it is true, were only the resolves of two States, and they were dissented from by several other State Legislatures—not so much on the ground of opposition to the general principles asserted as on that of their being unnecessary in their application to the alien and sedition laws, which were the immediate occasion of their utterance. Nevertheless, they were the basis of the contest for the Presidency in 1800, which resulted in their approval by the people in the triumphant election of Mr. Jefferson. They became part of the accepted creed of the Republican, Democratic, State-Rights, or Conservative party, as it has been variously termed at different periods, and as such they were ratified by the people in every Presidential election that took place for sixty years, with two exceptions. The last victory obtained under them, and when they were emphasized by adding the construction of them contained in the report of Mr. Madison to the Virginia Legislature in 1799, was at the election of Mr. Buchanan—the last President chosen by vote of a party that could with any propriety be styled “national,” in contradistinction to sectional.

        At a critical and memorable period, that pure spirit, luminous intellect, and devoted adherent of the Constitution, the great statesman of South Carolina, invoked this remedy of State interposition against the Tariff Act of 1828, which was deemed injurious and oppressive to his State. No purpose was then declared to coerce the State, as such, but measures were taken to break the protective shield of her authority and enforce the laws of Congress upon her citizens, by compelling them to pay outside of her ports the duties on imports, which the State had declared unconstitutional, and had forbidden to be collected in her ports.

        There remained at that day enough of the spirit in which the Union had been founded—enough of respect for the sovereignty of States and of regard for the limitations of the Constitution—to prevent a conflict of arms. The compromise of 1833 was adopted, which South Carolina agreed to accept, the principle for which she contended being virtually conceded.

        Meantime there had been no lack, as we have already seen, of assertions of the sovereign rights of the States from other quarters. The declaration of these rights by the New England States and their representatives, on the acquisition of Louisiana in 1803, on the admission of the State of that name in 1811-’12, and on the question of the annexation of Texas in 1843-’45, have been referred to in another place. Among the resolutions of the Massachusetts Legislature, in relation to the proposed annexation of Texas, adopted in February, 1845, were the following:

        “2. Resolved, That there has hitherto been no precedent of the admission of a foreign state or foreign territory into the Union by legislation. And as the powers of legislation, granted in the Constitution of the United States to Congress, do not embrace a case of the admission of a foreign state or foreign territory, by legislation, into the Union, such an act of admission would have no binding force whatever on the people of Massachusetts.

        “3. Resolved, That the power, never having been granted by the people of Massachusetts, to admit into the Union States and Territories not within the same when the Constitution was adopted, remains with the people, and can only be exercised in such way and manner as the people shall hereafter designate and appoint.”107

        To these stanch declarations of principles—with regard to which (leaving out of consideration the particular occasion that called them forth) my only doubt would be whether they do not express too decided a doctrine of nullification—may be added the avowal of one of the most distinguished sons of Massachusetts, John Quincy Adams, in his discourse before the New York Historical Society, in 1839:

        “Nations” (says Mr. Adams) “acknowledge no judge between them upon earth; and their governments, from necessity, must, in their intercourse with each other, decide when the failure of one party to a contract to perform its obligations absolves the other from the reciprocal fulfillment of its own. But this last of earthly powers is not necessary to the freedom or independence of States connected together by the immediate action of the people of whom they consist. To the people alone is there reserved as well the dissolving as the constituent power, and that power can be exercised by them only under the tie of conscience, binding them to the retributive justice of Heaven.

        “With these qualifications, we may admit the same right as vested in the people of every State in the Union, with reference to the General Government, which was exercised by the people of the united colonies with reference to the supreme head of the British Empire, of which they formed a part; and under these limitations have the people of each State in the Union a right to secede from the confederated Union itself.

        “Thus stands the RIGHT. But the indissoluble link of union between the people of the several States of this confederated nation is, after all, not in the RIGHT, but in the HEART. If the day should ever come (may Heaven avert it!) when the affections of the people of these States shall be alienated from each other, when the fraternal spirit shall give way to cold indifference, or collision of interests shall fester into hatred, the bonds of political association will not long hold together parties no longer attracted by the magnetism of conciliated interests and kindly sympathies; and far better will it be for the people of the disunited States to part in friendship with each other than to be held together by constraint. Then will be the time for reverting to the precedents which occurred at the formation and adoption of the Constitution, to form again a more perfect Union, by dissolving that which could no longer bind, and to leave the separated parts to be reunited by the law of political gravitation to the center.”

        Perhaps it is unfortunate that, in earlier and better times, when the prospect of serious difficulties first arose, a convention of the States was not assembled to consider the relations of the various States and the Government of the Union. As time rolled on, the General Government, gathering with both hands a mass of undelegated powers, reached that position which Mr. Jefferson had pointed out as an intolerable evil—the claim of a right to judge of the extent of its own authority. Of those then participating in public affairs, it was apparently useless to ask that the question should be submitted for decision to the parties to the compact, under the same conditions as those which controlled the formation and adoption of the Constitution; otherwise, a convention would have been utterly fruitless, for at that period, when aggression for sectional aggrandizement had made such rapid advances, it can scarcely be doubted that more than a fourth, if not a majority of States, would have adhered to that policy which had been manifested for years in the legislation of many States, as well as in that of the Federal Government. What course would then have remained to the Southern States? Nothing, except either to submit to a continuation of what they believed and felt to be violations of the compact of union, breaches of faith, injurious and oppressive usurpation, or else to assert the sovereign right to reassume the grants they had made, since those grants had been perverted from their original and proper purposes.

        Surely the right to resume the powers delegated and to judge of the propriety and sufficiency of the causes for doing so are alike inseparable from the possession of sovereignty. Over sovereigns there is no common judge, and between them can be no umpire, except by their own agreement and consent. The necessity or propriety of exercising the right to withdraw from a confederacy or union must be determined by each member for itself. Once determined in favor of withdrawal, all that remains for consideration is the obligation to see that no wanton damage is done to former associates, and to make such fair settlement of common interests as the equity of the case may require.


        There was no check on sectional divisions. The North and South got to the point where the South had no choice but leave the union.

        We were basically two different nations to start with and we should have never agreed to get entangled with the North. We paid dearly for this mistake.

        • “There was no check on sectional divisions”

          I’m not sure what you are talking about their. Their is no amount of anything that is going to make the North, not the North. It would be like if I said that their was no check on building houses. The United States is working against God and I would say the Founders intentionally formed it so. George Washington was a Free Mason, all of the Founders embraced enlightenment ideals. The US was formed with a Satanic Foundation. From naturally occuring Sectional Divisions you have further Divisions until what you are left with is Sovereign Unique Nations in the purest sense. That is the will of The Lord manifested. From our English beginnings each of our States will become as unique and distinct as those in Europe, they may even subdivide into smaller State’s.

          • The only recourse the South had was to secede which was not prohibited in the Constitution. The South did have peaceful intentions of leaving without bloodshed but Lincoln was a tyrant and would not allow them to leave.

            The Confederate flag represents that heroic struggle and is not to be used as some relic/spoil to be given as a reward to liberals/minorities for their “victory” in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, that is played over and over again almost daily by the mass media.

            And God does allow slavery. The South was right morally despite the North’s objections and the justifying of their aggression by turning the war into a holy crusade for the cause of abolition for which there is no justification found in all the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. Not one single verse! God never told King David to free all the slaves in ancient Israel and King David did have God’s Holy Spirit as revealed in the Bible and will be in the First Resurrection of the Saints.

            And we both agree that the South should have never gotten itself into a union with the North to begin with.

          • My intent was not to stir up emotions, just to point out the reality in which we live. The South whether we had Slavery or not and regardless what any person thinks of it, was Free and Sovereign. If we want to talk about Slavery, that could have easily been done away with regardless of anyone’s opinion on it by the USA donating enough money to compensate the Slave Owners, they would then have been moved most likely to the Caribbean and Free Labor replaced them. Immediate Emancipation was nothing more than Fanaticism and Radicalism meant to fuel the South’s resolve. It was used as a tool to open the Floodgates of Centralized Government. There were many including Alexander Stephens if I’m not mistaken whom understood that Seceding was in effect surrendering Slavery to the world. If we had stayed in the Union the Democratic domination of The Legislative Organs would have ensured that no action was taken against Slavery and simply ratifying the Corwin Amendment passed after the South Seceded would have protected it and required a new Amendment (not an easy thing to do) like overturning prohibition to repeal it. The South would have continued with Slavery for much longer than 1865 as a protected minority had we stayed in the Union but that was never the issue and is nothing more than a distraction, maintaining our Freedom, not becoming a controlled minority was why we left and it is as natural as breathing. Blacks cannot maintain civilization on their own and as long as they live in proximity to us their must exist the relation of Superior to Inferior. That is common sense to all Men who are not brainwashed or carrying out a political agenda.

          • “Personally I think Southern Chattle Slavery was the most humane and beneficial institution ever devised for a Black population living in the same space as Whites.”

            Forgive me, Jay, but it’s astonishing how ridiculous that sounds. They were “living in the same space as Whites” only because they’d been enslaved to begin with.

          • Well the South did have a third option that was to pull a Coup D Etat on President Buchanan and seize the government. The KGC actually wanted to do this, but that wouldve turned most of the Southern Army men against them. Secession was the less perfect and more difficult option but it was the only one that could unite the entire South, fire-eater and Patriot alike.

          • I agree 100% but unfortunately in the South in 1787 and 1860 most Southern Men were Freemasons as well and regarded the order fondly, though I believe most saw it as more of a Fraternal Organization and few got deeply into the Freemasonic Idolatry to see what they were really supporting.
            The Internet allows us to easily put puzzle pieces together, they had no such thing.

            The Enlightenment was in reality the Darkness movement as it embraced Satanic Jewish Kabbalaism and began the De-Christianization movement. Notice JESUS CHRIST is nowhere in our early documents the Creator is but not HIS SON. Why? Because Masons HATE JESUS CHRIST.

            The Confederate Constitution itself didnt invoke Christ though it did invoke God, which the US Constitution never mentioned a single time. There was an effort to make a Confession of Christ mandatory in the South but it was defeated JUDAH P BENJAMIN and his tribe saw to that.

        • the Anti-federalists had it pegged. They predicted that the Constitution would lead to a consolidation union in which all power would eventually concentrate in the Judiciary and the power to tax would become tyrannical.

        • I carry no love for Jefferson or Madison, Jefferson himself tried to deny the right to Americans to own slaves in 1784 by stating that all states beyond the Appalachians should be free and he attempted to pass a bill stating such but it fell two votes short. Because of Jefferson, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin were designated free before they ever existed, Now these states were before 1784 under Virginia Law, but when Virginia ceded them, Jefferson claimed Congress had the right to regulate slavery. Camels nose under the tent flap.

          Unfortunately for all the Constitutions Problems, worst being no mention of GOD or JESUS CHRIST because of the Freemasonic Jew Lovers The Articles were worse as under the Articles States were Free to end slavery within their borders as they were mini-nations. Upon the establishment of the 1787 Union, this entire idea was carried over.

          Madison himself considered slaves persons and referred to them as such in the Transatlantic Slave Clause. Now by Madison declaring them persons, he in fact declared the Abolitionists right and if slaves were persons under British Law which we inherited then they were entitled to the same rights as Whites re:The Somerset Case. It was not until Judge Roger Taney when he rightly struck this down and delcared slaves property in Dred Scott was this finally corrected. Now we know slaves were property just like a horse or a dog, but somehow Jefferson and Madison saw them as quasi persons. The Confederate Constitution rightly defined them according to Taneys stance, not Madisons

          No love here for Thomas Jefferson or Madison, Refer to John C Calhoun’s Oregon Bill speech in which he eviscerates Jeffersons Declaration of Independence.

          • The hypocritical northern states favored the 3/5 Compromise. They didn’t want the south to gain additional representation if blacks were considered as one person.

          • The fact is the word PERSONS was a loaded word in the first place as it placed humanity upon the Slaves. Why Madison used this term instead of Slaves is beyond me but the fact that he did gave ammunition to the other side. The word PERSONS is used in regards to the 3/5 rule and in the Transatlantic Slave Trade clause. If someone is a Person then they are a human being that was the entire abolitionist point. This was the entire problem with the South’s lawmakers proclaiming the slaves Persons in some things and Chattel in others. It created a legal confusion.

            In 1857 Judge Taney corrected the entire mess in Dred Scott proclaiming slaves property. The Confederate Constitution clarified it much more than the US Constitution.

            As for the Northern States in 1787 Massachusetts was the only “Free” state its Supreme Court having outlawed slavery in 1784. Pennsylvania had begun gradual emancipation in 1780, but it wouldn’t outlaw the practice until 1847. As late as 1865 there were two Northern Slave States New Jersey and Delaware and New Jersey itself only emancipated its slaves born after 7/4/1804 the rest it made indentured servants for life. NJ and DEL both rejected the 13th Amendment but when it became law it freed the last 16 slaves in NJ and the last 900 in Del.

      • The USSR let their departed republics go in peace. On the other hand the land of the free and the home of the brave made war upon states who no longer wanted to be a part of the Union. What kind of BS is that? They joined voluntarily but cannot leave once joined?

    • The red flag was the flag OF a corrupt, decadent political and social elite — they were called slave owners.

      • Deliberately offending Christians here with your blasphemous picture of Christ makes you morally superior to slave owners.

        • Neither you nor anyone else can prove that he even existed at all, so I’m not blaspheming anything.

          • It doesn’t work that way. I’m not the one asserting the existence of something that has not one shred of scientific evidence to confirm it. So the onus is on YOU, church maggot, to do the proving.

          • Chris – whether or not the actual Christ existed (and He did; read Roman history. They had no investment in lying about His existence, during Imperial Rome) – Christianity exists. It’s dying now. That’s OK with me. Christianity was a brilliant path because Christianity was the White religion. Whites made Christianity great – NOT the other way around.
            The corrupted ghoul that Christianity has become no longer serves the White Race, and in fact is deadly to Whites. So the faster [it] goes, the BETTER. We need a WHITE Faith. Human societies coalesce around Creation Myths. We need WHITE doctrines.
            I digress…………as Santayana noted (I think) “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”. We can’t deny the Christ’s existence, nor can we deny the life and death of Christianity. We desperately need to keep this trajectory at the forefront of our thoughts, sow we can understand What Happened, and not make the same fatal mistakes.

  15. Well. “THEY” your don,t give you even 10th of squareinch from your forefather grave to stick a flag in the ground and people still dreaming of white etnostate, secession, Brexit, step out from the European Union, Intermarium or any kind of escape rout. There is no way out from communism Only solution is get rid from the communism.

    • In this ostensibly First World nation those between 18-30 years of age are going wild for the communist candidate, which probably makes them the stupidest people on the planet.

  16. If States draw the line at having the Fed compel your children to shower with men. If after Common Core, BLM, IRS, etc that this becomes the final straw that leads States to stand up and fight, then in 150 years some idiot will claim it was over “transgender” issues. We didn’t elect you to pick and choose what you wanted to fight for. We elected you to fight for ALL of the fights!

  17. Cucks, you say? Mormons are off the charts cucked.

    Ricky Vaughn [email protected]_Vaughn99
    Peak cuck: Apologizing…to Muslims… on your deathbed…for mean words

    GOP Senator Bob Bennett Apologized to Muslims for Trump While on Deathbed

    In the final days of his life, former Utah Republican Senator Bob Bennett turned to his son and asked him, “Are there any Muslims in this hospital?”

    The question caught his son, Jim Bennett, off-guard. It felt like a non-sequitur, and he thought it may have had something to do with his father’s recent stroke.

    But Jim said his father, even after the stroke, was “sharp as a tack.”

    “So I was standing there with him in the hospital and out of nowhere he asked me, ‘Are there any Muslims in this hospital?'” Jim Bennett told NBC News Wednesday evening.

    “I said, ‘Yes, dad, I’m sure there are.'” Jim said of the conversation, which was first reported by the Daily Beast. “And he was very emotional and said, ‘I want to go up to every single one of them and apologize, I want to go up to every single one of them and tell them how grateful I am that they are in this country and apologize on behalf of the Republican Party for Donald Trump.'”

    Jim Bennett said that when he later spoke to his mother, Joyce Bennett, about the conversation, she told him that expressing a sense of inclusion for ostracized populations, especially Muslims, had become “something that he was doing quite a lot of in the last months of his life.”

    Joyce told her son that his father had approached people wearing hijabs in an airport to “let them know that he was grateful they were in the country and the country was better for them being here.”

    • Almost as bad as that disgusting pope, who compared ISIS to Jesus and urged Europeans to breed with the African and Muslim migrant-invaders.

      That Iron Curtain sure kept out so many of these western pathologies. Time to rethink things, Hungary?

    • Yeah, a cuck doing anti-White politicking on his death bed. Managed to take one last swipe at Trump too. Funny and pathetic.

  18. If at first you don’t secede…
    Anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a toxic relationship, a cult, a criminal enterprise, or a tyrannical government!

  19. Ryan is recycled Boehner RINO. He could have prevented the resolution from even being voted on. Total betrayal. Support his primary opponent. Vote out Sen Kelly Ayotte of NH. Just as despicable.

  20. The American Empire has no respect for the South. We’ve known that for Years. Same goes for having no respect for Christianity and God’s Laws. Keep voting and see how that works. WPWW !

  21. At is “The Dishonorable Confederate Battle Flag,” an essay that was posted at National Review Online on June 22, 2015. That was five days after the Dylann Roof shooting that occasioned the debate about the flag.

    The essay was written by Jason Lee Steorts and included the following:

    “If your ancestors fought for the Confederacy, I do not respect their ‘service’ or their ‘sacrifice.’ I can accept that some of them may not have grasped the enormity of the Confederate project, and so are not to be blamed personally, but neither should they be celebrated. Citizens of the nation they rebelled against should consider it a breach of civic manners to display with sympathy the symbols of their cause.”

    Many of the comments that were posted in response to the essay were negative about it, but among those that were not negative was one that included the following:

    “[M]ystifying is the belief that defending the flag of a rebel group that sought to destroy the United States of America is somehow the ‘conservative’ position. I grew up in the South, I’m a diehard conservative, and also a military veteran, but I fail to see how anyone can defend the flying of this flag on government property.”

  22. S.F. post

    Georgia drops Robert E. Lee day, now known simply as ‘State holiday’

    In the mad rush to erase all things from the past that does not conform to present day demands by social justice activism, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal scrapped the long standing celebration of arguably America’s greatest General. This comes only a week after Congress decided to remove all Confederate flags from graves of Confederate Soldiers that were buried on what is now federal land.


    More deeply, experts add, the movement also concerns a quiet recognition that heritage can, in fact, be hate in a society where increasingly, as North Carolina historian David Goldfield says, “diversity is not just accepted, but expected.”

    ‘Experts’ like this jew continue to ignore the wishes of the masses who have regularly voted AGAINST these types of things, and instead insert a false narrative that they “accept” it.

    The reinvention of the American South –

  23. You would think that the fruits
    and nuts in the state of California like Jared Huffman (D-Calif.) who proposed the ban would take care
    of their own PC problems before going after other states. Read this:

    One hundred and sixty nine years (written last year) ago in a frontier town, a band of
    thieves, drunks and murderers hoisted a home-made flag and declared
    themselves in revolt from a government that had welcomed them.
    Instigated by an expansionist neighboring power, the rebels aimed to
    take over completely and impose their language, culture and mores on the
    land. The revolt succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations.That frontier town was Sonoma, the land was California, and the
    rebels, American settlers spurred on by promises of help from U.S. Army
    Captain John Fremont. The rebel standard, the flag of the so-called
    California Republic, became the California State Flag. It’s time
    California dump that flag, a symbol of blatant illegality and racial
    prejudice. Like the Confederate cross of St. Andrew, the Bear Flag is a
    symbol whose time has come and gone.

    Why isn’t this flag of a
    Blue state given the same media attention? Why pick on the iconic flag
    of Dixie and give California a free pass?

    Time to go to war and
    declare if you ban our state flags (Mississippi has the St. Andrews
    Cross) or our regional flag then we are going to ban yours.

    These PC hypocrites need to be shown some resistance for once…

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