Live Thread: Super Saturday

Trump is favored to win Maine, Kentucky and Louisiana. He has a narrow lead in Kansas, but it is a caucus state with a closed election, so Cruz has a shot at pulling out a victory there.

Note: Several people have said on Twitter that Kansas fits the profile of a cuck state after what happened in Iowa and Oklahoma. OTOH, Kris Kobach is Secretary of State there.

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  1. I’m cautiously optimistic for Kansas, but as I mentioned during the Ban Kebab affair, (I’m deep in the heart of Texas) there was universal disapprobation of Trump. In this neck of the woods, perhaps Trump’s demeanor is very off putting and discordant with cultural norms.

    Right track Wrong track for America is +30 for wrong track, while Obama’s approval rating is 50 – 50. Why the discordance?

    Perhaps people appreciate his relatively cautious approach to affairs and feel that there isn’t much a President can do other than screw things up. The debt fueled economy is moving along. Gay marriage was an action of the Robert’s court (vote Republican to save the courts!), and Libya was largely an end around by Clinton and the New World Order, as was Ukraine.

    His signature failure will be RomneyCare, Had he done something like Trump is proposing and found a way for people to have better paying jobs, they could have bought their own health care (or not).

    • Problem is health care had evolved to go hand in hand with your job and was not the kind of thing the average person could afford on top of rent, car, etc. Fine 40 years ago when employment was fairly stable, but in the new era of find a way to do it in China, Mexico, or India jobs full time jobs have vanished and too many people are trying to make it on multiple part time service work (goodbye M-F workweek) that don’t provide these benefits and pay half of what manufacturing used to. I remember they prepped us for this great betrayal in the 80s and early 90s with spin doctors telling us to “prepare for a new era where the average person will work 7 different jobs in their adult lifetime, the era of working for one employer till retirement is over.” They of course made it out to be a good thing as if it were your choice to work all these jobs as if your a free agent like Lebron James going out on your own to pursue more lucrative opportunity in some win win situation. Not that some treasonous company ships your whole factory, machinery and all to China and throws you out of work into psychological depression and the stress of trying to find a new job in the hyper unemployment Mcjob world.

      The absolute misery free trade has caused and nobody but Trump is talking about it. Shows that it is not supposed to be up for debate by the big money that controls all the other candidates. A winning issue, and the fact that the media and these people are so going after Trump suggests that at least they think he really is serious about what he says. What also needs to be clarified is when those 400 manufacturing jobs go, 100 jobs in the building office that tend to employ the single, female swing voter also go along with all the manufacturing engineers, building IT staff, all the service contracts, etc. It’s not just Bluto in the steel mill, a lot of those light industrial workers are women and probably the whole local Vietnamese community was employed there before they all had their American Dream interrupted by the globalists. Let the young independent single women know the administrative job she works during the day before she goes out in the evening to party like she’s on of the gals on “Sex in the City” is probably also threatened by outsourcing. Put a real face on this thing like the recent Carrier treason and run commercials hard in the rust belt states and try to get commanding victories in these states with high delegate counts like Michigan, Illinois, New York, etc.

      • I know that he’s crushing the other candidates in Michigan and Illinois polls.

        Great post btw.

    • Right track Wrong track for America is +30 for wrong track, while Obama’s approval rating is 50 – 50. Why the discordance

      Because Obama has a good keen ability to convince enough people that the problems he is helping to cause and perpetuate are not his fault. IOW, he separates himself from accountability for his own actions.

  2. Kansas I bet goes Cruz, the good respectable people run those towns from the iron pulpits with smarmy gossip as their righteous swords, hope not

    • A regular election he would have done alright, maybe not won but imagine yourself in a small town in Kansas and you want to vote for someone who is not the official godly candidate and you have to stand up and face the pinch faced church ladies and the town big wigs.

        • Denise should rip you a new one for using a tribesman’s propaganda against the fine people of Kansas.
          Anyway I loved the movie because it can actually be used against the tribe, they are not as smart as the anti-semites make them out to be.

          • Oops didn’t know I was crossing a line.

            No they’re not that smart but they plan the shit out of pushing ideas like goyim plan the shit out of having and raising kids. They are twenty paces ahead of us on the ideological chessboard. But sure, once you see the patterns, it’s not rocket science.

            Anyway, does not the kid on the corn cross near exactly represent the plight of the rural (but skeptical) evangelical?

  3. The irony of the Kentucky caucus today is that Rand Paul has to pay the state $250,000 in order to hold this caucus for a race he’s no longer part of; that was part of the deal that Rand could run for both President and Senate re-election at the same time.

    • That’s because on the CPAC luncheon menu for Cruz’s speech there was a misprint that read: Cheeseboogers.

      At least I think it was a misprint.

  4. Are Obama and the Democrats planning on nominating a Buddhist/Catholic to the SCOTUS? A woman named Jacqueline Nguyen.

  5. Was reading the Shapiro disavowal of Trump.


    I’ll translate it for you.

    “Trump = Hitler for realz.”

    They really are that worried about him. Marvelous.

  6. Excerpt from an article I read.

    Cruz may also do well in Kansas on Saturday.

    A recent poll conducted for The Star and other news organizations showed Trump leading among the state’s Republicans, but the poll did not identify the preferences of likely caucusgoers. Cruz was second in that survey.

    And Cruz won nearly half the votes in an informal straw poll conducted during the Kansas GOP’s state convention Feb. 20 in Overland Park. Trump got less than 2 percent of the vote.

    Such an unscientific survey would typically be irrelevant. In this case, though, it reflects the view of Republican regulars in Kansas — precisely the voters most likely to take part in the caucuses.

  7. Wow, looks like Kansas is going to out-cuck Iowa, Texas, and Oklahoma combined.

    So far it’s a 2-to-1 advantage for Cruz over Trump there. Egads, I’ve never been to Kansas, and I don’t know much about it, but I am even less interested now.

  8. Trump and the Jews. That’s what this is really about. You know it, I know it.

    Of course, in the long run, Trump has no chance since the Zionist powers-that-be are aligned against him. But he has stirred up something, and it might not go away for some time.

    Obviously, the main issue is Jews vs Trump. Trump isn’t anti-Jewish but he is not solely Jew-centric, and this upsets Jews. Jewish Neocons think GOP exists to serve Jewish and Zionist interests first and foremost.

    We hear all these Jews complaining about how Trump is all about the Authoritarian Personality and Paranoid Style in American Politics, but this is rather amusing coming from Jews, the most authoritarian(even totalitarian) and paranoid people in the world. Jews see Hitler everywhere. Every time there is someone in the world they don’t like, he is the ‘new hitler’ and US military must get ready to squash him. Or US must economically sanction and destroy that nation.

    Trump’s business associates are Jewish. His daughter is married to a Jew and even converted to Jewishness and raised kid as Jew. But he is ‘hitler’ because he won’t give Jews 100% on everything. If Jews say Russia must be destroyed, it must be destroyed. The fact that Trump wants good relations with Russia makes him Hitler. This is rather amusing since Neocon Jews and Obama(tool of Liberal Zionist Jews) worked with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to topple the government. And US’s invocation of human rights is so hollow since it is such close allies with Saudi Arabia, which still practices Medievialism, and with Israel, a nation founded on European Imperialism and ethnic cleansing of indigenous people. Afrikaners imposed separateness but didn’t throw blacks out of black lands. If anything, more blacks were attracted to white-ruled South Africa. In contrast, so-called Israel Democracy was made possible only because Jews secured majority status by expelling 800,000 people from Palestine. And West Bank is still under occupation and Israel used horrible violence to crush enemies in Gaza and Lebanon. (US imperialism cynically uses ‘democracy’ to invade and control other peoples. So, Zionist destruction of Palestinians was justified because… uh… Israel is a democracy and has ‘gay parades’. US does this all over the world. Economically or militarily destroys other nations in the name of spreading democracy and ‘western values’, which now amounts to planting homo flags and flooding the airwaves of other nations with Miley Cyrus concerts. If US wants to wreck another nation, we know how it will play out. US will say it was for ‘human rights’ and to spread ‘democracy’. Yeah, like in Iraq and Libya. And to support ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria when, in fact, they are just Alqaeda with a new name. But then, US is is the nation that once supported Osama Bin Laden as ‘freedom fighter’.)

    US cooked up bogus claims against Gaddafi to crush him and destroy Libya but allows Israel to amass 300 illegal nukes and go on occupying and stealing Palestinian land. US thinks it is morally superior and has the right to push the world around because… uh.. lessee… it has ‘gay marriage’. Imagine that. So, Russia is Eeeeeeeeeevil because it doesn’t have ‘gay marriage’ and doesn’t permit homo paraders to desecrate Red Square that commemorates the sacrifice of 20 million Russians in WWII.

    We know that the homo agenda is the proxy of Jewish globalist imperialism. It is funded by Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Harvard, Yale, and etc. dominated by Jewish interests. It is to undermine national cultures and make them easier for globalist penetration. In the US, you will now be destroyed professionally if you express disdain for homosexual lifestyle. That is called ‘freedom’ and ‘tolerance’. Jews are very clever. They gain AUTHORITARIAN control over us but then call it ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’. We live in a nation where someone cracking a joke about Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner can end up in hot water. And millennials raised by PC helicopter parents no longer value free speech. 70% of millennial freshmen want free speech suppressed if it offends certain favored groups, esp Jews, blacks, and homos. As for Russians, Iranians, Chinese, Muslims, and etc, they can still be bashed since Jews hate them. Look how Jewish Neocons are using Poles against Russia, Japanese against China, and the vile Saudis against Iran. The Saudi case shows that the Jewish-Homo campaign is a cynical ploy. If it is so important, why push it on Russia and Japan but not on Saudi Arabia? Because Saudis are close allies of the US. It comes under NO human rights scrutiny. Obama and Hillary, both shills of Jews, call Putin the ‘new hitler’ even though homosexuality is legal in Russia, but shake hands with Saudi royals who preside over a nation where homos and others can be beheaded for the slightest infraction.

    Anyway, just look how Jewish Power and AIPAC pressures all US politicians to pledge to Israel. What do Mitt Romney and Bernie Sanders have in common? They both cheered the mass killing of women and children in Gaza. Even though Jews occupy Palestinian lands, we must make believe Jews are under attack by ‘nazi’ Palestinians.

    Jews are only 2% of population but control so much. But Jews see no problem with that. Jews bitch about how ‘white privilege’ is unfair and that certain groups are under-represented, but that’s all just smoke-and-mirrors to hide the fact that it is Jewish privilege, not white gentile privilege, that is totally out of control. Indeed, white gentile representation in elite colleges is way below the national share of the population. But Jews hide Jewish privilege behind ‘white privilege’ and then blame white gentiles, indeed as if Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and etc are dominated by Southern hillbillies and Texan cowboys.

    And look at the Fed. It’s been Jewish controlled for as long as I can remember. This Yellen is yet another Jew, and she got some guy named Fischer, an Israeli to boot, to work alongside her. Now, if someone noticed that there are ‘too many Jews’, Jews would scream antisemitic. But these Jews always bitch about ‘too many whites’. The Hypocritical Style of Jewish Politics is incredible. And it is Ethno-Authoritarian, predicated on the notion that the 2% should rule over the 98%. Jewish attitude toward Americans is like British attitude toward Indians during imperialism. The small minority should rule over the rest. Yet, Jews bitch about Authoritarian Personality. Talk about projection!

    Neocons are a small percentage of the Republican Party, but they insist that GOP serve Zionism and Jewish centrism above all. Talk about authoritarian, or even totalitarian, personality.

    Hillary is supposed to be a ‘progressive’, but she turns her nose up at Palestinians who still live under occupation because she takes money from Goldman Sachs. And so-called ‘progressive’ Jews find nothing wrong with Jews getting special favors from Hillary and other whore politicians.

    But if you notice Jewish power, you end up like Rick Sanchez or Helen Thomas(whose great sin was having said that European Zionist imperialists should go back to Europe. Why is that offensive? Why Gandhi wrong when he said Brits should go home? Was Ho Chi Minh wrong when he said Americans should go home? Were the Algerians wrong when they said French imperialists should go home?) Jews bitch about authoritarian McCarthy, but McCarthy was around for just few yrs. Jewish authoritarianism that destroys careers and silences voices never goes away.

    It should be obvious that Jews were never about free speech. They just invoked it to gain power. It was all about SPEECH CONTROL. When Wasps had speech control, Jews resented it because they wanted it for themselves. So, Jews invoked ‘free speech’ to weaken and undermine wasp power. But once Jews gained the power, they began to silence and destroy everyone they didn’t like.

    This is classic Jewish Authoritarian Personality in action.

    GOP welcomed Neocons into the party, but when Neocons took power, they purged everyone they didn’t like. They acted just like the Bolsheviks.

    Yet, these Jews bitch about how OTHER people suffer from ‘authoritarian personalities’.

    So, what Jews really wanted was not free speech for all but free speech as temporary weapon to gain power of speech control. Now that Jews got speech control, they wanna shut people down and push European-like laws where people can be fined and jailed for speaking truth to Jewish Power. Jews cleverly use terms like ‘hate speech’, but of course, they decide what is ‘hate speech’. Zionism, an ideology that called for massive ethnic cleansing, Jewish racial consciousness, Jewish nationalism, and ruthless violence against Palestinians is NOT hate speech according to Jews. But if you one notices the truth and says ‘Jews control US politicians like so many whores’, oh that is ‘antisemitic hate speech’. Very very clever.

    Now, I think mindless anti-Jewishness is wrong because there are plenty of conscientious and decent Jews. But most Jewish people don’t have the power. We have to focus on Jewish Power, and it is evil, corrupt, dishonest, repressive, and exploitative. Just like there were many decent Germans in Nazi Germany but were ineffective against evil Nazi power, there seem to be many good Jews in the US but are ineffective against Jewish Elite Power that is hellbent on spreading wars all over, destroying lives who don’t celebrate homosexuality, silencing and purging all critics of Israel and Zionism, the hate ideology of Jewish supremacism against Palestinians.

    The evil Powerful Jews in California and Florida are even passing laws banning BDS movement and forbidding anyone associated with it from doing business with the government. Imagine that! And there is total silence about this even in the Liberal Jewish community.

    When Jewish power runs amok, it does things like this:

    Given what happened to Russia due to globalist Jewish conniving, you would think at least the nice conscientious Jews would try to understand the Russian position and work toward mutual understanding.

    Instead, Jews push pussy riot and homo agenda on Russia as part of globalist Zionist-US imperialism, and when Russia pushes it back, Jews cry ‘authoritarianism’ and ‘repression’.

    Now, are Russians trying to force Russian Orthodox ideology or Russian nationalism on Americans? NO. Russians just wanna mind their own business. it is the Jewish-controlled US that uses its military and financial and cultural power to force the homo agenda on other nations. So, Jews are the aggressive cultural aggressors but cry ‘victim’ when other nations say

    “No, we don’t want this garbage.”

    While tolerance for homos is a good thing, why would any nation want to celebrate homsexuality? How would Americans like it IF, say, the Chinese were into incest and tried to push ‘incest marriage’ and ‘incest pride parades’ on the US and then accused US of being ‘new nazis’ for not allowing it?

    But this is what Jewish globalist imperialists do with the homo agenda. It is a new form of imperialism masked as ‘spreading human rights’.

    Of course, US is a paragon of human rights because Christian bakers who won’t bake cakes for ‘gay weddings’ are fined, economically destroyed, and sent to jail.

    Imagine if incest-lobby forced ‘incest marriage’ on everyone and then used government to destroy businesses that won’t cater to ‘incest marriage’.

    This homo stuff isn’t about equality. It is about homo supremacism promoted by Jews to institutionalize elite minority domination, an idea favored by Jews because Jews are elite minorities in US and EU.

    Of course, what I’ve just written would be called ‘hate speech’ in so-called bastions of higher education that are supposed to encourage free debate and speaking to power. There is no way to rise up in academia or media unless one kisses the ass of Jewish supremacist power. No matter how respected your reputation, if you displease Jews, you are finished and will end up destroyed and lonely like Helen Thomas. No one came to her aid when she was destroyed for speaking up for her ethnic brethren.

    American moral logic goes as follow:

    If a Jew says “It was great for European Jews to drive out indigenous Palestinians and grab the land and force Palestinians to live under Jewish occupation”, he or she is showered with prizes and given a seat at Harvard, Goldman Sachs, and the Fed.

    If an Arab-American says, “European Jews who stole land from Palestinians should return the land and go back to Europe”, he or she is destroyed on the spot, and no one come near him or her lest they be destroyed for ‘guilty by association’.

    Yet, Jews bitch about how OTHER people suffer from ‘authoritarian personality’ disorder.

    • Thanks. Great post! I think Trump does have a chance, though. Most people don’t know the source of the misery is Der Ewige Jude – but most folks know something is terribly, terribly wrong….

      • Miss Denise, not only are you right – you are, uncharacteristically, understated – as Mr. Trump not only has ‘a chance’, he is, without question, the odds on favourite – with or without Mitt Romney entering the race.

    • That Mr. Trump ‘has no chance, because the Jews are against him’, is simply not right.

      The Jewish oligarchs are disproportionately influential. That said, they are not the sole factor in the national mentality.

      • The KKK attack was pure ADL handiwork. It has damaged Trump a bit.

        Not fatal but he’s been forced to say he ain’t a racist by them.

        • It would seem like it, Captain – BUT, you can be sure that Dr. Duke does no ADL, JDL, or Pareve bidding, wharsoever.

          Dr. Duke was OD before Mr. Griffin was even born.

          As to the effect it had on Trump’s campaign, I agree with you : it’s not fatal, though, on the other hand, I do believe that Mr. Cruz’s win, last night, (50 delegates to Mr. Trump’s 34) arises from other issues, as well.

          Senator Cruz has gone down, a time or two, but he gets back up.

        • One more thing, Captain – Mr. Trump is NOT a racist, so, ‘being forcet’ to say that will have minimum long term affect.

          I think Mr. Trump was hurt, much more, by Senator’ Rubio’s attacks, which was the first time he was subjected to the sort of puerile vitriol with which he has constantly plied others.

  9. Kansas results indicate nothing nationally. They vote for the preachiest ‘church’ candidate.

    For perspective, bear in mind that Santorum got 51.2% in 2012 with Mitt Romney in second place at 20.9%.
    In 2008, Huckabee got 60% of the vote with second place John McCain getting just 23.5%.

    • Kansas, like neighboring Okie-lahoma, isn’t an industrial state with large numbers of working-class whites. Rather, it has plenty of evangelical small-town and rural whites who swill-down “Big Rickie’s” Jimmy-Swaggart/Elmer-Gantry jew-day-o Dispensationalist Neo-Zionist Church-swill. And having a caucus means that the local Establishment GOP (Grand Old Prostitutes) gets to say what goes by confirming order upon the wannabe precinct committeemen and women who are the local leadership.

      A caucus system always supports the GOP establishment as the local GOPe fuktards are always present to impose order upon any GOP local unruly, especially in a district in which there are less than several hundred electors in the caucus. Donald Trump figured out as much and didn’t worry overmuch over a lost cause. What the polls reflect are the opinions of the majority, as opposed to the caucus-goers. Trump wins in the primaries. In a corrupt place like Minnesota, the caucuses paid for by the state GOPe brings forth a “majority” for Little Rickie Bubbles, the Gay Pool Boy. Kansas in general and Wichita in particular which isn’t favorable to faggots, of course went for Big Rickie the Canuckistani Lizard-Weasel.

      I live within 40 miles of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas here in SouthWest Missouri. Caucuses in rural areas always favor the GOP Evangelical Establishment. The Trump voter is largely working class & declining middle-class and gets to vote in a primary which is why the big states and the delegate count favors Trump.

      The question is whether Trump can take 40% or 51% to the Republicuck Coonvention. There will be blood, regardless.

      Which doesn’t matter to us in the least because what is important is that the Republicuck Party be destroyed so that Ten-Thousand Balkanized Warlordcies be established upon the largely decayed carcass of whatever Whites remain.Trump is our wrecking ball. Let the Republicucks destroy their own buzzard’s roost in which they did enslave by deceit the typpycull whiggers.

      Hail Victory!!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

      • Well, that was a very interesting and insightful post from Mr. Lindstedt. What I especially liked was being able to read and understand it without having to use Google translate.

    • Reall,y Sam – no state indicates ‘something’ nationally, as across the 50, there is much diversity.

      I agree, however, that Kansas is like Iowa, as is a few other states, perhaps North Carolina – in that we like soldiers and preachers – which is why, Stonewall Jackson is big with us, as he was a bit of both:)

  10. Rubio not doing well. Will the Establishment go with Cruz as their anti-Trump? Very troubling, but cucks aren’t as much the problem as another group of people that start with C.

    • Stop obsessing over Christians. Christianity has accomplished far more good for the world than any other group of people.

      You’re welcome!

        • Your grasp of history is interesting, if not absurd. America was built by Christians in the first place, and it is our increasing lack of Christianity that’s in the process of destroying it now. You’re just looking for an way to calm you down from those cold sweats you get in the wee hours of the night. And by the way, Rome was a wretched hive of pagan stench that earned its fate, good and proper.

  11. Your pal Glenn Beck is being investigated by federal authorities for threatening Donald Trump…

    • Will the gloves ever come off from the alt-right? There was a notion not to tangle with Christians who were essentially “one of us”. Marcus Aurelius is spinning in his grave.

      • I think you’re forgetting that Trump is winning with Christians overall – even with Ted Cruz doing all he can to convince them he’s Mister Sunday School.

        • That’s right, Mr. Samsa – after my wife voted, today, in NC, she confided to me : ‘though I leaning towards Mr. Trump, when I heard that last debate, he seemed like such an egotist, that, ultimately, I voted for Senator Cruz because he is a Christian. ‘

          • “I voted for Senator Cruz because he is a Christian.”

            And that’s exactly what’s wrong with this country: low IQ and emotional thinking. It’s funny that so many people think that Cruz is a Christian despite all of his college roommates mentioning that he wasn’t religious and never prayed. You’d think that people would have enough common sense to realize when they are being played by a slick lawyer politician, but I guess not. Just say “Jeebus” enough times and the yokels will think you’re one of them.

          • Dear Priest,
            Nazis are good at recognizing who is a real one among them, and Christians are the same. We see the statements and behavior of Senator Cruz, and we know he is one of us.

            If Jesus Chryst is not your Lord & Savior, then you have no way of seeing how truly Christian Senator Cruz is.

            As for those of us with ‘low IQ’, Priest, we can just be thankful to our God that he gave you so much. We don’t begrudge you your smarts.

          • “If Jesus Chryst is not your Lord & Savior, then you have no way of seeing how truly Christian Senator Cruz is”

            Please provide evidence that Cruz has been a life-long Christian and not an ambitious politician who has been steadily building his reputation amongst evangelicals so he could one day run for president….which is exactly what he’s been doing. I’ll repeat: his college roommates never saw this guy pray or do anything religious.

            “We see the statements and behavior of Senator Cruz, and we know he is one of us.”

            Snake oil salesman are kept in business because there are always suckers willing to buy it.

          • Mr. Priest,
            Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

            Evidence? what is in a man’s heart is in his behavior; and, as I have said, if Jesus Chryst is not your Lord & Savior, you can neither see it nor understand it in someone else.

            The Holy Ghost will not reveal itself to the unbeliever.

            As to snake-oil salesmen? : Donald Trump has proclaimed himself a Christian, and I’ll be damned if I can find convincing evidence, in his behavior, that he is that; BUT, being a man of faith, I am going to have faith in him, and extend to him the benefit of the doubt.

            You know, Priest ; I could be fooled – absolutely, for, I have been fooled before. That said, most of the time I have faith and show faith in folks; and, for that respect given, I have been rewarded, countless times, in such a way as to bury the times I’ve been disappointed.

            That said, you’re right, I could be fooled again, but, then, so could you.

            A very good night to you. Let’s hope that, for the good of the country, that neither Mr. Trump or Mr. Cruz is a snake-oil salesman, because one will likely be the next king of the Rothschild Yankee Empire.

  12. I’ve learned one thing so far this election year:

    I’m soooooooooo glad I live in the South and not the MidWest. Thank you, mother. Thank you, father. Thank you to all my grandparents.

  13. We need to know this.

    This is not about Trump.

    If Trump was what he was — a rich vulgarian braggart — but agreed 100% with Neocon proposals, he would be their favorite boy.

    After all, William Kristol himself proposed Sarah Pain,a vulgarian hockey mom know-nothing dodo, since she was totally for Israel and pro-Zionism.

    Neocons hate Trump because he struck a nerve with the masses who’ve been stirred from hibernation and have begun to wake up to the fact that Neocon elites do not serve their interests. Trump as toady to the likes of Adelson would be a favorite among Neocons. They would be behind him 100% despite his colorful past as celebrity and show-off.

    What is unforgivable is that Trump woke the bear from hibernation.

    • You are absolutely correct, but isn’t the trouble that too many are swindled by obvious reptiles like Cruz?

      They want to believe… something… so badly that a lie is preferable to truth.

      To me it is a dishonor to believe that a Bronze Age rabbi rose from the dead; what a fable! When whites cling to this notion, we suffer in this life (fall of Rome, Dark Ages, post War America). When we reject it we soar like eagles (Italian Renaissance, Scottish Enlightenment, the Founding Fathers of America, the heroic materialism of industrial Europe and America, etc.)

      I take solace in the fact that Trump is a creature of our own creation; much like the cuckservative meme which predates his candidacy and also the various Mantras against white genocide. Exponential growth is taking place, we just aren’t there yet.

      We need to increase the numbers of whites who are interested in self-defense and self-preservation. They can only come from newborns, existing Christians, existing SWPLs, and existing apoliticals. We have to convert them from their current belief system to ours, not hope that Christians, SWPLs, and apoliticals as such will miraculously stand in phalanx against the burgeoning hordes of Darkness.They won’t. If anything, they will romance it and open thier legs for it.

      • Now don’t think for a second I’m endorsing Islam, I think it is cult like and outlaws the beauties of life, has bizarre rules etc. But Mohammed was a winner, Christ and the Buddha on the other hand were losers. These aesthetic spiritual philosophies are the realm of the priestly class, what guys who now would be egghead nerds who don’t get the girl would be interested in the prescientific age. On the other hand we have the kind of guy girls want and other men want to be, the tough winner and Islam is much more a faith for such than the other two I mentioned which are hits primarily with women and feminized men.

    • If Trump gets 40% of the vote against one other candidate, he loses. Rubio and Kasich out? Trump needs to get to 51%.

      • Yeah, but if he loses more states today than he wins, that in and of itself is a bad sign, plus which it will of course be spun as “Trump’s momentum gone,” which will influence weak-minded people, and most people are weak-minded.

      • I’ve never seen a debate so stacked against a candidate as the one a couple days ago on Fox. Everything was “gotcha Trump” questions. They are slime.

    • Nothing is fishy, Mr. Samsa – Mr. Cruz is moving up against the front-runner. Maine & Kansas are not the types of states to go for blustery foul-mouthed Manhattenites.

      • They’re so virtuous that they’ll lose their country because their priorities are geared towards moral preening rather than defending themselves.

        I’m impressed!

  14. Trump losing all 3 caucus states to the boogerman: DT’s White, lard-ass NASCAR voters simply will not get off the couch, put down the beer can, turn off the Jewbox, and spend the 3 hours necessary to Caucus; this’ll be 5 out of 6 caucus losses. Will they put down the beer can and stop watching cars making the same left turn over and over again for the 1 hour necessary to Primary in Louisiana? We’ll soon know…After that debate debacle, when Trump telegraphed his intent to betray us on immigration, I can almost hear the air coming out of his balloon. Hope I’m wrong, because we do need him to demolish the Republiscam pty at the ClevelandCom

      • yeah…it may actually be good for Cruz to win a few. Actually increases the chances for a bloodbath/schism at the Convention

        • No matter what some might believe to be the best outcome, this isn’t about getting Trump to the White House. This is about pulling back the curtain and allowing average White Americans to see what the Republican party has been all along. This happens whether Trump wins or loses.

    • You seem to have an emotional grievance of some peculiar kind against NASCAR. I’ve never seen a single race of it myself, but I just can’t figure out the link you’re trying to draw between that and Trump doing relatively poorly tonight.

  15. What is wrong with Kansas? Absolutely nothing – and I’m not being sarcastic.

    Trump did this to himself by waffling on immigration in the last debate.

    NumbersUSA downgraded him from “A-” to “B+”, while Cruz maintained his “A” rating.

    If you “soften” on your core issue, the issue that catapulted you from 3% support in June to 35% support February, you lose your supporters. Trump took his supporters for granted and started negotiating away their interests. This is the entire reason people hate the Republican establishment – they get into power by pretending to support our interests, then they “soften” and negotiate away our interests because they take us for granted.

    As soon as he had the Sessions and Kobach endorsements and the big Super Tuesday wins, he immediately started taking immigration patriot support for granted. He softened. Trump supporters don’t want a man with a soft immigration position. If Trump softens, they will turn to Cruz in a heartbeat.

    People responded to Trump because they supported his platform. That is what energized the base, converted Democrats and independents, and brought non-voters into the political process. Without immigration, Trump falls right back to the 3% who support him solely on the basis of his celebrity personality.

    If this is Christie’s influence, Trump needs to stop listening to Christie on immigration or he will lose outright to Cruz. Cruz will amass enough delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot.

    America has all the unskilled labor it needs to staff the world’s greatest hotels, and America also has all the skilled labor it needs to man the world’s greatest high tech industry. If a boss can’t find workers, he needs to offer higher wages. It is that simple. If you pay them, they will come.

    I still support Trump. His foreign policy is better than Cruz’s foreign policy. But this immigration betrayal hurts. I thought you were different from the other politicians, Donald.

    • I think Trump was listening to one of his advisors who told him he needed to be a little more “Presidential” with his tone after his wins on Super Tuesday. Whether or not that was Christie, I don’t know. I think he interpreted that as trying fine tune his position and be a little more flexible—which is even what he said.

      He can still maintain a level of flexibility and look a little more Presidential without opening up his core position to look like it can be manipulated and shaped into something completely different than when he started. He needs to focus on several key issues, start removing himself from the personality/personal smear tactics, and hammer his main points home without apologizing or trying to placate people who have no intention of supporting or voting for him. He managed to do this with the waterboarding/terrorist position, so he should have no problem doing it with the #1 issue that built up his support base.

    • Although Trump issued a press release, walking back his comments, within hours of making the damaging comments on the H1b visa & STEM education—you can be sure not everyone got the message.

      • judge people by deeds not words. Trump’s entire economic life has been open borders/free trade. Same with Cruz. I suspect that the real cause of the Establishment’s rage against Trump is that he’s not…quite…with the Zio-globalist program on Israel, Russia, etc.

        • It’s all about Jews this time. It’s quite remarkable how hostile they are to him.

          Remember Jews are guru writers in many surprising places. Eventually the considerable power they have will wear down almost anyone.

          The KKK issue is done though. They can’t keep milking it for much longer.

          • He is not a conservative on most issues. You’d think they’d be pushing him. That they are not tells you everything you’d ever need to know about Jewish thinking. They don’t care about your policies. They demand your soul.

          • yes they will. Instead of slapping the kosher UB raycissss’ crap down immediately, Trump bobbed and weaved. Just…like…every…white…republiscam…always…does

        • He’s White. He’s unpredictable. He has yet to show any kind of real slavish devotion to Israel. He’s just about the only candidate that I’ve ever seen who might actually put the interests of American workers ahead of the interests of nation-wrecking globalists.

          Trump is the anti-Cuck. They hate him because he’s not the kind of guy that bows down to other people, and they hate what they can’t control.

    • I voted for Trump but found myself agreeing more with Cruz during the last debate. Your analysis is spot on. Trump’s statements on immigration and his independence from the donor class are the reasons to support him. If he weakens his immigration position again then he will forfeit most of the enthusiasm voters have for him.

      • Trump has got to get serious about getting serious. His constant antics are hurting him because people are tired of it. It is true that Rubio started it but Trump is STILL talking about the hands thing after a week. He needs to let it go and get on issues fast.

        He needs to get serious about winning Florida and fast because Florida is a closed Primary.

        He needs to spend serious money on ads attacking everyone for ISSUES, not simply calling them liars and clowns. EX: attack Cruz on the TPP

    • FUD. There was no immigration “betrayal.”

      What there is is humongous loads of globalist money buying TV spots, radio spots, mailers, robo-calls, the GOPe, and 100% of the media influencing the weak minds of weak people.

      • I watched the 10th debate. Trump claimed seasonal hotel work is a job Americans won’t do. BS.

        He should have said “As a business man I had to hire immigrants to compete, but as president I will reduce the overall level of immigration and then my company and all companies will be forced to hire Americans at a living wage to meet their staffing requirement.”

    • I agree that Mr. Trump’s foreign policy ideas are better than Senator Cruz’s, though, I prefer the Texas Senator domestically, and feel very damn comfortable with his consistency.

      I am prepared to vote for Mr. Trump, if Mr. Cruz does not figure in the November election, BUT, to me, he is like picking up a card in ‘Crazy 8s’ – you just don’t know what it will be.

      • Cruz promises to tear up the Iran deal his first day in office and put Israeli interests ahead of American interests.

        We can’t afford this nonsense any more. A regime change war against Iran would turn the migrant invasion of Europe into a tidal wave. We desperately need to stabilize the Middle East until European nationalists parties come to power.

        • Dear Mr. Heiligoland,

          I dislike the Iran deal, so I am happy to hear it. I think it’s a travesty, and that is from the Tarheel point of view.

          That said, I do agree with you that I am damn sick of the Rothschild/Anglo/American/Israel foreign policy – that turns over and suffocates one government after another, in this world.

          They got us involved in WWI, which led to WWII, and, in spite of the disastrous effects of all that, they keep right on going – doing the devil’s work.

          The hell of it is that, even if Israel did not exist, the other parts of that Axis would continue on, much as they did throughout the entire 20th century.

          If Mr. Cruz is not in the general election, I will vote for Mr. Trump, because, in part, I like his foreign policy ideas.

    • Not buying it. No way he loses huge numbers on some convoluted Hb-1- 2 issue. Especially after he clarified his position.

      Really, what the heck is in Kansas?

      They don’t care about big factories going over seas or some illegals working in hotels in major cities.

      They are just Cucktians. Not gonna sugar coat it. Huckabee killed it there in 2008 and Sanitorium did the same in 2012.

      • People in Kansas know the immigration issue. There are plenty of illegals in agribusiness. In 2014 Kobach was re-elected Secretary of State with 60% of the vote, while Brownback was re-elected Governor with only 50% of the vote. The difference? Kobach is good on immigration, Brownback is not.

        A majority of Evangelicals voted Trump in most states – the equation Christian = cuck just doesn’t work.

        In two subsequent debates Trump started talking “jobs Americans won’t do” nonsense. People pay attention.

        • Trump was talking about highly skilled tech workers the other night not field hands.

          What might hurt was the constant media attention of the David Duke KKK thing.

          the cucks were sh*tting their pants thinking it might be true.

          Oh my gawd he’s a raaaayyyccciiissst.

          I’m sure Trump got very few if any of the votes Ben the Magic Negro had before he quit.

        • Wouldn’t the big agribusiness honchos that run the caucuses be concerned about a hard stance on immigration?

      • It’s not just Kansas. Maine cucked out, and Cruz came awfully close in LA and KY.

        I’m putting this down to Trump’s cucky immigration comments. Hopefully it was a result of some ‘consultant’ cuck that had gotten to him who richly deserves a “You’re Fired.” For now I remain confident in Trump’s ability to learn from his mistakes

    • Another problem is that we always let him win the debate polls. I know I have voted him the winner in the Drudge poll even when I didn’t think he did good. Then because he wins all the online polls, he thinks he can continue to do what he has always done and not prepare and just give stump speech answers to every question or personal attacks.

      I really like Trump and want him to win but it is getting serious now. He needs to get more disciplined in going after Cruz on TPP instead of calling him a liar and that he’s from Canada. It is not that that shit isn’t funny and it’s okay to throw stuff like that in there but Cruz actually go after Trump on substance (whether lies or not) and Trump just responds by calling him a liar. Trump needs to SLAM Cruz on TPP

      • Thats what Trump is thinking and he said as much last night: We go on to states where Cruz won’t sell at all. Cruz didn’t sell all that well in the South. Theres something going on with these “trew conservatives” that they think Southerners are goobers and will just eat up Cruz’s “prayerful” shtik.

    • Trump looked tired at that debate plus he’s sick and tired of the debates in general. He’s tired of the other candidates, too. That answer about visas wasn’t new for him; always said that foreigners who go to “great schools” should be allowed to stay. Sessions and Miller must have gotten to him that theres no way you can write a law like that, “great schools.”

  16. Another perspective on the Trump phenom.

    The Stab(establishment conservatives) say Trump and his supporters are know-nothings.

    Now, it’s probably true that Trump is not an expert on all issues, and it’s also true that many Trump supporters are not the best educated.

    But what the Stab is really about isn’t WHAT you know but WHOM you know.

    The Stab is angry because Trump energized a lot of Americans who do NOT know the ‘right kind of people’. In contrast, people at National Review, Weekly Standard, Fox News, Heritage Foundation, and etc. are people who know the ‘right kind of people’. The Stab wants to keep the politics within the circle of those who know the right-kind-of-people. They don’t want to surrender any power to the masses without inner-circle connections.

    While it’s true that many Trump supporters are not the best educated, they are beginning to realize and KNOW what is most important to themselves, i.e. that the Stab serves the globalist Donor class, not the masses of Americans whose are thrown under the bus by globalism and political correctness(that is embraced by the Stab as well in a lighter version).

    For most people, politics should be about knowing their own identity and interests. They are ordinary people with ordinary lives. They don’t live for the entire world and all its problems. They live for their families, their communities, and their nation. And they vote for politicians on the basis of those considerations.

    The Stab hates Trump because he has given voice to people who’ve come to realize that the Stab hasn’t done anything for the masses of American people. The Stab has hoodwinked the people with paper symbols like ‘prayer in school’, ‘pledge of allegiance’, and other cookie-cutter issues when, in fact, the Stab has been all about serving the globalist donor class of Wall Street, Las Vegas, and etc. that feels nothing but contempt for ordinary Americans.

    The Stab has long hoodwinked the American masses by focusing on abstract principles, international affairs, and esoteric issues that mean little to the people. The simple masses, being impressed by such fancy talk, assumed they were in good hands of well-educated intelligent folks who know so much. But such talk was smoke-and-mirrors to get the masses to ignore what is most essential to their concerns. Their security, well-being, and prosperity.

    And when the Stab did focus on issues that even ordinary people could understand, it was the sort of opiates of no real consequence, such as “Is it constitutional to have Ten Commandments displayed at some court house?” Big deal!

    Most people need to demand from politics few simple things: Do the politicians represent my identity, my interests, my people, my community, my nation.

    Jews think this way, and this is why they are so powerful and rich. They are focused on “Is it good for Jews?” On every issue, Jews first and foremost ask, “Is it good for Jews?”

    But whites, especially white working class, were led astray from thinking in such manner. Furthermore, they were made to feel it’s ‘racist’ and ‘antisemitic’ to think in such terms. Jews pulled a fast one on whites. Jews convinced whites that it is WRONG and ATAVISTIC to think in national, racial, or tribal terms. So, whites must never think in terms of white identity, white interests, and white nationalism. BUT THEN, here’s the kicker… whites must think in terms of Jewish identity, Jewish interests, and Jewish nationalism. Whites must reject identity-and-interest for themselves but go all out to support identity-and-interests for Jews. Jews cleverly channeled suppressed white tribalism to serve glorified Jewish tribalism.

    This is the spell Trump has begun to break. Amusingly enough, whites who support Trump are acting more like Jews who think and act for their own interests. Paradoxically, Jews hate Trump-supporters because they are beginning to think and act like Jews.

    Jews believe ONLY JEWS should have the privilege to think tribally. Jews can think in terms of “Is it good for the Jews?” but whites better not think in terms of “Is it good for whites?”

    It’s like the white southern massuh feared and hated a Negro slave who thought like like the massuh did. The massuh thought in terms of “Is it good for me?” The massuh didn’t want the Negro slave to think likewise, i.e. “Is it good for me, the black dude?” No, the massuh wanted the Negro to think in terms of “Sheeeiiit, it be good fo’ da massuh?” The massuh lives for himself, the slave lives for massuh.

    Jews have a plantation mentality over white masses. They see themselves as the massuh class. Jewish massuhs exist to serve their own identity and interests. White gentiles exist to serve the identity and interests of Jewish massuhs. And the cuck white gentile collaborators serve as either the overseers with the whip — like the National Review and Eric Erickson who insult and berate Trump supporters — or as ‘House Honkeys’ who sneer at the cotton-picking ‘Field Honkeys’.

    People like Rich Lowry and George Will are pissed because their ‘house honkeys’ privileges within the Jewish Mansion of Power and Prosperity are threatened.

    Trump is like Nat Turner of the Field Honkeys, and this is what frightens Jews. Jews fear a Slave Rebellion. Jews are like tycoon Tyrell in BLADE RUNNER who fears Roy Trump Batty. (Actually, Trump is hardly radical and is, in fact, a good friend of Jews, but Jews are extremely paranoid and greedy, and the idea of Trump stoking any kind of white identity and interest is unacceptable to them. Just like the Jewish God could tolerate no other gods, Jewish identity/interests cannot tolerate any other identity/interests as the main obsession of Global policy.)

    Of course, Jews, being ever so clever, will say that they want the same things that white masses want. Jews will say both groups share the common interest of “Is it good for the Jews?” I mean, if Jews are for Jews and if whites are for Jews, they are on the same page, right???!!! Of course, this is like ‘Heads I win, tails you lose’.

    Now, suppose white masses said to Jews, “how about we share the same interest of ‘Is it good for white gentiles?'” Would Jews accept that? Of course not. Jews will flip out and say that is unacceptable!!! So, you see, the only common ground that Jews will accept is both Jews(who make up less than 1% of US conservatives) and white gentiles working in terms of “Is it good for the Jews?”

    Trump supporters may indeed be know-nothings on most issues, but they are becoming know-somethings on the issue that matters most to themselves: their own identity, interests, security, and prosperity. They are beginning to think in terms of “what will politicians do for me and my people?” than “what can me and my people do for the globalist super-rich class of Jews who feel contempt for white masses?”

    Jews are afraid that Trump is, wittingly or unwittingly, ‘raising consciousness’.. or race-ing consciousness.

    And this basic consciousness of politics among the white masses is what the Jewish massuhs fear most. And this is why gentile cucks and ‘house honkeys’ are fearful too since their privilege and goodies are linked to the fortunes of the Jewish massuhs.

    Trumpism represents a slave rebellion, and when slaves think in terms of ‘what is good for ourselves?’ than ‘what is good for the massuh?’, the system has begun to shake.

    Even if Trump doesn’t win(and the forces against him are too formidable for him to go all the way), the fire has been lit from this campaign that white folks must think in terms of “Is it good for OUR IDENTITY, OUR INTERESTS, AND OUR SECURITY?” Be just like the Jews who always think of their own identity, interests, and security first and foremost.

    Groucho Marx once said, “I don’t want be part of a club that would have me as a member”. Jewish elites think, “We don’t want to admit gentiles who think like we do.”

    In the Jewish-controlled world, Jews serve their own interests and guard their own identity, but NO OTHER PEOPLE better do so.

    Sure, Jews will sometimes stoke gentile nationalism if it’s temporarily useful against another nationalism. Jews encouraged far-right neo-Nazi nationalism in Ukraine against Russia. But the moment the existing regime was toppled and a new one came into place(appointed by Jews), Jews immediately began to use homo agents to spread ‘gay’ propaganda all over to make Ukraine just another spoil in their globalist empire game. If a homo flag goes up in a part of the world, it means the Jewish Globo-Empire just got a little bigger. Jews hide their globo-ambitions behind the minority-elite supremacism of the homo agenda.

    Why do Jews hide behind the homo agenda? Jews fear that if Jewish influence is too brazen, Jewish power will become overly visible, and then, it will lead to ‘antisemitism’. But if homos hide behind the homo-collaborators in every nation(as every nation has some homo activists), Jews can infiltrate and take over behind the homo-national mask. So, Jews in Ukraine hide behind Ukraine-homo mask, and Jews in Georgia hide behind Georgian-homo mask.

    Homo power is just the mask of globo Jewish power as homomania is funded by the Jewish-controlled US.

      • Cruz’s supporters are simply geniuses, of course.

        The mentally unstable Gubbler/Anrdea/umpteen-other-aliases has never been one to be swayed by evidence, though, so there’s little point debating the silly cunt. It’s just laborious having to scroll past the fifty tl;dr’s she spams each thread with.

  17. I had no idea that I was surrounded by so many members of the CHEAP LABOR TREASON LOBBY here in Kansas. I guess they like the offshoring of American jobs and approve of letting in legal and illegal immigrants to do the jobs they can’t offshore.

    Screw these John Brown-loving bastards.

    • Here in the South the weather is pretty nice—maybe a little too hot and muggy for some people—and the women are even nicer/hotter. It’s never too late to move.

  18. Sir,
    Senator Cruz continues to show signs that his candidacy ain’t dead. While Mr. Trump is beating him handily in Kentucky. Drudge reports that Cruz has won Kansas and is winning Maine.

    This election cycle continues to befuddle me.

    North Carolina has been voting, as we speak, though, the results won’t be in until Tuesday night.

    God bless you, Miss Renee, and the youngin’.

  19. It’s a massive victory for Cruz in Maine, where he got 12 votes to Trump’s 9 votes. Kasich got 2 votes.

  20. “The Texas senator defeated Trump by more than a 2-to-1 margin in Kansas, and early returns showed he and Trump were in a tight races for Kentucky.”

    I respond:

    Bad renegade Judeo X’tian Religious Right Zionists messing things up as always,

    Oh well.

  21. Trump’s debate performance hurt him, not only the visas, but the whole thing. He looked “political”. In addition to the caucus system this hurt his numbers in KY and lost him the election in Maine. The most fascinating development of this election season so far is the abundantly clear division in the Republican party beyond the obvious cuck v nationalist. I am able to cautiously forgive TX because it is Cruz’s “home”, but I also think if the last debate happened before TX Trump doesnt get 750K votes there, significantly less.

    It will be interesting how the rest of the east coast plays out. But the midwest is irreparably cucked. Maybe thats our fault for thinking otherwise. While populist minded east coast and southern whites had to switch to the Repubs for survival, at different times and for different reasons, its possible these midwest states are the actual, in blood and politics, descendants of the party of Lincoln. I know 5 years ago I would have said OK, KS, TX are the most “conservative” places in the country, and that would have been a compliment then. But corporate conservatism has been unmasked. TX can be salvaged for certain. But KS, IA, probably NE, the Dakotas, and maybe eve OK. Its a completely different mindset as the commentary from here, V-dare,etc. has reinforced the last few days. I am now interested to see how the rest of the east coast Repubs vote. Think MD, CT, and RI are pretty cucked, but the traditional mid-Atlantic region PA, NJ, NY, DE, those will be interesting. WV is definitely Trump territory.

  22. Definitely sad to see that Trump can’t seem to win in the Midwest or Rocky mountain region. I’m in Wyoming, and our county caucus definitely went for Cruz.

    I don’t know if it’s because of the Yankee heritage, or because it’s still too nice, white and prosperous out here. Do white people only wake up after it’s too late? I certainly hope not, but that seems to be the trend.

    • The weight of TV ads is beginning to tell IMHO. The quantity I’m seeing is beginning to spook me.

      • Really hard to believe Maine would go for Cruz.

        Sunday morning shows will try to frame a narrative that Trump is done.

    • Rawles’ “Redoubt” – Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon/Eastern Slope – is lousy with Christian Zionists. These people do not have a clue that the object of their worship intends to exterminate them.

  23. So far Trump and Cruz have both won two states. Anyone here know how that breaks down delegate-wise?

  24. Media parroting “We may have underestimated how big a role the David Duke incident has struck voters”. Yep, not the visas, or the commitment to flexibility and deal making, or the off the record comments at the debate, its definitely David Duke.

    At least they mentioned the caucus process has been a joke in LA and KY were Trump is still winning.

  25. 7:52 PST: Trump holding on in Ky w 75% votes in, but still not called; Trump wins La, performing about as polled; Cruz, though, 10 pts. better than polled. What’s going on: massive switch of voters from failed Cuck (Rubio) to a Cuck who’s better covered his open-borders tracks: Cruz. Cruz opens 10 new offices in Fla. tomorrow, in an effort to finish Rubio and make it a 2 1/2 man race: if Kasich can win Ohio, and Cruz Calif. (where he currently leads) Trump can still be stopped short of 1,237. I certainly hope so. Then Republiscam pty might fission 3-ways: Populist (Trump); Cuck (Cruz); RINO (Kasich)

    • The way I see it, that kind of catastrophic event would be ideal. Average, working-class Americans need to see just how far these people will go when it comes to snuffing their voices out. No elections or primaries in my lifetime have given the average conservative voter a better look at the inner workings of the GOP, and given them the raw and unfiltered truth of just how much the supposed “elites” despise them.

      • No, it would not be ideal. The American people have a chance now to right the ship. If they blow it, we’re done. And if they don’t already understand how far the power brokers will go, then nothing will teach them.

        • And if you don’t understand just how far down the hole we’ve fallen and that we’ve already passed our event horizon as a nation, then you haven’t been paying attention to how the status quo has kept rolling along, year after year, election after election. Before Trump came along, giving control of Congress back to the Republicans was being passed off as having a chance for the American people to right the ship. How’s that been working out? All the American people seem to have gotten out of that deal is a new crop of vacillating Cucks who really aren’t too much different than those that came before them. In fact, it’s that very Republican Congress that has been partly responsible for trying to derail Trump.

          I’ve said it before and I will say it again:

          A Trump presidency will NOT change the course of this nation through any policies he might or might not make. Even though I do think he’s much better than the Cucks he’s running against—but that’s not saying much—and has a slight chance of implementing some helpful policies, I still think that this is all just political theater, political posturing from a guy who doesn’t like to lose.

          The course of this nation will be steered into a new type of Nationalism when people stop playing this game of musical chairs and openly and unapologetically start organizing around Race and Nationalism. No long-term positive changes will take place until that happens.

          • Yes, yes, there is much you can teach me. I definitely haven’t been paying attention, and we know that because I have the unmitigated gall to have formed a view not perfectly aligned with your own. I could talk circles around you on this stuff, hotshot, so let’s just put that arrogant shit in check, eh?

            You fancy yourself a revolutionary, but you’d shit your pants if we actually had one. If there is to be a revolution, it will be a long time away still because the conditions for it are not nearly right. If you were half as awesome as you suppose, you would know that already.

            I don’t know, and you don’t know how a Trump presidency would turn out, but you’re just the type to pretend otherwise. Give the crystal ball act a rest.

            And by the way, I don’t recall anyone saying that a Republican Congress was “a chance to right the ship,” so don’t take my quote and misapply it. That’s a straw man, you dumb shit.

            We have a chance, believe it or not, but it’s people like you that always screw the pooch and then blame everyone else when we blow it.

            And lastly, “Cuck” is not a magic word, and it doesn’t make you cool and edgy to overuse it.

          • No, you haven’t been paying attention. It’s fairly obvious that you have no grasp of politics and political posturing that happens in an election cycle. If you do, then you must be playing some little game where you pretend to not see obvious patterns.

            Without pressure and the right kind of steering from racialists, the Trump phenomenon will fizzle and fade and be hijacked just like the Tea Party was hijacked by people like Glenn Beck. I was attending local Tea Party events before they were even called the Tea Party, so I saw first-hand how the tone and nature of that little insurrection was morphed and perverted.

            The only good and lasting thing that will come from Trump(as president or not) will be the radicalization that has happened on a mass scale. White people are slowly detaching themselves from a rigged two-party system and are beginning to see how the mechanisms of media and the Political/Pundit Class are used against them. They are not nearly as passive and apathetic as they used to be and, most importantly, they are beginning to view Nationalism as a healthy alternative to the status quo, and really the only alternative that can eradicate nation-wrecking Globalism. Nationalism used to be a very dirty word several years ago. Not anymore.

            “The Republican party has become more dynamic, it’s become more diverse…” That was Trump. Yep, there’s that magic word that is used like a crowbar to pry racially aware people away from their positions and make them more amenable and docile. I understand how politics is played, but I also understand where principles stop and manipulations begin.

            We have a chance, believe it or not, but it’s people like you that always screw the pooch and then blame everyone else when we blow it.

            Keep telling yourself that, Dorothy. It’s “people like me” that have been correctly pointing out the naivety of “people like you” for many years now. Yeah, if it weren’t for people like Celestial Time, our country would be a beacon of White Western values, and everything would be rainbows and butterflies when you wake up in the morning. Please punch yourself right in your pointy beak, because you, sir, are a fucking idiot.

            Tell me, Mr. Astute, what has been gained or taken back by the Republican establishment that isn’t on the verge of being taken right back by the Left, and even given away by the last group of Conservative “saviors” who were ushered into power?

            You fancy yourself a revolutionary, but you’d shit your pants if we actually had one

            I guess I kind of do consider myself a revolutionary; although, I prefer to just go with rebel, or if you prefer a more proper sobriquet, Mr. Rebel will do nicely. Truth be told, I don’t call cops. I take care of shit myself. I’m just not the kind of guy that beats around the bush and tries to impress people with things I never intend to do. If I say I don’t like you, then I don’t like you. If I say I’m going to punch you in the face, then you should consider death, taxes and a punch in the face to life’s certainties. If I say I’ll stick my neck out for you and be there when everyone else has abandoned you, then you need to save me a spot at the dinner table, because I’ll be there.

            What’s wrong with being a revolutionary or rebel in the face of wickedness which has been trying to destroy the White Western world? Does that offend you? Does the thought of having to fight to secure a proper future for your children scare you or intimidate you? What do you fancy yourself?

            Hell, people were saying just a couple of years ago that revolution and the implosion of the EU and the rise of Nationalism was never going to happen or was a long way off even if it did. They aren’t saying that now.

            You say “you’d shit your pants if we actually had one,” but that’s not grounded in any kind of logic or facts. Do you have any proof to back up your statement? That would be like me saying that Gregor Samsa masturbates to pictures of 12-year-old boys while he wears a tutu. I mean, I don’t have any proof, but that’s the vibe I’m getting from you. And if conjecture and ad hominem are acceptable, then I guess it just becomes a matter of which of us has a bigger vocabulary, more imagination, and a more colorful and creative writing style.

            Cuck… Cuck… Cuck… Does that offend you? Cuck… Cuck… Cuck… Did I reach your sissy threshold for the proper use of words and labels?

            Nah, I don’t think I’m going to put anything in check. You’re just not that smart or witty.

          • You seem to be a fairly amazing person, what with all of the cocksure confidence of all the things you seem to know.

            You know what will proceed if this happens…

            You know what will proceed if that happens…

            You know exactly what should happen…

            You’re all set for the Revolution, and they’ll probably make you a General…

            And from my mere two posts you know precisely all sorts of things about my levels of awareness – more so than I even know of my own self – plus which you know all sorts of things about what I do and do not grasp, because there is no room in your formidable and very well informed intellect that anyone could possibly come to a different but reasonable conclusion, cuz you’re pretty much the center of the friggin’ universe. All in all I’d say you’re just about the most awesome guy I think I’ve ever come across. When the Revolution comes, we’ll make you our leader: General Dickhead.

      • yes you did. The Judeo-globalist open-borders deathtrap is already 2/3 closed on White America. Corrupted by the NY-Hollywood Kosher Culture of Death (abortion/porn/faggotry/feminism), the White birthrate has collapsed; and legal+illegal anti-White insourcing is c. 7,000 units per day. We will not be able to vote our way to racial/civilizational survival. Trump can, however, help us collapse the Judeo-Republiscam voting-trap…after which non-urban Whites will have no place to go but further Right, and eventually to open Race War. As it stands now, Whites will by the late 2020’s move from harassed majority to persecuted minority, facing a majority amalgam of Blacks/Browns/Yellows/Muslims run by lethally-hostile Jews; will be Palestine’d by 2050; Bantustan’d by 2070; and extinct’d by 2090

        • You really don’t need to provide me with statistics that I’m already familiar with. I myself would like to see a proper Revolution and a full reckoning for our enemies, but the conditions for that are, unfortunately, not nearly what they need to be. It has to get much worse for that, and most people are still relatively comfortable, docile, and asleep.

  26. Trump supposedly was up big in the polls. That visa thing just does not seem to be a factor in my opinion, though some disagree. The KkK thing, was bigger. Could it be the Mitch Romney speech claiming Trump is the Devil on the verge of destroying the universe?

    Are people that stupid?


    • The media still can’t let it go. Half an hour ago at Trump’s press conference some idiot brought it up yet again. And there is still no burden on Ted Cruz to disavow Glenn Beck or Goldman Sachs. Or on Sanders to disavow Sarah Silverman and communists. Or Hilary to disavow her husband. Or on Rubio to disavow Paul Singer.

      • And there won’t be. It’s all Jews, all the time. It’s ALL about THEM, and NEVER about YOU, silly goy…..

  27. The only salvation, pun intended, tonight was that Clinton seemed to mirror Trump’s troubles.

    The loss in Maine is quizzical: that is not Cruz country. Blame the caucus? Are we entering a 2 man race? Trump has no ground game. No signs anywhere, and I’m talking about polling places, not yards or street corners. He should be asking for donations from average folks, 5 dollars here, 10 dollars there and getting his butt in gear. His “self funded” campaign is underfunded.

    Folks were contacting me to be a potential delegate AFTER voting was already underway! It’s not all about twitter and facebook (narcissist strongholds). There are Churches and Veterans groups and brick an mortar businesses, county party apparatuses etc. People who tend to vote in closed primaries. In Lousiana, when I wanted to vote for Ron Paul, I couldn’t because you had to be a Repub for at least a year, and I was an independent. This would further blunt outsiders from influencing the party.

    The irony is, as bad as Trump would have it against HRC, he could still pull off an upset by bringing in outside voters. Cruz has no chance in hell. You’d think the pastors and such would be pondering that during their late night prayers (if it wasn’t all a con!)

    Trump does not have the nomination sewn up and is showing surprising weakness, while Cruz has a plausible path to the nomination by being the mathematically viable anti-Trump.


    • All told, Trump was still the winner of the night. But Maine going to Cruz is bizarre.

      I guess the Trump camp doesn’t know how to do caucuses.

      The problem is not the KKK nonsense, nor the H1B slip-up. It’s the entire superstructure going against Trump and weak-minded people doing what weak-minded people do.

        • Oh, I see. You’re going by delegate count. And here I thought you were the all-time insightful political expert of the millennium.

          P.S. Sorry I upset you so much earlier by exposing your asinine self regard. Be sure and let me know if you’d like more of same.

          • Yeah, I’m going by delegate count, which is what the entire nation goes by at this point.

            Trump lost in a state where he was predicted to win. ME
            Trump lost by a much larger margin than what most skeptics of Trump had even predicted. KS
            He won by a much narrower margin than what the polls showed. LA
            He lost ground to Cruz in the delegate count. (14)

            But you said he won, so I kind of expected a little more detail as to how he actually won.

          • You’re missing one thing: I’ve written you off as a poser with unwarranted self regard. My assessment is far too nuanced for someone like you. Be gone.

          • Nope, what I’m missing is your explanation on how or what exactly Trump won that night. Clearly you haven’t entirely written me off, because you took time out of your busy schedule to write a response. That same time could have been allocated to giving me some detail, but you instead used the time to tell me you’re “too nuanced” and that I’m just not worthy of a response.

          • Actually, reading comprehension is one of my best features and qualifications. You could have just guessed and gotten lucky by naming many things and areas where I’m not all that great, and you chose to name an area where I’ve excelled since I was about 14 years old? Damn, man!

            You call it obsessive, and I call it attention to detail. People have always told me I should have been a trial lawyer. Guess I missed my calling. Oh well.

            You ready to give me that detailed response about Trump?

          • I can see that you keep obsessing over me but I stopped reading your posts after your first one. If you don’t like how this has played out for you, perhaps you’ll think twice the next time before copping a presumptuous and condescending attitude. Such qualities will quickly put you on my shit list, and from there on out all I will extend in your direction will be scorn, derision, and contempt.

          • You’ve obviously read enough to reply. But you can’t seem to reply with any details regarding the question asked in response to your original statement.

            You originally replied to me, and you’ve continued to reply to me. So, by your logic, you’ve been obsessing over me. Why?

          • How many times are you going to try and save face? I keep seeing your name and avatar in my response list and I keep having to remind you that the time for discussion is long since past. You blew it, and there’s no going back. Do better next time, when you come across a stranger who has the unmerited temerity to have a view which does not perfectly mirror your own.

          • 367 characters and 72 words from the guy who claims he doesn’t read my posts and also claims that his answers are so nuanced that they couldn’t be understood by a simpleton like me. You obviously do care about responding, just not with any kind of “nuanced” reply to a very simple question.

            How many times are you going to pretend that you actually know what the hell you are talking about?

          • Since you initially responded to me, and since you’ve continued to avoid answering a direct question while still responding to me, then I guess I should ask you the same thing.

          • I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson from all this about interpersonal skills. If you really want to be Awesome Leader of the Revolution, you’ll need to dial back the presumptuousness and condescension. Such traits will get you nowhere fast.

          • I’ve learned that you sure have time to respond, but just can’t respond to any questions concerning the statements you make. I get better responses and less bullshit from antifa and other anti-White dickheads than I do someone like you.

          • There you are again. It looks like you still haven’t learned that presumptuousness and condescension permanently puts you on my shit list.

  28. Total votes in La. today were slightly over 300k. Four years ago 186k.
    Republican voters are showing up in massive numbers. Democrats on the decline.

    Trump takes LA and KY. I was worried about KY since Mitch McConnell wields big power there and in the Senate and seethes at the mention of Trump. Also, Donald was beating the tar out of Rand Paul earlier this year and there could be a lot of resentment. Still managed to win.

  29. Saw this posted at another site. For what it’s worth.

    Interesting statistics that doom Ted Cruz and virtually guarantee Trump winning:

    Donald Trump:

    -wins 10 of 12 primaries, and comes in 2nd for Oklahoma and Texas

    -wins 2 of 7 caucuses (Kansas and Nevada), comes in 2nd in 4 states, and 3rd in Minnesota (to Rubio)

    Ted Cruz:

    -wins 2 of 12 primaries (Texas and Oklahoma), comes in 2nd in 4 states, 3rd in 4 states, and 4th in 2 states

    -wins 4 of 7 caucuses, comes in 2nd in 2 states and 3rd in Nevada


    -Donald Trump dominates primaries, and is weaker on caucuses but still comes in 1st or 2nd, excluding Minnesota which Rubio won.

    -Ted Cruz is pathetically weak on primaries except his home state of Texas and neighboring Oklahoma. Does well in caucuses.

    Path forward:

    -4 caucuses: Hawaii, Guam, The Virgin Islands and American Samoa <== THAT'S ALL!!!

    -30 primaries!!! <== Ted Cruz is weak on primaries!!

    • interesting. But, once Rubio drops out (post-Florida?) most of his votes (Cuck-to-Cuck) will go to Cruz. And even as it stands now, through 19 states and c. 800 delegates awarded (out of 2473), Trump has less than 1/2 of those 800. To be blunt: unless Trump really catches fire, he is going to fall c. 50-150 delegates short of 1237. And then: a bloodbath at the Convention. Most likely outcome: a Cuck/Rino (Cruz/Kasich) ticket, with Trump (I hope) forming a Nationalist pty. Or maybe he’ll just jet back to his penthouse and sulk

      • Why would he sulk? He would probably enjoy his himself playing golf on the fabulous courses he built situated all over the world.

  30. Another reason why caucuses suck.

    ‘A caucus is organized by the political parties in that state, while a primary, like any official election, is run by the state government.’

    Not good. Party officials who hate Trump will do everything possible to manipulate results.

  31. I don’t believe it’s over but it’s not a coronation anymore.

    What appeared to have happened is that absentee and early deciders broke for Trump, but later deciders vote for Cruz.

    This doesn’t bode well for the debate performance (where Cruz argued that Trump financed the politicians he now runs against), mitt romney speech or David Duke semi-endorsement. I happen to think the David Duke endorsement had the smallest effect, but I think this proves it didn’t help.

    If it becomes Trump vs Cruz 1 on 1, the late voters will go for Cruz even more strongly. However Cruz will be weak in the states close to New York.

  32. Louisiana voted against political correctness. The attacks on David Duke backfired in Duke’s home state, where plenty of people know he isn’t the monster the media portrays him as.

    Kentucky voted against neocon wars. Rand Paul and Thomas Massie have done a good job educating people on this topic.

    Kansas and Maine voted against immigration. Kobach has done such a good job educating the people of Kansas on this topic, they judged for themselves on the basis of the last two debates.

    No one voted for the establishment. All the votes are going to Trump and Cruz. This was a stunning repudiation of Rubio, Kasich, and their invade-the-world/invite-the-world ideology.

    This is now a two man race. Trump is right to oppose the trans-Pacific Partnership, and he is right on foreign policy. We all need to do everything we can to ensure a Trump victory.

  33. The odd thing about Mr. Trump is that Jews and White Nationalists are agreed : Donald is Hitler.

    I don’t get that.

    Mr. Trump only dislikes people who dislike him, and that has absolutely nothing to do with race.

    A strange thing about Mr. Trump is that, though his temperment can be very unseemly bellicose, he is, minute for minute, essentially a very warm, affectionate, and people-oriented person.

    • Niknolai- to the Jews, ANYONE who DARES to stand up to their fetid dreams of a Jew-ruled universe, reminds them of the ONE Man in recent history, that DARED name the ‘name’ of JEW.

      THAT IS WHY they call him that. And the Cucked Evan-jelly-goo crowd, are so damned DUMB with their Scofield Reference LIBELS, that they don’t even know they are being played as SHEEP by the Impastors that lead them….

      • Father,
        Though I agree with you, there is something I think you might not know. Your average Jewish family is not NEAR so well aware of the overall behavior of Jewish culture, or the Jewish Oligarchs, as folks at OD are.

        Most Jews live like most ‘Americans’ – believing what they are taught in University and or on PBS, and, thus, they miss some deeper levels at play; aspects which, to folks here, are a given.

        They work their jobs, dream their dreams, and order pizza after coming home from a day at the shopping mall.

        I don’t know if you can fathom this, Father, but, most Jews, and I have known many, and many sorts, do not see the negative affect of Jewish culture on this nation.

        And let’s be fair about this : who wants to look at their liabilities?; or, worse, confront the discomfitting fact that they are in a group of folks, by birth, that are behaving wickedly?

        Let me, Father, conclude with this : it has been a very difficult thing for me to deal with, and, if others, of my daddy’s blood, have not walkt that path, I am not surprised.

        Mass communication has led to this evil, period, Father, and, as of yet, it has not downed on the majority, how far they have been led astray.

        God bless you, Father.

        • You’re talking awareness of the bigger picture issues. I might agree with you. But Jews being… well, Jewish, they still only see the world in terms of Me, Jew, you, Goy.
          And therein lies all the difference. What we are seeing with Trump, however, is the awakening of a National White Consciousness…. which is a very, very good thing…

          • Father,
            I certainly have known a lot of Jews who, as you say, see the world in ‘me Jew, you Goy’, but, I have known many who do not.

            Please bear in mind that your average citizen, at this point, has been, as Dr. Hill of the League of the South likes to say, ‘deracianated’. That’s extends to plenty of Jews, too, who only see individuals walking, and no other constituency on the planet.

            As to ‘a new national white consciousness dawning’, I am not in possession of any evidence that could confirm or dispute that.

            My sense of it is that the new consciousness holds a lot of people who think racially, but, as well, hold a lot more people who do not, at all, think in racist terms, but, in National ‘Americana’ terms.

            I find your average person today very deracianated.

            Why would I say that to you?

            Because I fly the Confederate flag, wear it, display it, and speak out as a Southern Nationalist to all sorts of folks hither, thither, and yon.

            Many of them object to my ‘racism’, others don’t object, but, they squirm – you can’t mistake it; and others, yet still, seem to agree with it, but, cannot quite bring themselves to voice it.

            I know very few people, in this here state of North Carolina, who are prepared to say, ‘I am a White Southerner’ – much less overtly stand for all that implies.

            At this page, or at the LOS, in my own house, yes, no problem – one meets easily people of a traditional world-view, but, this is the exception.

            Have a great week of services and reflection, Father.

    • Fr John is correct. Trump is NO threat to Jewry, and in fact, would do things that protect Jews, in very real ways – but they don’t OWN him. Jews, in the Israel papers, are HOWLING like the DEMONS they are, about how Trump is “stealing their support structure” aka peeling off some – SOME -of the IDIOT Christard Evangelitard dupes, whom Jews DESPISE, but are more than happy to use as killers and cash cows, in order to advance JEW interests. Yahweh the DESERT DEMON God of the Christ KILLERS Yahweh FORBID that White Americans, or any other people, act in their OWN interests!!! OH NO!!!! The Blood and flesh and energy and resources and SOULS of the Goyim belong to the Children of the DEVIL! Didn’t you get the memo?

      • They will support ANY interests as long as they’re anti-White interests. If this were not so anti-Semite Calypso Louie would have gotten the David Duke treatment long ago.

      • Dear Miss Denise – I do with you and Father John on Mr. Trump.

        Further, I do absolutely agree with you on how most Jews are scared of Mr. Trump, (he is a threat to their dominion over this nation because he can’t be dominated) and how many evangelical Christians do not realize that most Jews look down upon them, quietly, if in no other way.

        I have, M’am, shared all of this with my own church, so that, at least they would hear it from someone one knows.

        Further, I continually support the last remaining white supremacist Confederates in our church at every turn, arguing forcefully on their (our) behalf, at Wednesday night bible class, and accusing the other ‘evangelitards’ that the new South Baptist Council leadership is Marxist, and that it’s sole purpose is to undermine our traditional White Southern culture, and that, if left uncheckt, it will lead all of us to ruination.

        I have repetitively argued, M’am, for traditional Christian realism, which takes into account race and nationalism baset on race.

        . Moreover, I have consulted with League of The South Pastor Weaver on this matter and, combined with my own knowledge, have employed every biblical quote to show my fellow congregants that race, nation, segregration, and double standards (one for us and the other for those who are not) is not only completely Christian, nearly 2,000 years of historical practice to back that up, it is precisely what God asks us to do – to care for others, but, in ways that do not require us to destroy ourselves.

        Traditional Christian realism IS showing Christlike love to our fellow mankind, without embracing those methods which play to the devil.

        God bless you, M’am.

    • Yes, Nikolai. Trump’s uniquely-structured ego is rather like the transparent V-8 models that caught my eye in hobby shops, when I was a youngster. All excellences, shortcomings, and compromises of the engineering are ever on display.

      • Great analogy, John, really!

        As to ‘hobby shoppes when thou wert young’, I was so focused on military miniatures and every assorted armoured vehicle of the Wehrmacht, that I say if I ever saw any:)

    • My own opinion, Sam, is that it’s time for Trump simply to state very clearly his positions, on whatever subjects he’s addressed or might yet address. The time is long past, as a friend of mine remarked to me after Trump’s two-state Saturday loss, for Trump to be talking about whatever shenanigans the Cruz camp pulled on caucus night in Iowa. The same is true, I would say, for all of this other “attack” material: the “natural born citizen” question and whatever else Trump might have directed toward Cruz at this point.

      In saying that, I’m probably violating my own position, which I’ve twice stated here, at Occidental Dissent, that I would never express doubt about Trump’s positions. The debates, as I said here the other day, are not his thing. As my same friend said to me late Saturday, Trump always looks uncomfortable on the stage. Maybe I’m wrong, but I would say the debates have done almost nothing positive for him. He seems to lose momentum, vote-share, with every one of them. Unless he wants to lose the nomination, he will either establish, in his own mind, some simple rule that will enable him to avoid the debate manner that has so far hurt him, or he will simply announce that he does not feel the debates enable him to communicate effectively with the American people and that, thus, he will no longer participate in them.

      • Many commentators agree with you on Trump’s debating style. I like the way he handles himself for the most part. Refreshing to see a candidate that addresses questions, rather than dancing around them.

        But of course, the problem with Donald is that he just can’t seem to let anything go. Smack him and he’ll unload a barrage. Justified or not the school marms in the audience are turned off.

        If he was kinder, gentler and acted like Gentle Ben the air-head it would certainly increase his favorability ratings.
        He’s a business man not a slippery, mealy mouthed lawyer.
        However, people say that off the stage he is very pleasant and charming.
        He should adopt that attitude in debates.

        He’s outstanding handling questions from people in town hall settings or one on one interviews.

        Anyhoo, do you think there is merit to the question of Cruz’s eligibility or is it without substance?

        Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor who once taught Cruz as his student, called the senator a “fair weather originalist” in a Boston Globe op-ed, noting that Cruz has trumpeted his views of a strict interpretation of the Constitution on the campaign trail—except when it comes to the question of his citizenship and potential to run for president.

        “To his kind of judge, Cruz ironically wouldn’t be eligible, because the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780s and ’90s required that someone actually be born on US soil to be a ‘natural born’ citizen,” Tribe argued.

        While Cruz is a naturalized citizen, he was born in Canada to an American mother rather than on U.S. soil, leading some—including fellow contender Donald Trump—to challenge his eligibility.

        • Gee, Sam, I guess Trump’s debate performances–of which, actually, I’ve seen only a few clips–have struck me in a way quite different from the way they’ve struck you: it seems to me he’s not really answering much of anything and is, instead, barking at the other participants or whatever. I’m not saying that that bothers me personally. As I’ve already said here, at Occidental Dissent, I couldn’t care less about the debates; it’s just that I get the impression his performances are hurting him in the polls.
          My friend remarked the other night that there seem to be two Donald Trump’s: the one that gets into a fracas with Rosie O’Donnell and the one that everybody loves, on The Apprentice. When Trump’s doing those town halls or being interviewed one-on-one, he’s outstanding, as you say; that’s the Apprentice Donald Trump. Unless he can make some sort of fundamental adjustment that will enable him to be that Donald Trump in the debates, he should gamble on sitting them out.
          The comment from Tribe is interesting; but obviously, it lacks specifics (re “the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780s and ’90s”). Having read no law-review articles or the like on the subject, I have no opinion on it. Maybe Trump could present compelling evidence that his attacking Cruz on this question has helped him; but after Saturday, he’s not in a strong position to say anything’s working against Cruz.

          • Admittedly, I’m biased toward Trump, therefore my perceptions of him may not be entirely accurate.

            Cruz is saying he is an ‘originalist’ in describing the way he views and interprets the constitution. If the birthright question is judged strictly in accordance to that standard he may be ineligible because of the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780’s and 90’s in the opinion of Tribe.

            Could be a yuge problem for Ted. Tribe, though a liberal, is well known and very well respected in scholarly circles.

          • Maybe you’re right, Sam, that this will be a problem for Cruz. To me, the thing seems to have been going nowhere.

            Maybe there’s yet another Republican debate coming up soon. Sheesh. Here’s hoping.

          • Unfortunately, there is another debate. I’m not sure what they accomplish at this point other than a boost in advertising revenue for the media outlets. We won’t learn anything that we haven’t already learned or hear anything outside of what we’ve been conditioned to believe are relevant issues.

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