Live Thread: Super Tuesday

As voters head to the polls in the Super Tuesday states, House Speaker Paul Ryan held a press conference this morning about … but, but, but muh white supremacy!

Note: Within a week of losing the 2012 election, Paul Ryan was working on the Rubio amnesty with Luis Gutierrez.

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    • Perhaps for Catholics it should be {{{Paul Ryan}}}?

      White unity in America will require an outreach program to Catholics, who traditionally form the backbone of the left, more so than Jews ever did. That intertial support for Democrats must end, as we refashion the Republican party into something remotely palatable to the average person.

      In this age of scientific materialism, severing rational whites from Catholicism shouldn’t be all that hard.

      • The only Catholics you’ll sever from Catholicism will be the liberal CINO’s who’re liberals. The conservative, traditional Catholics are already in the Republican Party. The liberal ones are Democrats.

  1. He’s going to fight executive amnesty just after handing over to the Executive the keys to the store? Must be one of those “conservative principles”
    Conservative Principles = Betraying and Screwing White America.

  2. You know that everyone of them is listening to or chimpout for their jollies. Obsessing over the every word of David Duke…thinking up dog whistle jingles to steal the support for those ideas and deflect them.

      • I don’t care. I’m old.
        I had my chance 4 years ago. If I only knew then what I know now. A relative hosted Romney and Ryan at one of their restaurants for a big photo op during the last presidential campaign. I was invited. Seemed like decent enough guys.
        Unfortunately, they are cucked to the core.

        • Family would have never forgave you if you had done that lol. So it’s just as well you didn’t.

  3. Scolding whites is hardly a big seller and soon all this white guilt crap will be seen as disrespectable

  4. Seriously how clueless are these people? Ryan is despised by the rank and file because of the budget deal. How could his criticisms of Trump be anything but counter-productive from their position?

    • Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer don’t care about the Goyim Rank and File! The Tribe and their shekels are the only thing that matters!

  5. Report from Lamar County Texas.

    I went to the polling station for Precinct 31, which is rural. The poll is located in the Powderly Church of God, on Hwy. 271 in Powderly, Texas. It’s ten miles north of Paris, Texas, and sixteen miles south of Hugo, Oklahoma, about five miles south of the Red River. I walked right in. There were only two people ahead of me. The lady asked me for my photo I.D.. I complied as I always have since 86. This is the thing that the usual suspects complain about. I voted for Trump. I also voted on a referendum that will force cities to enforce immigration laws, thus breaking up sanctuary cities. I also voted on a resolution to enforce the Tenth Amendment. I finished a 10:00 A.M. CST and was the forty fifth individual to vote. As I left, and elderly couple and a young woman with a toddler were coming in. Otherwise, the parking lot was empty.
    The demography of Lamar County.
    49k+ population.
    83% White
    13% Black
    3%. Mexican
    The Whites are overwhelmingly Republican. The Blacks and Mexicans are concentrated in suburban Paris. None of them would be up here in Precinct 31, obviously. I only saw White folks.
    I took a pic of the church, see below.

    • actually his leader is Libertarian (open borders/free trade) racketeer Ayn Rand, the Russian Jewess

  6. Jesse Ventura said he’s running if Bernie Sanders gets knocked out. Sanders is probably going to get knocked hard, but I still think he has a path to the nomination, though an unlikely one, if he really maxes out the white vote and stays even with Mexicans. The Superdelegates have to play fair in that scenario.

    • The smart money is on Hildebeast. The e-mail scandal and Bengazi are being played up as non events by contemptible, degenerate, MSM.

      • The real problem isn’t Benghazi but the fact that Gaddafi was removed in the first place. Benghazi was a consequence of removing Gaddafi – and Republicans wanted to remove Gaddafi.

        • No–the real problem is that Hillary Clinton’s signal accomplishment while she was Secretary of State was getting an ambassador killed. I can’t wait to see her run as a national-security expert–one who cackled at Gaddafi’s death and then, after Benghazi, explained that requests for increased security at that most dangerous of stations were not her direct concern (or whatever inanity it was she spouted when she was questioned about what had happened there).

          • Not when the faggot Ambassadork and Swillery and Obongo are running guns and missiles to the “good moderate Islamic terrorists” like Eric Holder and Obongo ran guns through the BATF to the Messican drug cartels and then after Khadaffi Duck is dead want their guns back. Amazing how both Messican drug cartels and “good moderate Islamic terrorists” don’t like giving the guns back and decide to run riot & kill ZOGlings instead.

            Well, dead fruit-fly fairy Ambassadorks & private e-mail servers tell no tails.

            Hail Victory!!!

            Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
            Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

          • My point is that the real murdering happened the instant we meddled. Benghazi is only one example of the problems that arose because we destabilized Libya. The majority of examples don’t involve Americans, so it’s a footnote relative to the death of Gaddafi himself.

    • I’m still mulling this one over: on one hand Ventura is always making overtures to run, on the other hand, if he tries to run as a Bernie-clone, that can only help Trump. I just don’t see him pulling that off.

      Politics is tribal, it isn’t as simple as adopting a slate of policies, you have to be one of the tribe.

      I was hoping he could get on board the Trump train and help bring in some of the disaffected voters. Trump, like any Republican, needs the Ron Paul – Infowarrior type in order to win. Jesse lives in that ecosystem, no matter how much he considers himself a SWPL. I would hope he would add his strength to the movement, not dilute it in this dire hour.

  7. Paul Ryan’s leader, the Roman Catholic Pope is infallible, don’t you know? You can’t get more supremacist than that.

    • K.W, infallibility only applies to what he teaches on faith and morals. On everything else, he’s just as fallible as the next man.

  8. The cuckservatives at National Review Online are already in meltdown. They are removing comments as soon as they are posted.

    • My personal favorite: “Gratuitous Hatred is destroying the Republican Party—as it did the Ancient Israelites” You cannot make this stuff up.

      • The cucks at “Red State” and “The American Conservative” are going nuts, too. What a bunch of worms.

        • They all thought they were hotshit. They are coming to realize just how meaningless they and their lies are to everyone who has a political brain in their heads. No one cares. They are idealogical refuse, garbage, waste.

    • What else is Rich Lowry supposed to do with his hands while Jonah Goldberg’s giving him a reach-around?

  9. If I recall correctly the National Review’s William F. Buckley Jr. was a supporter of the radical Roman Catholic terrorist organization the IRA. An organization that killed thousands of Protestants. I’m pretty sure that Buckley admitted giving money to the IRA too?

    Wouldn’t you call Buckley’s actions Roman Catholic supremacism? Someone should ask Paul Ryan and some of these other Catholic slugs about it.

    • Nah….

      National Review always ran anti IRA articles and commentary, many of the writers, editors of NR up before the Jewish Neo Con takeover had nominal Roman Catholic backgrounds including William F Buckley – but they all sold out.

      Buckley ranks as one of the worst traitors in Post World War II “Conservatives” (CINO Conservative in Name Only) circles.

      • That’s not the way I remember it.

        Wasn’t there a well known controversy when Buckley featured the IRA’s lawyer in the National Review? Pretty dense stuff. Buckley could put a run-a-way freight train to sleep.

        There was an expose on Buckley giving money to the IRA too as I recall. I will have to research it.

  10. I want to be eloquent and scholarly when expressing my feelings about Conservative Inc. and the GOP paid-for Pundit Class. But I just can’t hide my contempt and the animosity I have for these wimps and rape enablers. So this is the best I can come up with right now:

    Die, bitches!

  11. Paul Ryan, the koch brothers shill, lectures rank and file republicans to reject bigotry while he takes koch bro money to pauperize middle class and working class Americans.

    • There are only two parties, the Jews and the non-Jews. All people must look past these false, meaningless party labels to see their political adversaries. Ryan is aligned with the Jews. The is a traitor to his own kind and is working for the Jews to harm whites. He is not a Democrat or Republican. He is a servant of the Jews and a hater of whites.

  12. Cruz is attacking Rubio for not winning a single state and not being competitive in Florida. Cruz +1 in Texas will keep him in the race attacking a hemorrhaging Rubio, while the Establishment preps a few more cuck / jew candidates;

    That is the Perfect night!

  13. I’m adding Tom “Mumbles” Brokaw and Mitch “No-chin” McConnell to my shit list.

    On the car radio a couple hours earlier I heard both of them, in separate instances, trying to make hay with the David Duke non-issue. McConnell is actually trying to insinuate that Trump has KKK sympathies (I roll my eyes), and Tom Lockjaw said that Trump’s campaign is “not worthy of this nation” (I vomit).

    The insults towards White men are dispensed everywhere daily, and we’re all supposed to just take it. But David Duke endorses Donald Trump and it’s somehow up to the latter to disavow, disown, disregard, and dismember the former.

    Who wants to help me make an industrial-grade guillotine?

    • Did any of the media even listen to Duke’s broadcasts on Trump? He broadcasts daily. Its not like there is a dearth of information to pull from. Ive read entire newspaper articles on this allegedly by professional journalists and they all repeat what others said using second hand sources and none have gone right to the source! However, I do understand because of all the publicity his website is up by by about 100,000 visitors.

  14. The night going pretty well Trump up around 40, with no clear number 2; and Cruz making the case that he is number 2 based on a win in Iowa and perhaps Texas. Kasich and Carson are not competitive anymore, as they fade, Trump pics up a few percentage points.

    Clinton does not sweep, Bernie hangs on for a month or so. Clinton only wins on the backs of the black voters, who will not show up in numbers in November.

  15. people equal in eyes of the Government ? Doesn’t Ryan even know that illegal aliens don’t get to Vote, and foreign terrorists aren’t entitled to jury trials ?
    If he believes in ideals, maybe he should be a Democrat. Russell Kirk wrote that Ideas have Consequences.

  16. Trump wins Massachusetts! There are reportedly 20,000 new Republican voters there. Come on Oklahoma. Don’t fail us.

  17. “Rubio HQ” in Miami is being shown on Fox News. Looks like a packed concert hall of almost all Cubans.

  18. At the website of the New York Times, the photograph below is captioned as follows: “Mark Jennings, left, Tommy Shaw, Chuck Sanders, and Perry Hooper prayed before eating pizza on Tuesday at a returns watch party in Montgomery, Ala.”

    Long live Dixie …

    • Rubio will claim victory tonight. Whatever happens. In his mind, he won all the others, too.

      • He did in his stupid little speech. Mostly whining about Trump, and the usual cuckservative talking points.

  19. Hi I’m new on this comment board, but have been reading Hunter for months!! Thank you for all you do!! Trump will do great tonight, I feel it. SHLUZ AND GOOBIO OUT!!

  20. Considering some of the election trends: how do we explain to white Evangelicals that if the anti-whites triumph, there will neither whites nor Evangelicals on this Earth. Or do they consider that a good thing?

  21. CNN is showing Clinton HQ. The White woman saviour complex writ large. More mud than a loblolly in a rainstorm.

  22. Cruz winning Oklahoma is not ideal, it could be argued that it is a neighboring state, but I will blame two things: evangelicals, and Trump’s contempt for ground game.

    Nevertheless, Rubio will be dumped as a lost cause and the Establishment will not rally around Cruz. May we see an entry into the race soon? Bloomberg? Romney? Both?

    • Inhofe backing Cruz didn’t help any in Oklahoma. Heck, Inhofe even sends me constituent mail. LOL.

  23. Minnesota precinct caucuses. Typical deflection of the national will, as usual. Caucuses began at 7 PM, yet were over by 8 PM -the strawbvote was taken @ 7:30, even as cars were backed up for 45 minutes to try to get into one (1) high school for BOTH Democrat and Republican party caucuses! Insane

    Final tallies in our precinct of 102 people? In our caucus, Rubio (wtf?) got 62 votes; Trump only got 17, yet he was the second highest vote count. Even with our two votes, his total would only have been 19.

    Minnesotans are cowards, and did what they did in 2008 and 2012 – they voted for the least offensive candidate, thus insuring Minnesota yet again going to the Democratic Party.

    • As a resident of that state I can tell you this. Many white people here, especially blue collar, don’t care about the Klan and the writings of SJWs. However, their impression is that the Republican party is the party of the super wealthy and war. Trump is not seen as part of the establishment and therefore is very attractive to patriots. Unfortunately there are just too many progressives and minorities for Trump to win the state in the general election if he is the nominee.

      • The Klan have about zero relevance. They’ve become a bogeyman all out of proportion to their actual size and influence.

          • In some places, they have exactly fifteen members. In some states, they have just one hundred. It’s claimed that they have 5k members in the whole country. That’s not enough to have much influence over anything.

          • In my state, Mr, Owen, there are many KKK groups, and their total could not be less than in the thousands.

            What is going on, elsewhere, I will defer to you.

            All the best to you, on this afternoon.

          • The info I got is fairly old. In Paris, a few years back, the Klan had a rally and there were fewer than twenty on hand. Now, I don’t doubt that there are many sympathisers out there. But I’ve seen more and more people who are not members, yet are pro white/Southern. The Klan seems to have been eclipsed by the laity. They’re like those of us who visit OD or SF.

          • As usual, Mr. Owen, you offer a principled, yet nuanced, point of view.
            I do agree with you that the ‘Southron White Supremacist laity’ are outnumbering the Klan, by far.

            That said, in my area of the country – the rural northern North Carolina/Virginia, border, the Klan is present and growing – developing a presence it has not had since my childhood.

            I am glad for it, because, to my mind, it means that my fellow Southerners are waking up to the fundamental reality of their existence, and, in the face of a daunting demonization, they are bravely acknowledging who they are, and who they do not want to be..

            The KKK (under-educated Confederate veterans) saved NC from Yankee tyranny, in the War of Reconstruction, and helped this society stay together for a century after that, to the benefit of both negro and white; and it just may be that they will have to do it again – in the face of so much white indifference and cowardice.

        • People say the Klan is small, Mr. Owen, exceedingly so, but, from my personal persepctive, that is not quite so – that, in fact, they are growing, and have been, substantially, for the past 8 years.

    • Why should whites vote against their own interests? Would you expect Jews to vote for Hitler??

  24. Apparently Muslims, in France, have gone full Jihadi. There are riots all over. They are attacking everything. Media black out. It came up on my Twitter feed.

  25. So when Trump wins the nomination and the Presidency and begins kicking ass and taking names, Iowans, Texans, and Oklahomans can look back at tonight with pride.

    • And Minnesota. Just won by Foam Boy Rubio. They’re just weird, though. Just like their cucked Scandinavian brethren in Sweden.

        • Hey, Denise. Writing over at Infostormer right now. I’ll try to get some material up here as well.

          Hope everything is well with you.

          • I am dandy! I can’t wait to read your stuff. Gosh – I check info stormer, and I signed up for the new system, but I have the worst time with that system,

          • We’d love to see you on the site, and if you have any problems with the comments system, just let me know, and I’ll try to help out any way I can.

      • heavy Bantu turnout in Somalia North (ex-“Minnesota”) put Rubio over the top. There are widespread reports of Lutherans being herded away from the polls by spear-waving invasives

    • At his rallies, Trump thanks NH, where it began and SC – great people – and Nevada – great state. Does not mention Iowa. He actually did well in Iowa. But he’s punishing them and as I’ve heard it at least twice, I’m sure its deliberate.

  26. I do wish this thing would’ve been wrapped up by tonight. The next big one is two weeks away, and that’s eternity in political seasons. I don’t want to white-knuckle until then.

    The establishment imagines that Rubio’s aggressiveness in going after Trump is why he didn’t lose as badly as he might have. These people are delusional, but master spinners. They will throw out everything they possibly can between now and the next big one. It’ll be dishonest, obnoxious, and underhanded, but that is precisely what these people are.

    Rubio was on FOX earlier saying that “We are not going to hand over the Republican party to a conman and a liberal. This Cuban fag seems to think that he holds the keys to power and that they are his to give as he sees fit.

    • There are over 300 delegates up for grabs between now and March 15. Plenty to keep you occupied day to day.

  27. Stepped away for a few hours and when I returned it was a different landscape. Trump v Clinton is going to happen, but Sanders, Cruz and Rubio showed some surprising strength.

    The best thing is that there is no clear #2 for the Establishment to rally around, and Clinton cannot ignore Bernie to rest and / or focus on Trump.

    Trump does not have 50% of the pledged delegates (no ground game) but in the end the Establishment will elect to let Clinton dispatch him rather than risk schism in the two-party system. They don’t want to have to take the mask all the way off and steal it from Trump and his legions of voters.

    • no. Trump is off base re Israel. The Zio-globalist Cucks will schism the party at the Convention. Will either steal the nomination outright, or covertly support Mrs. Clinton. But Trump will notice this…

      • They can overtly support Clinton for all I care, the real prize is not the White house but White awakening.

  28. Minnesota is the most cucked state in the country. Texas was no real surprise. Just the margin. Oklahoma gives Cruz an excuse to continue the race and split the vote through the winner take all states on March 15.

    • Texas no surprise, but a little disappointing all the same. Can’t let that take away from another great night for Trump, though.

      Verdict: Apocucklypse!

    • I’m less optimistic, the media is now gone full pit bull mode against the guy and I don’t see him getting past 1/3 of the electorate. We’re not allowed a vote on being outnumbered by millions of strange, low IQ brown people, nor vote on having our jobs shipped overseas and they are going to destroy Trump’s business after they cheat him out of the nomination at a brokered convention. I hate to say it but I think Hillary is going to win it all. Not because that poofter Lindsay Grahm is right, we already tried his recipe, no one wants his pro-hispanic Globalist Malthusian economic version of the party either. I hope I’m wrong but there are simply too many takers who will always vote democrat no matter what.

      • If what you say is true, and I feel the same way, than what really matters is what happens to the Trump movement after Trump loses. Does it go the way of the tea party and take upon itself the mission of rooting our racists from its ranks- racists being whatever the liberals decide it is- and so they let the enemy write the playbook and determine who they can allow in their racks. It needs to turn into a angry, very angry, and anti-system, white advocacy group!

      • “I’m less optimistic, the media is now gone full pit bull mode against
        the guy and I don’t see him getting past 1/3 of the electorate.”

        Having your ethnic representative cheated by the “other” is a great way to inspire an independence movement. Ask Crimea. Maybe the same should happen here. Call for secession. Perfect timing.

    • Sir,

      Notwithstanding the fact that Mr. Trump was the clear winner, last night, Mr. Cruz did better than I thought he would. The delegate count shows him clearly behind, but, as he is reported to be ahead of Mr. Trump in California, his candidacy is not nearly so dead as I thought it was.

      This election still proves to be the Oscar winner for interest.

    • I’ve read that Alaska has huge government military contracts. They might be worried Trump will scale back. As for Palin? She hasn’t been governor for eight years or so.

  29. Does anybody else but mefeel that after Tonights showing, Trump is still in the drivers seat but that White America is trying hard to BLOW THIS!!!!!

    • More like voting machines named Diebold are trying to blow this.

      There was a lot of electronic voter fraud reported in Texas yesterday.

  30. Always keep in mind that Trump has been able to perform at an amazing level while Punditry from all across the Cuckosphere has tried to tear him down every step of the way. Not the Democrat Punditry, but the Republican variety.

    Anyone with any kind of common sense and a decent understanding of the current socioeconomic landscape should be able to see that this is really a fight of Middle Class America vs Republican Oligarchy, much of the Republican Pundit Class & astigmatic sheep who still get their information from the establishment mouthpieces and are still holding out hope that GOP Inc. won’t actually screw them over this time around.

  31. The thing is that I was and still am a person who wants Trump to win
    over Rubio (the worst of all of them) and Cruz, but when I read people
    who have almost naive enthusiasm for him, like every post from them is a
    nauseating praise, it’s sort of a turn off.

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