Trump Opens Huge Lead In Nevada

Ted Cruz is going to need the greatest ground game in history to catch up with Trump in Nevada:

“The Republican side seems set for less suspense when that party holds caucuses on Tuesday, February 23. The poll finds businessman Donald Trump holding a wide lead, topping the field with the support of 45% of those likely to caucus. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz are closely matched in the race for second place, with Rubio at 19% and Cruz at 17%. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson (7%), Ohio Gov. John Kasich (5%) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (1%) lag well behind those three.”

¡Jeb! is currently in last place at 1 percent!

Note: We’ve probably seen the last of ¡Jeb! after South Carolina (Feb 20) and Nevada (Feb 23). If these numbers hold up, it could be the tipping point in the race.

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  1. Hopefully Jeb stays in to divide the establishment vote and continue to embarass his family and the GOP elites while providing a foil for Trump.

  2. According to evangelicals make up about 20% of the population of Nevada and just a bit over 36% in South Carolina.

  3. If this holds up, Cruz will long rue that smart-alecky play his campaign made for the Carson votes on the night of the Iowa caucuses …

  4. Only thing I have heard from anyone evangelicals source is Dreher’s advice for a candidate to call for an evangelical justice. Not that that would be an improvement but more like another hand in the till

    • RobRoySimmons • 2 hours ago
      ‘Only thing I have heard from anyone evangelicals source is Dreher’s advice for a candidate to call for an evangelical justice.’

      He’ll find that tithing and servitude to Israel is mandated by the constitution.

  5. Nationally, argues Philip Bump, at the Washington Post, Trump has picked up the supporters of the Republicans who have quit the contest:

    “A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows how the field has evolved since December, back when there were 14 Republicans to ask about, not six. Trump jumped from 28 percent support to 39 percent, essentially absorbing the equivalent support of those eight candidates who dropped out. (Those eight totaled 12 percent of support in December.)”

    Article is at
    (“Donald Trump is now the Republican Party’s establishment-lane candidate”)

  6. NBC just made up a poll that supposedly covers the whole country and it shows Cruz ahead of Trump, remember this is NBC

  7. If my theory about the election being fake is correct, and I hope it’s not., Jeb will creep on up to second or third place by the time South Carolina or Nevada have concluded voting. Rubio and Cruz are too obviously clowns and Kasich and Dr Carson are nonentities. [email protected]#%! Is the only thing left that can credibly beat Trump and believably loose to Clinton.

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