Live Thread: Ninth Republican Debate

National Review was supposed to be participating in the debate tonight. Don’t miss this one. Cruz is highly likely to dump his entire oppo file on Trump.

Note: Tune into The Political Cesspool tonight. I will be on at 8:45 CST to talk about the Republican Debate.


  1. Probably DT should leave Jeb! Alone now, he is done anyway. Rather focus on Cruz and Rubio, who remain serious opponents. I predict one or two GOP candidates to drop out after SC.

    • Bush is always Trumps target because if Trump doesn’t keep pounding him down, the party will steal to hand Bush the nomination. Bush is still getting endorsements as low as he is in the polls.

  2. The Frank Luntz focus group has already declared the winner of tonight’s debate -Marco Rubio. Highest unfavorable rating -Trump.

      • Can’t pin your hopes to a 79 year old man.

        Some are saying he was the Last Constitutionalist. OK, so there was one of them left. Was he holding back some flood? No, he was just s**tlording in dissents.

    • When I first heard that a Supreme Court Justice had died I was hoping it was Ginsburg who had been ill the past few years. No such luck.

    • I lost a big friend, today, Sir, as did the whole South; – someone who constantly tried to protect us from the executive branch’s tyrannical & unconstitutional overreaches.

      My condolences to the Scalia family, but, most of all, for the nation.

      Justice Scalia was a hero to all who cherish freedom, life, and The Constitution.

      May God rest his great soul.

    • Senate Leader McConnell promiset to delay and sink any Obama nominations.

      It was great to hear, but, as Cruz has pointed out that McConnell does not keep his word, I am not optimistick.

    • A real shame but chances are Obama’s not going to be installing his successor so there’s that at least.

  3. I’ve got a feeling that if this is all rigged, like I think it is, Bush will climb up the ladder slowly until he’s nominated. There has to be an epic Clinton Bush clash, before Mrs. Clinton takes the White House. I hope I’m wrong. The chaos a Trump presidency would cause, would be exquisite. We could see that whole house of cards collapse

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. Bush stays in regardless of his poor showings. IMO, he’s the guy GOP Cuckdom really want. I don’t know how they plan to do it if Trump keeps doing well without losing all of their credibility. At any rate, thanks to Trump, I believe we are witnessing the demise of GOP.
      Good riddance!

      • They could just lie and say Trump lost. After all, who really knows how anyone but themselves voted? How many exit poles showed candidate A was ahead, but candidate B won? Those certainly looked like rigged games.

  4. Good on Trump, get us out of the Middle East. No more US Interventionism. Intervene in the US, and re-build the country.

    • Apparently Kasich is the only one of these cucks who isn’t too insulated from public opinion to know that war isn’t popular with the people.

  5. Trump great on the businesses going to Mexico. Empathizes with the workers. That will make an impression on the average Joe and Jane.

  6. Trump has to tell people he is a fighter that is what we are witnessing tonight. He will passionately fight for us , not just talk and pontificate.

  7. I am so damn angry with Reince Priebus and the RNC . Comments were made about stopping amnesty and the shill crowd booed. If Trump doesn’t do well in the primaries because of this he should go rogue and file for third party status. He has until the middle of May to do so.

  8. Sir,
    The most interesting, and, indeed, substantive, debate I have seen since the ’92 debates between Bush Sr. Clinton, & Perot.

    All candidates scored big points, and took, hits.

    Surprisingly the most combat seemed to occur betwixt Trump and Bush – which makes me suspect that know something I don’t.

    If any of this changed the polling dynamick, it would be Trump’s willingness to go all out against the Bushes, which, while it will make a lot of sense to many of us, (the utter waste of the Iraq War and the farce of WMDs) may drive away a certain percentage of his voters, as well as, his would-be voters; though, that said, there is no assurance they would go over to Cruz.

    If the SC primary were held today, this is my thought :

    Trump 32
    Cruz 27
    Rubio 19
    Bush 12
    Kasich 8
    Carson 2

    Did you feel this, too?; or did you see a very different debate than the one I saw?

  9. The audience was packed with Trump haters. Jeb Bush is the embodiment of the corrupt, rotted Republican establishment. Trump, in attacking Jeb Bush, is doing America a favor by smashing the whole rotten edifice of the Republican establishment.

  10. Ricky Vaughn Retweeted
    David Lunch [email protected]_lunches 10h10 hours ago
    @Ricky_Vaughn99 @realDonaldTrump Bunch of DONOR Cucks.

    Ex.: Trump:”we have to take care of our own people 1st.”

    10 people clapped. Sad

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