Knoxville Confederate Flag Rally



Kyle Rogers reports on the dueling Black Lives Matter and Confederate flag rallies this afternoon at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville:

Members of the CofCC, the South Knox Ten Mile Club, and others participated in a Confederate flag rally on the UT campus in response to an anti-Confederate flag rally held last Monday. The participants marched across campus and demonstrated in several spots.

There was also a Baltimore Solidarity demonstration being held on campus and they were able to take advantage of the media presence. Organizer Tom Pierce was interviewed by WATE, WVLT and WBIR, the Knoxville News Sentinel and UT The Daily Beacon.

Many of the extreme leftwing participants at the Baltimore Solidarity rally lit up Twitter to express shock after seeing Confederate flags march by them on campus.

Pierce was also on WATE last night after a news crew showed up at his home uninvited and unannounced for an ambush interview. He was also threatened online by people claiming to be members of “antifa” gangs. However, as usual, they failed to show up.”

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