The Death of Walter Scott

Not "Sir" Walter Scott. This black guy.
Not “Sir” Walter Scott. This black guy.

In this case, I will say that it genuinely does look like this White police officer in North Charleston, SC murdered an unarmed black man. He was charged with murder after the video below surfaced on the internet.

Perhaps there is more to this story, as there was in the cases of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, but I doubt it. Whatever the case, the justice system seems to be working fine, and everyone should wait for more information to come to light before jumping to conclusions, playing Nancy Grace on the internet, or burning down cities.

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  1. With my limited vision and hearing, I miss much of the detail of the action in the video. From what I can make out of it, I would disagree, Mr. W., that it “genuinely does look like” the officer murdered the man. When the camera comes upon the two of them, their encounter is in progress, and the man bolts. What preceded his apparent flight from the officer is not at all clear–to me, anyway. Having no police training or experience, I can’t really say when a policeman is justified in firing at a man who’s fleeing in that way, but justification does not turn on the policeman’s having feared for his life at the moment of the shooting itself.

  2. I would wait, get all the facts. The video is extremely against the White cop.

    I think it might very well be that the White cop simply lost his cool, lost his reason and shot a fleeing suspect after the Black suspect resisted arrest, tried to steal the cop’s taser etc.

    But, that’s no excuse.

    Let the facts come out. If he’s really guilty of this the cop should be charged with Manslaughter not murder as murder entails a premeditated intent to kill – where he the cop simply lost his cool/reason and panicked after a struggle.

    Manslaughter is a very serious crime.

    I am however old enough to remember a time where police officers in the South DID have the right/policy to shoot at fleeing suspects.

    I was once one of those fleeing suspects – running away from Nashville Police officers after I unsuccessfully tried to “liberate” MY CAR from an unscrupulous tow truck company that was holding my car hostage over a parking ticket.

    Shots were fired, either in the air or at me… I won the foot race, but was eventually captured after dogs were sent in to sniff me out. The police were actually very fair after they learned that it was my car and I simply got scared. The cops were pissed that I outran them and boy did I out ran them, left them in the rear view mirror.

    No, we do not want to promote US cops to have the right to shoot fleeing suspects, because:

    A: It’s wrong
    B: It could be us or our friends, comrades

    Let’s just try to work for fair justice in this case, cases like this. Many non Whites, Liberals respect Whites like us that are firm but fair.

  3. And it remains the kaffir’s instinct to flee from any semblance of repercussion or responsibility for his actions. The only tragedy is the kaffir’s inability to comprehend his own shortcomings, of his ill-bred temperament. For all our decadent axioms of “justice” and “equality”, the kaffir is ultimately his own enemy. No institution, bar slavery, can reverse his own self-abasement. Your southern ancestors only understood that too well. I’ve come to doubt whether the kaffir can even comprehend the most rudimentary underpinnings of social and political order…

  4. 1. Scott was actually fleeing and his back was actually toward the shooting cop

    2. He was wanted for a “crime” that in no way justified shooting him, that “crime” being failure to pay child support

    3. The shooter cop planted some sort of weapon on Scott’s body, it may well have been a taser

    4. The black cop that was second to respond, and responded after Scott was killed, claimed in his paperwork that he administered CPR to Scott, but the video shows he never did

    5. All the cops that filled out police reports on this matter lied through their fingers

    I also found out that Scott has already been arrested ten times before for child support failure. He probably didn’t want to go down for an eleventh time. He was either going to get away or die trying.

    I know that North Charleston is a Bell Curve City. In this case, they have every right to be mad. This time, though, take a wooden nickel’s worth of free advice, and don’t tear down and burn down your own stuff. Go protest in front of relevant people that matter.

    Also, I hope Nikki Haley has sense enough to appoint a special prosecutor.

  5. His tampering with the taser will be fairly damning, but it did look like the cop had been shot with it right before the shooting.

  6. That black object in the ground was a taser.

    So he’ll defend himself by saying that the man wasn’t going to go peacefully…

    Suicide by cop in a sense.

    The cop will probably justifiably go jail anyways…

  7. So, someone is filming the incident in a haphazard fashion – right until the moment the cop starts shooting.

    Stroke of luck or what?

    Cop then looks towards whoever is filming, says nothing?

    Later, no one on the scene seems to care about whoever it is recording their activities.

    Very odd behavior.

    I’m sure the African was a model citizen who dindu nuffin.

  8. The whole incident wasn’t captured on video. That’s why I said wait until more information comes to light. Even still, I believe the law says that lethal force is only justified when the cop’s life is in immediate peril, which is the point the Michael Brown case turned on, and the video appears to show otherwise.

  9. CNN just said his wife is eight months pregnant so it is hard to believe this was a racist cop killing an unarmed black guy just for the thrill of doing so. There’s more to this story.

  10. “I believe the law says that lethal force is only justified when the cop’s life is in immediate peril”

    That may be true for most defensive shootings by ordinary citizens outside the home in some states but police officers are certainly allowed to fire to stop fleeing felons. If one robs a bank, shoots the guard, and then flees I can assure you that any police who are pursuing you will fire when they deem it expedient.

  11. Hunter,

    The system there will attempt to railroad him into jail.

    1 to prevent a Ferguson 2.0

    2 to prevent a reply from whites caught up in the chimpout.

    The cop could quite easily walk from this, even with that unseemly video.

  12. What we might see in this case is a jury compelled to convict to keep the peace even if the cop makes a good case for himself.

    Or a jury that gives him the benefit of the doubt about his claims about what occurred before the video started up.

  13. Looks like this cop seriously #*$&*#@( up.

    When I was in University in Tennessee, cops did have the right to shoot unarmed fleeing suspects, I once ran from cops and shots were fired.

    The laws, practices have been changed. Cops don’t have any rights, simply can not shoot unarmed men running away.

    I don’t think it was murder, but, yes, manslaughter. And we certainly can not support/enable police misconduct, police killing unarmed people who are not endangering law enforcement.

    I’ll wait to see if there are other issues, like if the deceased had any weapons, but it looks like the cop #*&%# up.

  14. “If cops have such wide latitude, why was he charged?”

    I don’t know that the latitude they have is “wide,” but they need not be in immediate fear for their lives to shoot a fleeing suspect. On the basis of my admittedly-limited knowledge of the relevant law, I would say every single one of the five points made by Question Diversity, above, is either meaningless or invalid.

    “1. Scott was actually fleeing and his back was actually toward the shooting cop”


    “2. He was wanted for a ‘crime’ that in no way justified shooting him, that ‘crime’ being failure to pay child support.”

    The nature of the warrant that was out on him does not determine whether the policeman was justified in shooting at him. The question, I believe, is whether the policeman thought Scott posed a serious danger to him (the policeman) or others.

    “3. The shooter cop planted some sort of weapon on Scott’s body, it may well have been a taser”

    It is not at all clear, from the video, that the policeman planted evidence. At the moment Scott flees, an object flies to the ground near the policeman; later, after the policeman has gone to the prone Scott, the policeman walks and briefly trots to the spot where Scott and he had been when Scott fled. He picks up something and returns to Scott, alongside whom he lets something drop to the ground. This he does in full view of another police officer, who, by this time, has arrived on the scene. There is nothing surreptitious about it, and it is not obvious that he is planting evidence. Later–maybe in the video’s latter section, after a stop and restart–he picks something up off the ground and puts it in his belt, I think.

    “4. The black cop that was second to respond, and responded after Scott was killed, claimed in his paperwork that he administered CPR to Scott, but the video shows he never did”

    At some point, an officer arrives with what looks to be a medical kit. The video cuts out before whatever treatment was administered to Scott–by that officer or any other officer, after the kit is placed next to Scott–can be observed.

    “5. All the cops that filled out police reports on this matter lied through their fingers”

    It’s not at all clear that any of the officers lied about anything.

    Why was Slager (the policeman) charged? That, too, Mr. W., is not clear–not to me, anyway. Having seen the announcement of the charge by the North Charleston Mayor, with the locality’s police chief and two black leaders, I’m not sure anyone knows. The full nineteen minutes of the of the press conference are at

  15. Cops do have wide latitude. However EVEN IF the Nig had touched the taser, shooting a fleeing suspect in the back, firing that many shots was NOT justified. Yes, this was murder. I predict getting a conviction will still be difficult due to American’s Law and Order Uniform fetish. NOTE, the COP made no effort to pursue he simply fired multiple shots at will. The Cop also had prior complaints and was a waiter before his “Law Enforcement Career. The Cop was never in danger in this situation. He sought no medical attention as a result of an altercation and he was was very steady in his stance when he fired. What has been ignored by the media and by many WN is the fact Cops kill, shoot, and beat up more White People than Non Whites in what are later determined to be excessive use of force incidents which are paid out by Governmental Units in the form of Civil Judgements and Settlements. Many WN are too quick to side with “White” Police Officers simply based on complexion, this is foolish. Cops are the front line enforcers of the American corrupt system and places their boots on our people’s necks more than Non Whites. Simply put, when our enemies are at war with each other and killing each other we SHOULD NOT take a side. By siding with Cops we help maintain and support the illegitimate American System. Of course those who are cheerleaders for the Cops feel the Cops boot on their neck, they quickly change their tune. Just because it is “White” does NOT make it Right. Let’s be clear, had this been a White on White incident, the Cop would have murdered the White suspect as well. Cops have come to believe they can fire at will by claiming “Officer Safety”.

  16. “The Cop was never in danger in this situation.”

    First of all, that’s not clear. Because the camera comes upon Slager and Scott just at the moment Scott bolts, we don’t know what had been going on between the two men when Scott took off. Second of all: irrelevant.

  17. “The implications are are political. Not legal.”

    I wouldn’t deny that, Captain John.

  18. This one could fall down the cracks of legal and political techtonics.

    The cop can legitimately claim the black guy was fighting him and had wrestled the taser away. That’s a direct threat. It’ll remain a sore spot for cops exposed to malice by blacks that they pull over.

    Ultimately this case is about giving blacks much latitude when arrested.

  19. If warrants have no levels of danger/threat, then this perp could be a serial killer, child rapist, etc. for all the cop knew. It looks as if Scott attempted, from what little of the ‘before’ footage we have, to grab either the cop’s gun or taser gun. That is not only resisting arrest for which there is a warrant; it’s signaling a possible willingness to use the officer’s weapon against him.

    I really don’t see how this is being interpreted as a black and white situation, other than in terms of race. If the perp were white, people would view the video in shades of gray. I’m sick of the lawlessness of blacks. I’m sick of their black supremacist notion that they are totally above the law and it’s consequences.

    I’d have to find more out about protocol for what to do when a perp resists arrest and tries to attack an officer in a situation where he has a warrant out for his arrest. Murder seems ridiculous taken in that light. Even manslaughter strikes me as extreme. Remember that if we found out that the perp had been a hardened violent offender, everyone would be congratulating the cop on a tough job well done. So if the same set of actions could be seen as ‘right’ and just depending on unknown variables, it surely isn’t so simple or inherently blameworthy.

    The cop had, last summer, been hit by a perp in his squad car who wound up eluding him. What if we find out the cop discovered later that same perp was a violent pedophile and that he’d allowed him to get away? His possible over reaction might be grounds for him to take a break and reconsider whether policing is his thing, but it would win this cop sympathy instead of such scorn.

    American citizens are doing exactly what they accuse the cop of doing – rushing to an extreme judgment.

  20. I’m going to add in here that men seem to take a more indulgent posture towards the perp, in my obviously somewhat limited experience since it’s only been a day or so. But a couple discussions so far have caused me to recognize that there’s a gap between my take on it and most or all men’s, so far (I’m female). Did guys somehow think that playing cops and robbers was a real analogy for adult life? Because while little boys are even on that playing field, when they grow up the cop has the upper hand by law in such a situation. Since women generally have the lesser hand in real life confrontations with male perps who consider themselves immune to society’s prosecution, I wonder if we might see the perp as more of a reprobate who dared authority, and lost.

    Even a bunch of rebel punk rockers understood that you can fight the law – and lose.

    But then, they were white.

  21. “Cops are not your friends.”

    You’re not my friend either, as far as I know. So, what?

  22. Frankly, after Ferguson, after Rodney King, after B on W crime X10, after tw terms of the Obamanation, after Eric ‘my people’ Holder, I find it insulting that:

    1) A cop is treated as a killer, when he is the LAW, by Law, for the restraining and dispatching of criminals- and that, by white men, who should have solidarity with the Cop, and NOT the Nigger.
    2) a criminal fled from any/all detainment by an Officer of the Law- that in itself is a CRIME.
    3) the man killed was a Nigger. And, no, their lives DON’T matter.
    4) You act as though your race doesn’t mean sh*&&&, when, if the matter were reversed, it would. If Blacks can have racial solidarity, why don’t Whites?
    5) Who was the GUILTY PARTY FILMING this, that did NOTHING to help… and why should illegal filming be allowed anyway??? This was not evidence, but PROPAGANDA, esp. if the filmer was a Nigger, looking to ‘get’ Whitey.

    I’m done with the charade of equal justice under the law, especially after the dicatatorship of Obummer. Any race that is, and will always be merely 3/5ths of a White Man, deserves nothing from me- neither pity, nor sympathy, nor credence as to his ‘innocence.’ The race is eternally guilty- and has been for thousands of years.
    [ Jer. 13:23]

    And I find this forum (as an advocate for either White Rights, or a White Ethnostate) increasingly as useless as Rand Paul thinking he’s going to be the White man’s savior, come 2016.

      • Just so we are clear, “pro-White” doesn’t mean pro-murder.

        If you want to murder someone, rape them, exterminate people, or act in some other unconscionable way, it doesn’t matter if you are White. There are White people who do horrible things too. Whiteness isn’t an ethical license to do whatever you want to other people.

        As for this particular cop, he will have his day in court. A jury will decide whether or not he is guilty. I’m reserving judgement on this case until more information comes to light.

        Anyway, I just wanted to state for the record that I disagree with the doctrine that self detonating individualists have the right to kill people in our name, and expect us to close ranks behind them, regardless of their actions.

        We’ve seen nuts have meltdowns over and over again. They kill people on their own authority and blacken our name through guilt by association.

  23. Dailystormers are calling it out as a likely hoax. If it is one, it’s been shot very artfully.

    One does have to wonder at how bizarrely coincidental it would be for the guy holding the phone to *suddenly* come into focus on the cop and perp *right* at that very instance where there’s no real way to see what came before other than some kind of close body interaction. Check out the footage leading up to that instance. Notice how the camera’s all over the place, yet the guy holding it has line of vision on the two men. Most people who think of pulling out their cellphone to video would have brought it into focus way sooner.

    Just sayin.’ Very very coincidental.

  24. All of you fine and intelligent gentlemen are making thoughtful, reasoned comments – but this looks BAD. The General Public has not been trained to carefully analyze anything; quite the opposite, The GP has been careful trained and conditioned to react in an emotional and theatrical fashion. Joe and Jane Public, of any hue, will see a cop gunning down a fleeing man.

    And that’s all they will see.

    Don’t forget this simple fact.

    Me – I could never be a street cop. There’d be a trail of bodies in my wake, my first day, before Noon I can’t imagine having to deal with NAGAS day in and day out. Maybe this cop had enough, and snapped. Every-one makes stupid mistakes – but some stupid mistakes are infinitely more serious than others.

    Blacks and Whites need to be separated. We are too different. We don’t understand each other, and the divide is widening.

    We need segregation. Period. This grotesque farce, of “integration” must end.

  25. George Zimmerman was set up from the start. The evidence of this is overwhelming and has been proven.

    So who’s to say whether this cop will truly get a real chance at justice?

    I’m saying neither whites nor blacks have the right to simply choose to not be arrested, or to try to grab a cop’s weapon, etc. I’ll repeat that if this perp had been a white guy, there would be far less sympathy for the same set of actions.

    • Whenever something like this happens, leftists and black people make snap judgements of guilt or innocence on the basis of their feelings and political views.

      Rational people calmly wait for the facts to come in, analyse the evidence, and deliberate among themselves. They set aside whatever tentative view they may have in favor of the best explanation. Then decide whether the perp is guilty or innocent.

  26. This shooting is not a hoax. If the Stormers are saying it is – then Anglin’s got no-one left but full-on retards.

  27. Andrew Anglin is anti-conspiracy speculating. He has stated this numerous times.

    I just see a coincidence that seems highly improbable. And a cameraman who’s certain something’s worth filming, but who doesn’t seem interested in training the camera on the two subjects, when he can even in an imperfectly focused capacity – until it’s too late.

  28. Take Me Liberty —

    It turns out the video might have caught something of the encounter before the moment Scott bolts. It’s hard to catch, because, as I say, it’s in those first eighteen seconds, before the camera settles into proper position; but apparently, Slager and Scott are seen wrestling on the ground.

    Go to for a “frame-by-frame analysis.” The glimpse of the wrestling is discussed at about the one-minute mark of that report.

  29. Rodney Martin says:
    ‘Cops are the front line enforcers of the American corrupt system and places their boots on our people’s necks more than Non Whites. Simply put, when our enemies are at war with each other and killing each other we SHOULD NOT take a side. By siding with Cops we help maintain and support the illegitimate American System.’

    I hope it’s just the peyote talkin’.

    Sorry, but most cops are decent people. I can’t imagine the hell our cities would be without them. If you think Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans etc, are bad now…

    Never in my life have I been threatened, intimidated or bullied by a cop.


    Nor any family member.

    In fact they have come to our aid on a few occasions when needing help.

    I’m not a dope head, drunken driver, drug dealer, thief, anarchist or criminal, so I’ve never had to run from cops.

    When pulled over for speeding (few times as a kid) ) I quickly complied with the requests, showed I.D. and was treated fairly and courteously.

    Too many WN’s or SN’s are just dead-beat losers with axes to grind largely due to their own behavior.

  30. I think we must remember our image of cops as being the lovable Andy Taylor or genteel and polite like British Bobbies is no longer the reality. Most are decent, the overwhelming majority are, but who has not had bad experiences with some of them? Many have an attitude. Some are of low IQ(or as the late great William Pierce was fond of saying-of limited intelligence) and one gets the opinion they hate their job and its the only way they can feel superior is by asserting their authority in all matters even in the most simple things. A few examples will suffice;

    I was once stopped by a white cop in a area known for being a notorious speed trap. I was going 55 whereas the speed limit was sixty five. I was pulled over. The cop said he clocked me on radar going 75! I was polite but told him I was going 55, that I had it on cruse control, that I knew not to speed going through this area. He got in my face like gunnery Sargent Hartman of full metal jacked and screamed; “you calling me a damn liar? Are you? Are You?” I knew he wanted me to lose my cool so he could beat the Hell out of me with his nightstick.

    Another time I was stopped for leafleting . It involved two local cop cars and three state police! I was threatened with prison and arrest if I did not go back and pick up every leaflet I threw. I refused. I insisted upon my 4th and 1st amendment rights and handed him a paper listing court case after court case in which leafleting was upheld by the court. They too got in my face and they were white.

    In college I was involved in a wreck, nobody was seriously injured or hurt, but It was my fault. Police took me in (No alcohol was involved) and said he had to detain me . Not arrest, just detain me. I asked him to put me in a cell by myself and not in a holding cells with a bunch of blacks. Guess where he put me? In a holding cell in which I was the only white! And this, once again, was a white cop.

    However, I imagine when you deal with the scum of the earth, day in day out, white, black and Hispanic, it probably does destroy your civility.civility. They dehumanize the criminal element but worse many began to believe all humanity is like that. Its like people in war that finally snap and commit atrocities after seeing buddy after buddy killed by the enemy. (Think Mai Lai)

  31. “Most are decent, the overwhelming majority are, but who has not had bad experiences with some of them?”

    I haven’t.

  32. “If you want to join the sociopath crowd on the internet, you are probably right that this isn’t the right forum for you.”

    HW, are you losing it?

    Are you TRULY standing up for the interests, the LAW CODE, the culture, the ETHOS of the White Man, or are you just another waffling pseudo-liberal Anglo in the crowd? Can’t you take ONE IOTA of criticism? What gives?

    Law enforcement is LAW enforcement. I thought that was a given among Anglos.
    Now, if you had said, ‘The entire police force in every city in the USA is illegitimate, and we don’t/can’t/shouldn’t trust them for standing up for our nation and her people,’ then I might have had some inkling that you actually were approaching this from the standpoint of ‘Yes, the cop is guilty.’

    But you didn’t.

    If the Black fled from a Cop who had detained him, that is already a strong consideration that he (the Black) was GUILTY of WHATEVER precipitated the Policeman’s firing at him. Innocent Men don’t flee a cop. And, as a series of very good articles on Survival show, we STILL have to show deference to these ‘men in blue,’ as long as the charade of the ‘rule of law’ still holds in this nation. (see also parts 2 & 3)

    But what point does it serve, IN A WAR, to seek to find ‘motives’ for fleeing from one of your own race, from an opposing race, that clearly has said/shown/acted as though they clearly are, the ENEMY?

    If you don’t believe we are already at war – an orchestrated, funded, Judeo-Marxist war against our own Race, then what is the point of OD?

    I ask you.

    You’re not being exceptionally lucid at present. Or maybe you’re not serious enough about this culture you claim to represent.

  33. “This shooting is not a hoax. If the Stormers are saying it is – then Anglin’s got no-one left but full-on retards.” – Denise

    Denise – I think your switching ‘loyalties’ so easily, merely because AA has said ‘This battle is not to the estrogen crowd,’ merely corroborates his analysis of the situation in his articles.

    Remember how you were dissed and treated by Stonelifter and the others who used to come on this forum, some years ago? And how I and possibly Mosin were among the only ones who stood up for you? Understand that my interest is for my race, religion, and culture. But AA ‘hat Recht.’ This battle will not be won, using the feminazi/multiculti/all hominids are equal propaganda mindset of the Judeo-Marxists.

    It will only be won by a return to full-on patriarchy, racial self-interest, and the moral rigor of a vibrant Christianity, void of any heretical Romanist thought. (Think Vlad Putin, frankly) Now, if you can’t handle that, maybe you better step aside, and let the men do what we do best. Rule and reign. For your sake, my dear diminutive lady. For your sake, and the sake of the children yet unborn.

    Deo Volente.

  34. Not only did Scott resist arrest for which he had a warrant issued against him; he attempted to grab Slager’s weapon. Even if Slager sensed that it was the non-lethal taser, the fact is that to grab the taser implies a likely intention of using it. Were Scott to have done that, Slager would have been so debilitated that Scott could have then grabbed the actual gun and used it against Slager – or some other person at a later date.

    These two acts absolutely negate any legitimate charge of murder against Slager, in my opinion. Should Slager have tried to exhaust other options at that critical juncture, like radioing to other cops that there is a fugitive? Probably, but the fact that he didn’t still doesn’t vindicate Scott or solve the problem that at that point Slager had the right to fear for society’s safety. So manslaughter is still very iffy here.

    I don’t like the number of bullets fired, or the treatment of Scott after the shooting. Add to that tampering with evidence and Slager needs to be fired for various reasons, and likely sued by the family. But a criminal charge is not necessarily warranted here from where I stand. You can kill a person with one shot, and two would often effect death in such range.

    So the question is, did Slager have the right to apprehend Scott by shooting him? I’m just not entirely sure he didn’t have any right to do that. The state has the ‘right of way,’ so to speak in this scenario. Sometimes it really is a matter of who started with who. You don’t resist arrest or try to grab a weapon from a cop. If you do, deal with the possible consequences.

  35. John Bonaccorsi –

    I have had fairly bad experiences with cops. In some cities black and hispanic cops won’t enforce the law for white women, even when she’s accusing a white man of something. Black men terrorize white women all the time in our cities, with the exact entitlement this Scott character exhibits. I’ve endured real police brutality from a white cop, that was entirely gratuitous and unprovoked – and that had very dire consequences for me and others.

    I’m judging this situation on its own merits, and, with the disgust that comes from doing what I’m supposed to and suffering anyway precisely because I’m not male and non-white. Tough shit is what I have to say to this black guy. If more people did that, there wouldn’t be so many black men in prison.

    It’s incredible that America knows the name of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and now Walter Scott but not Christina Eilman – and so many other white women real martyrs.

    You people are a bunch of ineffectual wimps. It’s appalling.

  36. Re: Fr John

    1.) Plenty of my critics are posting here. I approved your comment.

    2.) Murder has always been a crime here.

    3.) The vast majority of White men would agree that murdering people, even black people, is immoral. Certain quarters of the internet such as VNN Forum may disagree, but they aren’t representative of either White people or White Nationalists.

    4.) Are there not black police officers? What if a black police officer in a place like Birmingham, AL pulled you over, called you a racist, started a fight with you, and shot and killed you?

    5.) I know too many people who have had bad experiences with cops to buy into the notion that all cops are angels in blue uniforms. Lots of cops are either crooked or not on our side.

    6.) Once again, whiteness isn’t a license to act in unethical ways.

    7.) We’re here to provide an outlet for a marginalised worldview and to create a network of activists.

    8.) Just the opposite is true: I’m not here acting out or venting my frustrations like lots of people in the e-movement. I’m trying to represent our cause in a responsible way, and you are veering into Glenn Miller/James von Brunn territory.

    Do you want to play the role of a White Nationalist caricature? The enemy says that we are malicious, hateful people who just want to sadistically brutalize poor, innocent black people. That’s how they want to misrepresent our cause.

    Do you want to play that part?

  37. @ HW –

    #4 is not applicable to this situation. If a black cop happened to pull over a white guy whose tail light was out, then found there was a warrant out for him, then tried to apprehend him but was evaded, physically fought and almost disarmed by the white guy, I’d be saying the same thing. A lot hinges on how discernible it is that the perp tried to grab the taser – or how reasonable it was for the cop to have mistaken him for doing so.

    Blacks are protesting for supremacism here. They think they’re above the law and that whites have to obey the law but they don’t. Whites have been living under discriminatory laws now for decades but they aren’t raping and murdering blacks all over the place.

    You’re validating these people’s outrageous entitlement. The notion that any cop in such a situation would face an actual murder charge for these actions is just absurd.

    American men really think that what’s ‘fair’ is whatever they can get away with.

  38. Renegade posted this on FB just in time:

    A black guy killed a cop in pure cold blood in Philadelphia – one who was trying to save a black homeless guy. Now the good citizens of Orange, NJ (an almost exclusively black and hispanic area) want his murderer deified. Slager came from Medford, NJ, originally, which is down south, right near Philly. One has to ask whether Daniel Faulkner’s murder and the consequent celebration of it influenced Slager’s decision.

    What a country.

  39. Daniel Faulkner was WHITE, BTW. And by white I now mean northwestern european – an irish redhead. The details are more than disturbing.

  40. There was a young black girl, Sakia Gunn, murdered in horrifically and premeditatedly cold blood in Newark, NJ sometime in the mid-2000’s (for being a lesbian). Her case was said to have influenced the decision a couple years later of a bunch of young black lesbians who were followed and harassed (and possibly threatened physically) by a black homophobe in the Village. They were called ‘The New York Four.’ The bunch turned on the black guy and stabbed him, although with a very small knife that only caused comparatively minor damage. They were sentenced for serious crime and a small movement emerged to gain their freedom.

    Among the arguments that were used was the context of young Sakia’s murder. She’d been attacked while walking with her black lesbian friends down the street, minding their own business. Two black men harassed them and one got out of the car and stabbed Sakia; she bled to death on the way to the hospital. The NY4 all lived in Newark and had gone partying across the river in the Village for the night.

    It was asserted the they had reason to feel their lives were in danger, even though their black antagonist had mostly just insulted them. He did supposedly follow them a bit and spit on them. A camera video shows the girls scrambling and trying to both subdue and perhaps wound him.

    The NY4 won their freedom with this argument. I don’t see why a white male cop doesn’t have the same right to argue context and experience where such variables influence discretion. After all, Daniel Faulkner put his life on the line to save any and everyone – and died defending a helpless black man from what was a black assailant.

  41. Here are a few other cases from Slager’s general home territory:

    Governor Paterson considers himself half black or mostly black or something. He pardoned a black Long Island resident who had murdered an italian teen who was accusing his son. Cicciaro had been purposely misinformed that White’s son had sexually assaulted a mutual female acquaintance. Instead of waiting for the police to show up, White went out of his house, onto the middle of the lawn, and shot Cicciaro right in the head or something. Then within a couple years Paterson pardoned him. Blacks asserted that White reacted too quickly and harshly because of ‘the racism he’d had to live through’ as a young man.

    Most incredible is the case of Roderick Scott, in NY State:

    He heard two italian teens breaking into his car and called the police. But he wasn’t willing to leave it at that, and decided to go outside and play cop. By the time he got out the two teens had moved off Scott’s property and onto another neighbor’s car which was vacant (it was very late at night). Scott wound up killing the young Cervini.

    I’m just providing context and making the point that black people go around ignoring the law (breaking it is a better phrase) and then playing cop whenever they see fit, then claiming some kind of ‘racism made me do it’ plea.

    Of course, none of this takes into account the innocents like the homeless man Faulkner died trying to defend, or the hundreds of maybe thousands of women who fall prey to lawless men’s violence, who all deserve to be defended as vehemently as these black perps who got off in far less clear cut circumstances.

  42. My weapon of choice… Indifference… and I wield it like a Viking or a Spartan.

    How many of our men, women and children are murdered, raped, assaulted, targeted and harassed on a daily basis as a result of the black plague pushed on society? How many media outlets, reporters, pundits and social justice warriors go out of their way to ignore, cover up and completely lie when it comes to the truth about interracial crimes?

    I really couldn’t care less about some black guy being gunned down. Black-on-black murder happens all the time, and black people intentionally surrounding themselves with mayhem and various types of criminality is pretty much a part of their DNA, so in what manner they are being killed is of very little significance to me.

    Hey, statistically speaking, that guy would have ended up dead or in prison as the result of some black-on-black crime anyway; but this way there’s just one black person taken out of society instead of two. Even if you’re black, that simple math should at least give you a silver lining(this little nugget of wisdom is free, but the next one is gonna cost ya). What can I say, I’m a glass half full kind of guy.

    None of this means that I think people with bad decision-making skills should be in positions of power or running around with carte blanche to be judge, jury and executioner. If the cop is guilty and has no justifiable reason for doing what he did, then he’s guilty. So be it. But I just don’t see why I should care about some black guy being shot in the back when nobody gives a flying fuck when brutal crimes happen to White people being victimized by the black and brown hordes. How many White women will be attacked and raped by black men today? How many White children will be assaulted by blacks today? We don’t really know the answer to that, do we? But we sure in the hell know the second some random black person feels victimized or is offended — go to a “news” station or site and that makes up a good portion of what you will see. Yeah, like I said, I couldn’t care less about a future felon being shot in the back.

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