1. BTW, Mosin, read “A Dose Of Sanity” by Sidney Walker. This is a book that shows what Mental illness is and how it can be treated.

  2. Well Sam, I see your slipping back into your old bad habit of Anti-Catholic rants. This is not a mental health issue. This is a theological-political issue. As far as the death penalty is concerned, Pope Francis is only speaking for himself. Unless he teaches according to the traditions of the Church, his words on the DP is to be taken with a grain of salt. What he said is not binding on us Catholics. The Bible and the traditions of the faith can not oppose a rightly imposed death penalty, for it states if a man or an animal sheds the blood of another man, his blood must be shed. Most Catholics who understand the historic faith oppose this Pope’s foolish talk and will criticize him publically. I’m one of them.

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