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  1. Which I didn’t even see, any news of this, until I saw it on Jim Hoft about a half hour ago.

    My only problem is — The good guys are chanting the name of the wrong country. The pro-Ferguson rabble should be shouting USA USA USA.

    I wonder why the undertow hasn’t followed through on its plan to stand on the Metro Link tracks. I hope someone with a badge made them one of those offers they couldn’t refuse.

  2. But now it gets interesting, we’re on to the LCS, which means the deeper we go into the postseason, the more likely it is that the undertow is going to try to do something seriously disruptive.

    Now you know one of the three reasons why McCulloch extended the grand jury until early November. The other two being election day and getting past any likelihood of sustained warm-ish weather.

  3. The libertarians and 3%’ ers are on the the side of the black fergusonoctober.com. They are anti-white, so called anti-racist.

  4. The protests may well backfire as the mainstream fans see will see this as disruptive behavior – concert halls and baseball stadiums not being appropriate venues. By the way, Negroes of the forties and fifties were often Dodger fans due to the presence of one their race, Jackie Robinson, on that team – I wonder if today’s blacks in St. Louis pull for the Dodgers as Africans are well represented on that squad.

  5. I don’t imagine that the weekend of resistance will amount to much. A bunch of far left white kooks screaming into megaphones and carrying around silly signs. Remember Murrieta back in July? Someone held up a sign announcing October as a month of resistance against normalcy. Well so far we’re seven days into October and I don’t see any big social justice resistance putsch.


    Blacks in St. Louis generally tend to the home team; don’t forget that the Cardinals have had plenty of well known blacks over the years, though none now and not for awhile.

  6. “The libertarians and 3%’ ers are on the the side of the black fergusonoctober.com. ”

    It’s because they’re anti-government, and police, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. To them, this is a militarized police issue, and because they’re blinded by that ideology, they don’t see this for what it actually is.

  7. @Question Diversity:

    “My only problem is — The good guys are chanting the name of the wrong country. The pro-Ferguson rabble should be shouting USA, USA, USA.”

    I can understand your disillusion with the full-blown tumor that has metastasized on the country’s psyche since the Civil War on, but please don’t confuse it with your country itself. The truth you are overlooking is in the context behind what the opposing groups were shouting.

    St. Louis Cardinal Fans were shouting, “USA, USA, USA.” However, the Ferguson demonstrators were shouting, “Africa, Africa, Africa.”

    Get it?

    This confrontation was Heirloom Americans versus people who actually see themselves as the African Diaspora.

  8. All I see are two different herds of multicultural America competing to see whose version of The New America can get more attention. Honestly, they all look like morons who sure in the hell aren’t coming to save the day for White America. If you were there you probably couldn’t walk more than 5 feet without bumping into a whigger or a melting pot apologist with a Cardinals jersey on.

  9. This is not a weekend of looting in the ghetto like other riots have been. This is a sustained campaign to intimidate whites that is being aided by the Fed. Gov. and media in a way that earlier race riots were not. This situation has the potential to get out control of its handlers.

    Think about what would happen if some of these protestors got angry and blew away some white counter protestors? What would happen if a white civilian is forced to shoot attacking blacks in self-defense? If things escalate, local whites could be radicalized. I know a lot of life long “colorblind” conservatives who are starting to get scared. I can only imagine what whites feel like being constantly harassed by anti-white demonstrations in their own neighborhoods and normally white friendly public places.

    We could get some kind of effect like the Pakistani against white race riots that swept through Northern England in 2001. This is the stuff that drives nationalist politics in Europe. We need to fill the vacuum of white political representation at at a local level, even if in a very limited way at first.

    The average white man is not going to do anything until he can’t leave his house without being harassed for being white. Now that’s true in a little corner of America. It will spread. Blacks get killed by the police all the time. The permanent infrastructure of left-wing agitation groups grows with every one of these flareups, which of course increases their ability to inflame. Jenna, Louisiana was first. Then Sanford, Florida. Now Ferguson, Missouri. Not Detroit, Chicago and Newark. All them small communities whose white resident lack clout. We will have reached a milestone when two or more of these flare-ups are going on at once. Eventually these anti-white intimidation campaigns will sweep across the country and be used to depose non-elite local white leaders in diverse areas of the US. This is why a Latin American future of white elites ruling over non-white isn’t in our cards. We will be forced to fight.

  10. The coons are pogroming whites.

    This is what our forefather’s were up against.

  11. “The libertarians and 3%’ ers are on the the side of the black fergusonoctober.com. They are anti-white, so called anti-racist.”

    Not true. 3%ers are overwhelmingly white, to the tune of about 99.9%
    Of those, I’d say 70%+ are race realists. Those that aren’t just haven’t been “enriched” by diversity yet.
    I love to ask them how many black 3%ers they know, or how many black “preppers” they know… I get the deer in the headlights stare. A black “prepper” or “3%er” is as easily found as Bigfoot or The Loch Ness Monster. They simply don’t exist.

    Visit the 3% blogs/websites & remind them of this fact.


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