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Ain’t That America: The Virtue of Five White Men

It’s no secret around here that America is anti-White. This is our core argument … America is anti-White, anti-Southern, anti-Christian, and anti-conservative, and White Southerners should secede and form an independent nation.

Don’t believe me? Listen to what US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had to say about the Hobby Lobby decision below.

Note: Imagine what would happen if the US Senate Majority Leader said that the virtue of seven “niggers” on the Birmingham City Council should not decide the fate of the millions of White men who live in the Birmingham Metro Area. Such a person would surely have to resign from office like Trent Lott, right?

In the United States, “White men” is now casually used in the same sense that “nigger” was used in the Old South. What does that say about America? Does it follow that America is the greatest in the country in the world? Does it follow that America has the greatest system of government ever invented by man?

15 Comments on Ain’t That America: The Virtue of Five White Men

  1. I think its time, to end the feds, either start anew, or let it all go with some states forming a new nation based on our constitution that is being ignored and distroyed by the current gov.
    I tire of the b.s the accuses, the race baiting, hating, and lawlessness that this current government is about. Im ready for this, hope you most are, i would suggest to leave and keep out of the major cities when the crap hits. If you don’t have servivals skill for you enviorment around you, learn them., stock piling will only get you so far. and i do fear it is going to get nasty and be nasty for awhile.

  2. I didn’t know Clarence Thomas is white.

    HW is right. The real scandal of Harry Ass Reid’s snark should be the verbal pejorativization of “white men” and the dispossession this portends. Secondarily and temporally and less importantly, it shows that the Democrat Party is obsessed with some chain hobby store, all as a runup to that party’s strategy of trying to goose out the turnout of womyn because apparently one must hate women if one is an employer and one does not want four abortifacient drugs to be on the company’s health plan for moral reasons, even though Hobby Lobby will still foot for the sixteen other contraceptives.

  3. It’s honorary.

  4. Five White Men

    Clarence Thomas?

  5. This case isn’t even really about Hobby Lobby ownership or their specific religious views on abortion and contraceptive methods. It’s about a private company having business practices and espousing certain views that are seen as “White” views, and those views being in direct contrast to views that are being presented as “minority” views. Reid could have just said Men, but no, he had to throw in the White men, because White is what he wanted to highlight.

    There’s a simple solution:

    Anti-White America is neither apologetic or unrelenting in its push to destroy any vestige of a safe and harmonious White America. Pro-White people can not afford to be either apologetic or relenting in any capacity at any level. If they aren’t telling you that they are pro-White, then chances are that they are anti-White, or will side with the anti-Whites when push comes to shove. Every minute detail of your life has to be directed toward things that are pro-White, and directed away from things that are not. Sports, movies, music and other entertainment… Family, friends and other associates… Businesses, websites, and even the political process… all of it has to be channeled away from them. All we have to do is find a practical way to channel it back into something that will benefit White people in a way where they see some kind of results. So the only question is where are the architects willing to put in the time and energy?

  6. What I don’t understand is, why did he bring up the Judges’ race when the ruling was on women’s contraception?

    I mean, it’s funny that he was wrong on their race, but why would race matter in this situation at all?

  7. Fox should really be demonizing Reid, but instead they’re making it a joke. Anti-White sentiment is not a joke!

  8. Jim Richardson // July 9, 2014 at 11:14 pm //

    Whites running away isn’t a solution, because “Diversity” means chasing down White people.

    Just imagine for a minute, instead of White Flight, it was Asian Flight or Black Flight. Where no matter where they moved, they were hunted down and forced to assimilate.

    We’ve already seen runaway Blacks and runaway Asians in history, with slavery. Well that’s how the “Diversity” crowd views and treats Whites. To them Whites are a valuable commodity. No matter where we run, they hunt us down.

  9. I have never encountered a more succints and clear difference between the Christian Europeans, and the Levantine AshkeNAZIS, as this:

    “Contra Nietzsche, Jesus’ message wasn’t one of ressentiment, a message for embittered cripples and defectives. It was a pathway through that problem. Christianity isn’t a derivative of Judaism; Christianity is the antithesis of and nullification of the Pharisaic Judiasm which was then and remains now the prototypical and most powerful expression of hateful, self-worshiping, mercantile, and material degeneracy.” –

  10. He knows Thomas is black, but to keep the war on women and minorities drum beat going he lied saying it was 5 White males.

    I loathe that little twerp.

  11. Logan Smith • a day ago

    What I don’t understand is, why did he bring up the Judges’ race when the ruling was on women’s contraception?

    This tirade puts it all into perspective.

    Abortion, contraception, women’s rights and White male privilege.

  12. Jim Richardson // July 11, 2014 at 6:16 am //

    That Harry Reid video is powerful stuff. I showed it to a Rah! Rah! Amurrica can do no wrong Conservative today and it rocked him to his core. I actually saw the moment when he lost his faith in all that.

    When the establishment says something anti-White, have them say it LOUDER.

  13. Arturo Pendriago // July 11, 2014 at 8:02 pm //

    Why is it always fat uglies who decry white male privilege? This fattie couldn’t even get pregnant if she begged for it.

    The ‘men’ in that video look like Brooklyn hipster faggots with the high voices to match.

    Start lifting. I guarantee she would not have attacked men with an Olympian or near Olympian physique.

  14. This is all planned genocidal destruction, and Reid is merely the stepinfetchit of the Nigger-in-Chief.

    Even Irish Savant sees this!

  15. Ann Barnhardt tells it like it is. And points out Harry Reid as a godless bastard, worthy of death for his crimes against Christ.

    “Don’t kid yourself. When the Antichrist comes (Capital “t’, capital ‘A’) you’ll know. Obama’s not the Antichrist. The Antichrist is going to be intelligent…”

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