SPLC Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally


League of the South protests the SPLC in Montgomery
League of the South protests the SPLC in Montgomery

The League of the South protested the SPLC in Montgomery this afternoon over its federal lawsuit which seeks to gut Alabama’s ban on gay marriage.

Approximately 45 to 50 League members and their children were in attendance. League members held two signs which said, “God Sanctions Marriage. SPLC Should Not” and “Support Christian Marriage,” and used two flags, the Alabama state flag and the Kentucky Orphan Brigade flag, which features a Christian cross.

While League members were protesting the SPLC in Montgomery, a federal judge in Little Rock struck down Arkansas’ ban on gay marriage. In April, a federal judge struck down part of Ohio’s ban on gay marriage while League and CofCC members were holding the first Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally in Richmond, Virginia.

The increasingly aggressive and tyrannical actions of the US federal government illustrate why young people have “historically low” levels of confidence in mainstream political institutions. Why should anyone bother to vote when federal judges, billionaires, and monied interests have stripped all the power out of the ballot? What is the point of having a state legislature when the SPLC is defining the nature of marriage? As a reminder of the stark choices that the Southern people are facing in the future, the League will soon be unveiling its next SECEDE billboard in Alabama.

While League members stood outside the SPLC building with flags and signs, SPLC employees glowered through the windows of their bunker. Team Tolerance posted a solidarity thread about the demonstration on the SPLC Facebook page which predictably lit up with racially disparaging comments about elderly White people:


All right, we get it: White people ought to die out.

The Legion of Tolerance took to the Hatewatch blog grumble about the “pig ignorant white trash” who support Christian marriage:


Speaking of elderly White people, SPLC founder Morris Dees came outside to take a look at the crowd this afternoon, but I didn’t recognize him at the protest. In hindsight, it appears that SPLC president Richard Cohen also came outside with Dees.

Mark Potok and Ryan Lenz also came outside. I briefly spoke to Ryan Lenz and told him to tell Mark Potok that I said hello. We all followed Traitor Glenn Miller’s meltdown. My wife spotted Heidi Beirich peeking down at us through the glass. As has been the case everywhere else the League has gone in the Lower South, there were no counter-protesters or “anti-fa” opposition present in Montgomery.

Jack Ryan, a writer here at Occidental Dissent, deserves a shout out for making a major contribution to the success of this demonstration. The details of Jack’s role are best left unsaid. There was also a snafu which could have derailed this event, but hopefully that issue has been resolved and will not become a problem in the future. The only storm cloud on the horizon was the rain that soaked us as we returned to our vehicles.

I was interviewed by WSFA and The Montgomery Advertiser about the Council of Conservative Citizens presence at this demonstration. Several CofCC members were present outside the SPLC offices in Montgomery. I will post the video of my interview here whenever it becomes available online.

Note: The SPLC has written their own account of the protest. White Reference also has coverage.


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WAPI Birmingham, WERC-AM

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AL.com, WSFA, Montgomery Advertiser, SFGate, WKRG News, KPHO News, Washington Times, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Seattle PI, Houston Chronicle, Trib Town, EDGE Boston, EDGE New York, Alabama Public Radio, ABC 3340, Greenfield Daily Reporter, Montgomery Advertiser

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  1. Any suggestions on getting 15 to 20 activists in each state who’ll commit to attending events every month or every two months within their state to keep the pressure up? If the League has two or three events going on practically every weekend somewhere in the South then that would be a step up in coverage and exposure.

  2. Thanks for the coverage, Brad! Looks like a decent turnout, and pretty good press on the whole(cept for the white haters, and the “neo confederate group” stuff”, I mean, for pete’s sake they look for 20 year old pics of Dr. Hill just so they can include the CBF behind him? lol)

  3. hunter, Renee saw Heidi in a window? That must have been a horrible thing to see. I hope it won’t cause complications in the pregnancy! LOL!

  4. Good choice by Dr. Micheal Hill to stress the LOS is for Christian marraige. The positive case matters too. And HWs crisp writing makes for very effective communication of key ideas.

    That SPLC write up warms my heart. The facebook comments do too. One of the best parts of these events is saying what they’re going to say about it. I’m sensing nothing but the usual cliches. No enthusiasm or intellectual creative. Fuck, how many times can you write permutations in hate group, racist hate group, racist and expect people not to see through it, who is intellectually moribund and who is not.

    You guys are kicking some serious ass with these protests. Keep up the good work. I hope you make it to my part of the South at some point.

  5. SPLC states:

    “The only engagement came from a group of young girls, standing in front of the Civil Rights Memorial, singing negro spirituals. And just as they had been all morning, the proud and graying League protestors were silent in response.”

    So is it now ‘tolerant’ to call black people negroes?

  6. I was just noting that the SPLC is using the word ‘negro’ to refer to black people, which I thought was not PC. Maybe it’s a southern expression, ‘negro spirituals.’

  7. Maybe I’m crazy, but I see people from all generations appearing at the rally. Not many movements can do that.

    Also the Poverty Palace is the ugliest building I have ever seen.

  8. Well done! Was that the first time anyone has taken a protest right to the belly of the beast? Major props for that. You should have done an exorcism on the building at the same time.

  9. @Hunter Wallace
    Well it looks like the contribution that I sent was well used!
    Yes Occi, an exorcism should have been done, but you couldn’t have gotten Fr. Gabriel Amorth on such short notice! LOL!

  10. Pretty good, but let’s not participate in the Judeo-Marxist subversion of language by using “gay” in place of homosexual. Subverting language is an important part of their efforts to destroy basic decency.

  11. Scotty couldn’t make this one.

    The fact that it was on a work day, that it was supposed to rain (and did all over us), that it conflicted with final exams for college students, and various other snags made it smaller than it otherwise would have been. Most of the people who participated in this demonstration haven’t been to any of the other ones.

  12. Yeah it is finals week, I am not sure how much of a difference that would make though.

    I would say that the demographic looks overtly male and senior, and I am very opposed to the point of this rally, but those screen shot comments are out of line.

    There are a variety of ages at all kinds of political rallies, there are even radical senior groups who come out for anti-war protests.

    The ageist, death wishes and comments about BJs in the bathroom are out of line.

    But, your side makes some pretty shitty comments too. I have seen some nasty comments about Heidi and her appearance, or extermination comments about Jews and nonwhites.

  13. Paul Rand is trying out a new playbook, which will probably not work accept to piss off his base.

    A pro-Diviserity GOP candidate could work, but Paul Rand will not be able to pull it off successfully.

  14. It doesn’t bother me.

    I’m accustomed to that kind of bar talk on the internet. It’s no secret that the Left hates White people. Just read the comments under any Gawker or BuzzFeed article. I posted it here for our hypersensitive friend, Spelunkstein, would see it.

    We don’t claim to be the Legion of Tolerance. There is more tolerance for other points of view on this website than there is at the SPLC website.

  15. BTW, we made a video at the SPLC’s Civil Rights Memorial in honor of the night manager of Taco Bell on Atlanta Highway in Montgomery who was recently beaten to death last month with a car jack and shot multiple times by Renauldous Jamal Chisholm and Kenneth Duane Temple.

    Channon Christian & Chris Newsom, Christopher Lane, and Carter Strange are also mentioned in the video. It should be up soon. I wanted to emphasize that over 90 percent of the violence in Montgomery can be laid at the doorstep of the black community, not “domestic rightwing extremists.”


  16. I don’t know why, but that local news report seemed a little biased and in favour of the SPLC. Hopefully that’s just me, and it wasn’t so.

  17. Marcus, I agree wholeheartedly. I hate it when folks use the word “gay” to refer to homosexuals. They’re supposed to be among the highest group with depression and suicide, and yet we still use a word that means “extremely happy” as a derogatory term for homosexuals. It isn’t right, and I never nor ever shall call them “gay”.

  18. Brad- there are nasty comments on both sides, the stuff that is posted on your side can get pretty damn evil too.

    Nevertheless, those comments above are uncalled for as well.

    Rand Paul is running an amateur campaign. They are experimenting with a new approach by trying to appeal to “liberals” just like his dad got some leftist support because of his anti-war and anti-drug laws issues.

    The difference is, his dad, is sincere about those issues. I whole heartily believe that Ron Paul is against the war and against the laws against pot. Not for the same reasons as leftists, and IMHO he is still a paleo and I wouldn’t ever vote for him, but I am convinced he truly does stand by those issues.

    Rand, on the other hand, is much more of a politician who is going to say anything to get elected. He doesn’t have a very good communications team and everything he is doing makes him look like a Fox News Bill Clinton without the charm and gift of gab.

  19. I guess nicely dressed Whites waving flags, was enough to make these anti-Whites foam at the mouth. lol

  20. Remember, even you too art Mortal

    Hello Hunter:

    I’m glad you have had another “success” protesting at the “jew/whigger/mud Haet Group” the Southern Poverty Law Center and such. I’ve been busy looking over the “success” of another rally nearly a decade ago, Billy Roper’s “Anti-Brown vs Bored of Edjewmacation 5o-year Anusvershitty Rally” of May 14, 2004. I took Roxie up to Topeka to see Pastor Richard Butler before he croaked, which he did in September 2004. I called it “Billy Roper’s See Pastor Butler Before He Croaks Tour.” And while I was there I got to see Rabbi Alex “Gut-Sick Guido-kiken-weasel With Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS” Linder, Ron “Duck’s & TraitorGlenn Miller’s Doggie” Doggett, Craig “Corn” Cobb and CornCobb’s new $65 digital camera and the beginning of Podblanc, and Billy Roper and Ben Vinyard, and Rick Spring, who was Butler’s Security Chief and a federal agent provocateur, and Four Deep-Woods Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, two of whom I already knew before, and this little dark Swiss guy on the European Film Crew filming a documentary, who Rabbi Linder thought might be a jew too and might rat Linder out as a self-loathing jew, and a passel of skinheads and Klansmen who didn’t show up in theys’ usual jewniform.

    And it was a successful rally. Twenty-One of us, with one female (Roxie) and two jewboys (Rabbi Linder & CornCobb) and at least one ZOGbot (Rick Spring plus ???). Rabbi Linder’s kosher dick got hard and he’d arrange to get arrested in Knoxville a few years later and live off of that pretense of being a mamzer of (in)action for years. CornCobb took video of that particular jewboy’s jewboy, founded Podblanc — which videos could only play imbedded on the TraitorGlenn Miller News Nutwerk — and went on to think that he was a White Nationalist leader, albeit maybe not knowing he was 14% Africoon. There were over 300 niggers and 200 whiggers and a dozen or so jews protesting 21 Nutzis . Two helicopters and at least 80 Topeka piglice and $100,000 at least in expense. But it was a useful preparation as Dumbya Bush was going to cum to Topeka in a day or so to tell ZOGling whiggerdumb that ending skrule segregation fifty years ago was going to make sure that no niglet was left behind and thus sign legistreason to hold skrule teachers responsible for how well they edjewmacate niglets and whigglets.

    So I’ve learned how to do jewtube and am working to put up never-before-pub[l]ically seen video up. Here is what I’ve had up so far:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYaGPbV_xGo Intro, 26April14

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PerytjKT0s Part 1 — In the Parking Lot

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U61Tth92mvg Part 2 — In the Bus

    Call me Stephen jewberg.

    So in light of TraitorGlenn Miller’s cowardly murder spree, and how TraitorGlenn Miller is now understood to have likely killed some jews and faggots in a North Carolina faggot bookstore with the help of ZOG and going ass-to-mouth with a nigger tranny-faggot in the back seat of a car as well, and Hadding the Loveless KAS-Fluffing Mattoid Meercat and WhiggerSwill Welass and Rabbi Linder spinning the facts furiously, I’ve been going over my archives from the past decade and what I see is that all this Internuts activity, and street activism, has accomplished . . . nothing much.

    I agree that ZOG/Babylon needs to be reminded that every Mighty Evil Empire is inevitably bound for the ass-heap of History, and showing the flag and your teef and some haet is a good thing. I think that League of the South and the Council of Conservative Citizens, with a new generation of activists, does a far better job of rallies than say MoGullet’s or Gerold O’Brien’s or even Pastor Butler’s fund-raising for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    But when it all comes down to it, I think that the new rallies, and the moderated WordPress blogs of today will accomplish as much, looking back a decade from now as . . . the v-bulletining on Milton Munster’s & David Duck’s $permFart or Rabbi Linder’s Free-Range Colostomy Bag & ZOGtard Corral / TraitorGlenn Miller News Nutwerk or the yahoo-groups and militia rallies of twenty years ago or TraitorGlenn Miller’s Coonfederut Knights and the fax & BBS networks of thirty years ago. Like, well nothing other than a rueful chin-stoking and an acknowledgement of how really fucked up we were back then.

    But sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof . . .

    Speaking of “shout-outs” I’d like to give your Chicago hibernigger Jack Ryan a good swift kick with my slip-on tennis shoes. While you were gone a-rallying, your rabid mattoid meercat, your Vargina unable to lick out properly an unneeded colostomy bag, threatened to censor me on one of your threads, not one belonging to that nit-wit, in which I engaged in speculative virtual proctology and anal-y-sis with Non-Doctor of Medicine Greg Johnson as to how Rabbi Linder’s bleeding and blistered kike bunghole proved that this jewboy was a jewboy. I’m talking about the “Mind of TraitorGlenn Miller”, the drunken Lumbee Melungeon faggot rat, thread.

    Now of everyone in the bowel Movement, I was the most critical of TraitorGlenn Miller, just as I loathed Jew Tard Ready, another mischling. I was not in the least surprised by what happened. TraitorGlenn Miller has been snitching since 1974, when Sgt. Snitch was telling on young Klansmen in the Army in order to get in his full twenty and retirement. The Greensboro and “Peaches” and “Shelby County Adult Bookstore” incidents are what shit happens with drunken mamzer rats being run by ZOG via the $PLC.

    Now some of us remember how the 60s Klan was betrayed by the forerunner of the Council of Conservative Citizens, who cut loose their peasant soldiery in order to protect their wallets. And I’m skeptical about the present “Neo-Southern” Establishment’s commitment to modern skinheads and Klansmen and t-shirt whigger and anglo-mestizo “yoots” who are their shock troops.

    The purpose of these demonstrations and rallies and web pages and blogs is for the new “killer renegade mentants/intellectuals” to justify destroying the current social order devoted to destroying our race and to justify any actions necessary to bring out social change in an era of balkanization and destruction of legitimacy so that when the breakup occurs that anything and everything goes. Everything. The beginning of the end of the House of Ahab occurred when Elijah told Ahab that his regime would be absolutely destroyed for the judicial murder of Naboth and his family.

    So Hunter, enjoy your apparent success(es). But control your meercats. You seem to have lost your best commenters the past six months and now have mainly nothing but suck-poop meercats, especially one witless Chicago hibernigger one and some yenta-skankazoids as well.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    • Martin,

      That’s interesting. I will definitely watch that. I’m still wondering if TGM will implicate Linder and cut a deal now that he has sobered up and is facing the death penalty. It’s amazing how he managed to go through all that unscathed by the media.

  21. Maybe so.

    Let’s suppose there is a collapse. In such a scenario, it can’t hurt to know people in your area and have them armed and organized on your side. These little protests and rallies have a number of functions and getting people to meet each other in real life and building trust within our group is one of them.

  22. Wow. Those FB comments. That’s precisely the kind of language that the $PLC routinely cites as examples of hate speech needed to establish that a group is a hate group.

    Is there really any doubt that the $PLC is an anti-white hate group?

  23. Also: awesome photo of you guys in front of the $PLC “Death Cube.”

    If a Death Star took a dump you’d get the Poverty Palace.

  24. Hello Hunter:

    Since I see you are up and moderating your own blog, I’ll quickly post a hiber-nigger stomping post that I left on my own forum for this time over on the TraitorGlenn Miller thread.

    Rabbi Linder is under no danger of anything other than itz own kike bunghole going on permanent strike and no fresh colostomy bags now that TraitorGlenn Miller is undergoing permanent dry-out and can’t do any bag-mamzer work.

    I’ve been listening to Carolyn Yenta Kahant-Yeager’s podcasts with TraitorGlenn Miller and Ron Doggett and WhiggerSwill. And while she is jewish by penetration, and ovulates to the drunken Lumbee melungeon, if you listen to her podcasts and can ignore all the yenta-screetching like acid urine etching glass, you hear that TraitorGlenn Miller got caught distributing Klan litterature and cut a deal to snitch way back in 1974 to 1977 so as to get itz pension. And that TraitorGlenn Miller went back to itz homeland in Robinson County to the Lumbee Melungeon Injun Reservation as its first act once out of the Army. And how it cut and run at the Greensboro Incident of Nov. 1979 and probably was the second piglice operative that created that mess. And that likely TraitorGlenn Miller was blackmailed further over “Peaches” the Raleigh nigger faggot tranny in the back of a car and committed the Shelby County jew faggot bookstore murders. Listen to TraitorGlenn Miller’s fluffers like Carolyn Yenta, WhiggerSwill, Ron Doggett and Hadding bitch about what you shouldn’t be noticing and you will find out quick enough what they don’t want you listening to and thinking about. In which case I immediately start digging and once the shit is dug up, start spreading it.

    TraitorGlenn Miller is under a death sentence all right. The drunken Lumbee Melungeon’s liver and lungs are in even worse shape than jewboy Linder’s bleeding and blistered kike bunghole. TraitorGlenn probably knows that it didn’t have much longer to live, wanted to play Jimmy Vonn Brunn, and most likely even made arrangements with ZOG/Babylon and the FiBbIes to shoot down whatever whiggers it could find in the parking lot and to surrender to piglice forthwith. Can you say “Buford Furrows”? I knew you could. Robert Matthews TraitorGlenn Miller is not. Don’t be surprised if the drunken rat croaks off to everyone’s relief before May 29th for the next dog and pony show of the never to be completed trial. In fact, maybe I’ll have one of my friends at the NutHouse write TraitorGlenn Miller how to get sent to the Kansas State NutHouse at Larned State, which is a much much nicer nuthouse than the Missouri one at Fulton. Believe me, I know about such matters.

    Don’t worry about Rabbi Linder either. That jewboy doesn’t have a spare shekel outside itz ZOG false-front Greater Free Range Colostomy Bag and ZOGtard Corral now that the TraitorGlenn Miller Newz Nutwerk side of it is on the kikebosh. Linder was nothing other than a discarded California jewboy abandoned by the neo-khans after they found it defective, rescued by William Pierce with the Order ZOGbux to set up another virtual Elohim Shitty for CreaTards. Now Rabbi Linder is nothing more than a Anti-Christian, Anti-Hitler LibberToonian Ayn Rand Cult of Personality bowel Movement figure. Since the jewboy has nothing but a few head of tard, living in the Grannyz-shiessen-kopfen-feeben-fuktard-fuerher-bunker in Kirksville, what is going to happen to Rabbi Linder? Why nothing. Linder is too chickenshit to go postal. The $PLC won’t prostitucute him because he is one of their own jewboys.

    The bowel Movement is nothing but ZOGbots, tards, jewboys, faggots, perverts, ass-clowns, and then it gets even more fucked up. Don’t worry about the Collapse. Them jews and ZOGtards looking at you Southron peasantry yesterday are only worried about what they are going to do once the niggers take over and there are no more whiggers to live off’n.

    So it was the faggots who got all pissed off about TraitorGlenn Miller’s didoes. The Old Resistance knew about it all along. So as they look at it, the least said about it the better. TraitorGlenn Miller isn’t ever going to trial, and neither is jewboy Linder.

    I’ve been listening to an old mp3 from Feb 5, 2005, in which me and TraitorGlenn Miller get into it on the Peter(less) Shaenk Show. When that mongel was booted from RBN, it went to Voice of ReTards, run by that yenta-bitch Mikey-Kikey Jukes-Kallikak Conner-Cohen, who also went ass-to-mouth with Carolyn Yenta Kahant-Yeager. The bowel Movement recycles itz jews and mamzers. They sure didn’t let TraitorGlenn Miller go to waste now did they? They kept the drunken old Lumbee Melungeon rat busy always snitchin’ and sometimes killin’ since 1974 or abouts.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  25. Since you asked (sarcasm), here are my thoughts:

    No one on either side can control rude, distasteful and sick comments posted by people who can loosely be described as “on our side” on what appear to be unmoderated forums. I don’t speak for those people and they don’t speak for me. Their comments and behavior are not a reflection of me. Where we differ however is the League openly embraces participation from questionable people who make rude, distasteful and sick comments, and more. I do not associate with those who behave this way. You have yet to provide any proof that I do. I ask you here and now to provide proof that I do, or that you not repeat this falsehood ever again. There is considerable proof of the types of people that you and other LOSers embrace and choose to call friend and partner. Scott Terry advocates for the execution of homosexuals and says he would rape a baby if God commanded him to. Richard Kidd is the leader of a group that once included in it’s membership a person who plotted to kill the current President of the United States. Ron Sheehy was openly challenging people to fight him in the streets of DC at your co-organized counter-demo. All three of those people attended an event that was co-organized by the League. The League has not condemned them, their behavior or their beliefs. At the same time, Brad Griffin of the League wants to point out comments of people I don’t know, have never met, and that I have no proof of who they are (for all I know Brad left those comments under even more of his pseudonyms) as some sort of proof that I am a bad person, or associate with bad people, I guess? I condemn violent talk. I condemn hateful talk. I don’t support violence or hate, from either side. I think it’s wrong. Unfortunately, your “side” preaches an ideology of hate. The League is advocating to form an all White ethnostate in “Dixie”. That is more extreme than pre-1960’s segregation. Not only would there be Blacks only water fountains, there would be Blacks only States. It is not your business to tell Blacks or any other groups of people where they can and will live. That you believe it is, is the number one biggest piece of evidence that you are all of the labels that are ascribed to you.

    1) Brad Griffin does not have any proof that I know or associate with any of the people who’s comments he is using as an example of the “evil of the Left”. Brad cannot provide proof that I do. FAIL

    2) I have considerable amounts of proof that Brad Griffin and the League associate with people who openly espouse violence and an ideology of hatred. If Brad wants me to, I will provide proof of the people he associates with and the type of ideology and beliefs they believe in. Note: I strongly advise that Brad not ask me to do this because it will be embarrassing to him and the League. WIN

    3) I have considerable proof that the League is purposely attempting to control their image and message to disguise their ideology. This, above all else casts the most skepticism of all upon your groups efforts. The fact that you have to mandate how people will dress, what they will carry, how they will act, and speculate on how you should handle it, should an undesirable person show up to help out says a lot about just who makes up your “movement”, and I use that term loosely because movements generally include large amounts of people. There is a good deal of tension within the Southern White Nationalist movement itself over this very fact. Just ask Nathan Shroeder or Vox Gladius. It has also been stated that any video taken will be selectively edited to cast yourselves in the best light, while casting your opposition in the most negative way. That’s called propaganda. WIN

    4) Brad Griffin claims 45-50 people were present yesterday. That MAY or MAY NOT be true. One photograph found online of the entire group doesn’t support that. It shows 35 people including the photographer, who we don’t even believe was with you, three children, and one fetus. This was a joint event between two of the BIGGEST Southern White Nationalist advocacy groups in the country on one of the BIGGEST hot button social issues of our time. If we subtract out the fetus, and the three children who had no choice but to be there, plus the photographer who we believe was with the media outlet who posted the photo, that leaves 30 people. Let’s split that in half since two groups co-hosted the event and that makes 15 CoCC/15 LOS. Pretty pathetic turnout, no other way to spin it and in no way an improvement or sign of progress. The youth element that Michael Hill has been touting so heavily was very noticeably under-represented. FAIL

    All in all it was another disaster day for Southern White Nationalists.

  26. Guess I’m not the only one who can count:

    “Odd Thomas says:
    May 10, 2014 at 3:29 am
    I count no more than 35 souls, including the children.

    Keep trying….”

  27. Is there any doubt that FB is open to exterminating white people

    Hunter, you might see it as a waste of time but think about this. Why not start a rightist Onion website? Actually call it Legion of Tolerance.

    Most of the material would be written by the SPLC and Spelunkstein and then you can concentrate on the street stuff.

  28. One of the hilarious elements here. Among many. What is the SPLC budget? If their enemy is according to Spunky: 30 odd balls, it can’t possibly justify it’s own existence.

  29. @Hunter

    Why do you let that foul mouthed lunatic Lindstedt post on your website. It makes you, your website, and your friends look stupid. Btw, are one or both of Lindstedt’s parents Roman Catholics? Bet you a dollar to a doughnut they are…LOL.

  30. Nevertheless, those comments above are uncalled for as well.

    What about the sentiment behind them, Lamp? Is it right to wish for a world with no more whites?

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