SPLC Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally


League of the South protests the SPLC in Montgomery
League of the South protests the SPLC in Montgomery

The League of the South protested the SPLC in Montgomery this afternoon over its federal lawsuit which seeks to gut Alabama’s ban on gay marriage.

Approximately 45 to 50 League members and their children were in attendance. League members held two signs which said, “God Sanctions Marriage. SPLC Should Not” and “Support Christian Marriage,” and used two flags, the Alabama state flag and the Kentucky Orphan Brigade flag, which features a Christian cross.

While League members were protesting the SPLC in Montgomery, a federal judge in Little Rock struck down Arkansas’ ban on gay marriage. In April, a federal judge struck down part of Ohio’s ban on gay marriage while League and CofCC members were holding the first Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally in Richmond, Virginia.

The increasingly aggressive and tyrannical actions of the US federal government illustrate why young people have “historically low” levels of confidence in mainstream political institutions. Why should anyone bother to vote when federal judges, billionaires, and monied interests have stripped all the power out of the ballot? What is the point of having a state legislature when the SPLC is defining the nature of marriage? As a reminder of the stark choices that the Southern people are facing in the future, the League will soon be unveiling its next SECEDE billboard in Alabama.

While League members stood outside the SPLC building with flags and signs, SPLC employees glowered through the windows of their bunker. Team Tolerance posted a solidarity thread about the demonstration on the SPLC Facebook page which predictably lit up with racially disparaging comments about elderly White people:


All right, we get it: White people ought to die out.

The Legion of Tolerance took to the Hatewatch blog grumble about the “pig ignorant white trash” who support Christian marriage:


Speaking of elderly White people, SPLC founder Morris Dees came outside to take a look at the crowd this afternoon, but I didn’t recognize him at the protest. In hindsight, it appears that SPLC president Richard Cohen also came outside with Dees.

Mark Potok and Ryan Lenz also came outside. I briefly spoke to Ryan Lenz and told him to tell Mark Potok that I said hello. We all followed Traitor Glenn Miller’s meltdown. My wife spotted Heidi Beirich peeking down at us through the glass. As has been the case everywhere else the League has gone in the Lower South, there were no counter-protesters or “anti-fa” opposition present in Montgomery.

Jack Ryan, a writer here at Occidental Dissent, deserves a shout out for making a major contribution to the success of this demonstration. The details of Jack’s role are best left unsaid. There was also a snafu which could have derailed this event, but hopefully that issue has been resolved and will not become a problem in the future. The only storm cloud on the horizon was the rain that soaked us as we returned to our vehicles.

I was interviewed by WSFA and The Montgomery Advertiser about the Council of Conservative Citizens presence at this demonstration. Several CofCC members were present outside the SPLC offices in Montgomery. I will post the video of my interview here whenever it becomes available online.

Note: The SPLC has written their own account of the protest. White Reference also has coverage.


Radio Interviews

WAPI Birmingham, WERC-AM

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  1. Well done. Excellent.

    Great organization, outstanding leadership, solid discipline.

    I am proud to have contributed in a unique, small but important way.

    For all the naysayers who have given up and say we can’t do anything, the entire system is supposedly fixed against us – look at this beautiful, positive, very successful protest in Montgomery AL.

    I especially want to thank Dr. hill and Hunter Wallace for their leadership in this and I note that local Alabama TV news let Dr. Hill and Hunter Wallace speak for us, there were no loose cannons, no drunks, no societal misfits, loners, losers and yes real HATERS that hate most everyone including White women.

    Great job everyone! Let’s build on these solid successes.

  2. It’s interesting how the left directs its venom at older people. Oh, of course, they talk about “ageism” when they’re trying to organize the elderly as a victim group, but that’s about as far as their empathy goes.

    My thoughts: leftists have hostility to age because age represents maturity. The leftist is a perpetual Peter Pan, a child who never wants to grow up and deal with adult realities; a child who pitches fits and tantrums when his “ideals” clash with the real world.

    Another reason is that age brings the reality of death into focus. It must be difficult for the egocentric leftist to accept his ultimate demise. He generally has no faith in God and an afterlife, and no sense living on through his descendants and race. Despising the elderly is one way for him to pretend he will never be elderly.

  3. Good report, Hunter. Thanks, Jack, for all your positive comments and help. By the way, I counted 47 people at the event at one point–not bad considering that 1) it was a work day (and our people actually have jobs and have to go to them); 2) the threat of storms and heavy rain, both of which came at the end of the event); and 3) we don’t have government, corporate, or foundation money to rent buses to haul in, house, and feed witless protestors to add numbers to our ranks. Everyone who was there was there because they believe in our cause–and they were there at their own expense. And by the way, while there were some of us old White men there, there were also some pretty young women and quite a number of young men.

  4. Spelunkstein is a busybody who likes to style himself as the hall monitor of the internet who runs up to people and screams, “shame on you!”

    1.) The fact that he is posting here himself illustrates I will talk to anyone and have always tolerated and enjoyed ideological disagreements.

    2.) The Legion of Tolerance likes to think of themselves as tolerant, liberal, broadminded, cosmopolitan humanitarians, but they are just as petty, vicious, hateful, status driven and intolerant as anyone who ever lived. They hate White people. They hate the South. They hate Christianity.

    3.) Aside from his 2% Jewish ancestry, Spelunkstein conceals his identity because he is hiding something. He chickened out on coming to the May Day demonstration in Washington after saying here that he was going to be there.

    4.) Spelunkstein is associated with DLJ of One People’s Project whose website glorifies violence and who held a fundraiser for the Tinley Park 5. At least DLJ is honest about who he is and what he is about. I can respect that.

    5.) Speaking for myself, I wear the same thing at League demonstrations that I would on any given day, and so do most people I know.

    6.) I prefer to operate out in the open. There’s nothing that I say in private that I don’t say in public.

    7.) There were about 45 to 50 people there. The photos and videos which we will upload soon will show that.

  5. @Hunter

    I don’t know why you just don’t tell your friend “Spelunkstein” to complain to his Rabbi, and ban him from commenting.

    • I allow him to post here for my own amusement and as a reminder that his hundreds of blog posts are ineffective. I also want other people, especially Southerners, to see they are ineffective so that they will be encouraged to come off the internet and join us here in the real world.

      We protested the SPLC itself yesterday. Morris Dees, Richard Cohen, Mark Potok, and Ryan Lenz all came outside. Heidi Beirich looked at us through the window. I approached Lenz and started up a conversation with him. I’m not afraid of these people. Later, I gave two interviews to the local media.

      I’ve explained my reasons for doing this. I plan to expand on that article soon.

  6. Legion of Tolerance would make for a really good website.

    We can catalog the atrocities… I mean chart the arc of history toward justice!

  7. Spelukenstein seems to never be satisfied with the turn out. I’m sure if a hundred showed up, he’d complain there weren’t 500. If a thousand showed up, then he’d complain there weren’t 10,000.

    The fact is, there is always a steady number of people who show up, all of different ages and of both sexes. There was even a gain of 20 from the Richmond protest.

  8. Marshall and his GF are a great looking couple – outstanding!

    But, maybe we should keep this relationship a secret.

    I like the idea of Marshall being our recruitment co-ordinator, focusing on recruiting new women activists. When we were at the Middle Tennessee protests against Tyson Foods last year, I noticed Marshal had the rather unique ability to get women car and truck drivers to stop their vehicles in heavy traffic to come out and basically accept/buy whatever Marshall was selling .

    Alls fair in love and war, so let’s not forget about the “love” angle.


  9. Typical Butzhead..can’t make a comment without throwing the RC angle in…the man is seriously demented.

  10. The left can dish out–but they can not take it. By hitting them on their home ground, you threw them on the defensive.

    Why should anyone bother to vote when federal judges, billionaires, and monied interests have stripped all the power out of the ballot?

    Right, and this is something I hear from more middle of the road citizens. It’s one reason that confidence in the political system is rock bottom. And, I suspect, it is one reason that Americans are arming.

    It gets me how the left can talk about “democracy” and yet use the courts, the special interest groups, and their dominance of the media to undermine popular movements. Perhaps someone on the left can explain this one–why do you have such contempt for democracy? And if “multiculturalism” is such a good thing, then why does the left have such hatred for traditional Southern culture?

    There’s a real opportunity to turn what Hunter and company are doing into a mass movement. Keep up the good work!

  11. The photo of the lady with the children is the exact same photo in the SPLC’s article about the demonstration.

  12. I took the photos off their Facebook page and posted them here along with the WAKA and Montgomery Advertiser photos. William still hasn’t uploaded the photos and video he shot.

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