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  1. I am as well. If anybody would like a craft beer (from Hampton, Georgia) come on up to Room 209 (Headquarters Hotel…y’know). Just don’t come after 11:00. I’d like to meet a few of you good folks before tomorrow.

  2. My dears – huzzah! Be well. Don’t let the Antis get away with a THING. I wil be praying for your well being and success all day long.

    Bless you!!!

    Hunter – the wallet thing seems a bit chronic. Get a chain, or something…

    Love love LOVE to you all!

  3. @Hunter

    Are you or Dr. Hill going to tweet using a specific #hashtag? Can I suggest #LOS, or #immigration, or both. I follow @MichaelHill51 and you @occdissent

  4. Even very recently the idea that what is happening throughout the west is a stealth genocide seemed far-fetched but it is going to become increasingly obvious that is exactly what it is.

  5. I heard League of the South denounced Matthew Heimbach for talking with some klan people. Is that true? If so, that’s a shameful, cowardly act on the League’s part.


    Dig deep everyone in solidarity and encouragement.

    Can we make it to $1000?

    I’m giving $100.

  7. Wow… they still use the same signs from the 1980s, even though they are always saying, “it’s 2013” like they are some cutting edge group that did something new.

    Every generation, they just hand out the same old signs to that group.

  8. Related: http://www.chicagolampoon.blogspot.com/2013/09/famed-flukys-goes-islamic-hot-dog-joint.html

    The conversion of Western Avenue in West Rogers Park into Moslem row continues apace as the storied Fluky’s fast food emporium has now been converted into an Islamic mosque.

    For over 3 decades, Fluky’s was to that far North side community what Superdawg is to the Northwest side or what Gene & Jude’s is to the Southwest side – a venerable purveyor of high-quality fast food delicacies. ….. This now becomes the 4th Islamic religious outfit to insinuate itself on the 9 block stretch of North Western Avenue between Pratt Avenue and Howard Street.

  9. Great day.

    Very honored to be with such great, noble, but regular Southern folks.

    One of my best days ever in my life.

    Thank you to everyone that allowed me to be a small, complimentary part of this.

  10. Occigent – I some ZOGBUX. I’m not a Joo – so I didn’t send a grand. I sent what I could, and a little more.

    Send that Diversity blond into Memphrica. All alone.

    You’se guys are the BEST.

    FYI – I met some Copperheads tonight.

  11. Summary:

    There were about 70 to 80 of us and about 50 to 60 of them in Murfreesboro. It said on their Facebook page that 150 of them were coming to counter protest us. In the end, not even a third of them showed up. They also brought homemade signs that no one driving by could understand.

    After we left Murfreesboro, we went to Shelbyville. They had said on Facebook that they were coming to Shelbyville to counter protest us there too. There was only one negro there in Shelbyville with a “Color Me Human” t-shirt. A carload of them from Murfreesboro drove past us, yelled “you’re parents brainwashed you,” and drove off.

  12. However, The Tennessean reports a much larger number of counter-protesters: “Counterprotesters on Saturday outnumbered rallying League of the South members 2-to-1 at a demonstration the group said was meant awareness about the displacement of Southern people. Michael Cannon of the activist group Statewide Organizing for Community Empowerment said the more than 125 counter-protesters were a testament to the way most people in Rutherford County would feel about the League of the South.” http://www.tennessean.com/article/20131012/NEWS01/310120087/Counter-protesters-outnumber-League-of-the-South-rally-attendees?nclick_check=1

    The Daily News Journal also reports a large number of counter-protesters: “Each side had roughly 75 supporters. League of the South supporters held professionally printed signs that said, ‘It’s wrong to replace us!’ and ‘No jihad in Tennessee!’ Those opposed to the League held mostly handmade signs advocating peace and diversity.” http://www.dnj.com/viewart/20131012/SIDELINES01/131012001/The-League-of-the-South-protests-in-Murfreesboro

    Did anyone make an objective head count of the counterprotesters, and does it even matter? What is important to know is whether the protest was truly effective, not which side was better attended.

  13. The only one who showed up on the liberal side at Shelbyville is like the only two that showed up at this Obamacare event http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/only-2-people-attend-obamacare-and-you-event-south-carolina_762419.html where many more were expected. But The Tennessean claims that liberal counter-protesters outnumbered League of the South protesters two to one at Murfreesboro. Of course the important thing is that a protest be most effective, not the most well attended.

  14. I’ll try one last time to post this:

    The Tennessean claims that liberal counter-protesters outnumbered League of the South protesters two to one at Murfreesboro: http://www.tennessean.com/article/20131012/NEWS01/310120087/Counter-protesters-outnumber-League-of-the-South-rally-attendees?nclick_check=1 Of course what is important is that a protest be most effective, not the most well attended.

    The only one liberal protester showing up at Shelbyville is analogous to the only two who showed up at this Obamacare event in South Carolina, where many more were expected: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/only-2-people-attend-obamacare-and-you-event-south-carolina_762419.html

  15. The Tennessean is lying.

    We have the counter-protesters on video. There wasn’t anywhere close to 125 of them in Murfreesboro. I counted 16 on the street opposite of us and about three or four dozen down the sidewalk from us. We assumed going into this that there would be about 150 of them there and it was more like 50.

    I was there. Jack was there. Renee was there. Palmetto Patriot was there. Stephen Dalton was there. TJ and MattFromGeorgia were there. They did not outnumber us 2 to 1.


  16. They were supposed to outnumber us 2 to 1.

    That’s how many people had said they were coming on Facebook. They had about 150 people who were supposed to come out and support them. We had about 75 people who were going to come and while some flaked out or were derailed there were others who showed up and took their place.

    The difference was that our people showed up whereas only about a third of their people came to the protest. They were also supposed to come to Shelbyville, but the only sign of them was a carload of people who yelled at us and went back home to Murfreesboro after their friends didn’t show up.

  17. For some reason my comment disappeared when I posted it last night (the first time that has ever happened on WordPress) so I reposted it (with editing) two more times, after refreshing the website each time to make absolutely sure it really wasn’t there.

    But as it turns out the postings were only stuck somewhere in cyberspace, not lost. I apologise for cluttering the comment thread, and if a comment seems to disappear again, I will assume it will probably reappear a few hours later.

    The comment about homemade signs versus manufactured signs made me review my opinion of which is better, more effective. There is no categorical answer. Democrat Party and labour union demonstrators tend to carry matching manufactured signs, while Tea Partiers and most other groups use mostly unique homemade signs.

    Yes, it does appear that those local news sources are lying or favouring the liberal opposition. College-degreed journalists in charge of editorial departments of even small town newspapers are nearly always liberal-indoctrinated. Let us know what the rest of the media does with the news.

  18. @Hunter

    I always sent (faxed) a press release to all local media a day or two before an event. Naturally, you are going to send the press release to the media outlets newsroom, a special touch that always worked for me was to send the press release to the publisher, and, advertising department too.

    You can also e-mail press releases the morning of, or the evening before an event. I never came across a news organization that didn’t like to be reminded of an event.

    I would advise the LOS to include a short paragraph at the end of the press release questioning the authority of the SPLC. The League of the South has a clean record, the SPLC does not.

  19. You know, I was against using the anti-Muslim tactic. They are such easy targets.

    But hell, whatever gets people out.

    Multicult versus the Muslims? It’s better than a multicult with Muslims.

    Hard to admit that’s where we are.

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