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Sallie Darlene Leong-Neal of the "Radical Sparkle Collective," pictured right, organizes a counter-conference at the 2013 Amren Conference
Sallie Darlene Leong-Neal of the “Radical Sparkle Collective,” on the right, organizes the anti-racist counter-conference at the 2013 Amren Conference


The Daily News Journal and The Tennessean have both published a story about the League of the South’s upcoming protest in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville on October 12th.

The only interesting aspect of this article is the news that a woman described as a “local resident” and “counter-protester” named Darlene Neal contacted Mayor Tommy Bragg and the Murfreesboro City Council about us.

S Darlene Leong-Neal later manifested in the comments to link to a page called “The Tennessee Anti-Racist Network.” As it happens, this “Not In Our State” group are the same people who organized the “counter-conference” at the 2013 Amren Conference at Montgomery Bell State Park.

“Not In Our State” has links to the “Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement” (HARM). Five members of the “HARM” were charged with felony counts of mob action, aggravated battery, and criminal damage to property after attacking a group of White Nationalists in a restaurant in Chicago. The “Tinley Park 5” are currently serving time in prison in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Sallie Darlene Leong-Neal, whose roots appear to be in Williston, Florida and Buffalo, New York, is behind a leftist group called the “Radical Sparkle Collective” which describes itself as a “feminist collective” that provides childcare for women who want to get involved in “social justice organizing” in Middle Tennessee. She is involved in all kinds of radical leftwing causes in the area like “Occupy Nashville.”

Along with Art Dishman of Hampstead, New Hampshire, Mandela Satsuma of Watertown, New York, and Mike Cannon of Smyrna, Leong-Neal is one of the co-organizers of the Murfreesboro counter-protest. The counter-protesters are planning to engage in something called “bystander intervention” to challenge our “white, heterosexual, middle-class, able-bodied, US-born men’s perspective.”

This should be … interesting.

Update: In “Showdown In Tennessee,” OD noted Mandela Satsuma’s ties to “The Nashville Radical Faerie Circle.” We have since learned that “Radical Faeries” are some kind of bizarre combination of homosexuality, paganism, and anarchism.

Second Update: The same story has been syndicated to Jackson Sun, Marion Star, Baxter Bulletin, and Asheville Citizen Times.

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