NSM Atlanta Rally


The NSM and the Klan recently held a joint protest at the Georgia state capitol in Atlanta on Adolf Hitler’s birthday:

Note: I was unaware of this until this morning.


  1. Long Live Dixie, you seem to have a paranoid hatred and fear of Copperheads like Jack, Denise, and Moi.

    I live in an area of the South in which Southerners will be a minority in a short time and in which Yankee influence is impossible to avoid even in rural areas. More Southrons should experience this level of dispossession; it might cause them to re-think their soft attitude towards our invaders from the North.

    I have no problem at all if Yankees wish to support us from a distance. But the best thing they can do to support us is to not move here and to convince their neighbours likewise. I don’t know a lot about you because I haven’t followed your posts thus far, but Jack’s and Denise’s worldviews are very alien to the Southern mindset. Jack has apparently moved South and Denise has favourably mentioned the idea for herself. That is not help – that is increasing the dispossession of our people. The Southland is for Southrons. It is not a refugee centre for any white person who happens to agree with us on a handful of political ideas.

    We’re not interested in “dominating” the South.

    The actions of your people say otherwise. Whole areas of the South are unrecognisable because of the actions of Yankees.

    We want to aid the South in it’s struggle against the Godless, Yankee mindset that have ruined this country.

    Thanks, but no thanks. We are a people who number in the tens of millions. We do not need your help and have more than enough experience to know that it has not done anything for us in the past. There are plenty of areas in the USA’s interior west that are receptive to the racialist message. Your help would be more appropriate in those areas.

    “Opposing tribe”. LLD, we Copperheads are not opposing you! We are uniting with your fellow Southrons in the hope we can rebuild a part of the North American landmass back into what the original settlers wanted in the first place.

    The Southron people do not need unity with anyone. We need independence. Our unity with the Yankees is the reason for our current predicament.

    The old America began in the South in Jamestown, Va., may the new America also begin somewhere in the Southron land too.

    I am not interested in building or re-building America. America was a disaster for Southrons from the very beginning. I wish to have an independent, racially-homogenous, nationally-homogenous Southland. I do not wish to have an independent Southland in which Yankees who wish to “help us” are free to come and go as they please. Additionally, I find it rather patronising that so many Northerners have this idea of “helping us”.

  2. 2.) There’s a difference between real nationalists and internet based fantasists – a fantasist is someone who posts exclusively on the internet and who adopts a radical rhetorical posture which isn’t consistent with their actions in real life.

    I checked back on some old threads and my timeline was a little off. It was only in June, after the conference in Alabama, that I decided for certain to go with the LS (it was actually Michael’s speech that was the clincher). So, I was right that I have missed exactly one public event since I decided on the LS (even though I was a member before, like I said, I had a lot of doubts).

    While I understand your frustration with people who refuse to get active, your lashing out is totally unhelpful. In my case (and undoubtedly in the cases of others), it is based on false assumptions and distorted expectations. It is a false assumption to say that since I missed the only event since I decided to go with the League that my motives were rooted in a desire to shirk. It is a distorted expectation in that is unreasonable to expect universal attendance at public events. Schedules, prior engagements, family responsibilities, driving time, and several other factors can come into play in someone’s inability to attend an event.

    Though I feel uncompelled to justify my non-attendance in Uvalda and central Tennessee, I’ll do so anyway just to humour you. I did not attend last month’s rally because I had a scheduling conflict. For next month’s rally, I also have a scheduling conflict. I had previously planned to leave as soon as I could Saturday morning, drive the several hours, and then arrive in time for the afternoon event, but it turns out I’ll be needed here longer than I had thought. Does that make me sorry? Or does that make me someone who has a normal life with responsibilities and commitments?

    While I am fairly thick-skinned and can handle your insults, I shudder to think of how other new or prospective members may react to being lashed out at like that. It would make a very poor first impression with the League. Not only does that attitude discourage people from getting active, it also lowers the feeling of comradeship within the ranks for those who ultimately will get active.

  3. Hey Long Live Dixie

    Does your hatred of White Northern people apply to attractive White Northern women? European women who are new to the South?

    So,if some Anna Kournikova type woman showed up at your place dressed in a bikini would you chase her away and prefer to hang out with southern “boys” like lisping Lindsey Graham?

    It’s not all some Northern Yankee plot. Lots of Southern people in South Carolina keep supporting Lindsey Graham. They Lso voted for Newt Gingrich and the Huckster in the GOP Presidential primary.

    So there is lots of local work to be done and we can’t just blame Whites from other regions, nations for our problems.

  4. Long Live Dixie appears to be trolling here. No reason to wate time investigating what he/it is about – spreading dissection against LOS, CoCC, OD for actually accomplishing local, positive activism in the South.

    If he/it was real he would be accomplishing positive activism in some all Southern group. I see no evidence that this is the case.

    We need to run off negative, “nay Sayers” along with infiltrators, agent provocateurs.

  5. Here’s the thing – I do understand what LLD is saying, but his hatred for Yankees is blinding him to practical reality.

    United we stand. Divided we are genocided. The global White population is so small that Freeing Dixie alone is a monumental task. Getting a larger population to give their tacit consent to ones’ goals is 90% of the work. Yankees are just beginning to become aware of the fact that All is Not Well. Yankees possess the immense Tragic Flaw of the Jew; neither group can comprehend, accept, and certainly NEVER EVER admit that they are wrong, on any issue. Yankees are not Jews, however, and will eventually be forced to deal with their lunacy on racial and economic issues.

    I do a lot of “prep” work for that day.

  6. Long Live Dixie, the vast majority of Catholics in this country do not support unrestricted legal or illegal immigration, even from Catholic countries. It’s basically a radicalized clique in the clergy and the laity that has made a fetish out of so-called immigration reform that’s causing the problem.

    I meant to answer this in my earlier post. I have no problem with individual Catholics just because they are Catholics. The problem is with the clergy and other leaders of the RCC and the lay members who go along with their agenda.

  7. Palmetto, thanks for the comment. I didn’t even think I’d be noticed in the crowd in Uvalda. After all, I wasn’t loud, pushy, or domineering! If I decide to be “loud, pushy, or domineering” it will be in favor of our cause!

  8. Mosin, you seem to take umbrage with the phrase “Godless, Yankee mindset”. Well Mosin, in case you haven’t noticed, most of the wacko religious and secular ideas and movements that has hurt this country have one thing in common. They mostly came from the North Eastern part of America called New England, aka Yankeeland. So I’m not demonizing the Yankees, I’m describing them.

  9. Does your hatred of White Northern people apply to attractive White Northern women?

    I hate what the Yankees are doing to my country and I hate the Yankees who are doing it. I do not hate Yankees just for being Yankees. I have no problem with Yankees who live their entire lives in their own land and mind their own business.

    European women who are new to the South?

    Depends. I don’t consider the people of our founding stock to truly be foreigners, so I would welcome people from the Isles in reasonable numbers. The same goes for Australians and New Zealanders. The further one goes from Britain, the less I want them here.

    Long Live Dixie appears to be trolling here.

    Obviously I don’t care what a Chicagoan thinks of me or my motives, but I do think it speaks about the Yankee mentality that the reaction to my nativist principles can only be understood by labelling it as trolling.

  10. United we stand. Divided we are genocided.

    There is no evidence that a Yankee-Southern union of any sort will slow or stop white genocide. There is evidence of the exact opposite being true.

    I am very supportive of the Southern cause looking to Europe and other New World white countries for friendships and alliances. I am not advocating that Dixie must stand alone, though I think we could survive if we had to. Given independence, Britain and the white Commonwealth are our most natural allies. Russia and the former Soviet Bloc countries are our most likely allies.

  11. “I’m not demonizing the Yankees, I’m describing them”

    Godless? Demonic? The “Bible Belt” didn’t shift south of The Line until rather recently. For more than two centuries it ran directly through the centre of Quaker and German Anabaptist Pennsylvania and westward. As for the New Englanders, most of them arrived as Calvinist heretics, and degenerated here to Unitarianism and finally, “Transcendentalism”, under the influence of the “theology” of Baruch Spinoza, among others.

  12. If he/it was real he would be accomplishing positive activism in some all Southern group.

    As a general rule, it’s fairly ridiculous and cultish to say that one is either an activist or a troll. There are tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands, of Southrons who support independence. I doubt that more than 1% of them are activists.

    It’s especially ridiculous in my case since I have already explained more than once in this discussion that I only very recently decided to go with the LS. I have a life and my schedule is prohibitive, thus causing me to miss the only public event held since I decided to go with the LS. Anyone who thinks I am a troll is free to tell me to my face at the next event that I am able to attend.

    Additionally, there is no all-Southern group that I am aware of. The LS is the best thing the Southern people have (that I know of), though its weak attitude towards the Yankees is disheartening and shows an immature sense of folkish identity.

  13. Troll

    Longing to come to a live LOS event and go “face to face” etc.

    This is a rather common type, lives to cause disruption. Any self respecting bar owner will have him banned.

  14. Quakers “Bible Belt”? The Quakers were a sect of mystics seeking an ‘Inner Light’ experience. The Anabaptists were likewise leaned heavily toward mysticism No Protestant evangelical or fundamentalist that I know of are like this.

  15. Longing to come to a live LOS event and go “face to face” etc.

    “Longing” is your word. I don’t appreciate being misquoted. Go “face to face”? I don’t even know what that means.

    You can call me a troll all day long based on your assumptions, but it doesn’t make it any truer.

    This isn’t your cause or your people. Why do you even care?

    This issue would not have even come about if Yankees weren’t welcomed in this cause.

    I have nothing more to say in this discussion.

  16. LLD vows:

    “I have nothing more to say in this discussion.”

    JR notes.

    With these trolls, after all is said and done…

    A lot more has been said than done.


  17. Long Live Dixie, your bitterness toward us Copperheads is sad. You say your cause isn’t our cause. Wrong! We want the same things you want. We see the South as the only region in North America that has the traditional European mindset and values in mass quantities that made the old America a great place to live. Contrary to your unfounded fears, we’re not interested in displacing you, we want to strengthen and reenforce you, because if we strengthen you, we make ourselves strong too. But if you continue in your bitterness, you will lose not only us as allies, but your own Southron folks as well, because no one likes a bitter person who wants to continue useless old hatreds/

  18. “This isn’t your cause or your people. Why do you even care?”

    Those from other parts who wish to see the devolution of the United States care a great deal. They also might care to actively support the Southern cause just as the Southern cause would be well advised to cultivate foreign allies as did the Confederacy.

    Of course all of this is obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense. You obviously have a screw loose somewhere.

  19. “Russia and the former Soviet Bloc countries are our most likely allies.”

    – The Russians wouldn’t spit down your throat if you were dying of thirst. They’re the last people who would have anything to do with you.

  20. “We see the South as the only region in North America that has the traditional European mindset and values in mass quantities that made the old America a great place to live.”

    Who is “we”? Your vision is being filtered through Southron Infatuation Lenses that prevent you from seeing ANY green grass that is not on the other side.

  21. Tell your neighbors to stop selling their property, LLD, and you won’t have to worry about “invaders.” Southerners will sell land in a heartbeat.

    The same damn thing, and about a great many other things, can be said about ALL white people. If we didn’t fucking literally drool every time someone flashed a roll of bills under our noses, we wouldn’t be in ten percent of this mess.

  22. “2.) If you are so devoted to the Southern Nationalist movement, why doesn’t anyone know you?”

    The most likely reason: 13 year old’s don’t have driver’s licenses and have to be in bed when their parents tell them.

  23. “New England is as sterile as a old maid’s womb, and the grass withered around the mid 1800?s” — when “Transcendentalism” and the “theology” of Spinoza were being accepted instead of “banned in Boston” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banned_in_Boston .

    I’ve been there only twice in my life, and then only in two New England states, have almost no personal contacts and no friends there, and always travel in the opposite direction from Boston and New York City. But yes, from my reading, it does seem mostly spiritually dead, but can’t be completely. Elijah thought there was no one, when there were yet seven thousand in Israel who had not kissed or bowed to Baal.

  24. I know conservative Mennonites who have moved from Pennsylvania to a rural area of Massachusetts to establish what might become the first German Anabaptist colony in the New England states. It is struggling, like other attempts to settle east of the Lehigh Valley that have always failed. There is something missing or harmful in the “soil” of New England that doesn’t allow Christian communities taking root. Yet they flourish in Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana…when they expand south and west from Pennsylvania.

  25. South v.North.Liberalism v.Conservitives.English v.French. Krauts v.Slavic.Meds v North. America v.world

    Each country have a nationalist culture.. America is a United Europe. And it was well understood back then they share a common DNA different from Africa and Asia. Chinese hasn’t gone to war against Taiwan, Hong Hong,and Tibet for example.colonies of the Orients. Japan falls in its sphere. Pan Yellow Orientlism. ( Pan Aryan)

    May the Almighty have mercy on us.

  26. The Berlin wall came crashing down. I really believed that the western countries finally unite; perceive a common goal of economy trade and inprove the quality of goods etc…. at least that’s what Serbian Milosevic thought. NATO, which is the arm of US..had/have other plans of globalism and unrestricted borders i.e., fighting racism and isolationism from third world.

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