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  • Mosin Nagant

    Another effective protest: Revealing continually all the lies and absurdities of the establishment, calling all government officials constantly, telling others directly and making the revelations go viral.

  • I is a wise thing to attend this function.We must stay vigilant,and on constant watch of those that are doing their very best to destroy the greatest nation that has ever existed.From the end of WWII,until this very moment,we have ben suffering the slow death of a thousand cut’s.It will not STOP until we as a people STOP IT….

  • sk
  • crowley

    “I think ‘demographic displacement’ is better though I still think that we could probably come up with something better than that. Something less abstract and academic.”

    You might work ethnic cleansing in somehow. “The Southern people are being ethnically cleansed by immigrant flooding from their own sacred soil.” Or something similar. The term ‘immigrant flooding’ is powerful. Also, “blended out of historical existence” gets at the idea without using the hot button “genocide” word, which we all know is trademarked.